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Jormag's Madness

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Jormag's Madness

Jormag's Madness is the sixth story step of Champions, Chapter 3: Balance, the fifth episode of The Icebrood Saga.


Travel to the Eye of the North and meet with Aurene.
  • Consult with Aurene.
Protect Caledon Forest
  • Travel to Caledon Forest through the Eye of the North asura gate, and help your allies protect the area from icebrood.



Interact with the asuran portal within the Eye of the North to travel to the one locations. Complete the mission in each instance.

For further information, see the respective walkthrough guides:


Jormag's Madness Champions 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter Jormag's Madness.Journal: Jormag's Madness Completed Completed Jormag's Madness 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story step.
Emergency Dragon Responder: Caledon Forest Champions 1Achievement points
Complete the Caledon Forest Dragon Response Mission. Completed the Caledon Forest Dragon Response Mission 1Achievement points
  • Complete the dragon response mission.
This achievement rewards items. Second Response: Caledon Forest Return to Champions 0Achievement points
Complete the Caledon Forest Dragon Response Mission.
Reward: Daily achievement chest.pngChest of the Dragon Slayer (3)
Completed the Caledon Forest Dragon Response Mission 1 Time 0Achievement points
  • Complete the dragon response mission.



Elder Dragons


Upon entering the Scrying Pool
Taimi: Uh-oh...
Aurene: Champion? What's wrong?
<Character name>: It was horrific. Whole villages of innocent people—just frozen, midstep. For hundreds of years to come.
<Character name>: I don't know what the Arcane Council intended, but what Jormag's doing—it's obscene.
Taimi: And it's working. Based on both dragons' energy readings, the balance of power is definitely shifting.
Taimi: The council—we got what we wanted.
<Character name>: Jormag got what they wanted. We have to put a stop to this.
Aurene: Perhaps... we can persuade the persuader...
Aurene: Jormag. May we speak?
Jormag: Anytime, grandniece. I told you, I so enjoy our talks.
Aurene: What you and Ryland are doing—the freezing of living things—it needs to stop.
Jormag: Stop? Why?
Aurene: For one thing, you're using corrupted magic. I don't need to tell you how dangerous that is.
Jormag: I've been an Elder Dragon for quite some time, my dear.
Aurene: More importantly, it's wrong.
Jormag: "Wrong."
Aurene: You're dooming those mortals to centuries of—darkness, limbo, who knows what?
Jormag: I confess I do not.
Aurene: That's the point. For all you know, they're in pain. Tortured.
Jormag: Their lives are preserved. When they thaw, they'll be in exactly the same condition they were when frozen.
Aurene: Physically, maybe. But mentally? Emotionally? You don't know, you don't care. You need to care.
Jormag: My dear, I do care. Of course I care. But you've left me no option.
Aurene: Me? What do y—
Jormag: You refuse to help me stop the existential threat my brother poses.
Jormag: What choice, then, do I have but to shift the balance of power by whatever means I can?
Aurene: Not like—
Jormag: Your balance that chains me to an animal. No thought! No reason! Imagine MY MIND, bound for all eternity to THAT!
Aurene: Th-the balance is needed.
Jormag: The balance will kill us all!
Jormag: That's why I need you. You know the prophecy: only Primordus can kill me. I won't risk taking him head-on.
Aurene: So you want me to do it for you. And if I don't...
Jormag: Aurene. Grandniece. I only ever wanted us to be allies. Friends. I still do.
Jormag: But I'm not the one putting us on opposite sides.
Aurene: That was...not reassuring.
<Character name>: No. Taimi, try to talk some sense into the Arcane Council. Maybe we can at least take some pieces off the board.
Taimi: Why do I get the feeling our lives just got way more complicated...?
Aurene: Do they all go mad...? Why do they all go mad...?
Marjory Delaqua: Commander, it's Jory. Just got word: there was an attack on the sylvari village of Cathal.
If ???
<Character name>: In Caledon Forest. Icebrood?
If human or norn:
<Character name>: That's...Caledon Forest, right? Was it icebrood?
Marjory Delaqua: And Frost Legion. I'm sending an emergency broadcast to anyone near that area. If you can help, just give me the word.
Canach: And what word exactly would you prefer?
<Character name>: Canach? Is that Canach?
Canach: It IS Canach! I couldn't help but overhear you need some help near Cathal. Lucky for you I happen to be in the area.
Marjory Delaqua: In the area doing what, exactly?
Canach: Well, helping you, I suppose. Don't be long, Commander.
During the Caledon Forest mission
See: Dragon Response Mission: Caledon Forest#Dialogue

My story[edit]

Eye of the North loading screen.jpg

I returned to the Eye and told Aurene and Taimi of Jormag's atrocities. The Arcane Council's commitment to "helping" with Primordus research had just given the ice dragon the upper hand, and it was costing lives. They had been trapping innocents in ice, preserving them for a future fight against the fire dragon. Aurene reached out to Jormag through their Voice—still caged nearby—in an attempt to stop the fighting.

Aurene's pleas were met with indifference as the ice dragon deflected all blame directly back. "You refuse to help me stop the existential threat my brother poses. What choice, then, do I have but to shift the balance of power by whatever means I can?"

The two Elder Dragons verbally sparred, each trying to convince the other of their position. Aurene was determined to stay out of Jormag's fight with their brother, Primordus. Jormag twisted Aurene's words against her in an attempt to guilt her into tipping the balance in Jormag's favor. It was an exhausting exchange that went nowhere, though I could tell both Aurene and Jormag weren't giving up.

According to the prophecy, Jormag can only be defeated by their sibling. And Aurene was refusing to get involved for fear of creating collateral damage in upsetting the balance between the two. If we're going to take both Elder Dragons off the table, we'd need to find another way.

Afterward, Marjory contacted me with news of an icebrood and Frost Legion attack on Cathal, a sylvari village in Caledon Forest. To my surprise, Canach interrupted our comms with an offer to assist.

I arrived at the scene and met up with Canach, whom I hadn't spoken with in quite some time. We exchanged some small talk but quickly turned our attention to the situation at hand. Icebrood were harassing the locals, so we set about shoring up defenses and protecting those we could.

To my surprise, a tengu rushed over to seek our help. Frost creatures had turned their attention to the Dominion of Winds, their walled city in the distance (sometimes referred to as the "Aerie"). Canach was suspicious of the request, as the tengu were notoriously isolationist and had never offered to help anyone outside their compound. They verbally sparred throughout our journey toward the city gates, with Canach testing Kalidris's motivations with mild suspicion.

The battle culminated on a bridge outside the Aerie, where we faced a particularly nasty ice creature. It was a fierce battle, but we ultimately prevailed. Afterwards, Kalidris expressed gratitude for the support. She then offered to reciprocate in the future should we need aid. I'm looking forward to learning more about her people.

My story