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Voice in the Deep

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Voice in the Deep is the fifth story step of Shadow in the Ice, the second episode of The Icebrood Saga.


Enter the cave and begin the hunt for Drakkar.
  • Travel to the cave entrance.
  • Check in with your allies.
  • Venture deeper into the cave.
Find and destroy Drakkar.
  • Follow Drakkar.
  • Find a way to melt the ice walls blocking your path.
  • (Defeat the icebrood ambush.)
  • Cull the Icebrood Ambush
  • Event bar green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Corner Drakkar.
Break Drakkar.
  • Investigate the empty chamber.
  • (Find a way to force Drakkar from the ice.)
  • Melt ice around the room to reveal Drakkar: x/5
  • (Incapacitate Rytlock and Crecia.)
  • Incapacitate Rytlock and Crecia: x/2
  • Witness Braham summon the power of the lost Spirits of the Wild.
Silence the whispers.
  • (Defeat the Whisper of Jormag.)
  • The Whisper of Jormag
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • (Face yourself.)
  • Face Yourself
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • (Defeat the Whisper of Jormag.)
  • The Whisper of Jormag
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
Learn what has happened since Bangar's betrayal.
  • Catch up with your allies.
  • Return to Aurene.



Meet up with your allies at the cave, and follow them as they progress into the tunnel, killing the Icebrood which appear from portals as you push deeper into the tunnel. Eventually the cave will open out into a chamber. Crecia and Rytlock will combine their powers via Sohothin to melt the ice wall (take note of how the directed flame moves around the room to focus on the ice blocking the way). A further portal will appear with two waves of regular icebrood, followed by a Champion Icebrood Goliath.

Continue into the next tunnel once the champion has been defeated, dodging the falling ice. Another chamber lies ahead. This time Jormag takes control of Crecia and Rytlock; you should kite the flame onto the five marked weak points. Once all five weak points have been destroyed, you can subdue Crecia and Rytlock.

Braham puts an appearance in to summon the three Spirits of the Wild (Ox, Eagle and Wolverine) to vanquish Drakkar. Afterwards, The Whisper of Jormag appears. This foe has several potent attacks, see the achievement section below for a brief description. It briefly turns invulnerable to goad the player and Braham (and knocks the player back if caught in range) at 80%, 60% and 20%.

  • At 100% it is able to use Tornados, Throw Icicle, 180 and 30 cones.
  • At 80% it relocates to the west side of the room. It can now also use ice geyser/spikes.
  • At 60% it relocates to the south side of the room. It can now also produce rolling orbs.
  • At 20% it turns invulnerable and you are whisked away to a frozen room to face your Rimewhisper doppelganger (remninscent of other dragon battles fought in previous chapters).
  • For the final 20% it relocates to the north end of the room, and you are joined by Bangar Ruinbringer and Ryland Steelcatcher. Together you make quick work of it.

A cinematic plays out and eventually the player awakens in the Eye of the North.


Voice in the Deep Shadow in the Ice Icebrood Saga mastery point 1Achievement points
Complete Voice in the Deep.Journal: Voice in the Deep Completed Completed Voice in the Deep 1Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
Fire Dodger Shadow in the Ice 1Achievement points
Avoid the Flame Jet attack in the Voice in the Deep chapter. Successfully avoided Crecia's Flame Jet Attack 1Achievement points
  • At the second chamber where Crecia and Rytlock whip out Sohothin for the second time, they find themselves under Jormag's control. Simply kite the flame into the five weak points as directed without being hit. Pick a direction of rotation around the room, and keep in front of it.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Fire Dodger effect.
Self-Confidence Shadow in the Ice 5Achievement points
Defeat your doppelganger within one minute in Voice in the Deep. Overcame Jormag's Challenge within One Minute 5Achievement points
Whisper Boxing Shadow in the Ice 10Achievement points
Dodge, evade, or avoid all of the Whisper of Jormag's Rimebreath and Icicle attacks. Successfully Evaded the Whisper of Jormag's Rimebreath and Icicle Attacks 10Achievement points
  • The Whisper of Jormag attacks to avoid are:
    • Icicle Throw: A fast ranged projectile with the circular ground marker. Available from 100%.
    • Frigid Blast: Triggered when the boss reaches any of the 80%/60%/40%/20% breakpoints. Available from 100%.
    • Rimebreath: The small cone attack similar visually to Cone of Cold. Available from 100%.
  • For reference, the other attacks the creature uses are:
    • Icy Slice: 180 degree cone which visually freezes the ground Available from 100%.
    • Ice Tempest: Tornados of ice which spiral out from the boss. Available from 100%.
    • Icy Slash: Large warning circles appear on the ground, followed by geysers and spikes. The player is forced into the air (players are able to use their glider afterwards). Available from 80%.
    • Slithering Rime: Boulders of spectral ice which radiate out from the boss in straight lines (initially six, with more afterwards). Available from 60%.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Whisper Boxing effect.
This achievement rewards items. Return to Voice in the Deep Return to Shadow in the Ice 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission Voice in the Deep in Living World Icebrood Saga Episode 2.
Reward: Eternal Ice Shard.pngEternal Ice Shard (10)
Completed Voice in the Deep 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.



Elder Dragons
Spirits of the Wild


Elder Dragons



Whispering Depths[edit]

Entering the cave:

<Character name>: Jhavi, we're in the cave. We need you and Cloudseeker to keep the entrance clear.
Braham Eirsson: Sure you don't want to join us? Could use the help.
Jhavi Jorasdottir: Cloudseeker and the kodan need me here. I have my mission, and you have yours. Break Drakkar.
Crecia Stoneglow: We'll need to be quick. Bangar and Ryland could be here any second.
Rytlock Brimstone: Then what're we waiting for?
Braham Eirsson: Hear that? It's in there.
Jormag: What does the commander really want?
Crecia Stoneglow: What does the commander want?
Braham Eirsson: Crecia. Don't listen to it.
Crecia Stoneglow: I'm...sorry, give me a second.
Braham Eirsson: It's gonna get worse the closer we get.
Crecia Stoneglow: I know. Let's go.
<Character name>: Drakkar!
Braham Eirsson: Get after it!
Crecia Stoneglow: Watch it! They're everywhere!
Jormag: You're here to kill Drakkar, but why do you bring weapons when you know words will suffice?
Braham Eirsson: Your words make people kill each other!
Jormag: Maybe you should listen...
Rytlock Brimstone: I don't know, maybe we should...
Braham Eirsson: Rytlock!
Rytlock Brimstone: Why's everyone moving so slow? C'mon!
Crecia Stoneglow: There it is again!
<Character name>: It's on the move!
Jormag: A dead end. I could open the way, if you truly want to talk.
Crecia Stoneglow: A parley?
<Character name>: We've got nothing to say to you.
Braham Eirsson: Stop talking to it!
<Character name>: We're not. Crecia, can you get us through?
Crecia Stoneglow: Ice is too thick. Nothing I can do.
Rytlock Brimstone: Think, Cre. Strategy.
Crecia Stoneglow: Right. Right! Rytlock, draw Sohothin. Hold it up and stand still.
Crecia Stoneglow: If I can focus my magic into the blade...
Rytlock Brimstone: I take it back. I hate this strategy.
Braham Eirsson: Whoa!
Rytlock Brimstone: Guess I don't hate it.
Crecia Stoneglow: Thanks.
Braham Eirsson: They're not gonna make this easy.
Rytlock Brimstone: I have dibs on the ugly one.
<Character name>: Braham, you ready for this?
Braham Eirsson: Don't know. Wolf Spirit made it sound that way.
Crecia Stoneglow: Everyone, quiet. Where's Drakkar?
Rytlock Brimstone: Dammit, it's in the walls!
Braham Eirsson: I can't focus when it's going that fast! We gotta get it out of the ice!
<Character name>: Then we'll melt it! Crecia! Crecia?
Jormag: If they kill Drakkar, who's next?
Crecia Stoneglow: If we kill Drakkar, then what? Who's next? You'd kill Bangar. Then Ryland... Destroy the legions to stop Jormag.
Rytlock Brimstone: Ryland...
<Character name>: Stop listening, both of you! Rytlock, you know none of that's true!
Rytlock Brimstone: All this time you were planning to kill him. I trusted you!
Braham Eirsson: Commander, get out of the way!
Braham Eirsson: Rytlock! Crecia! Snap out of it!
<Character name>: They aren't listening! We need to lure Drakkar out of there!
Rytlock Brimstone: I trusted you! I gave up everything to fight beside you!
Braham Eirsson: Commander! Drakkar's over here! We need to melt the ice!
Rytlock Brimstone: You wanna kill Ryland, you're gonna have to go through me!
Braham Eirsson: Almost got it! Just need to get rid of the rest!
Crecia Stoneglow: I can't betray my people! I won't!
Braham Eirsson: Commander!
Crecia Stoneglow: (snarls)
<Character name>: Stand down! I don't want to hurt you! But I will if I have to.
Rytlock Brimstone: Then you're gonna have to.
Braham Eirsson: Keep them off me! Need to concentrate here!
<Character name>: They won't be down for long. Braham, NOW!
Braham Eirsson: Hey, Drakkar! Your legend ends here!
(Ox, Eagle and Wolverine appear in spiritual forms beside Braham and combine their magic with him to defeat Drakkar.)

After incapacitating Drakkar:

Braham Eirsson: Rytlock and Crecia...are they—
<Character name>: Out of it. They'll be up in a few minutes. You all right?
Braham Eirsson: Yeah, it's just...ah...
<Character name>: What? Braham?
Jormag: Working with the lost Spirits of the Wild? You mortals truly are brilliant creatures.
Braham Eirsson: It... No. Jormag?
The Whisper of Jormag: This is but a piece of me. An ambassador. The whisper that spreads my words.
Braham Eirsson: Then that's what we need to kill. Rytlock? Crecia?
Crecia Stoneglow: Our voices...are not our own
The Whisper of Jormag: We don't need to fight. You've already proven your strength.
The Whisper of Jormag: Braham, you earned all three of the Spirits' blessings. Why then do you still fight me as a norn?
Braham Eirsson: What...what are you talking about?
<Character name>: Don't listen to it, Braham! Shut it out!
The Whisper of Jormag: It was Wolf, wasn't it? Said you could take their power, maybe even become Wolf yourself. Yet here you are. Just a norn.
Braham Eirsson: Just...just a norn.
Rytlock Brimstone: Commander, you gotta kill it! Quick!
The Whisper of Jormag: Your whole life you've tried to become Wolf, but never could. Braham, please—let me give you my power. Let me help you.
Braham Eirsson: Yeah... Help me...
<Character name>: Braham, concentrate! Braham! Dammit!
The Whisper of Jormag: Commander. It's finally time for us to talk.
The Whisper of Jormag: I understand why you want to silence me, but you must listen. For Tyria's sake.
The Whisper of Jormag: For thousands of years, I've watched this broken system consume entire civilizations.
The Whisper of Jormag: But it was not always this way. You, Aurene, and I—we can save this world. Preserve it.
Bangar Ruinbringer: Crecia! Rytlock! On your feet, soldiers!
Bangar Ruinbringer: Commander!
Bangar Ruinbringer: Time to kill ourselves a dragon champion.
Crecia Stoneglow: No! Fall back!
Ryland Steelcatcher: We have our orders!
Bangar Ruinbringer: Don't give it a chance to recover! Everyone, claws out! Rip that damn thing apart!
The Whisper of Jormag: Don't worry. We will all talk to each other again soon. That I promise.

After defeating the Whisper of Jormag:

Bangar Ruinbringer: You hear that?
Ryland Steelcatcher: What?
Bangar Ruinbringer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Rytlock Brimstone: Hrm. Where's the rest of your army?
Bangar Ruinbringer: Drakkar was a threat to my soldiers. Corrupting the weak, as you now know.
Bangar Ruinbringer: We did what no norn could. We drove Jormag back, and now the dragon's running scared.
Braham Eirsson: Hey, we've been fighting Drakkar all over this lake. You can't just swing in—with my bow
<Character name>: Bangar, you've seen how dangerous Jormag is. You just said it yourself: you can't risk others being turned.
Bangar Ruinbringer: Drakkar's death at my hands sends them all a message: I am Jormag's champion now. I alone can control the dragon.
<Character name>: Jormag can't be controlled! That's not how this works.
Rytlock Brimstone: Ryland. Don't tell me you believe this.
Ryland Steelcatcher: My imperator gave us an order. Will you follow it?
<Character name>: I can't let you take credit. This needs to stop. Now.
Bangar Ruinbringer: I couldn't agree more.
(Bangar shoots the Commander with a fiery arrow.)
Crecia Stoneglow: What have you done?
Rytlock Brimstone: NO!


(Rytlock and Crecia rush to the Commander's aid while Braham looks on, terrified.)
Rytlock Brimstone: Commander, get up! C'mon!
Bangar Ruinbringer: You should understand, Commander. Better than anyone.
Crecia Stoneglow: Commander? Listen to me. Focus!
Rytlock Brimstone: It ain't working, Cre!
(Now full of rage, Braham turns to face Bangar and Ryland.)
Bangar Ruinbringer: It was always gonna end this way.
Bangar Ruinbringer: One charr. One dragon. One champion.
(Bangar prepares to shoot another arrow but is distracted when the alerted Ryland suddenly snarls and draws out his sword. Braham accesses his totem ability and becomes the wolf, slashing Ryland while Bangar backs away. The Commander's vision briefly fades to black.)
Ryland Steelcatcher: (prolonged screaming)
Crecia Stoneglow: (gasp)
Rytlock Brimstone: Ryland!
(The Commander's vision returns for a moment while Ryland and Bangar's screams echo in the cave. Crecia glances at Rytlock as they kneel to lift the Commander up.)
Crecia Stoneglow: Rytlock, the commander!
Rytlock Brimstone: Damn it!
Crecia Stoneglow: Help me! Lift! We need to get out of here!
(The Commander's vision fades to black again until they wake up some time later in a new, brighter location where they are being watched over by none other than Aurene.)

Eye of the North[edit]

Upon waking up:

Aurene: My champion.
<Character name>: Aurene... What...? Where am I?
Aurene: My sanctuary, high in the Shiverpeaks. I guided your friends here so you could recover in peace.
Aurene: They're all waiting to see you. I'm sure you have questions, of course. I'll do my best to answer.

Optional dialogue with Aurene:

Aurene: My champion, I'm glad to see you're finally on the mend. I did my best to calm your fitful dreams.
(If the player owns Guild Wars: Eye of the North and has linked the account to Guild Wars 2)
Talk more option tango.png This place looks familiar.
Talk more option tango.png Where are we?
Aurene: The Eye of the North. A confluence of energies drew me here. It's a place of tremendous power, connected through time.
Talk more option tango.png What have you been doing this whole time?
Aurene: Learning. Mending. Listening. Elder Dragons are burdened with more than we could possibly have known.
Aurene: You see me here, you speak with me, but I'm also in the Mists, repairing the damage Kralkatorrik caused.
Aurene: I am...a part of everything. All the magic of this world, like blood in my veins. I feel it all the time.
Talk more option tango.png Can you help us deal with Bangar?
Aurene: He's a part of a larger web. Strands connecting to strands. Cut one out and nothing changes, not really.
Aurene: It's hard to explain. But seeing how those strands connect... Taking one life won't solve your problems.
Aurene: His time will come, but there's a reason Jormag has left both of you alive.
Talk more option tango.png What do you know about Jormag?
Aurene: More now than before. I know Jormag has spoken with you. At length. There is more to that one than meets the eye.
Aurene: Jormag has helped ravage Tyria countless times. Nothing has ever changed. Now, there is you. And me.
Aurene: Maybe Jormag tires of the cycle. Maybe Jormag wants to preserve our world. I just don't know. Not yet.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you.

Entering the Scrying Pool:

Aurene: So you're drawn to the Scrying Pool as well? Its waters connect many threads in the Mists. Threads throughout time.
Aurene: I believe that power drew me to this place. But I'll need more time to understand it.

Talking to allies:

Crecia Stoneglow: Commander!
Rytlock Brimstone: Glad to see you're back on your feet.
<Character name>: What happened in there? How'd you get me out?
Braham Eirsson: I might've, uh...become the wolf.
<Character name>: Might've?
Braham Eirsson: For a little bit, yeah.
Jhavi Jorasdottir: Wolf Spirit was on to something after all. Just needed a bit of a push. A friend in mortal danger can do that.
<Character name>: I knew you had it in you, Braham. You saved our lives. Again. Thank you.
Braham Eirsson: I, uh... Thanks.
<Character name>: So. Bangar?
Rytlock Brimstone: Wasted no time stealing credit for our kill.
Crecia Stoneglow: Any charr who thought he couldn't bring an Elder Dragon to heel is probably having second thoughts now.
<Character name>: And Ryland?
Rytlock Brimstone: Gone. With him.

Returning to Aurene:

Aurene: Why, Braham! You have hair again!
Braham Eirsson: Ha! You shoulda seen me before.
Aurene: My champion. Friends. I'm glad you're here. As we speak, the charr split themselves apart. Out of fear, and rage.
Jhavi Jorasdottir: So what's our next move?
Aurene: We wait for Bangar's next move. He'll reach out to the legions, using Drakkar's death as proof of his power.
Rytlock Brimstone: If he starts splitting up the charr, we're talking civil war. And our son—
Crecia Stoneglow: Our cub's made his choice. Now we can only respond to it. We'll need to be ready. For anything.
Rytlock Brimstone: Yeah... For anything.

My story[edit]

Voice in the Deep loading screen.jpg

I regrouped with my allies in the caves to the south. Somewhere deeper inside, Drakkar was waiting for us. We knew this wouldn't be an easy battle, but already I worry about Jormag's influence. The whispers are louder here. Closer than ever.

Despite the continued attempts by Jormag to influence us, we pressed forward through the caves. Crecia was able to use her flame magic to open a path straight to Drakkar.

Jormag's whispers finally took Rytlock and Crecia, but fortunately I was able to incapacitate them before they did any serious harm. They'll be fine, I think. I hope. Drakkar ran out of hiding places, and Braham finally blasted it with the lost Spirits' power, destroying the beast.

Immediately after defeating Drakkar, the true source of the whispers emerged: a piece of Jormag. It nearly broke us, but Bangar appeared at the last possible moment and helped destroy it. I thought there might have been a chance of an alliance...until Bangar shot me with the bow.

I awoke under Aurene's watchful eye, high in the Shiverpeaks. Unfortunately, much has changed since Bangar's betrayal. He's taken credit for Drakkar's death, positioning himself as the only one capable of subjugating Jormag. And now the charr have begun to split apart. War is coming.

My story