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The Jungle Provides

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The Jungle Provides

1328 AE
Heart of Thorns
The Jungle Provides
Wyvern Cliffs
(Verdant Brink)
Jaka Itzel
(Verdant Brink)
Preceded by
Establishing a Foothold
Followed by
In Their Footsteps

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The Jungle Provides.jpg

Loading screen

The Jungle Provides is the fourth chapter of the Heart of Thorns story. Here the character and their friends earn the trust of the local Itzel.


Secure the help of the local Itzel hylek.

  • Regroup with your comrades.
  • Help the local hylek fight off the Mordrem Guard.
  • Speak with the hylek scouts.
  • Confer with your comrades.
  • Go with Ibli and Tizlak to the Itzel village.
  • Present yourself to the Itzel chieftain.
  • Choose to defend the village or attack the Mordrem Guard.
If defending village:
  • Accompany Kaana Miatli to learn more about the Itzel village.
  • (Defend the weaving platform.)
  • Weaving Platform
    Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag green.png
  • (Defend the carving platform.)
  • Carving Platform
    Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag green.png
  • (Defend the Itzel dwellings.)
  • Living Quarters
    Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag green.png
  • (Clear the remaining Mordrem from all three platforms.)
  • Mordrem Guard Remaining:
    Event bar.jpg
  • Stavemaster Adryn
    Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Speak to Kaana Miatli.
If attacking Mordrem:
  • Join the Itzel raid on the Mordrem Guard staging area.
  • Mordrem Camp Entry Area
    Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag green.png
  • Defend Tizlak as he smashes the Mordrem Guard's barriers.
  • Mordrem Camp Center Area
    Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag green.png
  • Follow Tizlak.
  • Blighting Pods destroyed:: x/3
  • Mordrem Guard Waves Remaining:: x/3
  • Speak with Tizlak.


  • Event collect (tango icon).png Help High Priest Copuul find the lost Itzel totems. (80) (activate this for the achievement "Totems of the Itzel")
    • Itzel Totems recovered:
      Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Event star (tango icon).png Defeat the Mushroom King. (80) (activate this for the achievement "Now That's a Fungus")
    • Mushroom King
      Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png


For the first time completing on a character:


You start the instance with a cutscene. After it ends, go clear the Mordrem attacking the Itzel scouts. Then wait for dialogue and follow the Itzel Ibli to their village. At this point you can decide to either attack the Mordrem ahead or defend the village.

If you choose to defend the village, the Itzel chieftain will take you on a tour of the village, then the Mordrem will start attacking. You must follow the story and defend multiple platforms until a Mordrem champion spawns. Kill the champion and wait for the dialogue to end, and the story is finished.

If you choose to attack the Mordrem, you should follow Tizlak outside the village. Follow him to clear the Mordrem and capture several areas, then climb to the top of the path and destroy three blighting pods. After clearing the enemies, talk to Tizlak and finish the story.


The Jungle Provides Heart of Thorns: Act 1 Heart of Thorns mastery point 0Achievement points
Secure help from tribespeople of the Maguuma Jungle.Journal: The Jungle Provides Completed Completed The Jungle Provides 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
This achievement rewards items. The Best Defense Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Choose to remain in the Itzel village to defend it against the Mordrem Guard with Ibli and Kaana Miatli.Story Instance: "The Jungle Provides"
Reward: Minstrel's Intricate Gossamer Insignia.pngMinstrel's Intricate Gossamer Insignia
Chose to Defend the Itzel Village 5Achievement points
  • This achievement and Is A Good Offense are mutually exclusive, so you'll need to do the instance twice to do both of them.
  • Choose to defend the village when given the choice.
This achievement rewards items. Is A Good Offense Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Choose to go with Tizlak to attack the Mordrem Guard at their staging area before they can attack the Itzel village.Story Instance: "The Jungle Provides"
Reward: Minstrel's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription.pngMinstrel's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription
Chose to Attack the Mordrem at Their Staging Area 5Achievement points
  • As noted above, this achievement is mutually exclusive with The Best Defense.
  • Choose to attack the Mordrem when given a choice. The achievement is given when talking to Tizlak after the attack. Note that if you wait too long to choose to attack, Tizlak will leave without you and you'll have to defend the village instead.
This achievement rewards items. Now That's a Fungus Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Locate the Mushroom King near the Itzel village and help the Itzel farmer defeat it so that they can bring the meat home for his soup recipe.Story Instance: "The Jungle Provides"
Prerequisite: The Jungle Provides
Reward: Heirloom Seed Pouch.pngHeirloom Seed Pod (3)
Sought Out and Defeated the Mushroom King 5Achievement points
  • From the Point of interest (map icon).png Brooding Gulch, turn north into the cave and follow it around to the achievement map marker. If following the story, Ibli will lead you through this cave towards the village, making this a good time to do the achievement. To start the event, talk to the Itzel Farmer. Once the conversation is complete, the neutral foes in the room will become hostile, and a Veteran Mushroom King will spawn; kill it to complete the event and obtain the achievement.
  • Tip: It may be easier to kill the foes before triggering the event.
  • This achievement may be completed at any time during the instance, even right at the start or after the story is completed; however only the instance owner can speak to the NPC to begin the event.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Now That's a Fungus effect.
    • Note that this Achievement is not available on the first playthrough for a given account.
This achievement rewards items. Totems of the Itzel Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Help the high priest recover the totems of the Jaaka Itzel tribe that are scattered throughout the surrounding jungle after the last Mordrem Guard attack.Story Instance: "The Jungle Provides"
Prerequisite: The Jungle Provides
Reward: Large Bag of Airship Parts.pngLarge Bag of Airship Parts
Located the Five Missing Itzel Totems 5Achievement points
  • Find and return the five totems to High Priest Copuul, who is located in the cave at the Point of interest (map icon).png Temple of Ameyalli. There are three entrances to the cave and one is to the south of the Point of Interest. Go down into the cave where High Priest Copuul is located and begin a conversation with him whereby he asks a favor. Once you have initiated the event, the rough locations of the totems will be marked by circles on your map. The totems can easily be spotted by holding down your Show Enemy Names key (Ctrl by default), or by enabling the "Show All Usable Object Names" game option. You will need to return each totem individually to the High Priest, so be prepared for a lot of running. Most of them are easy, but the one in the upper-right of the map requires jumping up a lot of little ledges, which is made significantly easier with Bouncing Mushrooms.
  • This achievement may be completed at any time during the instance, even right at the start or after the story is completed; however only the instance owner can speak to the NPC to begin the event. The instance owner is also the only one who can turn in items to the NPC, but any player may retrieve totems and drop them for the instance owner to pick up and turn in. If the totems remain on the ground for too long they will disappear and respawn at their original location, so the instance owner should be ready to pick them up when dropped. All players in the instance will obtain the achievement when the event completes.
  • This achievement must be completed to unlock the open world achievement Jungle Totem Hunter.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Totems of the Itzel effect.
    • Note that this Achievement is not available on the first playthrough for a given account.







Cinematic on entering the instance:

Braham Eirsson: So, boss—sorry, Commander—did you learn anything from the other survivors?
<Character name>: The Pact soldiers all talk about prisoners being taken deeper into the jungle.
Braham Eirsson: Then we need to go deeper into the jungle. I'm ready.
<Character name>: Hold on. We don't know this region. But there are potentially friendly hylek nearby, and we could use their help.
Braham Eirsson: For what? We can handle anything this jungle throws at us. We know where to look. Let's start looking.
<Character name>: Not without better intel. We're in Mordremoth's territory, and I won't let us get ambushed like the fleet was.
Braham Eirsson: But we're not—okay, fine. Let's talk to these hylek of yours.

After the cinematic:

Rox: Commander, look! Over there!

Approaching the Itzel scouts:

Itzel Lookout: Ibli! The plant ghouls are back. Archers, arrows ready!
<Character name>: Mordrem Guard. Let's show these new hylek which side we're on. Move out!
Marjory Delaqua: These hylek aren't like any I've seen. Beautiful colors, though.
Canach: They won't be so nice to look at once those Mordrem Guard get hold of them.
<Character name>: We won't let that happen. Hit 'em hard, people!

Speaking with Ibli:

Ibli: Glad you strangers showed up. I am Ibli, of the Itzel hylek. Welcome, and thank you.
<Character name>: I'm glad we could help. We've also lost people to the Mordrem, and we'd like your assistance in getting them back.
Ibli: Of course. We have a common enemy. We need to warn our village, but come with us and meet our kaana...chieftain.
Ibli: We can't help you if we're not safe...but if you help us secure the village, I'm sure the kaana will offer her support.
<Character name>: Excellent. Let me speak with my people, and then we'll be honored to meet your chieftain.

Speaking with your comrades:

Braham Eirsson: Eir and the others are in danger. I'm not going to waste time making introductions. I volunteer to scout ahead.
Canach: Bad idea. We can't risk getting separated. I also prefer to work alone, but we don't always get what we want.
Rytlock Brimstone: I'll go with Eirsson. We'll pick up the trail while the rest of you make contact with these Itzel.
<Character name>: Agreed. Rytlock and Braham, see what you can see and don't go too far without us. The rest of you, with me.
Ibli: Please hurry. My village is in danger.

As Braham and Rytlock leave:

Braham Eirsson: Thanks for backing me up, Tribune.
Rytlock Brimstone: Don't mention it. I just hope the commander keeps a keen eye on your sylvari.
Braham Eirsson: Canach? He's not one of us. He just shows up when Countess Anise sics him on us. Anyway, thanks again for—
Rytlock Brimstone: I said don't mention it. (growl) Pick up the pace, kid—we've got ground to cover.

Walking to the Itzel village:

If asura, human or sylvari:[verification requested]
<Character name>: Count us in, Ibli. Lead the way to your village, and we'll help however we can.
If charr:
<Character name>: We're ready to help. Lead the way.
Kasmeer Meade: These new hylek are hard to read, but they seem truthful. A little more time and I'll have a handle on them.
Rox: I'd bet my whiskers on that, Kas...for the Itzel, I mean. I'm not so sure about the big guy.
Tizlak: The "big guy" is Tizlak of the Nuhoch. Ibli and I are a team. Our people are allies. And I have excellent hearing.
Rox: Oh. Uh...hi, Tizlak. Nice work with the hammer back there.
Itzel Lookout: Our scouts have returned! Inform the kaana right away!
Tizlak: The plant ghouls keep coming, stronger each time.
Ibli: We have to alert the village...but then we send someone back to tend to the fallen.
Itzel Shadowleaper: Did you see them? Mordrem are massing in huge numbers, just outside the village.
If sylvari:
Canach: Commander? As we get closer to Mordremoth, I trust you'll make it clear to all which side we're on.
If not sylvari:
Canach: Commander? As we go deeper into Mordremoth's territory, I trust you'll make it clear to which side I'm on.
Canach: I don't want the Itzel—or anyone else—mistaking me for a Mordrem Guard or a Pact turncoat.
Canach: It would be cruel irony for me to die wrongly accused.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: I'll vouch for you, but I can't make people trust us. Any of us.
If asura or human:[verification requested]
<Character name>: I have to keep an eye on you...on all sylvari. But don't worry, I'll vouch for you.
If charr:
<Character name>: Don't worry, I'll vouch for you.

Speaking with the kaana:

Ibli: It's getting worse, Mother—Kaana. The Mordrem Guard are preparing for a major attack.
Kaana Miatli: At least we have some warning this time. Well done—wait. Your party is too small. Where are the rest of your scouts?
Ibli: Fallen. Taken. And if not for these new arrivals, we would be, too.
Kaana Miatli: The jungle provides! Thank you, strangers. Are you also here to help us protect our village?
<Character name>: We are. The Mordrem are a threat to us, too. We're here to stop them. Your people and mine can help each other.
Tizlak: I say we strike first and hit the Mordrem as they muster. They won't expect us to attack them.
Ibli: Too risky. Our people here need protection. We should focus on improving the village's defenses.
Kaana Miatli: What say you, strangers? Ameyalli sent you to us. I would appreciate your counsel.

Discussing which path to take with your allies:

Tizlak waves at <Character name>.
Tizlak: Come, strangers. We can cut down the Mordrem Guard before they ever reach the village.
Rox: I say we defend the village. No matter how many Mordrem come, these tight spaces will work in our favor.
Kasmeer Meade: There are too many innocents here. We should dig in and help them defend themselves.
Marjory Delaqua: Let's head out. If we wipe out the attacking force, the village won't need defenses.
Taimi: The bad guy to good guy ratio's all wrong. I say we balance the equation by taking out the Mordrem in the jungle.

Speaking with Ibli:

Tizlak has a point, but I agree with my mom, Kaana Miatli. We can't risk any more Itzel lives. I think we should remain here to defend the village.
Talk quest choice tango.png I agree. I'll stay here to defend your home.
Talk end option tango.png I'm not ready to decide yet.

Speaking with Tizlak:

The Mordrem see this village as an easy target. I want to show them that we hylek can hurt them as much as they hurt us. We should attack.
Talk quest choice tango.png I'm with you. Let's take the fight to them.
Talk end option tango.png I'm not ready to decide yet.

Speaking with Kaana Miatli:

Ameyali has brought us together to help each other. What do you think we should do: remain here and fortify the village, or attack the Mordrem before they attack us?
Talk quest option tango.png Why do you trust me to advise on such an important decision?
Ameyali teaches us to seize opportunities when they arise. Between that and what Ibli said about your skills and intention, I know you have an opinion worth hearing.
Talk end option tango.png I'm honored. I'll do my best to justify your trust.
Talk end option tango.png I need more time to weigh the options.

If the player takes too long to choose (eventually the choice to stay and defend will be made for you):

Tizlak: Not much time left. You must decide, or I shall be forced to go without you.

If the player continues to wait:

Tizlak: I can't wait any longer. Looks like you're staying here to defend the village. Good luck.

When choosing to defend the village[edit]

Walking with Kaana:

Kaana Miatli: Our new friends have chose wisely. We make our stand here.
Ibli: Ameyalli provides, and the kaana has spoken. We defend the village!
Kaana Miatli: Itzel! The Mordrem Guard thinks we are but fodder for their master's horde. Let's show them how wrong they are!
Tizlak: You defend the village. I'll guard the road in from the east and stem the tide as best I can. Good luck.
Kaana Miatli: Very well. Strangers! If this works, I promise that, in turn, our scouts will help you find your friends. Good luck.
Kaana Miatli: I am grateful for your help. Once the village is out of danger, I will put whatever resources I can at your disposal.
Kaana Miatli: Walk with me. I need to check our defenses, and you should see what you are nobly risking your lives to defend.
Ibli: Mother, this really isn't the time for a tour of the village. We should be preparing.
Kaana Miatli: We are preparing, my son. This "tour" will help our new friends respond when the Mordrem come.
<Character name>: Lead on, Kaana. The better we know the layout of the village, the better we can defend it.
Kaana Miatli: Our enemy has probed our defenses. They know our weaknesses. I will show you the places most likely to be attacked.
Kaana Miatli: Our artisans weave walls and floors from local plants. Thus the jungle affords us protection from the elements.
Kaana Miatli: These weaving stations have been attacked before. Many Itzel died defending them.
Kaana Miatli: See these carvings? We only use wood from fallen trees to make these totems…and our homes, and our weapons.
Kaana Miatli: The poisons that coat our arrows are also a gift from Ameyalli. They come from the plants around…and our own bodies.
Kaana Miatli: When the Mordrem ghouls come, they will likely come through these carving stations.
Kaana Miatli: The gifts provided by Ameyalli make our lives possible. Be her gift to us, and we shall be her gift to you.
Kaana Miatli: This is what we're fighting to protect. Please help save my people, and my best scouts will be at your disposal.
<Character name>: We will not let Mordremoth destroy your village...and thank you. Your scouts will be a great help to us.

When the Mordrem attack begins:

Stavemaster Adryn: Subdue them all. Mordremoth has plans for these frogs.
Ibli: Itzel, to the weaving platform! The Mordrem are breaking through!
Kaana Miatli: Ameyalli has given us the tools we need to defend ourselves. Now we put them to good use!
Ibli: And that includes our new friends! Support them as you would your own family. Help them help us!
<Character name>: I need each of you to pick a platform and guard it. I'll patrol them all. Shout if you need help.

Fighting the Morderm:

Ibli: Mother! Mordrem are at the carving platform! The battlefield has shifted!
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: Will you stand against me?
When a platform is attacked:
Canach: I need your help.
Marjory Delaqua: Help! Over here!
Taimi: (screech) Help! Help me!
Kasmeer Meade: Help! Over here!
Kaana Miatli: Itzel! Defend your homes!
Kaana Miatli:We must not give ground. Fight well, friends!
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: This world is mine.
Kaana Miatli: There are too many of them. Ibli! Fall back and regroup!
Ibli: You heard the kaana! Rally to me! Push the invaders out!
Ibli: We're losing too much ground. The Mordrem just keep coming!
<Character name>: This is where we make our stand. The Mordrem will not take this village. Not today.
Mordrem Guard Tormentor: We can't gold them. Fall back and call for reinforcements!
Mordrem Guard Tormentor: Seems like the Itzel are formidable opponent.

When the Mordrem are defeated (cinematic):

Ibli: Praise Ameyalli, we did it! The Mordrem are retreating—wait. What's that?
<Character name>: It's some new kind of Mordrem Guard. Weapons at the ready!
Stavemaster Adryn: So this is the Pact Commander. I am not impressed.
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: Destroy all who oppose me.

Fighting Stavemaster Adryn

Stavemaster Adryn: We have cells waiting for you all, right next to the "heroes" we harvested from the crash. (At 75% health)
Stavemaster Adryn: Your friends are waiting, Commander. And we're having so much fun with them… (At 50% health)
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: Obey the voice of your master. (At 0% health)

Speaking with Kaana Miatli:

Ibli: Heh. The Mordrem Guard weren't expecting such a fierce resistance. The village is safe for now.
Ibli: Thanks to our new friends.
Kaana Miatli: Yes. The jungle provides the allies we needed. Now we shall be the allies they need.
Kaana Miatli: Ibli will help you track down your missing friends once he locates their trail. May Ameyalli continue to bless you.

When choosing to attack the Mordrem[edit]

Tizlak: The newcomers agree with me; we should attack.
Kaana Miatli: Very well. Strangers! If this works, I promise that, in turn, our scouts will help you find your friends. Good luck.
Tizlak: With respect, Kaana—if you'd seen our new friends fight, you'd know we don't need luck.

Walking with Tizlak:

Tizlak: These Mordrem Guard…are they as much trouble elsewhere as they are here?
<Character name>: Yes. They're new, and compared to the rest of Mordremoth's slaves, they're the least mindless and the most dangerous.
Tizlak: That is…troubling. But the jungle provides, and until now we've been on our own.
<Character name>: I don't know if your jungle brought us here, but we are definitely going to help with your Mordrem problem.

If moving too far out of range of Tizlak, he will stop and say:

Tizlak: I need lots of room to fight, so I say let's move out and hit them before they hit us.

At the Mordrem Camp Entry Area:

Tizlak: Those plant people have done a lot of damage, and they mean to do more. We have to stop them here.
Tizlak: Stand back!

After capturing the first area:

<Character name>: We can't let the Mordrem Guard take back this territory. Someone needs to hold the ground we've cleared.
Tizlak: I understand. I'll send word to the Itzel scouts. They'll keep what we claim.
Tizlak makes a guttural call

At the Mordrem Camp Center Area:

If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: Do you dare challenge me?
Voice of Mordremoth: I am the world. I am all.
If not sylvari:
Canach: Mordremoth speaks again. It knows we're here, and it's trying to twist my thoughts. Pathetic.
<Character name>: I need you to take this more seriously. The last thing we need is another sylvari surprise.
Canach: Don't worry about me. The harder Mordremoth tests me, the harder I resist.

Upon climbing to the top of the path:

Tizlak: That should teach the Mordrem—oh. Look there, near that strange blister. It's one of our fallen scouts.
Marjory Delaqua: They were dragged here, just like the Pact soldiers. But what's happening to them?
Tizlak: Mordrem take a body from the battlefield and turn it into many monsters. So we always burn our dead immediately.
<Character name>: Mordremoth is using them for something. I say we keep our dead out of its clutches. Destroy those blisters, now!

After destroying one of the Blighting Pods:

If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: This garden is mine. Protect it.
Canach: Commander! You and I both know those strange blister chambers are important to Mordremoth.
If not sylvari:
Canach: Commander! These strange blister chambers, they're important to Mordremoth.
<Character name>: Heads up, people! More Mordrem inbound!

After destroying two of the Blighting Pods:

Canach: Those blister chambers…it's like some twisted mockery of the Grove.
Tizlak: I'll hold this area. Leave it to me. You keep going!

After destroying the last Blighting Pod:

If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: Come to me, and be consumed.
Canach: This is psychological warfare, designed to break our resolve. Mordremoth is playing mind games…and not just on sylvari.
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: None shall be spared.

After eliminating the Mordrem Guard waves:

Tizlak: Victory at last. And it came a lot quicker with your help. The jungle provides.
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: Obey.
<Character name>: The village is safe from Mordrem Guard…for now. I just wish we knew more about those blister growths.

Upon talking to Tizlak:

Itzel Royal Guard: Tizlak? Well done! Kaana Miatli sent us to support you, but it doesn't look like you need any help.
Tizlak: We do not. The Mordrem Guard didn't expect us to attack them, let alone beat them.
Itzel Royal Guard: Kaana Miatli extends our gratitude to your new friends. She asks you to provide the guidance they seek.
Tizlak: I'm ready. Just as the jungle provided the strangers to us, she now provides us to them.
<Character name>: Thank you both. Two of my people went on ahead. We need to find them and press on as quickly as possible.

Doing bonus objectives[edit]

Talking to High Priest Copuul:

High Priest Copuul: May Ameyalli bless you, my friends. Do you have a moment? Could I ask a favor?
Talk more option tango.png What is it?
Our tribe is beset on all sides: Mordrem, Zintl fanatics, and even the occasional wyvern. It's enough to shake the faith of all but the most devout.
Talk more option tango.png How can I help?
We hang Ameyalli's Eye totems to remind us that she is always watching over us. Several of the totems have gone missing. Could you recover them and help restore the bond between us and our goddess?
Talk more option tango.png Where would I look for these totems?
One was last seen in the village; the others were atop the wyvern cliff, by the scouting camp to the west, near the hunting grounds chasm, and in a collapsed hut nearby.
Talk ready option.png Consider them found.
Talk ready option.png Consider them found.

Bringing back a totem:

High Priest Copuul: Welcome back! And again, thanks for helping finding the missing Eye of Ameyalli totems.
Talk give option tango.png I have one right here.
Thank you! I'll make sure all of Jaaka Itzel know what you did. You'll be mentioned in a lot of prayers tonight—the jungle provides, and so you do.
Talk end option tango.png Coming from you, that's a great honor.
Talk more option tango.png Where would I look for these totems?

Talking to the Itzel farmer:

Itzel Farmer: Praise Ameyalli! Welcome, stranger. The jungle provides for us Itzel, and here you are!
Talk more option tango.png Here I am. Is there something I can help you with?
Sharp as a boar's tooth, aren't you? Yes, I do have a problem. My child is ill, and my mushroom soup is the only thing that can ease her chills.
Talk more option tango.png That sounds simple enough.
You'd think so, but the thing is...the mushrooms I need are deep inside the cave here, and they're guarded by the Mushroom King.
Talk more option tango.png Mushroom King? You're joking, right?
I wish I was. The leader of the fungus creatures around here is extra big and extra nasty. We call it the king. Can you help me fend it off so I can gather the mushrooms I need?
Tick green.png I'm happy to help.

My story[edit]

The Jungle Provides.jpg

The situation in Maguuma remains dire, but we're making progress. We helped a local tribe of Itzel hylek fight off a Mordrem attack, and in return they shared their extensive knowledge of the region and provided two of their best scouts to help us track down our missing comrades. We're going to meet these new allies at the entrance to Auric Basin and then head deeper into the jungle.

My story


  • Occasionally, Tizlak will stop and not move forward anymore. Stand near him for a while and he should resume moving again. Otherwise, you can try moving away from him (every party member) and moving back closer to him.
  • If you're standing on top of the blight pods when they are destroyed they can trap you into the ground beneath them. The only way to get freed is to die and resume from a checkpoint, otherwise you will have to restart the instance.
  • Running ahead of Tizlak after capturing the two areas often causes him to not follow his original path but you instead. This might require you to get a new instance to progress the story.
  • Capturing the two areas too quickly might make Tizlak follow you instead of following the set path he is supposed to, causing you to require a restart.
  • When triggering an event for the achievement "Totems of the Itzel" or "Now That's a Fungus", if the player is at the "Choose to defend the village or attack the Mordrem Guard." story objective. The story will automatically continue, choosing the "defend the village" story path, even though the player didn't choose any of the path.[verification requested]. It is recommended to finish the story instance first before doing any of the event achievements, as the only way to get the other option "attack the Mordrem Guard" will require a restart.