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Machine in the Flame

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Machine in the Flame

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Machine in the Flame is the fifth part of Rising Flames.


Locate the next machine.

  • Explore the caldera area.
  • Talk to Scientist Quickk.
  • (Help Quickk.)
  • Collect Machine Parts: x/5
  • Return to Scientist Quickk.
  • Activate the machine.



If you do not already have the Crumbling Trail Waypoint , the easiest way to get to the caldera section is taking the mountain path near Skritt Anchorage, although you can also follow the mountaintop from the last dwarven machine. If you have Ley Line Gliding mastery, you can use the updrafts near Smoosh-a-Tron to hit the Ley Line above which will take you quickly to Quickk, just drop down off the Ley Line after the rock underpass to get to to him. Otherwise head southwest from the Fractured Caldera Vista to a ramp which which will take you to Quickk, who is located outside the southwest rim of the caldera, on a plateau.

Talk to Quickk, then collect the 5 machine parts randomly scattered around the lava pool. If all 5 can not be found, relogging will respawn them. Return to Quickk with all 5 and this step is done.


The Machine in the Flame Rising Flames 0Achievement points
Fix the dwarven machine at the Fractured Caldera.Journal: Machine in the Flame Completed Completed Machine in the Flame 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story step.





  • Any foes associated with the open world in this area



Upon talking to Scientist Quickk
Scientist Quickk: Excellent, an assistant arrives! I must remember to thank Taimi once we're out of here. Now, to buisness: what do you suppose this contraption is?
<Character name>: It's an ancient dwarven device. One of four. And if we don't fix it and activate it, this island is going to erupt.
Scientist Quickk: Well, you're... surprisingly well informed for an assistant. Okay, then!
Scientist Quickk: This machine was shattered by a volcanic bomb expelled from the caldera. Parts scattered everywhere.
Scientist Quickk: I can fix it if I get the missing parts, and then power it by harvesting latent magical energy from the caldera.
Scientist Quickk: I'd certainly appreciate assistance gathering parts and keeping the local wildlife at bay, if you're willing and able.
<Character name>: Okay. I'll get it done.
After returning all machine parts to Scientist Quickk
Scientist Quickk: You've proven more useful than I expected. Thank you.
<Character name>: There's still one more machine I must activate. Do you know where I can find it?
Scientist Quickk: We detected the signature of another one of these devices in the mursaat fortress. West of here, near the coast.
Scientist Quickk: We'd have investigated it already, but none of us have dared set foot in that perilous place. Do be careful, Commander.

My story[edit]

Ember Bay loading screen.jpg

I ran into Scientist Quickk while looking for the third machine. He'd found it first, but it was damaged—its parts scattered all around. It didn't take long for me to find them all and then activate the machine. Only one left to find, and then I can get off this forsaken island.

My story