Against the Corruption

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Against the Corruption

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Against the Corruption is a mission of the personal story for all characters. Here Trahearne, with the support of the player character, tries to cleanse Orr from its corruption.


Join the expedition to Orr's Royal Tombs.

  • Meet Trahearne at Meddler's Summit.
  • Escort Trahearne to the Royal Tombs.
  • Defend Trahearne as he performs the ritual.
  • Report to Trahearne.


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All professions


You'll meet up with Havroun Grechen, Laranthir of the Wild, Trahearne, and some Pact soldiers. After a short cutscene, the NPCs start heading off to the tombs (stay near Trahearne, he will stop moving if you get too far away), so follow them and assist in killing any Risen along the way. At the entrance to the tombs, two Orrian Spectral guards and a veteran Risen Abomination await, and additional enemies spawn once the NPCs come into range.

After all the enemies are defeated, everyone except Trahearne stays behind to guard the entrance. Proceed with Trahearne through the tombs (again, stay close to keep him moving). A variety of Spectral weapons and Risen Spiders will spawn to impede your progress.

Once you reach the end, Trahearne will start to perform the purification ritual; he can't fight while doing this, so you're on your own. Several waves of Risen will spawn and attack, occasionally targeting Trahearne if you are out of range (note that this fight has been made much easier at some point):

  • First wave: Two Risen Corrupters
  • Second wave: Two Spectral Guards
  • Third wave: One Veteran Risen Wraith - avoid standing in the summoned wells.
  • Fourth wave: Four Risen Plaguebearers

After the third wave, your NPC allies will run in from the entrance, saying that they have been overwhelmed by Risen. They will assist you with the Plaguebearers, as well as the corrupted Havroun Grechen who has followed them.

Trahearne's ritual will complete, but the purification only lasts a few seconds, and he becomes despondent. A cutscene plays, with Trahearne lamenting the pointless effort, until you remind him that the Pale Tree's vision told you to seek out the "source of Orr". Trahearne suddenly remembers that the "source of Orr" is somewhere else, but to get there, he needs the exact location. The mission ends, and you are given a choice of how to locate the source: either communicating with Grenth himself, or using a magical Norn map.







Meeting Trahearne at the outpost (cinematic):

(if the player character is a member of the Vigil)
Trahearne: Greetings, Commander. This is Havroun Grechen, one of the spirit shamans of Hoelbrak. And you already know Warmaster Laranthir of the Vigil.
Trahearne: Greetings, Commander. This is Havroun Grechen, one of the spirit shamans of Hoelbrak. With her is Laranthir, warmaster of the Vigil.
Havroun Grechen: You're an inspiration, Commander. Many believe that if we can defeat Zhaitan, Jormag will be next. Your deeds bring great hope to the norn.
Laranthir of the Wild: Sylvari sing of your victories, and even the charr raise battle cries in your honor. You've been a spark to many flames.
<Character name>: It's my pleasure to meet you both. I hope today will bring another victory for Tyria. Marshal Trahearne, what's our goal?
Trahearne: I have created a ritual that might cleanse the dragon's corruption. If it succeeds, this mission could be a turning point in the war.
Trahearne: My research suggests that the Royal Tombs were deeply sacred. They may still hold the connection I need to restore the land with Orr‘s fading life force.
Trahearne: If the dragon discovers our attempt, he'll try to stop us. Havroun, you and Laranthir will defend the mouth of the tomb. Give us all the time you can.
Havroun Grechen: We will, Marshal Trahearne. By the Bear, I swear we‘ll hold the line—or die trying.

Talking to your allies:

Trahearne: Forgive me if I seem distracted, Commander, but this is the culmination of my Wyld Hunt. I'm about to answer my life's calling. It's both exhilarating and terrifying.
Talk end option tango.png And I'm here to see that you achieve it.
Laranthir of the Wild: After all we've been through, we may be on the verge of cleansing Orr. Robbed of his power base, Zhaitan may simply crumble.
Talk end option tango.png It may be possible, but it won't be easy.

Approaching the entrance to the tombs:

Havroun Grechen: Ambush! Cut them down!
Havroun Grechen: We're clear. We need to keep moving.
Havroun Grechen: They won't just step aside. Get ready for a fight.

Entering the tombs:

Trahearne: This is Azabe Qabar. Grechen, you and Laranthir must hold the entrance.
Trahearne: Zhaitan's forces will be relentless. Our survival is in your hands.
Havroun Grechen: I understand, Marshal Trahearne, and I won't fail you. You'll have the time you need.

Before Trahearne begins the ritual:

Trahearne: This is the place. We'll perform the ritual here.
Trahearne: The moment we begin, Zhaitan will know.
Trahearne: Be ready for anything.

As Trahearne nears the end of the ritual:

Laranthir of the Wild: Marshal! The rearguard is overwhelmed! Grechen has fallen. You must leave. Now!
Laranthir of the Wild: Grechen! No, not Grechen...only her tortured remains. Commander, we must put her to rest.

After the ritual fails (cinematic):

Trahearne: No! We were so close! By the Pale's impossible. All this, all these lives, wasted. All for nothing.
Laranthir of the Wild: Trahearne, didn't you see? The cleansing worked! For a moment, the spirit of the land rose up like a breath of wind.
<Character name>: We all felt it. It was as if Orr's own soul was fighting to be free. The ritual was a success.
Trahearne: But the absolution didn't hold. Though sacred, the Royal Tombs weren't strong enough. This isn't the heart of Orr. I wonder if such a "heart" still exists.
<Character name>: Wait...remember the vision that the Pale Tree gave us? An Orrian king spoke of "the Source." Maybe that's something that can help.
Trahearne: You're right. The Source of Orr...yes! I think I remember hearing about such a thing. A priestess of Grenth, and a shaman of the norn spoke of it.
<Character name>: Those sound like solid leads. Which should I follow?
Trahearne: That, my friend, I shall leave to you. Two roads to the same goal. The cleansing of Orr, and eventually Zhaitan's own demise!

Talking to Laranthir:

Laranthir of the Wild: Dark powers suffuses this place like a mephitic fog. I can almost feel the spirits of the Orrian kings.
Talk end option tango.png They may still be here. Stay alert.

Reporting to Trahearne:

Trahearne: You're right, <Character name>. The Pact stands between Tyria and destruction. We cannot give up. For a moment, I lost my faith.
Talk more option tango.png The ritual worked. We just need to find the Source of Orr.
Agreed. And I know of two ways to proceed: we could appeal directly to the old gods of Orr, specifially[sic] Grenth. Or we could recover a legendary magic map to guide us.
Talk more option tango.png How can Grenth help?
The ancient priests of Grenth were said to be the keepers of Orr's deepest secrets. We'll find them in Orr's Cathedral of Silence. It's a terrifying place, half-shrouded in the Mists.
Talk quest choice tango.png But it's our best bet. Let's visit the Cathedral of Silence.
Talk more option tango.png What about this legendary map? (same as "There's a map to the Source of Orr?")
Talk more option tango.png There's a map to the Source of Orr?
An ancient norn explorer, Romke, was trapped in Orr when Zhaitan rose beneath his ship. Legend says his map was blessed by all four Spirits of the Wild, and can show the route to any destination.
Talk more option tango.png So where do we find the map?
We'd have to ask Romke himself. His ghost form is still trapped in Orr, bound to the land that ended his journey and his life. You'll find him near the Mausollus Sea.
Talk quest choice tango.png The map sounds promising. Let's go talk to Romke's ghost.
Talk more option tango.png Interesting. And how can Grenth help? (same as "How can Grenth help?")
Talk more option tango.png Interesting. And how can Grenth help? (same as "How can Grenth help?")

After selecting an option:

Trahearne: We were so close—closer than ever before.
Trahearne: But we cannot give up hope. My Wyld Hunt is not in vain.
Trahearne: This is a challenge we can overcome.
Trahearne: You have my gratitude, Commander, for all you've done.

My story[edit]

Against the Corruption.jpg

Trahearne and I led a mission into Orr's Royal Tombs in an attempt to cast the ritual that will cleanse the land of Zhaitan's corruption. We got results, but the results didn't last. We realized we needed to cast the ritual in a different location known as the Source of Orr, and so we set out to find this location.

My story


Even though it is a level 80 mission, the area scales player characters down to level 70.
Even if you have encountered Laranthir in a previous mission, Trahearne's dialogue still introduces him to the player character as though they've never met. Vigil players do however get a customised dialogue entry.