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1325 AE
Personal story
Order Neophyte
Reaper's Gate
(Lornar's Pass)
Durmand Priory
(Lornar's Pass)
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Durmand Priory
Preceded by
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Bad Blood
Followed by
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Mightier than the Sword


Loading screen at Reaper's Gate.

Durmand Priory loading screen.jpg

Loading screen at the Durmand Priory.

Containment is part of the personal story for characters of all races who decided to join the Durmand Priory and have finished Bad Blood and decided to create a containment device.


Create a Containment Vessel.

  • Meet Sieran at the entrance to Reaper's Gate.
  • Protect Sieran while she retrieves shavings from the Statue of Grenth.
  • Escort Sieran back through the valley.

Test the modified containment scabbard.

  • Assist Sieran as she tests the scabbard at the Durmand Priory.
  • Defend Gixx while he works on the containment device


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All professions


The mission starts in a tunnel south of the Steam Mechagate point of interest on the east side of Lornar's Pass. It is on the southeast side of the Lake of Lamentation.

The tunnel is full of grubs, which you can ignore. Just after the tunnel are some shades.

After fighting the shades, Sieran will go to the large statue of Grenth to collect some shavings. Then the ground will shake, and you will be attacked by some Aatxes. After beating them, there are a couple more shades to fight.

Then go back through the tunnel and leave the mission instance. Next you have to go to Durmand Priory. The next mission entrance point is at the bottom of the stairs on the north side of the Priory. Go up the stairs and you will see Sieran. Talk to her, she will tell you what she is doing, then she will jump up on a table to finish off her work.

Gixx arrives and is angry at what Sieran has done. He says to defend him while he fixes it.

At first some shades arrive. After you beat them, some Aatxes arrive. Then after that, a Big Aatxe arrives. Monsters arrive with a flash of red lightning. You probably want to keep moving to avoid getting surrounded and swarmed by monsters.

Assuming you beat all the monsters, Gixx will yell at Sieran and you, and put you both on double secret probation. No arguments.







Reaper's Gate[edit]

Cinematic upon meeting up with Sieran:

<Character name>: This place is creepy. Why are we here, again?
Magister Sieran: That statue of Grenth has been leaking magic. I couldn't think of anything else that matches the power of the Sanguinary Blade.
Magister Sieran: We'll take some of the shavings from the statue. If we can build a containment vessel to hold those safely, it should be able to suppress the sword.
Magister Sieran: First, the fragments. Then we hurry to the Priory and work on the vessel. Ready?

Walking towards the statue:

Magister Sieran: What? You're not scared, are you? It's just a spooky tunnel. That's... collapsing.
Magister Sieran: This place is amazing. I wonder what it was for?

If you talk to Magister Sieran:

Magister Sieran: This will be easy. No one comes here anymore, so there's nobody to stop us.
Talk more option tango.png Stop us? Why would anyone stop us?
No reason! Come on, let's get some shavings of that altar.
Talk end option tango.png Okay, though I feel like you're not telling me something.
Talk end option tango.png All right, I'm following you.

At the statue of Grenth:

Magister Sieran: Just what we needed. One giant statue of Grenth. Hold a moment while I collect some shavings.
Magister Sieran: For an incredibly spooky hidden path with a giant statue of a god of death, this was surprisingly pleasant.
Magister Sieran: There, I've got what we need. Let's head back.

If you talk to Magister Sieran:

Magister Sieran: We did it! That was more exciting that I'd thought.
Talk more option tango.png That was really dangerous. Why didn't you warn me?
I wasn't certain of my hypothesis. If I'd said anything, that would have been rumor-mongering.
Talk end option tango.png Next time—tell me. Now let's get out of here.
Talk end option tango.png That's one word for it. Let's get going before we run into more excitement.

Durmand Priory[edit]

At the Priory:

Magister Sieran: I borrowed some artifacts from the Priory vault and rigged this together. It looks totally cherry! I'm sure it'll work fine.
<Character name>: Actually, Sieran, this looks horribly dangerous. Won't someone notice those things went missing?
Magister Sieran: Oh, honestly. These've [sic] been gathering dust in the vault for year. Nobody wants them, so who'll care?
Magister Sieran: I got a jadite rune of holding, then modified it and wove the whole thing onto a shadow shard. Now all the enchantments are merged!
Magister Sieran: When the Sanguinary Blade is put into the shadow shard, it'll technically be off this plane of existence. The sword won't be able to corrupt anything!
Magister Sieran: But, um...there's one problem. I need to tune the enchantments to work together instead of tearing themselves apart, or it could collapse the mountain.
<Character name>: Wait, what? Collapse the—Sieran!
Magister Sieran: No, no, no, no. It'll work, I promise! While I'm doing that, though, things could get exciting, so keep your weapon out.
<Character name>: The things you call "exciting" are what most people would call "reckless endangerment".
Magister Sieran: Oh, come on, Novice. Cheer up! The worst that could happen is that we're lost forever in shadow, but more likely, we'll just have to mop up some shades. Here goes!

After the cutscene (non-cinematic):

Magister Sieran: I'll let you know when the containment unit is ready to activate.
Gixx: The magical leakage seems to be coming from... Sieran! Novice! What are you two doing?
Gixx: Give me that thing! I'll stop this.
Gixx: This thing is so cross-enchanted, it could power a spurious logic golem!
Magister Sieran: But the theorems all made sense...
Gixx: Exactly! You can't apply "sense" with technology! You two, defend me while I de-sensify this mess!

Cinematic after defending Gixx:

<Character name>: Success! The shades are gone, and the containment field seems to be working.
Gixx: I should have known the magical transfluctuation was your doing, Sieran. Inexcusable!
Gixx: What is this patchwork drivel you've created? You put a... with a... By the Alchemy! Brilliant! Insane, but absolutely ingenious.
Gixx: You think like an asura, you whomp-leaved lunatic—but you don't take the proper precautions! If I hadn't come along when I did...
Magister Sieran: I'm sorry, Steward Gixx. I thought—I mean, we needed to contain the sword, and nobody wanted this stuff...
Gixx: If this wasn't such an innovative creation, I'd toss you out on your twigs! As it is, you're both on probation. No argument.
Gixx: Priory arcanists have scried Steag Frostbeard's location. He's hiding in an encampment near Black Barl's mill.
Gixx: Get out of here, and take this mad contraption with you. If you foul this up, I'll throw you to the termites, you pernicious petal-brain!

If you talk to Magister Sieran:

Magister Sieran: Whew! I'm glad you were here. That was a little more chaotic than expected.
Talk end option tango.png Sieran, you're a wild one. I really mean that.


Gixx's voice acting says "Priory anarchists" rather than "Priory arcanists."

My story[edit]

Durmand Priory loading screen.jpg

With a little cleverness, we tweaked a magical device from the Priory's vaults. Now, we just have to test it.

The magical adjustments to the old dwarven relic worked. With this, we should be able to protect the Sanguinary Blade and keep its corruption from spreading.

My story