Don't Leave Your Toys Out

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Biography Blacked Out.png

Don't Leave Your Toys Out

1325 AE
Personal story
Everyone Makes Mistakes
Crossroads Haven
(Halvaunt Snowfield)
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn
Blacked Out
Preceded by
Biography Blacked Out.png Unexpected Visitors
Followed by
Biography Blacked Out.png Roadblock
Biography Blacked Out.png Assault on Moledavia

Discover the fate of the missing chugger.

— In-game description

Don't Leave Your Toys Out is part of the personal story for norn characters who have blacked out in a recent moot and have finished Unexpected Visitors.


Discover the fate of the missing chugger.

  • Meet Ballista Geargrind at Crossroads Haven.
  • Speak to Ballista for further orders.
  • Secure the southern gate.
  • Secure the northern gate.
  • Secure the walls.
  • Defeat the grawl shaman and his elementals.
  • Speak to merchant Saegris.
  • Choose a plan of attack.


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All professions


Enter the instance and catch up with the charr in the haven. After the cinematic defend against the incoming grawl threat. First defend the south gate, secondly the north and then the walls/courtyard. Finally clear the courtyard of the elementals. Having secured the haven, resume talking to Saegris. Unfortunately Saegris reports that dredge have stolen the tank.

At the end of the mission, the player can choose how they recover the tank. Choosing to attack the dredge stronghold of Moledavia directly leads to Assault on Moledavia, and ambushing the dredge on the road leads to Roadblock. Making a choice concludes the mission.







Approaching the haven:

Lionguard: You again? Your charr drinking buddies are in here. Calm them down before someone gets hurt.

Approaching the warband:

Saegris: Quit yelling at me! You're the ones who lost your property after you got drunk and wrecked my place.
Mangonel Gearstrip: You have to know! This is the last place we had it. I don't remember much, but I remember that.
Saegris: I don't know where it is. Now get out before I bill you for the damages.

Talking with Mangonel Gearstrip:

Mangonel Gearstrip: Good thing you're here. Ballista is about to bite that trader's head off. And as long as she isn't eyeing my noggin, I'm inclined to let her have her snack.
Talk end option tango.png Let's get over there before things get out of hand.

Speaking to Ballista Geargrind (cinematic):

Ballista Geargrind: Listen here, norn. It's loud, it's metal, it smells, and it's ugly. Someone has to know where it went.
Saegris: Hey, Slayer of Issormir! Your charr buddies are harassing me about that vehicle of yours. Tell 'em to cut it out! I'm too busy for this.
<Character name>: Everybody calm down. Trader, just answer one question and we'll leave you alone: where did you last see the vehicle?
Lionguard: Clear the courtyard! We're under attack by the grawl! Get to safety, or get ready to fight!
Saegris: Wolf's muzzle! With all the angry customers, drunken warbands, and howling mad grawl, I should move my business to Divinity's Reach.

After the cinematic:

Mangonel Gearstrip: We've got hostiles inbound, boss. Looks like grawl. What are your orders?
Ballista Geargrind: Take out the grawl! Maybe that will make these norn more cooperative.
Ballista Geargrind: Those gates will never hold. Warband! Defend the southern entrance!
Ballista Geargrind: Now they're attacking the northern gate. Warband! Get over there!

After securing the gates:

Lionguard: Grawl on the walls! Whose idea was it to build this place against a hill?
Mangonel Gearstrip: I'll rip your hearts out and cram 'em down your throats!

After securing the walls:

Ballista Geargrind: Oh, for— elementals in the courtyard! Warband! Clean it out!

Speaking to Saegris after defending the haven (cinematic):

Saegris: Thanks for stepping in. Listen, I don't know where your vehicle is now, but I saw some dredge driving it east, toward Moledavia.
Mangonel Gearstrip: Then we attack Moledavia! Burn it down and drive out over the flaming wreckage!
Ballista Geargrind: It's too heavily fortified to just rush in. But I can get intel on where they're holding it. Then we can strike the right area.
<Character name>: Can you get intel on when they might move it? We could ambush them instead.
Ballista Geargrind: Not a bad idea, for a great drunken lout. Since this is your fault anyway, I'll let you decide: attack or ambush?

Talking with Ballista Geargrind to choose the next step:

Ballista Geargrind: So, what's it going to be? Go straight into Moledavia to get our chugger back, or waylay it and the dredge who took in on the road? Direct assault or an ambush?
Talk quest choice tango.png I say we ambush the prey. That's the hunter's way.
Agreed. Meet us outside Moledavia. We'll survey the area, set a trap, and then spring it.
Talk quest option tango.png They'll never know what hit them. (Leads to Roadblock)
Talk back option tango.png Wait, I've changed my mind.
Talk quest choice tango.png Let's use charr tactics—a direct assault. It plays to the warband's strengths.
That works for me. Meet us outside Moledavia and we'll show those dredge what their insides look like.
Talk quest option tango.png I'll be there. (Leads to Assault on Moledavia)
Talk back option tango.png Wait, I've changed my mind.
Talk end option tango.png I haven't made up my mind yet.

Talking to Mangonel Gearstrip:

Mangonel Gearstrip: All this talk of plans and strategies wears me out. I just want to chop up those thieving dredge and get our chugger back.
Charisma Don't worry. They'll never see us coming. Get it?
Talk end option tango.png We will. They're in for a painful lesson.

Talking to Ballista Geargrind:

Ballista Geargrind: So far, so good, but we're not through with you yet. Moledavia will be a challenge. Keep up the good work. Remember, you're under my command. If you fail me, I'll cut your throat.
Ferocity That's not a problem: I won't, so you won't.
Dignity I'm not dying until I've repaid my debt.
Charisma Since you asked so nicely, how can I refuse?
Talk end option tango.png Okay. Consider me motivated, soldier.

My story[edit]

The Good Fight.jpg

I helped the Gear Warband defend Crossroads Haven from a grawl attack. Afterward, we got a lead on the missing machine. The dredge took it, so we're off to get it back.

My story