The Priory Assailed

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The Priory Assailed

1325 AE
Personal story
The Battle of Claw Island
The Thunderhorns
(Lornar's Pass)
Durmand Priory
(Lornar's Pass)
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Durmand Priory
Preceded by
A Light in the Darkness
Followed by

The Priory Assailed is part of the personal story for Durmand Priory characters. It is preceded by A Light in the Darkness and followed by Retribution.


Defend Durmand Priory from Zhaitan's army.

  • Meet Trahearne in Lornar's Pass.
  • Fight your way to the heart of the Priory.
  • Speak with Steward Gixx.
  • Speak to the Vault Librarian.
  • Clear the Risen from the underground vaults.
  • Return to Steward Gixx.
  • Defeat the wraith of Lord Zhim Saliah.


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All professions


After meeting up with Trahearne, go up the stairs and find a small battle ensuing with various Risen against Durmand Priory members. The Risen are spread out in groups, usually outnumbered by the Priory members. Defeat the Risen in each group along the way. As the Risen get defeated, the Priory members move to attack other Risen, which will allow for an increasing offense for each subsequent target. Fight your way down the hall towards Steward Gixx. More dialogue will follow, as a huge experimental laser explodes and takes out a few more Priory members.

Talk to Steward Gixx and he will tell you to defend the downstairs library while he holds off the Risen advancement with a magical forcefield. Enter from the only accessible stairs to the west and talk to the Vault Librarian. You have the option to accept the weapon she offers (Vacuumagic Polarizer - use Vaccumagic Inhalation on up to 3 targets, to charge skill 3 to its maximum potential) or use your own weaponry. Ending the conversation triggers Risen to spawn around the library corridors and various rooms. Defeat the Risen, then go back upstairs to speak with Steward Gixx. Fight Lord Zhim Alarjann with the help of the remaining Priory members and Trahearne. If you still have the Vacuumagic Polarizer, use it to push the veteran towards your priory allies.

More dialogue follows to discuss the next course of action.









Cinematic when approaching Trahearne:

Trahearne: Look, there! The Pale Tree was right.
Trahearne: The Durmand Priory is overwhelmed! We'll have to fight our way in.
<Character name>: The scholars need our help. We need to gather everyone we find—build a fighting force as we head in.
Trahearne: Good idea. Be cautious, Magister. These Orrians are fueled by the dragon's hatred, and it is strong right now.
<Character name>: Don't worry, my friend. I'll watch your back, you watch mine.

On the way inside the priory and while fighting:

Trahearne: We must protect the Priory at any cost. If we lose their knowledge, we could lose the war.
Trahearne: Mother help us. Zhaitan's army has grown!

Approaching the second group of foes:

Trahearne: Zhaitan's showing more intelligence. Striking at the heart of your order? It's almost unfathomable!
Wynnet Fairhaired: Steward Gixx! Hurry, Magister. Gixx is down there!

When reaching Steward Gixx:

Gixx: Get back. It's overloading!
Trahearne: Get back! It's going to explode!

Cinematic when speaking to Gixx:

<Character name>: That megalaser bolt was gigantic! Steward Gixx, are you alright?
Gixx: I'm fine. Poor, brave scholars! Our explorers fought well, but we were no match for the Risen.
Trahearne: More undead are coming. What can we do to defend against them?
Gixx: Go downstairs, to the vaults. Defend the research teams—they can help us raise an appropriate defense.
Gixx: Break out the emergency weapons supply! Tell them to gather every obscure invention and ready every inscrutable device. We are not giving up!
Gixx: Once you clear the undead out of the vaults, get back up here. My magic can only hold back the Risen for a short while.
<Character name>: We'll hurry. Do everything you can, Steward Gixx—just give us time!

After the cinematic:

Gixx: HA! I am a genius!

Speaking to the Vault Librarian:

Vault Librarian: There are too many of them! Save yourselves! Women, children, and ME first!
Talk quest option tango.png Calm down. We're here to help.
Vaccumagic polarizer! We still have Gorr's early prototypes! Here, use this one.
Talk ready option.png Just give it to me!
Talk end option tango.png What are you doing with that? Put it away!

Speaking to the Vault Librarian while there are Risen remaining:

Vault Librarian: We have more prototypes if you need one. Just let me know!
Talk end option tango.png I'm doing fine, but thank you. (You cannot get another Vacuumagic Polarizer at this time.)

Speaking to Vault Librarian after clearing the Risen:

Vault Librarian: You're a marvel! A true Magister of the Order. I'm so grateful.
Talk end option tango.png You're very welcome. (You'll be given another Vacuumagic Polarizer if you don't have one.)

Speaking to various Priory Researchers after clearing the Risen:

Priory Researcher: You were amazing!
Talk end option tango.png I'm glad I got here in time.
Priory Researcher: I knew it! I knew you just needed an anchor. You kicked their gangly, shambling butts!
Talk end option tango.png I did. Thanks
Priory Researcher: Thank you for your help. You saved us!
Talk end option tango.png I'm glad I was here.

Approaching Steward Gixx after clearing the Risen:

Gixx: My strength is failing... I can't keep the barrier up...much longer!
Wynnet Fairhaired:The magister will return any minute now, Steward! Just concentrate!

After defeating Lord Zhim Alarjann (cinematic):

Trahearne: If we hadn't arrived in time, the Priory would have been lost. Thank the Pale Tree!
<Character name>: The Mother Tree is very wise. I'm glad we saw her. If the Priory had fallen, we'd never be able to defend Lion's Arch.
<Character name>: Do you remember what she said? "With unity, many impossible things can be achieved."
<Character name>: She was right. The Priory can't fight Zhaitan like this. We may have the knowledge, but we lack both an army and the resources.
Gixx: We can't have that kind of peace-loving, low-down poltroon talk! Did the Risen strike you on the head? We cannot give up the struggle!
<Character name>: Steward, the other orders of Tyria share our concerns about the dragons. The Priory should contact them and divulge information on Orr.
Wynnet Fairhaired: Terrible idea. The Order of Whispers are underhanded backstabbers, and those brainless warmongers in the Vigil are even worse.
Trahearne: You're wrong, Wynnet. They simply have their own ways of fighting Zhaitan. Both would be staunch allies in this war.
Gixx: Perhaps you're right. The fact that Zhaitan could strike at the Priory's heart shakes me to the core. I trust you, Magister, and I trust Trahearne.
Gixx: Go to the other orders. Set up a meeting. Tell them that the Durmand Priory respectfully wishes to negotiate terms of accord.
<Character name>: Thank you, Steward. I'll do everything I can.

My story[edit]

The Priory Assailed.jpg

I defended Durmand Priory from the invading armies of Zhaitan. The dragon is powerful, but like a force of nature—it lashes out where it feels resistance, in an attempt to overwhelm anything in its path. Our victory at the priory bolstered our confidence. Now, we take back Claw Island.

My story


  • If another player joins you for this part of the story, make sure they are next to Gixx before speaking to him or they risk getting trapped outside the main hall for the duration of the mission.
  • If you stand too close to the laser cannon when it explodes at the beginning of the mission, you can get trapped inside the debris. There's no way out then but relog and restart the mission.
  • Gixx, Wynnet, and Trahearne have a tendency to fight Zhim Alarjinn out of range of the rest of the Priory members. The fight goes much faster if you can pull him close enough that the rest of the NPCs aggro on him.