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Be My Guest

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Be My Guest is the fifth part and third instance of Long Live the Lich.


Blast your way into the Moon Fortress.
  • Meet Braham and Canach in front of the fortress.
  • Fight your way to the gate.
  • (Defend Canach while he arms the bomb.)
  • Hold off the Awakened while Canach works.
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Speak with Braham.
  • Chase Braham.
Learn the depths of Joko's hatred.
  • Regroup with Braham.
  • Continue into the fortress.
  • Examine the corpse.
  • Investigate the torture chamber.
  • Take the signet ring.
  • Use the signet ring.
  • Continue into the fortress.
Fight your way to the ossuary.
  • Continue into Joko's fortress.
  • Push forward.
  • Press on.
  • Reach Joko's ossuary.
Enter Joko's Contaminarium.
  • Search for the Contaminarium.
  • Unlock the Contaminarium.
  • (Defeat Beastmarshal Oluwa Eranko.)
  • Beastmarshal Oluwa Eranko
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Proceed into the Contaminarium.
  • Get out.
End Joko's reign.
  • Confront Joko.
  • Defeat the Immortal Palawa Joko.
  • Check the body.
  • Check on Aurene.
  • Regroup with your allies.


Upon replaying


At the start of the instance, you can immediately run across the bridge or fight as you go. You will need to defeat several waves of Awakened before triggering a cutscene. Afterward, simply follow Braham and the path until you reach the torture chamber.

To exit the torture chamber, interact with the signet ring. Interacting with the ring object provides the special action skill  Unknown (signet ring skill).png ?????. Using the skill provides the King's Sight effect which temporarily dispels Joko's illusions. While King's Sight is active, circles on the wall with a whip pattern will glow. Interact with the circle to turn it. Once the pattern is whole again (the pattern on the outer ring matches with the pattern on the inner ring to make a whole symbol), you can continue. These circles will appear again throughout the story instance to turn off traps so that Braham can follow you.

The following hallway has fire tiles on the floor that catch fire consistently and repeatedly. Make sure not to spend too long on any of the empty tiles, as they will also catch fire if you stand on them for too long (shown on the floor as an expanding red square within the tile). There are some tiles with sparks, indicating that the trap tile is "not working" and are safe to stand on. The wall circle stone is at the end of the hallway. This one takes multiple turns to match the pattern. Completing the pattern on all of the necessary circles results in the traps being turned off, so Braham will appear in the next room with you after a moment.

After talking with Joko in the next room, make sure you activate the signet ring again. There are lasers to pass by, which are only visible with King's Sight. In order to pass through the walls of lasers, make sure to only move through the ones that are dim (which changes every couple of seconds, so move quickly through each laser set). There are three wall circles in the hallway; be sure to interact with all of them in order to disable the traps.

After the next talk with Joko (+ fight), the following hallway has both lasers and fire floor tiles. These both function exactly as the previous two did, but the combination means that you need to be able to move quickly through the whole hallway. Don't forget the multiple wall circles.

In the Contaminarium, there is a central wall with a symbol on it. There are 4 circles set within the symbol, which are connected with lasers to 4 pillars in front of them (lasers only visible via King's Sight. The circles must be turned to complete the symbol by interacting with the small pillars that correspond to each circle. Ignore Braham's musings on what looks right; the view without King's Sight is not correct.

The fight in the Contaminarium with Beastmarshal Oluwa Eranko can be tricky. Make sure to keep King's Sight active in order to see the lasers on the ground. When the message "The beastmarshal howls for her brood." appears, she summons three small Abominable Whelps to help her. To break her out of her howling, you can hit her with a bone to instantly break her defiance bar. She teleports between the four corners of the room on the fire floor tiles; be sure to not stand on those when you engage her, when possible.

The final fight with Palawa Joko can take a while. The metal flooring in the middle of the room is fire tiles which activate after a second or two, shown by the expanding red square in each tile. When Joko disappears (95%, 80% health) use the signet ring to see Will of Joko(s), which can only be seen and attacked when using King's Sight. They will explode on death, but also die instantly if broken. A bone from around the room can be used to kill each one instantly. After each Will of Joko phase, another Royal Guard will be summoned, and all the previous ones resurrected with low health, indicated by the text "Joko Awakens the fallen." After the second Will of Joko phase, Bloated Plague Scarabs will begin to spawn. These creatures will follow you until they get into melee range, at which point they will explode. At 50%, during the third Will of Joko phase, a message saying "The plague scarabs coalesce." appears, which means that a huge purple wall of plague will begin to make its way across the room, from the opening towards the windows. In order to survive the wall, make sure you have King's Sight active in order to see a gap in the wall to pass through safely. During the next phase of the battle with Joko, he uses large AoE rings that extend out from him and the Aura of the Vampire.png Aura of the Vampire effect, draining life from you. After another Will of Joko phase and another Joko phase down to 10% health, he teleports to the front of the fire floor tiles and speaks briefly. Once he is whittled down to 0% health, he will teleport near the windows again to play dead, while the player has the Time Trial.png Stasis effect. After you check the body, the ending plays.

The order of phases for the final battle and what appears in them is as follows:

Palawa Joko 100% -> 95% heath
Will of Joko (1)
Palawa Joko 95% -> 80% + Royal Guard (1)
Will of Joko (2)
Palawa Joko 80% -> 50% + Royal Guard (1) + Plague Scarabs
Will of Joko (3) + wall
Palawa Joko 50% -> 25% + Royal Guard (2) + Plague Scarabs
Will of Joko (4) + wall
Palawa Joko 25% -> 10% + Royal Guard (4) + Plague Scarabs
Palawa Joko 10% -> 0%
Breaking Palawa Joko's defiance bar during any of the phases above too quickly can cause him to disappear and not return; likewise damaging him too fast can cause phases to not trigger correctly.


This achievement rewards items. Be My Guest Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Bring the battle to a decisive conclusion.Journal: Be My Guest
Reward: Banner Ornament.pngBanner Ornament
Completed Be My Guest 0Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.
This achievement rewards items. Return to Be My Guest Return to Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission Be My Guest in Living World Season 4 Episode 3.
Reward: Volatile Magic.pngVolatile Magic (5)
Completed Be My Guest 0Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.
Captive Audience Long Live the Lich 1Achievement points
Listen to all of Joko's taunts.Story Instance: Be My Guest Listened to All of Joko's Taunts 1Achievement points
  • There are thirteen taunts for getting hit by the laser, fire, and ice traps, so make sure to run into all of those multiple times. See the dialogue section below for the precise lines.
    • There are seven taunts for getting hit by the laser traps.
    • There are three taunts for getting hit by the flame traps.
    • There are three taunts for getting hit by the frost traps.
  • The achievement will be awarded upon defeating the two Royal Watchdogs in the room with the first flame/frost traps after the first lasers.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Captive Audience effect. Although it appears from the start, progress is only tracked starting from the first room with the laser trap.
    • Only traps triggered by the party leader will trigger the dialog lines.
  • Although as party leader, you cannot, others can achieve Dexterous and Flexible while you complete this achievement.
Dexterous and Flexible Long Live the Lich 3Achievement points
Avoid every laser trap in the Moon Fortress.Story Instance: Be My Guest Avoided Every Laser Trap in the Moon Fortress 3Achievement points
  • The achievement will be awarded upon defeating Beastmarshal Oluwa Eranko. Note that there are four lasers in the room in which you fight her; take care not to accidentally run into them when chasing her or being feared.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Dexterous and Flexible effect. Only being hit by the laser traps will cause you to lose this achievement; being hit by the flame and frost traps will not cause you to lose it.
    • When tagging along as non-instance owner, regardless of what traps the party leader triggers, as long as you don't get hit by a laser trap, you can still complete the achievement. Note: Braham will only advance when the hallway is clear of traps.
    • Most easily accomplished using teleport skills such as Blink or Infiltrator's Arrow. Note: The tiles with sparks do not spawn traps.
  • Cannot be achieved in the same try as Captive Audience.
Whistling in the Dark Long Live the Lich 1Achievement points
Successfully defend Canach while he arms the bomb in under six minutes.Story Instance: Be My Guest Defended Canach While He Armed the Bomb 1Achievement points








Speaking to each character before entering the instance
Rox: My Olmakhan squad and I narrowly got to Faren in time. He's fortunate to be alive.
<Character name>: He owes you.
Rox: And we him.
Rox: Our wounded are getting patched up. We'll be ready for the siege.
Braham: Heading down to the towers, Commander. Gonna help Canach set the charges.
<Character name>: Give him cover. Let him do his job.
Braham: Oh, I will. I made a promise to Taimi.
Rytlock Brimstone: Kick Joko's tail, Commander.
<Character name>: That's the idea.
Queen Dahlah: You don't look any worse for wear, Commander. War agrees with you.
<Character name>: The biggest test is yet to come.
Queen Dahlah: I feel the tide turning in our favor. My sister and I will be right behind you.
Queen Nahlah: Our army doesn't tire. But Joko's ghost eaters have taken a toll.
Queen Nahlah: We feint to draw them away, then strike where they are not.
Queen Nahlah: Our survivors are ready for the final push, on your command.
<Character name>: Form up when you see the towers come down.

Inside the instance[edit]

Approaching your allies
Braham: Commander, Canach's trying to sneak the explosives past their front line. Thinks he's back in the Shining Blade.
Canach: Couldn't make it all the way to the gate alone.
<Character name>: What about the towers?
Canach: What about them?
<Character name>: There's our opening. This is our moment, people! Let's go kick in Joko's front door! WHO'S WITH ME?
Rox: The Olmakhan have this handled. I'm with you, Commander!
Taimi: Okay, this is happening. We're all with you, Commander!
Canach: Our Awakened friends are scattered. I suggest we get in there before they manage to pull themselves together.
After reaching the gate
<Character name>: Canach?
Canach: Wonderful gate. It WOULD be a shame if somebody blew a giant hole in it.
First wave
Braham: You might want to work faster, Canach.
Canach: Art cannot be rushed, my friend.
Braham: Tell that to THEM.
Rox: We're with you, Commander!
Second wave
Taimi: More coming in!
Rox: Canach! How much longer?
Canach: (whistles)
Third wave
Gorrik: Big bad uglies inbound!
Braham: Canach! Today would be good!
Canach: (whistles)
Last wave
Canach: Is this a bad time?
<Character name>: Canach, get back to work! We can handle this!
Canach: Oh, I finished rigging the gate ages ago. Got bored, so I figured I'd help you lot.
Braham: Not funny.
Canach: Agree to disagree.
Canach: The gate awaits. Commander? Do the hon—?
Cinematic after blowing up the gate
Taimi: Oh no.
Gorrik: Third generation...
Braham: Quick—!
Rox: Can't get in that way now.
Taimi: Force fields won't hold forever. What's plan B?
Queen Nahlah: Leave it to us, mortals.
Queen Dahlah: Find another way in. And give our regards to dear Joko.
Queen Dahlah: Brothers and sisters! This time WE wipe out the PLAGUE!
Canach: We can't stay here—we'll be whittled away to sawdust.
Braham: Commander!
Braham: There are sewer grates into the fortress. Maybe we can get through one!
<Character name>: Braham!
<Character name>: I'm going after him. Everyone fall back to Rytlock's position!
After catching Braham
<Character name>: That was reckless, Braham!
Braham: And?
<Character name>: And...let's go find Joko.
Braham: That's what I thought. "Can't die..." Everything can die. Only question is how.
Pushing further
<Character name>: Is
Braham: Looks just like you. You have a twin?
<Character name>: I didn't think so...
Braham: Scratch that. You're a triplet—no wait, a quadruplet...?
Entering the chamber
Braham: What...the— They're ALL you.
<Character name>: I know Joko's sick, but I didn't realize he was OBSESSED.
Braham: I mean, my enemies burn me in effigy, but I've never inspired this level of...whatever this is.
Interacting with objects
<Character name>: Looks like I died painfully. Over and over.
Braham: And over.
Braham: I'm gonna be ill.
Braham: Can't imagine a worse way to die.
Braham: What sort of mind comes up with crazy stuff like this?
Braham: Where did he get more of you? Does he have his own blighting tree?
Braham: Commander, take a look at this...
<Character name>: Ring of some kind.
Braham: An ancient skill signet. Didn't think anyone used these anymore.
After using the ring
<Character name>: Ah—it's all an illusion! The signet ring dispels it.
Braham: Oh, thank the spirits—they're just regular dead people. I mean... You know what I mean.
Braham: No one deserves this.
<Character name>: Look over here.
Braham: Is that right?
Braham: Hmm. What's the point of traps you can see?
<Character name>: Deterrence, maybe? Think it's fair to say Joko's been anticipating this.
Braham: So he's just playing with us? You disarm them; I'll cover the rear.
Braham: Good. Rather have a straight-up fight than a bunch of tricks and traps.
Appearance of Palawa Joko's projection
Palawa Joko: Commander, I'm insulted. I invite you to the biggest battle the world has ever seen—
Braham: Die, you fiend!
Palawa Joko: —and you show up with one idiot norn? I feel like you're not even trying.
<Character name>: Left my entourage on your doorstep.
Palawa Joko: Oh, I know. They'll be MY entourage, soon enough.
Palawa Joko: I hope you feel at home; I spent so much time preparing for you. Nice to have a reason to break out the crystal. (laugh)
Palawa Joko: Enough waiting; Joko's bored. Let's pick up the pace.
Braham: I'm with the lich: enough screwing around. Can't wait to get my hands around his bony neck.
<Character name>: Wait. I don't trust an empty hallway.
Braham: Think it's an illusion? You're the one with the fancy ring; I'll hang back.
On getting hit by Joko's laser traps
Palawa Joko: (laugh) (Captive Audience 1/13)
Palawa Joko: (laugh) (sigh) (Captive Audience 2/13)
Palawa Joko: Maybe let the norn try. (Captive Audience 3/13)
Palawa Joko: Aw. Keep trying. You'll get it eventually. And don't mind me. I only have eternity. So luxurious. (Captive Audience 4/13)
Palawa Joko: Can you describe how that one felt? Please give details. Quality control is an iterative process. (Captive Audience 5/13)
Palawa Joko: Oh, I understand now! You're trying to set off ALL of them. You're a completionist! I love your passion. (Captive Audience 6/13)
Palawa Joko: Oh for— Look, my little muttonhead—you have a magical signet ring. Do the math. (Captive Audience 7/13)
On getting hit by Joko's fire traps
Palawa Joko: I thought that would smell good—you know, like a s'more or something. But it's actually revolting. Oh well. (Captive Audience 8/13)
Palawa Joko: Oops. (Captive Audience 9/13)
Palawa Joko: Oh dear, it looks like you left some skin behind. May I have it? (Captive Audience 10/13)
On getting hit by Joko's frost traps
Palawa Joko: I thought you might find this refreshing after traveling through that dreary desert. (Captive Audience 11/13)
Palawa Joko: Oh, look at you. You're like a little frozen treat. Delectable! (Captive Audience 12/13)
Palawa Joko: Cold preserves organic tissue. You'll thank me later. (Captive Audience 13/13)
In another room
Braham: Awakened!
Palawa Joko: As a party favor, I'm sending you my favorite Awakened. Look at this guy. Look at the sinews on those legs.
Palawa Joko: All right, then. Time for the SECOND favorite Awakened.
Palawa Joko: Third favorite. Okay, if I'm being honest, this one was always a bit of a disappointment.
Palawa Joko: Which reminds me: remember that time you left me in the Domain of the Lost? Rotting in a cage?
Palawa Joko: Volunteer number four—actually you know this one. He followed YOU instead of ME. When you stole my army.
Palawa Joko: Oh—and then you impersonated one of my archons and led half my army LITERALLY into the mouth of a dragon.
Palawa Joko: You know, you haven't even thanked me for the entertainment I've provided. Why do I even try?
On defeating all of the Awakened
Braham: We're coming for you, lich!
Palawa Joko: I must say, the ghost army was a fascinating surprise. Not that it'll matter. But it was a nice touch.
Palawa Joko: Oh, and norn, just curious, can you even SPELL "epidemic"?
Braham: I'm gonna rip your head off!
Palawa Joko: Didn't think so. Press on! I'm just around the corner...
Braham: I really hate this guy.
If hit by a laser for the first time in the second trapped hallway[verification requested]
Palawa Joko: Heh. Knew I'd get you eventually.
Past Joko's trapped hallway
Palawa Joko: One of these statues in the REAL Joko. Can you solve my little puzzle?
Palawa Joko: I'll even count down for you. 30...29...28... (cough) 15...14...
Palawa Joko: Ugh this is taking too long. 5...4-3-2-1! You lose! (laughter)
Palawa Joko: Oh, for Joko's sake, I was kidding.
Palawa Joko: Oh, I'm so proud of you. The orphans I tested it on didn't fall for it either.
Palawa Joko: At last. The sound of heroes approaching. The pitter-patter of little boots.
Braham: He should be here somewhere!
<Character name>: It's warded. Got to be a way to shut it down.
Approaching the panel
Braham: The panels look wrong. Maybe try to rearrange them?
Braham: Put that one there.
Braham: Whoa. The panels are all different. Now you can solve it.
Braham: Is that right?
Braham: I think it's Joko's stupid emblem.
After arranging the puzzle
Braham: You did it!
Beastmarshal Oluwa Eranko: So we meet again...charlatan.
<Character name>: Beastmarshal... I hope you're not mad about the whole, "tricked you into thinking I was Iberu," thing.
Beastmarshal Oluwa Eranko: On the contrary—the attack on Balthazar was the greatest military victory of my career. No matter who led it.
Beastmarshal Oluwa Eranko: But... Joko bids me confront you. I cannot but obey his will.
Upon defeating Beastmarshal
Palawa Joko: The greatest military victory—? You know what? I'm glad she's dead. SOMEONE'S not getting re-Awakened.
Braham: It's clear!
Braham: Where IS he?
Meeting with Palawa Joko
Palawa Joko: How disappointing. And honestly, unexpected; I thought you would present better.
Palawa Joko: The commander of the Pact. Hero of blah-blah-blah. Rendered useless by a glorified parlor trick.
Braham: Oh, no you don't! Give him one for me, Commander! (growl)
<Character name>: I will, Braham, for you...and for Taimi.
Palawa Joko: That's your ace in the hole? Morons so besotted with you they're willing to sacrifice themselves?
Palawa Joko: Haven't enough people already died for you?
<Character name>: Show yourself, Joko!
Palawa Joko: With relish.
Palawa Joko: And that's what it's all been about, eh, Commander? You and I—two comets on a collision course.
Palawa Joko: War. Plague. Gods. Dragons. I've seen them all. They come and they go. Like the tides.
Palawa Joko: But a worthy nemesis...THAT is rare indeed.
<Character name>: Cut the monologue. Let's do this.
Palawa Joko: By all means.
Palawa Joko: An historic moment! When I stood toe-to-toe with the destroyer of dragons. The executioner of gods.
Palawa Joko: The greatest villain in the history of the world!
<Character name>: That's my line.
Palawa Joko: Oh-ho, Commander. You DO know how to flatter a lich.
Quotes during fight depending on Joko's health percent
Palawa Joko: I'm glad we have this time together.
Palawa Joko: Admit it, the norn is never this fun.
Palawa Joko: Admit it, the other norn—the big, dumb one?—he's never this much fun. (Alternative line, if norn)
Palawa Joko: A question: do you love pain as I do? Live this long, and sensations lose their savor.
Palawa Joko: One yearns desperately for something that can cut through the ennui. Pain is always...piquant.
Palawa Joko: But 'tis better to give than to receive, no? Makes one feel alive... Well, you know what I mean.
Palawa Joko: This is really how you fight? Your form is terrible. Do you ever actually beat anyone?
Palawa Joko: Where's the verve, the panache? I expected more.
Palawa Joko: Oh look, your norn's crying.
Palawa Joko: While we're having this little chat... Who dresses you? I mean, really? You wore THAT for this occasion?
Palawa Joko: It's an honor to die by Joko's hand. Usually I delegate.
Palawa Joko: I admit it, I've indulged in a few calculated fabrications to bolster my myth.
Palawa Joko: I hoped yours was more than that. Perhaps it is.
Palawa Joko: It's funny, I remember you being taller. And better looking.
Palawa Joko: Your parents didn't teach you to respect authority. Tsk-tsk. "Spare the rod," and all that.
Palawa Joko: Don't feel too bad. Another century of practice, you might actually be good enough to spar with me.
Palawa Joko: Oh, you're going to LOVE being Awakened.
Palawa Joko: Why persevere? It's folly. Everyone knows I can't be killed!
<Character name>: I'm thinking maybe that's one of those fabrications calculated to bolster your myth.
Palawa Joko: I see.
Palawa Joko: All right, all right, well played, you've made your point. Let's talk about this.
Palawa Joko: This...CANNOT be...the END...!
After battle
Braham: Whoa. You... I think you killed him. I mean, I think you REALLY killed him!
<Character name>: Appearances can be deceiving. But...
Braham: Look, the Awakened... They're in a stupor... They're not under Joko's command. We—we won!
Palawa Joko: Did you.
Final cinematic
Palawa Joko: The rumors of my immortality are drastically...understated.
Palawa Joko: Oh, Commander, you look so disappointed. So impotent. I feel for you, I really do.
Palawa Joko: But let's be honest: you knew, in your heart.
Palawa Joko: Fear not, the world will not forget you. The scars you've gouged into it spell out your name for all to see.
Palawa Joko: I confess, I was happy to take credit for your "victories."
Palawa Joko: But did you ever stop to wonder what that says about you? That so many bought what I was selling?
Palawa Joko: They call me a monster and you a hero. The world expects Palawa Joko to dare to throw reality into chaos.
Palawa Joko: But surely no mortal would be so monumentally STUPID as to destroy a dragon, the life force of this world.
Palawa Joko: Let alone two. And a god to boot? Perhaps they will finally thank me for luring you to me...
Palawa Joko: So that I. May save the world. From you.
Palawa Joko: Once you're gone, everyone will flock to my embrace. They will all love ME— Palawa Ignacious Joko!
After Joko has been eaten
Braham: Praise Joko.
<Character name>: Aurene... What have you done? Are you...
Aurene: (roar)
Braham: Maaaybeee we leave her be. She's got a lot to digest.
<Character name>: That makes two of us.
Taimi: Commander, you should have seen it! The Primeval Queens and their ghost army wiped out the third-generation plague bugs!
Taimi: The Awakened are all disoriented—throwing down their weapons, screaming, crying...
Taimi: Oh man—what's...what's Aurene eating?
Braham: Her dinner.
Taimi: OK, but, that's not— I mean, I mean that wasn't... Oh boy— (retch)
<Character name>: It is... It WAS. Tell everyone to give the Awakened a wide berth. We still have a lot to mop up out there.
Taimi: Will do. I...need some air.
Rox: Is it over? Oh my...
Canach: Great, she's big enough to eat people now.
Rox: Do not mess with Aurene.
Taimi: Is she done yet? Oh. No. No, no she's not. Are we really just going to stand here while she eats a guy, huh?
Gorrik: Well. I'm sure you'll all be happy to know the third-generation epidemic has been averted.
Gorrik: Just a bunch of first- and second-gen bugs to deal with out there.
Gorrik: Why's everybody so quiet?
Gorrik: Oh. Oh... Look at all these pestilence samples! Jackpot!
Taimi: Get whatever data you need. We'll be burning all Plague-associated materials.
Gorrik: What—why?
Braham: So, uh, in case you were wondering... Joko was wrong.
<Character name>: About me being a villain?
Braham: E-P-I-D-E-M-I-C. Ka-BRAHAM!
Braham: He DID have a point about you. You do cause chaos. Well, WE do.
<Character name>: We ARE a we, Braham. Like it or not.
Braham: Humph. Those are my only choices?
<Character name>: Those are OUR only choices. Come on. We have a lot of cleanup to do out there.
Taimi: Watch out!
Rox: (gasp)
Braham: What happened?
Canach: Anyone else utterly disturbed by that?
Speaking to each character at the end of the instance
Taimi: So, Commander—the ghost army was mopping up when we came in here. They were really enthusiastic about it.
Taimi: But I don't know how long they're gonna stick around before they, y'know, ghost away, or...dematerialize. Before they leave.
Taimi: We should ask the Sunspears to watch for Awakened coming to, and make sure they don't hurt themselves or anyone else.
Taimi: I mean, it's fine right now while they're all sort of dazed, but what happens when they snap out of it?
<Character name>: I honestly don't know, Taimi. But that decision's not up to just us.
<Character name>: Rox, thank you for liaising between the Olmakhan and our other forces. What you did was...essential to our victory.
Rox: My pleasure, Commander. They really are amazing fighters. But they don't let fighting DEFINE them.
Rox: One of the Elders told me the wisest thing... Sorry. I don't mean to go on. Anyway, it was an honor to fight with them.
Braham: I don't know why everyone's so skittish around Aurene. EATING Joko was the only sure way. Makes perfect sense.
Braham: Kinda wish I'd thought of it myself.
Canach: You know, I'd almost forgotten Aurene was a dragon. In my head, she was more of a person in dragon form.
Canach: Of course, certainly a...visceral reminder. I hate to ask this, but...
Canach: Do you think she would have done this before she absorbed Balthazar's magic? Or could have?
Canach: It does seem to have made Kralkatorrik more aggressive. And it certainly changed her SOMEHOW.
<Character name>: She's still Aurene.
Canach: Perhaps you're right. It's easy to forget: she's always been the granddaughter of an Elder Dragon.
Canach: Maybe this is just what they do.
<Character name>: Did Blish get his arm back safely? Where IS he, anyway?
Gorrik: Yes, his arm is fine. He's back keeping an eye on the rift. He's not sure now that he should have done it.
Gorrik: Says maybe Taimi's right—maybe—and we shouldn't go around ripping holes in the fabric of space-time.
Gorrik: On the other can't make science without breaking a few pieces of the temporo-spatial continuum (snicker).
Gorrik: Speaking of which, there's so much here to STUDY!
Aurene: (weak roar)

My story[edit]

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We fought our way across the bridge and blasted open the fortress gates, only to find it swarming with the Scarab Plague. The Primeval army stayed to fight while Braham and I looked for another way in.

Braham and I found a signet ring that dispels illusions in one of Joko's torture chambers.

We fought our way through the Moon Fortress, disarming traps and battling minions, until we reached the ossuary.

I unlocked the entrance to the Contaminarium, defeated Joko's Beastmarshal, and walked straight into a trap. Braham saved me and was trapped instead.

I battled Joko until he fell, releasing Braham from his trap. Although Joko appeared to be dead at first, he had a surprise up his sleeve. Fortunately, Aurene was nearby. At a critical moment, she flew in for a snack. Together, we contained the Scarab Plague, ended Joko's tyrannous reign, and provided Gorrik with scientific samples.

My story


  • The last three lines of Joko's final monologue may play without voice.
  • Defeating Joko too fast may result in his death not being detected, preventing completion of the instance.


  • In earlier drafts of the story instance Turai Ossa was going to appear in ghost form to gloat over Joko's defeat. It did not fit the cinematic version of that moment in the final version of the script, however, so his role was removed.[1]
  • The "ancient skill signet" is likely a reference to an early concept for the original Guild Wars, in which skills were to be represented by eight rings worn on the main fingers. Though this concept was eventually scrapped, remnants remain in the final product: the limit of eight skills at a time, and the skill type "signet", named for the ring.


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