Echoes of Ages Past

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Echoes of Ages Past

1325 AE
Personal story
Forging a Legend
The Osenfold Shear
(Wayfarer Foothills)
Stonewright's Steading
(Frost Basin)
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn
Defeat Our Ancient Foes
Preceded by
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Followed by
Biography Defeat Our Ancient Foes.png Out of the Skies
Biography Defeat Our Ancient Foes.png Twilight of the Wolf

The Son of Svanir are using the jotun leader Korag's obsession for power to lure him into worshipping the ice dragon, Jormag. Jormag exacts a heavy price from his worshippers, however, and many jotuns will be ravaged if Korag isn't turned from his current path.

— In-game description

Echoes of Ages Past is part of the personal story for norn characters. In this section of the storyline, players travel to the Osenfold Shear to confront Korag, the jotun giant king, who has begun worshiping the ice dragon.


Face the jotun giant king, Korag.

  • Travel to Korag's camp and issue a challenge.
  • Touch the Worship Stone.
  • Defeat Elder Thruln.
  • Speak to Elder Thruln.
  • Speak to Korag.

I've given Korag a chance to discover the truth from the Sons of Svanir. I should return to Eir and seek her advice.

  • Return to Eir's camp and seek aid.
  • Decide whose plan to follow.


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All professions


Upon entering the Jotun camp, talk to the guard and then touch the worship stone. Defeat Elder Thruln and watch the scene of the Jotuns' downfall. Confront Korag and then return to Eir.

After speaking with Eir you can choose to proceed with either Out of the Skies (enhance Baigarth's weapon) or Twilight of the Wolf (secure Wolf's blessing).



At The Osenfold Shear[edit]


At Frost Basin[edit]






The Osenfold Shear[edit]

Talking to Jotun Guard: (cinematic)

<Character name>: Where is Korag? Your "giant-king" is a weakling and a coward. I challenge him to single combat.
Jotun Guard: You're not worthy to even speak his name. Run while you still have legs. Korag rules these mountains. He will unify all jotun behind his iron fist!
<Character name>: If I need to kill you and every other jotun around here to get Korag's attention, so be it.
Jotun Guard: If you truly wish to be tested... the Worship Stone behind me is an ancient and holy relic. Its power judges any who touch it. Fail, and die.
<Character name>: Touching a rock earns me the right to fight Korag?
Jotun Guard: Walk away while you can still mock death. Otherwise, we'll mock your smoldering corpse.
<Character name>: Tell Korag to prepare for battle. This won't take long.

Approaching the Worship Stone

Jotun: Why is that norn approaching the Worship Stone? And why are we allowing it?
Jotun: Because we could use some entertainment.

After touching the Worship Stone and entering to the Mist

Elder Thruln: You dare tread upon our sacred ground? Die!

After defeating Elder Thruln:

Elder Thruln: I yield! You have proven yourself worthy. Come, little norn. Let us speak.


Elder Thruln: From the shadows of memory, I salute you.
<Character name>: Who are you?
Elder Thruln: I am the elder known as Thruln. I was a giant-king, when the jotun ruled all that we surveyed. My people were proud and strong. Now, I am but an echo of the past.
<Character name>: Your people are in great danger. Korag has begun to worship the ice dragon, a creature that will destroy them.
<Character name>: The ice dragon has already brutalized my people. It will consume and corrupt the last of yours if Korag has his way. Help me stop him.
Elder Thruln: The blood of giant-kings flows in Korag's veins and gives him great power. I cannot stop him, but I can tell you the tale of the giant-kings. Perhaps that will help you save my people from this fate.
Elder Thruln: I will show you the jotun of ages past, when we strode over the world as mighty lords. Witness the savagery, greed, and vanity that ended our glorious rule.
Elder Thruln: Once, we were as gods...

During the replay of the jotun civil war:

Elder Thruln: Behold. At the height of our power, arrogance and jealousy led the jotun to civil war.
Elder Thruln: Our blood is the blood of the mountains. In it, there is power. And so we fought...over blood itself.
King Bokar: Vraxes! I shall feast on your beating heart! I am king, and this land is mine!
King Vraxes: You're a pretender, Bokar! Not a king, not a brother. I'll burn this land before I yield it to you.
Elder Thruln: The giant-kings turned on each other. Brother murdered brother. Son murdered father.
Elder Thruln: What we did not realize is that with each death, we weakened the very blood we sought to claim.
Elder Thruln: We tore ourselves to ribbons, scrabbling for glory.[sic] Now, we bicker over mere scraps.
Elder Thruln: If Korag sacrifices his people to the ice dragon in his lust for power, our fall will be complete, and the jotun will be no more.
Elder Thruln: And all that will remain are empty markings on snow-covered stone.

Back to reality

Jotun: Nothing happened! No flash, no fire.
Jotun: No, I felt the stone's power. Something happened...we just didn't see it.

Talking to Korag (cinematic):

Korag: Arrogant insect. You dare challenge me? You are nothing.
<Character name>: And you are nothing compared to what your people once were.
<Character name>: Thruln showed me the truth. Your lust for power will destroy your people, as it did in the old days.
<Character name>: I came to challenge you, but for Elder Thruln's sake, I'm giving you this chance: reject the dragon. Your people have already suffered enough.
Korag: Pity from a norn? I expected more. Jormag will give us the strength to restore our glory. We will rule the mountains again!
<Character name>: The ice dragon makes slaves, not kings. Ask the Sons of Svanir where their "glory" is, and you'll see that you've been lied to.
Korag: I will go and demand Jormag's blessing. When I return, I will show you the power of my faith. I challenge you to do the same.
<Character name>: Done. But I warn you: be wise as well as strong, Korag. If you insist on serving the ice dragon, I will cut you down.
Korag: Go, acquire more power if you can. Until then, the mountain does not acknowledge the insect. Begone!
Talk end option tango.png I'm going, but I'll be back.

Stonewright's Steading[edit]

Talking to Beigarth before talking to Eir:

Beigarth: You must choose how you'll confront Korag. Eir is the expert in these matters. She will help you decide.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, I will.

Talking to Eir (cinematic):

<Character name>: It's worse than we thought. The Sons of Svanir have duped Korag. He thinks the ice dragon will make him a true giant-king. I offered him a way out, for his people's sake.
<Character name>: He's gone to get the truth from the Sons of Svanir. Either he'll defy them, or they'll have to prove the dragon's strength and make him even more powerful.
Beigarth: Jotun don't walk away from a challenge. The Sons will make Korag ten times more powerful, and he'll fight. You'll be no match for him, even with Eir's help.
Eir Stegalkin: Beigarth is right. You'll have to prepare. Wolf favors those who stand for the pack, as you have. Speak with Wolf's shaman in Hoelbrak, and Wolf will aid us.
Beigarth: I prefer something more solid! You need a worthy weapon to crush Korag. With a bit more effort, I can make the Deldrimor weapon we started mighty enough to topple a giant-king!
Beigarth: It will require tempering in the heart's blood of a mighty beast. There's a griffon named Windshear—if you can track and defeat him, the weapon will be unmatched.
Eir Stegalkin: Very well, Slayer. Choose carefully...this is part of your education in becoming a great hero. Do you want to secure Wolf's blessing or enhance Beigarth's weapon?

Talking to Beigarth after the cinematic:

Beigarth: What do you need, <Character name>? Time is wasting.
Talk more option tango.png Can you tell me again about receiving Wolf's blessing?
The shamans at the shrine inside Hoelbrak should be able to help you.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Beigarth.
Talk more option tango.png I want to know more about the griffon Windshear.
He's dominated local predators of the food chain for years. His heart's blood will imbue the steel with the griffon's speed, strength, and savagery.
Talk end option tango.png That's exactly what I need. I'll give Windshear a truly glorious death.
Talk end option tango.png You're right. I've got work to do.

Talking to Eir:

Eir Stegalkin: Will you seek Wolf's blessing, or will you help Beigarth modify his Deldrimor weapon?
Talk quest choice tango.png I trust the Spirits of the Wild. Korag will tremble before Wolf's ferocity!
Then go to the Wolf Lodge in Hoelbrak and speak with Fastulf Jotharsson. He will commune with Wolf on your behalf.
Talk end option tango.png Once I explain, Wolf will surely bless me.
Talk quest choice tango.png I trust the power of steel. A mighty blade to face a mighty foe.
Beigarth: That's what a smith likes to hear! Help me enhance the Deldrimor steel, and I'll arm you with a weapon of legend.
Talk quest option tango.png How do I get started on this?
The griffon Windshear roosts in the mountains near Gaerta's Summit. Quench the steel in his heart and return it to me for forging.
Talk quest option tango.png I'll return in victory.
Talk end option tango.png I haven't decided yet. I need more time.

Talking to Eir after making your choice:

Eir Stegalkin: What are you still doing here, <Character name>? Korag must be stopped. I can advise you, but in the end, the decision must be yours.
Talk more option tango.png I still have questions about securing Wolf's blessing.
I try to be direct when I deal with the Spirits, but Wolf's high shaman will know more. Trust him and you'll be fine.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Eir.
Talk more option tango.png I still have questions about Windshear the griffon.
Windshear is formidable: swift, strong, tough to track. His blood would give the weapon a mighty spirit.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Eir.
Talk end option tango.png You're right. I'd better get going.

My story[edit]

Echoes of Ages Past.jpg

After witnessing jotun history, I took pity on their leader and graciously offered him a chance to discover the truth. If he still serves Jormag when I see him again, I'll destroy him.

Eir and Beigarth both agree that I need a way to fight Korag. Eir suggests Wolf's blessing. Beigarth wants blood from the heart of a mighty predator to enrich his new weapon. Either of these should give me the edge I need.

My story

Previous text
After seeing the history of the jotun, I took pity on their leader and offered him a chance to discover the truth. If he still serves Jormag when I see him again, I will destroy him.

Eir and Beigarth both agree that I need a way to fight Korag. Eir suggests I seek Wolf's blessing. Beigarth wants blood from the heart of a mighty predator to enrich his new weapon. Either of these should give me the edge I need.


The Jotun Guard may not become interactable and can not be talked to. This can be fixed by leaving and re-entering the story instance.