Misplaced Faith

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Biography Honorless Gladium.png

Misplaced Faith

1325 AE
Personal story
Sins of the Father
Oldgate Clearing
(Diessa Plateau)
Citadel Stockade
(Imperator's Core)
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr
Honorless Gladium
Preceded by
Biography Honorless Gladium.png Follow the Trail
Followed by
Biography Honorless Gladium.png Thicker Than Water
Biography Honorless Gladium.png Dishonorable Discharge

Misplaced Faith is part of the personal story for charr characters who have selected Honorless Gladium as their sire.


Apprehend your father.

Check on Vallus in the stockade.

  • Speak with Vallus Smokemane.
  • Decide on a course of action.


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All professions


Map travel to the Black Citadel and read the mail you just received from Vallus. Then go and meet Emer in Oldgate Clearing.

Approach Emer Whipmane and she will order you to go into the separatist camp by breaking the gate. Make your way through the rock passageway and defeat the two separatists. Go into the camp, you should not be attacked, and head toward Vallus Smokemane. Emer tries to take Vallus in for treason but Vallus is still bent on saving Sesric. A Separatist Commander will interrupt, killing Sesric Wiremane and triggering a fight with several separatists and the Avatar of Balthazar.

The fight takes place in a cluttered area, so try to use that to your advantage and don't let it hinder you. Weaving between the tents and small passageways can slow the Avatar of Balthazar down if you're a ranged profession or if you just need a break to get some quick heals in. Before or after he goes down, clean up the minor separatists around.

After the battle, Emer will take Vallus to the stockade. You can then choose whether to let your father sneak away or whether he will face just punishment.





Humans (Separatists)



Mail from Vallus upon entry to the Black Citadel:


Vallus Smokemane

Just need a little more time

Sorry to ditch you like that, but Emer would never have let me make the trade, and I didn't have time to argue. Once I get Sesric back, I'll meet you at Highpass Haven. If you and Emer still want to bring me in, I'll go quietly, but not until Sesric is safe. I hope you understand. Thanks for helping me. I will see you at the haven when this is all over.

—Vallus Smokemane

Oldgate Clearing[edit]

Speaking to your sparring partner:

Clawspur: Idols and sacrifices. See what happens when you worship spirits? Vallus ran off again too. That's a bad habit.
Talk end option tango.png We'll break him of it, or we'll just break him.
Dinky: Flame Legion, Sons of Svanir... why do they spend so much time talking to stuff they can't see? Anyways, I'm sorry your sire ran off again. That's kind of a bad habit, huh?
Talk end option tango.png We'll break him of it, or we'll break him.
Euryale: What was Vallus thinking, anyway? Running off like that. Does he even know what loyalty means?
Talk end option tango.png We'll teach him when we catch up to him.
Maverick: That's what happens when these idiots get to worshiping something other than me, the Mighty Maverick. Anyway, sorry your slippery sire run off again. Luckily, we don't need his help.
Talk end option tango.png But we need him; and I'm going to track him down.
Reeva: Whell, this is what comes from worshiping fake gods and stuff: idiots make trouble and get themselves killed. Your sire's pretty slippery, isn't he? Running off with the loot like that.
Talk end option tango.png No matter what, he'll wind up back at the citadel.

Approaching Emer:

Emer Whipmane: I'm through waiting. I say we get going.

Approaching Vallus (cinematic):

Emer Whipmane: Vallus, you're coming with me. Your treason is bad enough, but we can't let the Seperatists have that idol—it's too powerful.
Vallus Smokemane: Burn it all! You're going to get Sesric killed. Back off and let me do this one thing. No magical idol is worth Sesric's life, no matter how powerful.
<Character name>: Stand down. We tried it your way, and you run out on us. Don't worry: I won't let them hurt Sesric.
Vallus Smokemane: You don't understand. We have to make the trade! Sesric wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for—
Seperatist Commander: Bickering charr. How cute. Wouldn't want to interrupt, so we'll just bury you all together. You can bicker in your graves.

After the cinematic:

Seperatist Commander: We've got what we want. Burn the prisoner!
Sesric Wiremane: No! You cowards! Mane Warband! Mane—
Vallus Smokemane: Sesric! No! We had a deal, humans. I'll cut you all to pieces!

After defeating the seperatists (cinematic):

Emer Whipmane: You've been asking for this a long time, Vallus. Come with me—quietly—or I'll execute your sentence here and now.
Vallus Smokemane: I was so close. I'll kill you Emer! It's your fault he's dead.
Emer Whipmane: Give me a reason. C'mon.
<Character name>: Enough. Tribune Brimstone want's Vallus brought to the citadel intact to stand before the tribunal.
Emer Whipmane: I'll take him. I want a long "conversation" with him anyway.
<Character name>: Not alone, you won't. Warband! You will escort the prisoner and see that he arrives alive. Cut down anyone...ANYONE who interferes with that order.

Citadel Stockade[edit]

Approaching the prisoner:

Vallus Smokemane: You hung me out to dry, Emer, and you know it. You could at least feign remorse.
Emer Whipmane: You brought this death sentence on yourself. And as your legionnaire, I choose the method.

Talking to Emer:

Emer Whipmane: Vallus is behind bars where he belongs. Once he's dead, we'll have done our duty to the legions. It's a good feeling isn't it?
Talk more option tango.png I'm not sure Vallus deserves to die.
Of course you'd say that. You're his cub. Trust me. Vallus has been involved in traitorous activities for a long time.
Talk more option tango.png Why didn't you report him sooner?
Because I kept hoping he'd come around. Of course, I didn't realize how deeply he and Sesric were involved in trading with the Separatists...until Sesric got grabbed..
Talk more option tango.png It's your word against his.
I guess it is, but it doesn't matter. The tribunal and Brimstone believe me. Are you going to contradict them?
Talk end option tango.png Only if they're being misled.
Talk end option tango.png Not so good.

Speaking to your sparring partner:

Clawspur: I tell you this—I hope I never end up down here again... uh, I mean, ever.
Talk end option tango.png Someday, I'll make you tell me that story.
Dinky: The stockades are creepy. Like a wooden, standing-up graveyard.
Talk end option tango.png Nobody here is dead, Dinky. Not yet.
Euryale: Emer's tough. maybe too tough. I'd hate to see what she'd be like as a centurion...or a tribune...or even a mother.
Talk end option tango.png Me too.
Maverick: You know, I used to think Emer was kind of cute. But the whole stomping-around thing changed my mind. I don't want a mate who needs more attention than me.
Talk end option tango.png A guy's gotta have standards, Mav.
Reeva: I've never been down here before. Everybody's so glum. Hey is that a criminal? A real criminal?
Talk end option tango.png It is. Now stay close and keep quiet.

Speaking with Vallus (cinematic):

Emer Whipmane: You disloyal, pitful excuse for a warbandmate. You'll fight in the Bane—unarmed, with no healing—and that's that.
<Character name>: This is wrong. Vallus is still a soldier. He deserves a soldier's death. At least let him defend himself.
Vallus Smokemane: There's no point in appealing to her sense of fair play. She has none.
Emer Whipmane: How's this, Legionnaire: if you execute Vallus yourself, I'll let him fight back.
<Character name>: He's my father.
Emer Whipmane: Take it or leave it. If you care so much about Vallus' dignity, then let's see how far you're willing to go for him.

Talking to Vallus to decide your next action:

Vallus Smokemane: I've made mistakes. Perhaps more than my share. But this wasn't one of them. I was trying to do the right thing. I don't deserve to die. Can you help me?
Talk quest option tango.png What are you not telling me?
It's complicated. You're a good soldier from a good warband. Your mother and I have always been proud of you. But not everyone is who they say they are.
Talk more option tango.png What is it you expect me to do?
Turn your back. Let down your guard. My only chance is to escape so I can prove myself to everyone.
Talk quest option tango.png You want me to just let you escape?
You have to trust me. Help me get out of here, and I'll tell you everything.
Talk quest option tango.png Tell me now.
If I tell you now, they'll execute me, and then you'll be in danger. My only hope is to gather the evidence that will prove my claims, evidence I didn't have for the trial. What do you say?
Talk quest choice tango.png All right, but I'm risking my neck for you. If you betray me, you kill me. (Leads to Thicker Than Water)
Talk quest choice tango.png I can't go against the tribunal. But I will make sure your sentence is carried out honorably. (Leads to Dishonorable Discharge)
Talk end option tango.png You make a strong case. Let me think about it a little longer.
Talk end option tango.png This is a tough call. I need more time to think about it.

Speaking to your sparring partner if you chose to free Vallus:

Clawspur: So, what's the plan?
Talk more option tango.png Whatever I decide, Vallus is my father. My responsibility. I'm keeping you out of it.
If you say so, boss. But if you need me, I'll be in the shadows...waiting for your call.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
Dinky: Wait, what? What did all that mean? Is Vallus going to die?
Talk more option tango.png Wait for me at the barracks. I don't want you involved in this.
There's something you're not telling me. Just because I'm not as smart as some doesn't mean I'm as dumb as most.
Talk end option tango.png Never said you were. But I need to handle this alone.
Euryale: So? What did you decide?
Talk more option tango.png Head back to the barracks and wait for me. I'll join up with you later.
Nice try, boss. But I saw through you when you stole my toy daggers back in the fahrar; I can see through you now. You're breaking him out, aren't you?
Talk end option tango.png I am. And I don't want you involved. Get out of here. Oh, and...thanks.
Maverick: Tell me you're not going to do what I think you're going to do. They'll put you in a cell right next to Vallus. Did you stop to consider how bad that makes me look?
Talk more option tango.png Not at all. Get back to the barracks. I don't want you involved in what happens next.
I knew it. You're going to set him free. Let me come with you, boss. I can help.
Talk more option tango.png No. I'll risk everything else I have for Vallus, but I won't risk you.
Ah, gotcha. And then you'd need me to break you out.
Talk end option tango.png Sure, Maverick. That's totally the plan.
Reeva: This is no fun at all. I'd hate to be Vallus right now. Locked up, waiting to be executed, and all because he tried to help out a fellow soldier.
Talk more option tango.png It's about to get less fun. I want you to return to the barracks.
Sure. Wait, hang on. You've got that funny look on your face. The one you get right before you do something sneaky.
Talk end option tango.png The less you know, the better. I'll catch up with you soon.

My story[edit]

Citadel Stockade loading screen.jpg

I tracked my father all the way from Loreclaw Expanse to the ransom drop. I found him just as he was about to trade the idol of Balthazar for his captured comrade.

The Separatists never intended to honor their end of the deal, so we had to fight our way clear. The idol of Balthazar was destroyed, but we did manage to save the hostage. Now Vallus is in custody, and we are taking him back to the Citadel to receive his sentence: death in the Bane arena.

For his crimes, Vallus has been sentenced to a painful and humiliating execution in the Bane. I think he deserves better, and after I spoke with him and Emer in the stockade, I decided to intervene.

My story