To The Core

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To The Core

1325 AE
Personal story
Forming the Pact
Maelstrom's Bile
(Mount Maelstrom)
Let an innocent die
Preceded by
Tower Down
Followed by
Breaking the Bone Ship

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To The Core is part of the personal story for characters that have completed the mission Tower Down and have chosen to work with Tonn's old mentor, Zopp.


Acquire the explosives from Zopp's krewe.

  • Meet Tonn at Mount Maelstrom.
  • Acquire the flame core device.
  • Defeat the greater fire elemental.
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  • Escape the volcano.


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All professions


Upon arriving at the heart of Mount Maelstrom, you receive unfortunate news that the research krewe is in some trouble and the flame core is currently in the possession of angry elementals. You and Tonn suit up in specialized Golem rigs capable of withstanding the intense heat and go to retrieve the core. Tonn is a non-combatant for this mission, so all of the fighting is up to you.

Your normal 1-5 weapon skills are replaced with Golem skills, and your profession mechanic is disabled - for example, Rangers can't use pets on this mission. Oddly enough, your healing, utility, and elite skills are unchanged, so make sure to swap out any that require use of your profession mechanic. Take the time to learn what the Golem skills do before continuing, since there's a lot of hectic running around later. In particular, note that Water Cannon is a charge skill, lasting longer if you hold the button down. This is your most powerful attack, but it also leaves you vulnerable while channeling, since you can't move.

Note for mesmers: While clone utility skills will not produce clones inside the hazmat suit, phantasms will copy the golem's skills and deal full damage with them, and still be affected by damage traits affecting phantasms and illusions.

Head down into the volcano, dispatching any elementals that get in your way. The flame core is sitting right out in the open; walk up to it and Tonn will pick it up. This triggers an energy release that spawns a huge flame elemental in the middle of the lava and also roots Tonn to the spot; you're going to have to defeat it before you can escape. Three Flame Orbs spawn around the lava; destroy them to eliminate the elemental.

The Flame Orbs are defenseless structures and are easily destroyed, but several Lava Elementals continuously spawn around the area, and the flame elemental itself will shoot out damaging fire waves. Keep moving to avoid being pinned down. The water cannon skill works great on the Flame Orbs, but has a tendency to randomly miss against them too, so you may have to resort to punching them. After destroying an Orb, the flame elemental gets angrier and shoots even more fire waves; however, after the last Orb is destroyed, the flame elemental and most enemies in the area disappear. Tonn is able to move again, so head out of the volcano and end the mission.








Approaching Tonn (cinematic):

Demolitionist Tonn: Hope you're ready for bad news. I just learned from Zopp here that his whole team went ashes and embers on him.
Researcher Zopp: Hey, that's my krewe you're talking about. They're going to be extremely hard to replace.
Demolitionist Tonn: Sorry, I tend to get overfocused when I'm on a mission. Tell us what happened.
Researcher Zopp: We were completing the extraction when Makk's suit malfunctioned. He burst into flames and dropped the flame core device. Then lava elementals attacked us.
Researcher Zopp: We withdrew hastily. If you want our flame core, you'll need one of these special golem rigs. Without them, you won't last thirty seconds.
Demolitionist Tonn: We need that core—it's the heart of the explosive device I want to build. All right, Commander, suit up. It's about to get real, real hot.

Talking to Tonn:

Demolitionist Tonn: Watch your step here. Zopp already lost some of his krewe, and I'll be glitched if I'm going to lose you.
Talk more option tango.png I have a question before we go on.
Ask away, partner. Keep it brief, though. I'm starting to chafe in this heat.
Talk more option tango.png How do you know Zopp?
He's an expert at channeling raw energy into containment devices: essentially, explosions waiting to happen. He taught at my college, he inspired me. He's the reason I do what I do.
Talk more option tango.png Is his krewe part of the Pact?
Not officially. He volunteered his workers and his research to the cause, but I think he did it because he wanted to work in Mount Maelstrom.
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png I'm glad he's on our side. Let's go.
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png Okay, let's go.
Talk more option tango.png Will the mining suits protect us?
Zopp always icon cutting-edge tech on his projects, so we should be safe—albeit uncomfortable. Nothing's guaranteed, of course, so be ready for anything.
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png I will be. Let's move out.
Talk more option tango.png Why is sinking the bone ship so important?
Orr's an island. Trahearne knows we need to control the see to attack it effectively. Sinking the bone ship removes a threat, clears the way, and proves our nautical superiority.
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png I get it. Let's keep moving.
Talk end option tango.png That's all I needed to know.
Talk end option tango.png Don't worry about me, Tonn.

On the way into the volcano:

Demolitionist Tonn: Elementals everywhere...but Zopp made these rigs especially for this job. We should be safe enough.
Demolitionist Tonn: Temperature readings are off the charts. Don't worry, the suits can take it. I think.

Approaching the core device:

Demolitionist Tonn: Wait! Don't touch that. It requires special handling. Leave it to me.
Demolitionist Tonn: I got what we came for. Temperature readings are off the charts, but we're safe inside these rigs.
Demolitionist Tonn: Wait...suit malfunction! The core's magnetic field is mucking with my motivators. I can't move!
Demolitionist Tonn: I can fix it, but—oh, glitch! There's a huge spike in the energy readings.
Demolitionist Tonn: Something big is coming out of the volcano. And I don't think it's coming to thank us.

In-game cut scene:

Demolitionist Tonn: This is bad. I can't ditch my suit or I'll be crispified. You'll have to fight that thing alone.
Demolitionist Tonn: Hang on! I'm detecting massive power surges from those flaming orbs.
Demolitionist Tonn: That's probably what's giving it cohesion. Take them out, and that thing will disperse.

After destroying the first orb:

Demolitionist Tonn: That's it! The orbs are keeping it together. Take the others out and we're optimal.

After destroying the second orb:

Demolitionist Tonn: It's working, but watch out—beating that thing is making it mad.

After destroying the third orb (in-game cut scene):

Demolitionist Tonn: Scratch one giant elemental. And I'm free! Let's get what we came for and saunter on out of here.

After exiting the volcano (cinematic):

Demolitionist Tonn: Whew! I expected things to get hot, but not that hot. Thanks for bailing me out.
<Character name>: Just watching my partner's back...and giving him the chance to collect the flame core. You got it, right?
Demolitionist Tonn: Oh, I got it. This is just what we need to send that bone ship straight to the bottom of the Mire Sea.
<Character name>: Then I'll meet you there as soon as I've finished prepping the device.

After the cinematic:

Demolitionist Tonn: I'll have to introduce you to Ceera. You'd like her. She's a Pact soldier, too. A medic.
Demolitionist Tonn: That's why we make such a great pair: I blow up enemies, she patches up allies.

Talking to Tonn:

Demolitionist Tonn: I knew this partnership was a winner. Optimal work, Commander. Meet me on the shores of the Mire Sea. And then look out, bone ship!
Talk more option tango.png Sounds good. Where will you go after that?
Wherever stuff needs exploding, I'll suppose. I just hope I wind up closer to my wife's unit. Ceera's job...well, sometimes she needs cheering up.
Talk end option tango.png I look forward to meeting her someday.
Talk end option tango.png Until then.

My story[edit]

Munition Acquisition.jpg

Tonn and I spoke with the krewe working inside Mount Maelstrom and collected their flame core, which will serve as the potent explosive we need to sink the bone ship. From there, we went to meet our support squad on the shores of the Mire Sea.

My story