Stealing Light

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Stealing Light

1325 AE
Personal story
Victory or Death
Blighted Arch
(Malchor's Leap)
Whispers' Plan
Preceded by
Further into Orr
Followed by
Conscript the Dead Ships

Stealing Light is a mission in the personal story. It is accessed by choosing the response "I'm going after Zhaitan's navy" in the previous mission, Further into Orr.


Lead the squad to sabotage Beacon Torch.

  • Report to the coast south of Beacon Torch.
  • Check in with Crusader Jeyne.
  • Meet the squad.
  • Return to Crusader Jeyne.
  • Swim to the checkpoint.
  • Head up the cliff toward Beacon Torch.
  • (Defeat the Risen Spider Lord.)
  • Risen Spider Lord
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Help Zott redirect the lighthouse beam.


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All professions


After triggering the dialogues from the NPCs, the marker will move to the east. Swim over or fight through the enemies in the water until you reach the marker. There will likely be one Risen Pirate behind you as you emerge from the water.

From this point onward you will be under attack from Risen Pirates coming down the hill, and from a pair of Veteran Risen Giants throwing rocks at you (the latter will make your NPC allies sprint up the hill into danger - just take your time and proceed slowly). After you have cleared the second Risen Giant double back up the hill to the marker. Large groups of spiders will be running down the hill towards your party - these are however low-level and can be easily killed in one hit.

At the top of the hill at the Beacon Torch you will find the Risen Spider Lord who will attack you after a short dialogue. The Risen Spider Lord has a few different abilities:

  • Life stealing with the usual teeth-snapping animation
  • Inflicts conditions and deals damage with dark aoe projectiles
  • Summons locusts with Locust Swarm - these use "Locust Shield" (possibly reduces damage taken by the Lord?) and cause cripple with their attacks
  • Summons spiders - it will be much harder to evade these if you have been crippled

Your NPC allies will die quickly however they do seem to occasionally resurrect themselves, and they will resurrect dead allies if given the chance to. Using a ranged weapon might be advisable to allow you to escape the spiders running around you. When you have dealt enough damage to the Risen Spider Lord, he will transform into a giant green spider, and frequently Pull foes to him.

If you are defeated during the encounter with the Risen Spider Lord you will unfortunately load at the beginning of the mission, and the Lord may regenerate all of his health depending on whether your allies are still alive or not.

Once the Risen Spider Lord has been defeated in both forms, you can interact with the Beacon Torch circuit to trigger the final cutscene and finish the mission. (This will not show unless Agent Zott is alive. However, he can be revived.)







Upon approaching the beach:

Elli: Help! Save me! I've been eaten by a vicious leviathan!
Agent Zott: I can't believe you're considered an equal in my field.
Scholar Inkblood: Take a look at that. And they said nobody has fun in Orr.

Approaching Crusader Eilye Jeyne:

If member of the Vigil:
Crusader Eilye Jeyne: Commander, good to see you. Let me call the others over, and we'll get started.
Crusader Eilye Jeyne: Your reputation precedes you, Commander. I'm glad to be working with you. Let me assemble the squad.
Crusader Eilye Jeyne: Squad, circle up! Time to talk tactics.

Cinematic with Eilye Jeyne:

Sergeant Eilye Jeyne: Listen up, team. Our target is Beacon Torch. It guides bone ships through the darkness of the Orrian Veil.
Sergeant Eilye Jeyne: Our plan is not to capture the lighthouse. We get in, redirect the light, and get out.
<Character Name>: What happens then?
Sergeant Eilye Jeyne: Then, Commander, the bone ships will follow the beacon and end up like beached gulper fish. While they're stuck on the rocks, we wipe out the crew.
Agent Zott: Greetings, Commander! I'm sure you remember me, Zott, master of auspex enchantments and ocular devices. We met at Claw Island, and—
Elli: Ahem! Ahem, ahem. AHEM, you toddling ninny-bucket!
Agent Zott: Yes, yes. This is Elli, my adjunct. Loathe as I am to admit it, she is an expert on holomancy.
Elli: Adjunct? You wish, stuffybritches. Trahearne said I'm your partner. Nice to see you, Commander. Get ready for some fun!

After the cinematic:

Crusader Eilye Jeyne: Get to know the squad. We'll head out when the scout gives the all clear.

Talking to your squad:

Crusader Eilye Jeyne: The operation will start soon, but we need to wait until the moment is right.
Talk quest option tango.png Why is that?
We have a combination of charr choppers and ground troops doing surveillance. There's a specific window during which we can strike and be successful in capturing the lighthouse.
Talk end option tango.png I'll be ready when the window opens.
Agent Zott: I'll say it again: it was an honor. Claw Island was a major victory, and I hear many more victories have followed in its wake.
Talk quest option tango.png I've been there for some of them. It's never easy.
Of course. Sorry. I didn't mean to infer—
Talk quest option tango.png It's okay. What can you tell me about the Orrian lighthouse?
Unlike the Lion's Arch ones, it has nothing to do with asuran magic. This is old Orrian magic. Between Elli and myself, we'll figure it out.
Talk quest option tango.png How did you end up with Elli, anyway?
We're not...I don't...we...ahem, well. In the downtime after our defensive victory, I saw Elli's commentating performance and was quite taken by her, ah, holomancy.
Talk end option tango.png I see.
Scholar Inkblood: Hard to believe Orr ever had life. Imagine it—one man believed he had to do something that drastic simple because of a charr invasion.
Talk quest option tango.png What do you mean?
The Vizier of Orr acted foolishly. Yet, working with humans and other races have brought perspective on the decision.
Talk quest option tango.png How so?
Fool choice or not, what we're seeing here no longer has anything to do with old Orr. This is Zhaitan. We'll cleanse it all, then worry about what's lost to time. Some adventure, eh?
Talk end option tango.png One that I'm willing to see through.
For sylvari who chose Trouble at the Roots or The Bad Apple:
Elli: Hey you sure raised hell at the tourney! If it weren't for you, I'd never have gotten the international recognition.
Talk quest option tango.png That's right. How did you get here? (same as "How did you end up here? You're unlike the rest of the soldiers.")
For Asura who chose the VAL-A Golem as their first invention:
Elli: Hey, it's the Snaff Prize Savant! Your thrilling bout at the Power Grid Throwdown propeled me into the big time! The big, rotting, corpsey-times, it seems.
Talk quest option tango.png That they are. So how did you get here? (same as "How did you end up here? You're unlike the rest of the soldiers.")
Elli: Hey, don't mind my colleague Zott. He can be a grump, but he's mostly acceptable. Is there something I can educate you about?
Talk quest option tango.png How did you end up here? You're unlike the rest of the soldiers.
Quite perceptive. I started off as a lowly commentator for golem battles. I worked my way up into big tourneys, where Zott finally recognize my talents.
Talk quest option tango.png And he introduced you to the Pact.
More or less. He saw my hologram and figured I could make it fight. After some experiments, I was able to create a viable holo-battleframe. Want a demonstration?
Talk more option tango.png Sure. We've got time. (if yet to ask for demonstration)
Optimal! Now, watch and be amazed!
Talk end option tango.png Ready when you are.
Talk more option tango.png Let's just stay quite for now, okay?
Oh. It's rather impressive... but, okay. Have it your way.
Talk more option tango.png On second thought, let's see it. (same as "Sure. We've got time.")
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.

If you asked Elli for demonstration:

Elli: Amazing, don't you think? It mimics everything I do.
Elli's Hologram: I used it for tooournament annooouncements!
Agent Zott: Cacophonous catastrophes! Elli, you chowder head...we're supposed to be hiding!
Elli: Whoops! Sorry, Zotty, I forgot. Powering down.

After finishing talking to your squad members:

Agent Zrii: Scout reporting in. We just got confirmation from copter five. Your team is go!
Crusader Eilye Jeyne: Understood, Zrii, and thanks. We'll take it from here.
Crusader Eilye Jeyne: Commander, will you take point? We need to hit the water and approach Beacon Torch from the bay.

Talking to the squad members on the way to the lighthouse:

Agent Zott: First we reach the lighthouse. Then we hijack the beam and transfer our signal to it with my brilliant device. Simple!
Talk end option tango.png I hope it's waterproof.
Scholar Inkblood: I've got your back, Commander. Let's kill some Risen.
Talk end option tango.png Yes indeed!
Elli: Hey, psst, don't blow my cover! I stay cloaked so my hologram can take all the pain.
Talk end option tango.png Got it, Elli.
Crusader Eilye Jeyne: Just lead us up the mountain, Commander. Agent Zott has the device to control the lighthouse once we've cleared all hostiles.
Talk end option tango.png On it.

Reaching the checkpoint:

Crusader Eilye Jeyne: A moment, Commander. Let's group here before we head up the cliff.
Elli: Alert! Alert! We're being invaded!
Agent Zott: Elli, you're all backwards again. We're the ones invading—
Scholar Inkblood: No, Zott, she's right. That spider's a spy. Sic 'em, Amphebe!

On the way towards the lighthouse:

Crusader Eilye Jeyne: What's that scrabbling sound?
Crusader Eilye Jeyne: Spiders! Don't stop. Keep moving forward!

Approaching the Risen Spider Lord:

Crusader Eilye Jeyne: There's the master. We need to take him out in order to secure the lighthouse.
Risen Spider Lord: More food for my pets. Excellent.
Scholar Inkblood: Those scrawny little things are your pets? They look more like fish bait.
Risen Spider Lord: We'll see how brave you are when the swarm takes you.

During the fight with the Risen Spider Lord:

Risen Spider Lord: Pathetic mortals. My spiders will feast on your flesh!
Risen Spider Lord: I will kill you myself!

Upon killing the Risen Spider Lord:

Elli: Excuse me? Most high poobity-poobah Jeyne? Permission to celebrate, ma'am?
Crusader Eilye Jeyne: Yes, Elli. You can celebrate.
Elli's Hologram: Hooooo-rah! The lighthouse guardian is DOWN! Victory to the champion of champions, US!
Elli's Hologram: It's all spider legs and dust, folks. Pay your tickets at the door and don't forget to tip your announcer.
Agent Zott: Why do I put up with this?

Helping Zott:

Agent Zott: Hmm. The discombobulator's detached from the combobulator. Could you lend a hand, Commander?
Aetheric Interface: The interface is damp from the swim over. The aetheric circuits appear to be damaged.
Charisma Wiggle the connectors. (Captivating)
Fumbling with the connectors restores the device to working order.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Dignity Replace the aetheric circuit with a spare. (Noble)
A careful salvage job reveals a spare circuit. Plugging in the spare brings the device back to life.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Ferocity Just hit the thing. (Barbaric)
The thump revives the circuits. The device is operational.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

After fixing the device (in-game cut scene):

Agent Zott: Ah! there we are. Thank you.
Agent Zott: Impressive results. That should be enough.

Final cinematic:

<Character Name>: That was a rough ascent. The Risen are serious about defending these lighthouses.
Sergeant Eilye Jeyne: Well done, everyone. The next bone ship that follows this beacon will be in for quite a surprise.
Sergeant Eilye Jeyne: Now, it's a waiting game. We'll meet at the staging grounds when our scouts tell us a ship's been sighted. Until then—dismissed.
Elli: So, Zotty...having trouble with the occlusion interface? I could help you study up on it over a nice bottle of tooromba cider.
Agent Zott: "Study up on it"? I—you—I mean—hands to yourself, holomancer! And don't call me Zotty. It's embarrassing.
Elli: Aw, you're absolutely adorable when you're flustered. Shame it doesn't happen more often.

Talking to your squad:

Agent Zott: Appreciate the help with the signal, Commander. Embarrassing, really. And in front of Elli, too. She'll never let me hear the end of it.
Charisma She won't, and that's the point. You two are adorable.
There's no "you two" here. She's my subordinate, as ordered by Marshal Trahearne. I would never pursue anything beyond the mission. And, uh...permission to speak off the record?
Talk more option tango.png Go ahead.
I admit to having some measure of attraction towards Elli, but I couldn't possibly put her before the mission. I mean, I would, but I can't!
Talk end option tango.png Just make sure your have your priorities in order.
Dignity Honestly, Zott? I think you like her attention.
Really, Commander, I must protest. I cannot allow you to impugn my...oh, glitch it. Permission to speak off the record?
Talk more option tango.png Go ahead. (same as above)
Talk end option tango.png A good job either way, Agent.
Elli: I think I like this Jeyne. She allows me to have my fun. I think I even saw her smirk once. Next goal: a smile from the Colossus Grumpus.
Dignity Focus on the mission, Elli. We have a job to do.
Oh, we've got an operation to excuse, but look at this place: depressing! Something needs to offset all the gloom and doom! I'm just the person for the job.
Talk end option tango.png Just don't distract anyone too much.
Charisma Zott would be a fool not to notice your charms. Good luck.
Oh I know THAT. You'd have to be a golem with a faulty ocular scanner to not see it! He just needs to see the world around him. Okay, not Orr, but everything else!
Talk end option tango.png You've got a point there. Let me know if he comes around.
Talk end option tango.png Good luck.
Scholar Inkblood: Lord of spiders—hah! Too bad for him Amphebe eats spiders for breakfast. I tried one once. She can have them: taste like grawl feet, if you ask me.
(If you chose Doubt and helped the grawl as the lesser race:)
Talk more option tango.png Easy there. A grawl shaman named Gara is a friend of mine.
Gara, eh? Think I saw him skulking around Fort Trinity. Good to know there are some exceptions to the rule.
Talk end option tango.png You and me both.
Talk end option tango.png I'll take your word for it.
Crusader Eilye Jeyne: With the lighthouse emitting out altered signal, the next ship to arrive will run aground soon. Nice work, Commander.
Talk more option tango.png What do you think of Scholar Inkblood?
Level-headed and serious, just what we need to even out the team. He may not have a nailed-down role, but his knowledge of Orr is second only to Trahearne and Priory magisters.
Talk more option tango.png What about Zott and Elli? (same as "What do you think of Zott and Elli?")
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Corporal.
Talk more option tango.png What do you think of Zott and Elli?
Not too sure about Elli, but her heart's in the right place. Zott has always been a genius, and then two of them together seem to get the job done.
Talk more option tango.png What about Scholar Inkblood? (same as "What do you think of Scholar Inkblood?")
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Corporal.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Jeyne.

My story[edit]

Stealing Light.jpg

It was madcap and a little bit arachnophobic, but our motley crew sabotaged the Orrian lighthouse. When the Dead Ships follow the guidance of Beacon Torch, they'll find themselves run aground.

My story


The Crusader Eilye Jeyne is called Sergeant Eilye Jeyne during the cinematics.
If you advance the final slope (with the Risen Spider Hatchlings) too slowly, the Risen Spider Lord will not speak and instead become buffed by Determined, making him impossible to kill. Therefore it is advised to rush past the waves of Risen Hatchlings till you reach the Risen Spider Lord rather then killing them (which is supported by the quote from your allied NPC). Currently there is no known solution to this situation if the event does not trigger as soon as you reach the Risen Spider Lord.