Intercepting the Orb

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Intercepting the Orb

1325 AE
Personal story
Forming the Pact
Broken Arrow River
(Mount Maelstrom)
Make another suffer
Preceded by
Wet Work
Followed by
The Battle of Fort Trinity

Intercepting the Orb is part of the personal story for players that have completed the mission Wet Work and have chosen to intercept the krait transporting the orb. It is followed by The Battle of Fort Trinity.


Ambush the krait caravan and steal the orb.

  • Meet Crusader Apatia by Broken Arrow River.
  • Plant mines in the krait caravan's path.
  • Take cover to avoid being spotted.
  • Attack the caravan.
  • Pursue the krait orb carrier
  • Defeat Head Slaver Nymfassa and her entourage.
  • Head Slaver Nymfassa
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Bring the orb to the rendezvous point.
  • Rendezvous with Apatia.
  • Search the river for Apatia.
  • Speak to Sayeh al 'Rajihd[sic].


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All professions


Speaking with Apatia triggers the first cinematic. Apatia explains that you need to bring down two caravans at once to guarantee the capture of the orb. She will provide you with a backpack containing mines to plant at the two markers. "Set and conceal" the mines, then backtrack to take cover.

A cutscene plays depicting the krait procession being blown up. The krait in the caravan will be knocked down for the duration of the fight while you kill them, however more krait soon appear (and the Krait Orb Carrier becomes invulnerable while the other krait appear). After defeating the Krait underlings the Krait Orb Carrier runs off.

Pursue the orb carrier and eliminate further Krait on the way. As you approach the marker the Krait will approach you, so don't rush. Defeat Head Slaver Nymfassa and her allies, pick up the orb (it turned out your caravan, not Apatia's, was the one with the orb), and go back to the redezvous point.

Continue to the river, where you will find Apatia's Axe buried in the river. Investigating the axe triggers the appearance of Sayeh and the final cutscene.








Meeting Apatia (cinematic)

Crusader Apatia: We're ready, Commander, but there's a complication. The Order of Whispers reports that the krait are being extra cautious with the orb in transit.
Crusader Apatia: They send two caravans every time they move it: one with the orb and one decoy. We hit the wrong one, and the real one escapes.
<Character name>: That's a problem, but I have the solution: hit both processions simultaneously. It splits us up, but it also ensures we get the real one.
Crusader Apatia: Perfect. I have mines to plant at each ambush point. The caravans hit that point, the mines do their work, and we move in for mop-up.
Crusader Apatia: I'll meet you back here after I've dealt with my end of the ambush. Thanks for trusting me with this, Commander. I won't let you down.

Talking to Apatia before planting the mines

Crusader Apatia: All set on my end. Once you're in place, our trap will be spring shut—right on the kraits' head.
Charisma It's good to see you so confident. You're definitely in your element.
I've used this method a hundred times as a hunter, a Lionguard, and a Vigil soldier. It always gets results.
Talk end option tango.png I look forward to seeing it in action.
Dignity I just want to make absolutely sure everything goes as planned.
Of course. Once we're in position, we won't be able to check in with each other. Best to do all our checking now.
Talk end option tango.png Right. We'll rendezvous after the battle's over.
Ferocity And when it does, they won't have heads for long.
That's just the answer I was hoping to hear. Good luck, Commander.
Talk end option tango.png You, too. See you after the fight.
Talk end option tango.png I'm on my way. Good luck, Crusader.

When the caravan arrives (in-game cutscene)

Krait Orb Carrier: Slow down. Something doesn't smell right.

Attacking the caravan:

Krait Orb Carrier: We must protect the orb. Don't let them near it.
Krait Orb Carrier: The orb is ours! You'll never take it from us!

Pursuing the orb-carrier:

Krait Damoss: You must die!

Fighting the Head Slaver

Head Slaver Nymfassa: Tear them to shreds!
Head Slaver Nymfassa: My, my. You certainly do want our orb.
Head Slaver Nymfassa: You found our orb, but now you will bleed and die for the Prophets!
Head Slaver Nymfassa: Formidable. But is your friend faring half as well as you? I doubt it.
Head Slaver Nymfassa: Enough. I yield. You've won... or have you?

Examining Apatia's Axe

Apatia's Axe: Apatia's axe is here. The blade is covered with blood and scales. There are signs of a struggle nearby.
Talk quest option tango.png Examine the signs of struggle.
Splashes of blood and tracks lead down to the water's edge. Beyond that, there's nothing but water.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

After examining the weapon

Sayeh al' Rajihd: Come to me. We must discuss.

Speaking to Sayeh al' Rajihd (cinematic)

Sayeh al' Rajihd: Do not be alarmed. I mean you no harm. I was intrigued by your interest in the orb, so I shadowed you.
Sayeh al' Rajihd: You handled yourselves well, until your partner miscalculated. The explosives did not sufficiently weaken her prey.
<Character name>: Is she alive? I need to get this orb to Trahearne at Fort Trinity right away, but I can't just leave Apatia behind.
Sayeh al' Rajihd: You do not have a choice. The krait overwhelmed her and carried her off. She is no longer here. Among my people, we would say her steps have faltered and be done.
Sayeh al' Rajihd: Come. I will deliver the orb for you. I would enjoy visiting Trahearne again. I owe him a favor, and largos always keep our oaths.
Sayeh al' Rajihd: You should go, too. The krait will be back in force. The longer you stay, the more likely you'll end up lost, dead, or on a torture rack. That won't help your friend.
<Character name>: I'll go. Trahearne needs that orb, and I need to be at Fort Trinity. But I will come back for Apatia. I swear it.

My story[edit]

Bad Forecast.jpg

Apatia and I ambushed the krait caravan that transports their mysterious orb. I was able to defeat the krait and recover the orb, but Apatia was captured and carried off. Both the orb and I are needed back at Fort Trinity, so I swore to return and rescue Apatia.

My story