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A Future in Politics

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A Future in Politics

A Future in Politics loading screen.jpg

Loading screen.

Witness the conversation between Inspector Ellen Kiel and Magnus the Bloody-Handed.




Talking to Inspector Kiel in the Grand Piazza
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Entry to the stage is currently restricted.
Talk more option tango.png I'm <Character name>. I heard you had something for me?
Indeed, but give me a moment. I need to talk with Magnus first.
Talk end option tango.png Of course.
Talk end option tango.png Understood. I'll check again later.

Conversation between Kiel and Magnus:

Magnus the Bloody Handed: We're gearing up to replace Ashford. His second died a few weeks ago in that whole Molten Alliance uproar.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: So, there will have to be a council election?
Magnus the Bloody Handed: That's right. And I want you to go for it.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: What? I don't have that kind of wealth, and I'm not a ship's captain.
Magnus the Bloody Handed: Then, you'd better get creative. I put your name in, and I commandeered the abandoned Aetherblade airship for you.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: I...I...I...
Magnus the Bloody Handed: That's the kind of fast-thinking that made me choose you. (laugh)


  • The conversation here was originally intended to be part of the instance, but was instead placed in the open world.[1]
  • The map showed the instance in Dostoev Sky Peak.
  • The instance allowed players to explore Lion's Arch without any NPCs spawned, as Kiel and Magnus are the only NPCs inside and there are no instance borders.