Protest Too Much

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Protest Too Much

Protest Too Much is part of the personal story of asura characters who chose to side with the Order of Whispers at the end of the previous mission.


Rescue Professor Gorr from the Arcane Eye's Garrenhoff[sic] base.

  • Meet Agent Batanga outside Garrenhoff[sic].
  • Stage a mock protest to provoke the Arcane Eye.
  • Defeat Arcane Eye agents until they arrest you.
  • Escape with Professor Gorr.

Confer with Zojja and the other order reps.

  • Regroup with Zojja and the order reps in Rata Sum.
  • Choose a plan to conclusively prove Gorr's theory.


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All professions


Speak with Agent Batanga outside of the Arcane Eye safehouse in Garenhoff, (this is on the upper West level of the town accessible via steep stairs from North of town). After a cinematic, use the Protest Banner skills to raise a ruckus.

The Protest Banner skills are the following:

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Stab (banner skill).png Stab 10.25¼ If your words don't change their hearts, stab them with the pointy end. 25% chance to break.
2 Plant Standard.png Ground Pound 1 5 Pound the ground and knock the opposition off their feet. 50% chance to break.
3 Inspire.png For great justice! 0.75¾ 5 Protest for Gorr's freedom. Grants might to allies.
4 Banner of Discipline.png I challenge you! 0.25¼ 5 Protest for Gorr's freedom. Grants protection to allies.
5 Banner of Tactics.png You are weak and unworthy! 1 5 Protest for Gorr's freedom. Weakens foes.

The Arcane Eye will attack; after defeating a few waves, you'll be forced to surrender and taken to a cell. After another cinematic, Batanga will release you, herself, and Gorr and you'll have to fight your way out. Towards the exit you'll enter a triangular room with three passages (including the one you just came from); to the left of entering the room is the exit, but it is blocked by a force field; to the right is a console which deactivates the force field. Once you've escaped, another cinematic will play and you can leave the instance.

Return to the Applied Development Lab in Rata Sum and meet with Zojja and the other agents to complete the mission.



First Instance[edit]


Second Instance[edit]



Asura (Arcane Eye)



At Garenhoff[edit]

Cinematic with Batanga:

Agent Batanga: This is the Arcane Eye's hidden safe house. Gorr is almost certainly inside.
<Character Name>: It looks formidable. Getting us in and getting him out will be problematic. How should we play this?
Agent Batanga: By raising a ruckus. If we wave banners and shout Gorr's name at the top of our lungs, the Arcane Eye will pounce.
Agent Batanga: They'll drag us in and lock us up until we cool off and agree not to make any more mischief.
Agent Batanga: Here's a banner. Wave it around, make some noise, and let's get ourselves arrested. We'll show the Arcane Eye what real spymasters are like.

Talking to Agent Batanga:

Agent Batanga: Keep at it. We have to make ourselves obnoxious enough to get their attention and dangerous enough to be locked up.
Talk end option tango.png Got it.

After using skill 3-5 while protesting:

Agent Batanga: Release Gorr, or we'll poke you right in the Arcane Eye!
Agent Batanga: Free Gorr! Free range! Free beer!
Agent Batanga: What do we want? Free Gorr! When do we want it? Yesterday!

After the Arcane Eye notices you:

Arcane Eye Agent: This is a restricted area, citizen. Clear out.
Agent Batanga: We won't leave until all Tyria hears our demands. Release Gorr!
Arcane Eye Agent: You were warned. Subdue these boneheads, and don't bother being gentle.

After defeating enough Arcane Eye Agents:

Agent Batanga: That should get their attention. Now to get apprehended. Make it look natural, Savant.
Arcane Eye Agent: Had enough, scofflaw? Good. Now come with us. You're under arrest.
Agent Batanga: It's about time, flatfoot. I mean, we won't be silenced! You can't lock up the truth.

In the prison cell:

Professor Gorr: I don't know who you are, but thank the Alchemy you've come. I'm completely innocent!
Agent Batanga: We know. We're here to rescue you.
Professor Gorr: Uh...then your methodology is unsound. You're locked up in here, too.
Agent Batanga: All part of the plan. No cell can hold me! Now stand back and prepare to be impressed.

After the prison cell gate is disabled:

Agent Batanga: There's our egress. Let's move!
Arcane Eye Agent: It's a breakout! Those wooly-headed protestors are escaping.

Talking to allies:

Professor Gorr: This is all very confusing—not to mention distressing. I don't have anything to do with all these spies and soldiers. I'm a scientist!
Talk end option tango.png Don't worry. We're going to get you out of here.
Agent Batanga: Getting in was the easy part. Fun, too. Getting out with Gorr intact will be a few shades trickier...but more fun.
Talk end option tango.png I like your style.

Trying to leave before disabling the security gate:

Agent Batanga: One of these terminal must control the gate.

Disabling the gate

Terminal: This security terminal is active and unprotected.
Talk end option tango.png Deactivate security gate.

After disabling the security gate:

Agent Batanga: Gates: open. Us: gone. Time to move.

Cinematic after escaping:

<Character Name>: Okay, how did you get those doors open? I was watching closely, and I still didn't catch it.
Agent Batanga: Trade secret. Available only to those who sign on with the Order of Whispers full-time.
Agent Batanga: But I will say this: choose the locks you pick very carefully.
Professor Gorr: Can I interrupt? I don't want to give the impression that I'm ungrateful, but I can't thank you for saving me until I'm actually safe.
Agent Batanga: Point taken. Time to go, Savant. I'll take Gorr back via the scenic route so we're not followed. That's standard Order of Whispers procedure.
Agent Batanga: We'll rendezvous with you and Zojja and the other orders, and proceed from there. See you then.

At Applied Development Lab[edit]

Approaching the order representatives:

Agent Batanga: We're seeing a sharp increase in dragon minion activity at several key locations.
Crusader Slep: I know. Vigil resources are stretched thin. As soon as we clear an area out, more minions will push in.
Scholar Krasso: One bright spot in all this extra activity is that the Priory has been able to capture several minions for study.
Agent Batanga: Your bright spot is pretty dark, Scholar. At least professor Gorr is safe. For now.
Crusader Slep: All of us are safe for now. What about later, when the dragons come at us in force?

Cinematic with the order representatives:

Professor Gorr: Thank you all for...collaborating on my rescue. Imagine, jailing me for a theory. Outrageous! Opprobrious!
Zojja: I agree. The best way to counter such opprobrium is to prove your theory correct. How do we demonstrate that the dragons consume magic?
Crusader Slep: Simple. We find an area infested with dragon minions—let's say undead—and clear it while Gorr measures the ambient magic.
Crusader Slep: Then we track the changes in Gorr's readings. End result: fewer undead, we get data, and we give the environment some relief.It's a win-win-win.
Scholar Krasso: I prefer a more controlled experiment. The Priory has already captured several dragon minions for advanced study. This definitely qualifies.
Agent Batanga: Sounds like two sound options. The Order of Whispers will be standing by when you're finished collecting your data.
<Character name>: I know what you're going to say, Zojja. Before I pick an option, I want to know what your mysterious "long-range plan" is.
Zojja: In a word: alliances. Building new ones and repairing old ones, all to fight the dragons. You're working with the orders to bring about the former.
Zojja: I'll deal with the latter in due course. For now, we need to substantiate Gorr's theory. How you get the proof is up to you.

Talking to allies before making a choice:

Zojja: Promulgating Gorr's theory is essential to the orders—and my long-range plans. If we're smart and play this right, we'll be perfectly positioned to confront the Elder Dragons.
Talk end option tango.png I'm with you.
Agent Batanga: I hope you like creating mysteries as much as solving them. In the Order of Whispers, that's a necessary job skill.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, but for the time being, I'm a free agent.
Professor Gorr: I'm free, thanks to you. I don't wish to sound ungrateful, but do you know that my theory is also held captive? Will you help me liberate it?
Talk end option tango.png We can and we will.
Crusader Slep: The Vigil is standing by to escort Gorr in and out of a minion-infested area so he can run his tests. Are you with us?
Talk quest choice tango.png I am. Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png I haven't decided yet.
Scholar Krasso: It'll be tough proving Professor Gorr's theory. Will you stand with the Priory while we help Gorr run tests on a captive dragon minion?
Talk quest choice tango.png Yes.
Talk end option tango.png I haven't decided yet.

After choosing a plan:

Crusader Slep: I like what I've seen so far, but do you have what it takes to fight for the Vigil on a full-time basis? I think you can, but you're going to have to prove it.
Talk end option tango.png If the opportunity arises, I'll be glad to.
Scholar Krasso: I'm glad to have a Snaff Savant among us. Between Batanga and Slep, things were getting a tad...lowbrow.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks. I'm always happy to raise the tone.

My story[edit]

The Commander.jpg

Agent Batanga and I staged a protest outside the Arcane Eye's Garrenhoff base as a way of getting arrested and brought inside. It worked perfectly: inside, we found Professor Gorr and promptly broke out again. We agreed to meet with the other order reps so they have a chance to talk to Gorr before we decide on our next move.

Free once more, Professor Gorr was still determined to prove his theory about the Elder Dragons eating magic. After I conferred with Zojja and the order reps, I agreed to protect Gorr from Rakt and the Arcane Eye while he collects the data he needs to verify his claims.

My story


  • The window to the left of the security gate terminal in the Arcane Eye base looks out on the town of Garenhoff. However, this window is not visible from the outside.
  • Before leaving the instance, you can climb up out of the base, interacting with the doors to open them. The top floor resembles the average human dwelling, with some asuran equipment hidden in the attic.


  • "... doth protest too much" is a famous saying originating from Shakespeare's Hamlet. In recent times it is commonly used to describe someone's overly frequent and vehement attempts to convince others of some matter being true or untrue, thereby making themselves appear defensive and insincere.