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Seized is the first part of Long Live the Lich.


Attend Gorrik's trial.
  • Meet Taimi at Amnoon's Council Chambers in the Civic Center.
  • Take the key.
  • Release Gorrik.
Retrieve impounded materials.
  • Follow Taimi and Gorrik to the docks.
  • Speak with Lord Faren.
  • Join Taimi and Gorrik.
  • Stomp mites by jumping or using a mount to crush them.
    Event bar.jpg
  • Search for Blish.
Receive the Krytan delegation.
  • Meet Lord Faren at dock six.
  • Run to safety.
  • (Crush scarabs by riding over them.)
  • Jump or use a mount to squash the scarab infestation
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
Defend Amnoon.
  • Investigate the illusion.
  • (Defeat the Awakened.)
  • Kill the Awakened: x/11
  • (Defeat Istari the Inexorable.)
  • Istari the Inexorable
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png



Pick your way through the court dialogue options (see "Loquacious Orator" below), free Gorrik with the key, and then meet Lord Faren by the docks.

After some more dialogue there is an introduction to a new mechanic: squishing bugs. You can either do this (a) on foot by jumping on them, (b) on a mount by running them over, or (c) on a roller beetle mount. (Using a roller beetle is the fastest method but is only available after playing through the story once before and completing the collection.) Squish all of the marshmallow bugs as indicated by the green stars to continue.

Meet Faren at dock six to play a cinematic, whereupon the scarab plague arrives on the boat. Squish the scarab plague bugs with your mount. Take the opportunity afterwards to move some of the rocks on the ground to the northwest side of the small square - you may find them useful for the breakbar shortly. Joko's Projection then animates some newly deceased locals. Kill them, and then fight the Elite Istari the Inexorable. Several times during the first phase of the fight, Istari moves to a nearby corpse and gains a breakbar - break it to interrrupt her. There is a pause in the fight at 50%, where more locals appear —Aurene backs you up with some dragon fire— and then Istari traps you in a spell ring forcing you to fight her unto death.

Listen to the remaining dialogue to complete the mission. Optionally there is a statue you may destroy in the hold of the boat.


Loquacious Orator Long Live the Lich 1Achievement points
Hear all the arguments during the trial.Story Instance: Seized
  • Ask to speak.
  • Defend your friend's honor.
  • Find an error in the court's process.
  • Explain the circumstances.
  • Call out racial bias.
  • Ask for proof.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Ask for the councilor's trust
Heard All Arguments during the Trial 1Achievement points
  • The player is prompted to make dialogue choices 3x during the trial. Completing this achievement will require repeating the trial four times.
  • First prompt:
    • Ferocity Defend your friend's honor (Councilor Mayameen, I take exception to that characterization. This "creature" is an associate of mine.)
    • Dignity Ask to speak (Councilor Mayameen, if it pleases the court, I'd like to speak.)
  • Second prompt, leading to a further two prompts:
    • Ferocity Explain the circumstances (Your Honor, Gorrik is working to PREVENT an outbreak.)
      • Ferocity Tell the truth (It's the Scarab Plague. We believe Joko is planning to unleash it.)
      • Dignity Ask for the councilor's trust (I can't say more, Your Honor. You're going to have to trust me.)
    • Dignity Find an error in the court's process (Your honor, did you have Gorrik examined?)
      • Dignity Ask for proof (So you admit you have no medical proof that he's infected or contagious.)
      • Ferocity Call out racial bias ("Look at him"? What's that supposed to mean?)
Seized Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Help Gorrik and Blish get out of trouble, and stop an emerging threat to the city of Amnoon.Journal: Seized Completed Seized 0Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.
Squish, Squish Long Live the Lich 1Achievement points
Kill all the scarabs in 30 seconds or less.Story Instance: Seized
Prerequisite: Be My Guest
Quickly Killed All the Scarabs 1Achievement points
  • Requires completion of Be My Guest (You need to be on a character that has already completed the chapter to receive the Achievement effect.png Squish, Squish effect)
  • At dock 6 after the cutscene. If you have the Roller Beetle then they will be killed upon running over them once, otherwise you will need to run over each Scarab Swarm three times.
Stay Asleep, Sheep Long Live the Lich 3Achievement points
Keep Istari the Inexorable from Awakening your allies.Story Instance: Seized
Prerequisite: Be My Guest
Kept Istari the Inexorable from Awakening Your Allies 3Achievement points
  • Requires completion of Be My Guest (You need to be on a character that has already completed the chapter to receive the Achievement effect.png Stay Asleep, Sheep effect)
  • Break Istari's bar whenever she kneels down next to a corpse and tries to awaken it. There are a few rocks nearby that you can use for easy access to Daze.png Daze.








Contacting Taimi
Taimi: Commander...uh, you know I love you, right?
<Character name>: You're in trouble, aren't you?
Taimi: I mean, "trouble" is such a strong word—
<Character name>: Out with it, Taimi.
Taimi: Gorrik got himself arrested. Or, um, quarantined. But if you come to his hearing, I bet you can get him released!
<Character name>: So many questions. Not even sure where to start.
Taimi: We can go into the details when you get here. Amnoon Council Chambers. Thanks, Commander! You're amazing!
In Amnoon
Taimi: Commander, over here!
Citizen: They're putting that asura on trial today.
Citizen: You believe it took FIVE cavaliers to take him in?
Cavalier: Come on. They're really giving him a hearing?
Clerk: It's kind of delicate, since he's an outlander. You know—a jurisdictional thing.
Cavalier: The little freak put up a fight when we dragged him in. Hope they throw the book at him.
Citizen: Heard he's crawling with bugs. So gross...
Noble: Hey, what's the Hero of Amnoon doing here?
Taimi: The trial's starting early, so here's a quick rundown...
Taimi: In researching the plague, Gorrik figured out that it only infects humans!
<Character name>: Really? That's huge!
Taimi: Right? Trouble is, locals heard him talking about his work, and they got him arrested.
Taimi: Luckily, he calls it the pestilence, so no one knows he's working on the Scarab Plague.
Taimi: Whatever you do, don't call it by name or they'll never let him go.
While approaching to the council
Councilor Mayameen: I'm engaged to meet the Tyrian delegation ship, so let's get this going.
Councilor Mayameen: Mr. Gorrik, you stand accused of conspiracy to release a deadly plague upon our city. How do you plead?
Gorrik: First of all, it's just "Gorrik." Asura do not have surnames.
Gorrik: And second—do please note this, as the distinction is vital—it's not a plague. It's a pestilence.
Councilor Mayameen: Ugh, I'm ready to rule. If there's no one here to speak on this creature's behalf...
(dialog options)
Councilor Mayameen: Enough. If there's no one to speak on this creature's behalf...
Dignity If it please the court, I'll speak. (Loquacious Orator: Ask to speak 1/8)
Ferocity This "creature" is an associate of mine. (Loquacious Orator: Defend your friend's honor 2/8)
if choosing Dignity
<Character name>: Councilor Mayameen, if it pleases the court, I'd like to speak.
Councilor Mayameen: Oh—Hero of Amnoon! We'd be honored. I had no idea you were here for this case.
if choosing Ferocity
if asura
<Character name>: Councilor Mayameen, I take exception to that characterization. He's an associate of mine.
<Character name>: Councilor Mayameen, I take exception to that characterization. This "creature" is an associate of mine.
Councilor Mayameen: Oh—Hero of Amnoon! I wouldn't have expected you to keep such...questionable company.
Councilor Mayameen: The floor is yours. Although I don't know what could possibly convince me to release this diseased threat into our city.
<Character name>: Diseased?
Taimi: Oh! Forgot to mention: To prove it only infects humans, he DID expose himself to the contagion. But nothing happened!
Councilor Mayameen: Nothing happened? He's deliberately growing a beetle under his skin.
<Character name>: I'm sorry—he has a what growing where?
Taimi: Oh, yeahhh, ha ha.'s a new species of beetle that could help us know what.
Gorrik: His name is Petey. He's cold sensitive, but otherwise an excellent specimen...slash pet.
Councilor Mayameen: Order, please. Commander, so far I'd say your cause is suffering.
(dialog options)
Councilor Mayameen: Order, please. Commander, so far, I'd say your cause is suffering.
Dignity Your honor, did you have Gorrik examined? (Loquacious Orator: Find an error in the court's process 3/8)
Ferocity Your Honor, Gorrik is working to PREVENT an outbreak. (Loquacious Orator: Explain the circumstances 4/8)
if choosing Dignity
<Character name>: Your honor, did you have Gorrik examined?
Councilor Mayameen: I wouldn't ask any physician to risk exposure. But... there's a bug growing under his skin, and, well—LOOK at him.
(further dialog options)
Councilor Mayameen: I wouldn't ask any physician to risk exposure. But... there's a bug growing under his skin, and, well, look at him.
Ferocity "Look at him"? What's that supposed to mean? (Loquacious Orator: Call out racial bias 5/8)
Dignity So you admit you have no medical proof that he's infected or contagious. (Loquacious Orator: Ask for proof 6/8)
if choosing Ferocity
<Character name>: "Look at him"? What's that supposed to mean?
if asura
Councilor Mayameen: Well, I mean, even in the best of health, your kind tend to look sort of, you know... sickly. Weak.
Councilor Mayameen: Well, I mean, even in the best of health, his kind tend to look sort of, you know... sickly. Weak.
Taimi: Wow, Councilor.
<Character name>: I think Your Honor needs to examine her own assumptions here.
Taimi: You tell 'er, Commander.
if asura
Councilor Mayameen: I didn't mean... Look, maybe I'm biased. The only asura I've ever seen are the Inquest—present company excepted.
Councilor Mayameen: I didn't mean... Look, maybe I'm biased. The only asura I've ever seen are the Inquest. And I'm not a fan.
Councilor Mayameen: They captured some of our citizens and subjected them to horrific experimentation with strange diseases.
<Character name>: It's clear your experience has caused you to act hastily, Councilor.
Councilor Mayameen: (sigh) So it would seem.
if choosing Dignity
<Character name>: So you admit you have no medical proof that he's infected or contagious.
Councilor Mayameen: Well...
<Character name>: Then for all you know, the beetle is benign and Gorrik's as healthy as a dolyak.
Taimi: He won't be when I get done with him...
Councilor Mayameen: Hmm. The court would seem to find itself in a bit of a conundrum.
Councilor Mayameen: I can't have him examined for fear of spreading a contagion. But I can't hold him for lack of corroborative evidence.
Councilor Mayameen: (sigh) Perhaps we've acted too hastily.
Councilor Mayameen: Given the lack of concrete evidence, and given your willingness to vouch for his character...
Councilor Mayameen: The court hereby orders Gorrik released. I hope you know what you're doing, Commander.
if choosing Ferocity
<Character name>: Your Honor, Gorrik is working to PREVENT an outbreak.
Councilor Mayameen: Of WHAT, Commander? This all seems so shrouded in secrecy.
Councilor Mayameen: The accused freely admitted to working on some kind of horrible...pestilence, I believe he called it...
Councilor Mayameen: The asura may be new to Amnoon, but their reputation for questionable scientific ethics has been EMPHATICALLY confirmed.
Councilor Mayameen: If you expect me to exonerate your associate, I think I need to know the whole story.
Taimi: Ixnay on the arabscay!
(further dialog options)
Taimi: Ixnay on the arabscay!
Ferocity It's the Scarab Plague. We believe Joko is planning to unleash it. (Loquacious Orator: Tell the truth 7/8)
Dignity I can't say more, Your Honor. You're going to have to trust me. (Loquacious Orator: Ask for the councilor's trust 8/8)
if choosing Ferocity
<Character name>: It's the Scarab Plague. We believe Joko is planning to unleash it.
Councilor Mayameen: Scarab Plague! If word gets out, we could have a mass panic on our hands!
Gorrik: And if I DON'T get out, you'll have massive casualties on your hands.
Councilor Mayameen: Are—are you THREATENING me?
<Character name>: Gorrik! No—of course he's not. And we'll do everything in our power to prevent an outbreak. But I need him freed.
Councilor Mayameen: When you put it that way...I suppose I'd be breaking my oath if I were to stand in your way. You win, Commander.
if choosing Dignity
<Character name>: I can't say more, Your Honor. You're going to have to trust me.
Councilor Mayameen: You've put me in a serious bind, Commander. If I release Gorrik, the people will demand an explanation.
Gorrik: And if you don't, they'll all be dead. Tough choice, all right.
Councilor Mayameen: They also need to have faith in the judicial system.
<Character name>: Tell them that, on my honor, the Hero of Amnoon guarantees the accused poses no threat to the public health whatsoever.
Councilor Mayameen: Hmm. All right, Commander. But if anything goes wrong—ANYTHING—I'm holding YOU responsible.
Councilor Mayameen: Mr. Gorrik, you're free to go. Bailiff, leave the key and clear the chamber. Excuse us, will you, Commander?
After releasing Gorrik
Gorrik: Cretins.
Taimi: I think the words you're looking for are "thank you."
<Character name>: Regardless, it's over now. You two can get back to work—
Gorrik: They impounded my materials at the docks.
Taimi: And Blish! They just lumped him in with our stuff. Like a thing. Like PROPERTY.
<Character name>: Then I'll meet you at the docks.
On the way to the docks
Taimi: Please tell me you've learned your lesson, Gorrik.
Gorrik: Definitely: never underestimate the ignorance of the masses.
Taimi: I mean bragging about your sensitive experiments in public.
Gorrik: Am I supposed to anticipate the neuroses and paranoia of literally everyone around me?
Taimi: Only if you mind the occasional stint in jail.
Gorrik: (grumble) I really don't understand you people.
If confirmed it is the Scarab Plague
Cavalier (1): Heard that asura threatened to release the Scarab Plague on us.
Cavalier (2): And they let him go? Wait, there he is.
Cavalier (1): I TOUCHED him. I swear I can feel my skin crawling...
Cavalier (1): Can you believe they just let that asura go?
Cavalier (2): There he is—right there.
Cavalier (1): Unbelievable. It's all about who you know in this world.
At the docks
Lord Faren: Well, well, well... Commander!
Lord Faren: I was hoping our paths might intersect.
<Character name>: Lord Faren! What brings you here?
Lord Faren: Pact Marshal Thackeray has sent a ship with supplies to aid poor ravaged Amnoon. He asked me to receive it personally!
<Character name>: That's a big responsibility.
Lord Faren: Yes, I assume that's why he sent ME. Ship's been spotted in the harbor; should be arriving soon. Dock six.
Lord Faren: Say, it would so buoy the spirits of the locals if you were to attend. Give them a bit of diplomatic pomp.
<Character name>: I've got to help out a friend, so I might be a bit late, but...of course. Wouldn't miss it.
Lord Faren: Glorious.
Lord Faren: The delegation will be so impressed. Received by not one, but TWO of the most distinguished heroes in the world!
Meeting with Taimi and Gorrik
Taimi: Sheesh. They just dumped our stuff out here like garbage!
Gorrik: Half of these crates are cracked wide open! Numskulls.
Gorrik: No! My prized marshmallow mites!
Taimi: Gorrik, we just got you out of jail. A mite infestation will land you right back in!
Lord Faren: Never fear!
Gorrik: Ahhhh!
Taimi: You can breed more. Commander, maybe run them over with your mount? That'll stop them from spreading.
Noble: Can't trust those Inquest—asura, or whatever they are. You heard what they did. Council should have kicked him out.
Noble: Why would the council just...let him go?
Lord Faren: Right! Now that's handled, I'll be off. See you at dock six, Commander!
Taimi: You okay?
Gorrik: I am NOT; I'm having an atrocious day. Now, where is my brother?
Taimi: He has to be in one of these crates. Hey, Blish? Blish, you in here somewhere?
After finding Blish
Taimi: He's powered down!
Gorrik: No, no, no! Those idiots cut him off from the golem's neural net! It's like a black box. He must be going out of his mind!
Taimi: You gotta reboot him, quick!
Blish: (scream)
Blish: Brother...friends... The horror. I...I couldn't see, hear, speak, move. No sense of space or time. Only nothingness.
Taimi: Oh, Blish! You're back now. That's all over.
Blish: I would prefer not to experience that again.
Taimi: Never again! We promise. Right, Gorrik?
Gorrik: Indubitably!
<Character name>: That sounds truly awful, Blish. Are you sure you're all right?
Blish: (sigh) I think so. It's good to see you all again.
Taimi: We'll take care of him, Commander. Go ahead and meet the Pact ship.
At dock six
Refugee: Can you believe we're getting supplies all the way from Tyria? I had no idea they cared what happened to us.
Fisher: That overseas aid shipment should be here soon.
Onlooker: There's the ship! I see it!
Meeting with Faren
Lord Faren: But they are my countrymen, and Pact Marshal Thackeray—
Councilor Mayameen: I am thankful to Pact Marshal Thackeray for Kryta's magnanimous aid, and for your auspicious presence here.
Councilor Mayameen: But this is Elonian soil, and our people must come together as equals.
Councilor Mayameen: So, I will greet the delegation, introduce my fellow nobles, and then we will join you—and it seems the commander—here.
<Character name>: Councilor Mayameen. Lord Faren.
Councilor Mayameen: Nice to see you again. It seems I am twice blessed today. If you'll please excuse me. Please.
Lord Faren: Perfect timing, Commander. The Pact supply ship is here. Come, stand next to me so we can be seen together.
Councilor Mayameen: Krytans, welcome. It is my extreme pleasure to—
After the cinematic
<Character name>: The plague! Faren, everyone, get back!
Acolyte of Kormir: To me! I'll protect you!
Acolyte of Kormir: Don't let the scarabs into the city!
<Character name>: Aurene...? Thank goodness! Can you—?
if you run over the scarabs while unmounted
Acolyte of Kormir: Run through the fire—it'll burn them off! QUICKLY!
<Character name>: The scarabs are dead! Get to safety!
Appearance of Joko Projection
If declared independence in Blazing a Trail, or if you haven't completed that chapter
Joko Projection: Presumptuous people of Amnoon! This is the price you pay for declaring your independence...
If allied with the Sunspears in Blazing a Trail
Joko Projection: Ingrates of Amnoon! This is your punishment for cozying up to Sunspears...
If allied with Joko in Blazing a Trail
Joko Projection: People of Amnoon. Thanks for the banners. Also I´m going to experiment on you. Every great idea needs a focus group.
Joko Projection: Well, well, well, Commander. What are you doing here? Small world. Or maybe it's just Joko's getting larger.
Joko Projection: And now I've acquired the Scarab Plague. The genuine article, this time. Thank you for repeatedly failing to stop me.
Joko Projection: The carnage to come will be on your head—the final act of your pathetic little tale. But first things first:
Joko Projection: Ten seconds to curtain! Places for Act One, please, places for Act One. Break a leg, people! It's SHOWTIME!
Joko Projection: Alive or dead, all serve ME! Rise, pets! RISE!
Dealing with Awakened, Istari approaching
Joko Projection: Don't slow down now, Commander—this show is just getting started! Scene two: enter...ISTARI, THE INEXORABLE!
Istari the Inexorable: (roar)
Joko Projection: Discovered her myself. Very talented.
quotes while trying to awake minions:
Istari the Inexorable: Rise, minions!
Istari the Inexorable: You cannot kill the dead!
Istari the Inexorable: Once more into the fray!
Another wave of Awakened
Joko Projection: Duets are divine, but I love a big ensemble number. Scene three: CAST OF THOUSANDS!
Joko Projection: And now, the commander's poignant death scene. You're welcome.
Joko Projection: Wh— You brought a DRAGON? There's no dragon in this show!
Joko Projection: That's cheating. Nobody likes a cheater, Commander. What do we do to cheaters, Istari?
Istari the Inexorable: We put them to death.
Upon defeat Istari
Joko Projection: And...scene. I do hope you'll join me in Gandara for Act Two, Commander—I've reserved you a front row seat. Exit Joko.
Joko Projection: (cackle)
After the fight
Lord Faren: That's Joko? Good gods, he's insane!
Acolyte of Kormir: We've always lived in the shadow of that lich, hoping he'd leave us be. I must alert the rest of the council.
Taimi: Commander! What happened?
<Character name>: Joko intercepted the ship. Exposed all the crew and passengers to the Scarab Plague.
Gorrik: Oh my, my, my—a full-spectrum outbreak! This is incredible!
Taimi: Gorrik...
Gorrik: Oh, right. Sorry. Tragedy. Terrible.
if human
Taimi: Scarab Plague, huh? Lucky you didn't get infected, Commander.
Lord Faren: That lunatic despot stole the Pact's war supplies and murdered my countrymen. He MUST die.
Taimi: According to Joko, he CAN'T die. He just pops back to life like a demented Jack-in-the-box.
<Character name>: Plenty of accounts to back that up. Then again, Joko says a lot of things. He claims HE killed Balthazar.
Lord Faren: Stealing our credit, eh, Commander? So: what's our plan?
if human
<Character name>: It's not that easy. Humans can catch the plague. If we go to war, our people will have to sit it out.
<Character name>: It's not that easy. Humans can catch the plague. If we go to war, your people will have to sit it out.
Lord Faren: Seems to me this Joko has already declared war—on US. And I for one am joining the fight!
Taimi: Uh, Gorrik, Blish—let's give Lord Faren and the commander some privacy.
Gorrik: Oh my, oh my, oh my...
<Character name>: Lord Faren, this is a delicate matter—
Lord Faren: You gave me busy work when you faced Balthazar. Not again. Humans have the most to lose here.
Lord Faren: Honor demands a Krytan join the fight against this monstrosity. I shall be that Krytan.
Interacting with the statue in the ship
Statue: (humming) Nothing to see here. (humming)
Statue: Oh, who am I kidding? This monument is the finest in Joko idolatry.
Statue: Consider this a gift to Amnoon in preparation for its subjugation.
Statue: I'm nothing if not a patron of the arts. Commissioned it from Palito himself, Kourna's most renowned sculptor.
Statue: He loves rare delicacies, so I served him his wife's liver.
Statue: Cook went overboard with the cayenne—Palito's nose wouldn't stop running.
Statue: I had to pose nude for twelve hours, but it was worth it.
Statue: It captures my menace, don't you think? And my unshakable brio.
Statue: Oh— Had Palito construct one of you as well. On your knees, of course, and blubbering, as if crying out "Why? Why, why, why?"
Statue: It's where all Kournan birds prefer to poop.
The statue has nothing more to say.
Talk end option tango.png Destroy It
Statue: Sacrilege!
Statue: Not an art lover, eh?
Statue: I expect to be compensated. Your liver will do nicely.
Talk end option tango.png Walk Away (the statue cannot be interacted with anymore if you choose this option)
Statue: Until we meet again, Commander.

My story[edit]

Seized loading screen.jpg

Taimi informed me of the Amnoon City Council's overeager imprisonment of Gorrik on the grounds of public health. I attended the trial and successfully argued for Gorrik's freedom. He's investigating countermeasures to the Scarab Plague.

I met Taimi and Gorrik at the docks where their research material was impounded. We dealt with the escape of Gorrik's marshmallow mites, then found Blish and powered him back on. Lord Faren helped a little, too.

Lord Faren and I waited for the Krytan ship at the docks. Councilor Mayameen went ahead to meet them, only to discover that all aboard had been infected with the Scarab Plague. She succumbed, but with Aurene's help, I managed to contain the Plague.

Joko sent an Awakened battalion to attack Amnoon and spread the Plague, but I stopped them at the docks. After I defeated his champion, Joko challenged me to meet him in Gandara. Despite the risk of infection, Faren declared he would join me in this fight.

My story