Hammer and Steel

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Biography Green Knight.png

Hammer and Steel

1325 AE
Personal story
Following the Dream
Sandycove Beach
(Caledon Forest)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari
Dreams of the Green Knight
Preceded by
Biography Green Knight.png A Good Work Spoiled
Followed by
Biography Green Knight.png The Knight's Duel

This personal story mission follows A Good Work Spoiled for players that chose to rescue Occam from the Nightmare Court's headquarters.


Search for Occam among the Nightmare Court.

  • Meet Caithe near Sandycove Beach.
  • Locate Occam among the cages.
  • Nightmare Court Prison
    Event bar.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Free Occam.
  • Escape the Nightmare Court's revenge.


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All professions


The opening cinematic explains that that Occam is being held captive in the Nightmare Court base. Caithe is effectively stealthed allowing you to investigate without being hampered by her movements. Slowly proceed into the marked area, eliminating the courtiers as you encounter them.

Beyond the initial corridor lies Houndmaster Rienne with half-a-dozen Nightmare Court Thorn Wolves. If you can, pull the other wandering groups of courtiers away from Rienne before engaging her in combat. With sufficient AoE the fight shouldn't be too difficult. Alternatively, run past Rienne instead.

Break down Occam's prison and follow Caithe to the exit to end the mission.





Plants (Nightmare Court)
Sylvari (Nightmare Court)


Environmental weapons


Approaching Caithe (cinematic):

Caithe: This is where the Nightmare Court is holding Occam. If we are to save him, Valiant, then we must hurry. The court is very good at what they do.
<Character name>: Do you think they'll kill him? If they did that, then he wouldn't be able to make them any more suits of armor.
Caithe: Kill? No. The court increase their numbers through deceit and corruption. They spread poison at the roots. Eventually, he will listen to them, and then he will fall to their lies.
Caithe: It is the Court's purpose to poison the Dream of Dreams, and thus corrupt the Pale Tree. The darkness we saw in your dream was one such attempt.
Caithe: They torture sylvari, allowing the Dream to absorb darker, more painful memories—both from themselves and their prey.
<Character name>: Until he joins them, just to make the pain stop. I see. We'd better get him out of their grasp. Immediately.
Caithe: Agreed. Let's search the camp and hope Occam has been stalwart thus far...

After the cinematic:

Caithe: Search the camp, and do not be afraid. I will be as close as your shadow.

Speaking to Caithe during the search:

Caithe: Stay wary, Valiant. These courtiers want you very dead.
Dignity They won't be around to want anything for much longer.
Your courage is commendable.
Talk end option tango.png As is yours.
Ferocity We should just rush in. No need to keep a low profile.
If I stayed visible, they'd mobilize twice this camp and more, trying to kill me. Subtlety is our best weapon.
Talk end option tango.png Right. Low profile it is, then.
Charisma I set 'em up, you come in with the backstab. I like it.
The old-fashioned tactics are often the best.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed.
Talk end option tango.png I'm ready. Let's find Occam.

Approaching the Houndmaster Rienne:

Houndmaster Rienne: Infiltrator! My hounds will feast on you.
Houndmaster Rienne: Smell that, my hounds? That's the smell of fear. Relish it!

On defeating Houndmaster Rienne:

Houndmaster Rienne: Avenge me!

Caithe's remarks after defeating Houndmaster Rienne:

Caithe: That's enough violence for now.

Approaching Occam's prison:

Caithe: I'll set a trap for any who dare follow us. We'll slip out the back of the camp while they learn the error of their ways.
Occam: Hello! You'll let me out, yes?
Occam: Here to save me, I hope.
<Character name>: Occam? You're more bubbly than I'd expect for someone who's been tortured.
Occam: Them? Hah. They couldn't faze me. I knew someone would come. Left plenty of clues at the forge. Quickly now, and we'll go through the back. Less guarded.
<Character name>: That's exactly what Caithe suggested. How did you hear her talking from all the way over here?
Occam: Hear her? No. Simplest solution to the problem. Hurry. Courtiers will be here soon. I can forge a vine wall to keep them at bay, but you must move fast.

After the cinematic:

Occam: As predicted. Many courtiers approach! Vine goes...here. Run!
Nightmare Huntsman: Cut that wall down and go after them!
Occam: We need to keep running!
Caithe: This way. Down the waterfall.
Caithe: Wait for it...
Nightmare Huntsman: I can't move! It's a trap!

After the trap is sprung:

Occam: Nice explosion!
<Character name>: I have to ask, Occam—why did you make Faolain the armor? Didn't you know she was of the Nightmare Court?
Occam: I knew, but she threatened me. Said they'd break my hands, leave me useless. Take away my purpose and my joy.
Occam: Still, once I saw what they'd done with my masterwork...Ugh. Disgusting. I should have thrown myself from the cliffs.
Caithe: No, the lesson here isn't so simple. There are many strands in this tapestry, and yours is only one.
Caithe: Now that you are safe, we deal with Bercilak. Tell us, does your armor have a weakness?
Occam: Yes. To forge the armor, it had to be vulnerable to smithing tools. My hammer made it; my hammer can destroy it.
Caithe: Valiant, I propose that we use this information, and challenge Bercilak to a duel. Then use the smith's hammer as your weapon, and smash him to paste.
<Character name>: Sounds good. I bet Bercilak would come for certain if he received an invitation from Gairwen. Caithe, talk to her and arrange the fight.
<Character name>: Occam, bring your hammer. We'll hold the duel at Mabon Market. I want as many witnesses as possible when Bercilak falls.

Speaking to Occam after the cinematic:

Occam: I hope the hammer is useful.
Talk more option tango.png Why were they holding you prisoner?
They demanded I make more armor. Forget that. I'd rather die. Hence, the cage.
Talk more option tango.png You don't need it to work at the smithy?
Talk end option tango.png You're a stubborn one.
Talk more option tango.png You don't need it to work at the smithy?
Not until you're done. Destroy that armor. I can't stand filth like that using my masterwork.
Talk more option tango.png Why were they holding you prisoner?
Talk end option tango.png I'll stop them. You can count on that.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for your help.

My story[edit]

Hammer and Steel.jpg

We found and rescued Occam. Thankfully we made it in time and spared him from falling into nightmare.

My story