Political Homicide

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Political Homicide

1325 AE
Personal story
Experiments Gone Wrong
Council Level
(Rata Sum)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
College of Synergetics
Preceded by
Biography Synergetics.png A Sparkling Rescue
Followed by
Biography Synergetics.png Here, There, Everywhere

Political Homicide is part of the personal story for asura characters who have chosen the College of Synergetics, completed A Sparkling Rescue, and chose to exact revenge on Varkk.


Punish Varkk's treachery.

  • Gain entry to the Arcane Council chambers
  • Defeat Varkk's Inquest bodyguards.
  • Defeat Varkk.


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All professions


You can see the asura gate ahead which leads to the council chamber. You don't have any other options, so run there and activate it by pressing F.

Inside the chamber will be the traitor Varkk. He will use the teleport device that you and Pol built to teleport Inquest enemies into the council chamber.

Dispose of all of the Inquest members. Then Varkk runs up to talk to you before fighting you.

After that, talk to Zojja and collect your mission reward.








Upon entering the instance:

Zojja: We need to move fast. The Council will be convening soon.

Speaking with your allies:

Zojja: Ready to ruin Varkk's political career? Exposing his treachery and derailing his drive to council membership is what he deservves...and it's the best way to get even with him for selling out your krewe.
Talk end option tango.png I'm ready.
Mr. Sparkles: Security—Protocol—Override—14A—is—now—active: Protect—the—Arcane—Council,—except—for—Varkk. Replaces—Standard—Security—Protocol—7G: Unless—Zojja—says—otherwise,—let—'em—all—burn.
Talk end option tango.png We're on the same page, Mr. Sparkles. Carry on.

Approaching Varkk:

Varkk: Have no fear. My highly trained, heavily armed bodyguards are teleporting in as we speak.

Cinematic after approaching the councillors:

Councillor Yahk: Well done, Varkk. The military ramifications of your teleporter intrigue me. I'd say that open seat of the Council is as good as yours.
Councillor Haia: Except the device's origins have been contested. The Inquest also claims proprietary ownership. How do you respond?
Varkk: A misunderstanding, Councillor. My assistants...overstated their input on the project. The Inquest and I have already resolved the issue amicably.
<Character name>: By selling out your krewe! Pol and I build that teleporter, and you served us up to the Inquest like delicious pudding, all for a spot in the Council.
Varkk: You? But I thought—never mind. Look out! My former subordinate is disgruntled and deranged. We're all in great danger. Inquest! Defend the Council!
Zojja: Go on, call your friends. We're on, Mr.Sparkles! Let's shove that Council seat right down Varkk's throat!

During the fight against Varkk's bodyguards:

Phlunt: I can't take much more of this! Help!
Councillor Zudo: Don't let them get me!
Councillor Yahk: Protect me! I'm a genius, not a fighter!
Councillor Ludo: I'm the important one! Protect me!

After defeating his bodyguards: Varkk: No! I've come too far to be stopped now!

Cinematic with Varkk:

<Character name>: Why'd you do it, Varkk? Pol and I trusted you. Instead of as just another Inquest stooge, you could've been remembered as a groundbreaking genius.
Varkk: Don't be naive. A seat on the Council gives me ten times the prestige, ten times the power.
Varkk: With Inquest support, I'll be Rate Sum's preeminent genius! Why would I share that with low-level flunkies like you?
<Character name>: Because we earned it. Don't get too comfortable in that Council seat. Zojja can tie you to her kidnapping, and Pol's.
Varkk: Pol's murder, you mean. By now, they've already fed him into an incinerator golem. And when I'm done with you, you'll wish you were him.
Varkk: Then no one will ever know. The Inquest will cover my tracks and make you look like the sellout. And you won't object, because you'll be as dead as poor old Pol.
Varkk: I'll be living it up for years as Councillor Varkk, with exclusive rights to the Snaff Prize Savant title, while you're moldering in your graves!

As Mr. Sparkles evacuates council members:

Mr. Sparkles: Councillors: please—stay—close. Anti—extermination—protocols—engaged.

During the fight with Varkk:

Varkk: I'll get you yet! You may be stronger than me, but you're not smarter.
Varkk: I can beat you! I know I can! Age and experience always triumph.
Varkk: Give it up. I taught you everything you know, but I didn't teach you everything I know.
Varkk: My future...my Council seat...all is lost...

Cinematic with Zojja:

Zojja: Mr. Sparkles made sure the rest of the Council got to safety. They know all about Varkk's extracurricular activities.
<Character name>: Good. I hope they annul all of his achievements and strike his name from the roster of geniuses.
Zojja: They'll probably just sweep it under the rug like usual. Anything that makes the Council look bad gets buried in paperwork and bureaucracy.
Zojja: But Varkk got his, and that's something. Now we need to deal with Inquest and recover your teleporter gun.
<Character name>: Nothing would please me more. Do you know where it is?
Zojja: At Rana Landing. Meet me there, and Teyo will pay for ambushing our ambush. I see explosions and dead Inquest in our future!

Speaking with Zojja:

Zojja: We settled things with Varkk and Mr. Sparkles got the Arcane Council to safety...all that's left is to avenge your friend, recover your translocator, and trample Teyo.
Talk more option tango.png What will the Council say about what just happened to Varkk?
Some may thank us for removing a potentially evil councillor, others for removing a potential political threat. Councillors Haia and Yahk will probably take it the hardest.
Talk more option tango.png Why were they so supportive of a snake like Varkk?
Yahk is the Inquest's mouthpiece on the Council. He does their bidding, makes sure important votes go their way. He's no genius, nor even effective administrator. Just a sad little weasel.
Talk more option tango.png What about Haia?
Don't buy her "sweet old granny" act: she's as mean, sharp, and ruthless as they come. If she was cozying up to Varkk, she had a use for him in mind.
Talk end option tango.png Too bad Varkk's useless since we caught up with him.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds good to me. I'll see you in Rana Landing.

My story[edit]

Political Homicide.jpg

Zojja, Mr. Sparkles, and I confronted Varkk just as he was about to claim his seat on the Arcane Council. We defeated his Inquest bodyguards and then administered justice to Varkk himself, Synergetics-style. With the betrayal of Pol and our entire crew avenged, we decided to take down Teyo and reclaim my krewe's Snaff Prize-winning invention.

My story