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Forging Steel (story)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about The Icebrood Saga story step. For the Strike Mission, see Forging Steel.

Forging Steel is the first story step of Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire in The Icebrood Saga. The party leader follows in the footsteps of Ryland Steelcatcher.


Travel to the Eye of the North and meet with Aurene.
  • Travel to the Eye of the North.
  • Consult with Aurene.
Use the Scrying Pool to relive Aurene's vision of the past.
  • Gaze into the Scrying Pool to enter Aurene's vision.
  • Aid the Steel Warband.



Approach Aurene at the scrying pool, listen to her dialogue, and then enter the cooperative mission instance for Forging Steel.

See the Forging Steel article for walkthrough and achievement information for the strike mission.

Note that to progress the story, you must wait until the dialogue is complete at the end of the strike mission; if you walk through the portal prior to that, you will have to repeat the mission.



Elder Dragons


Open world[edit]

Aurene: Champion. I've peered into the abyss of time during your absence. There's something you should see.

At Eye of the North[edit]

Optional dialogue with Rytlock
Rytlock Brimstone: Looks like you're ready to get back to it, Commander.
Rytlock Brimstone: We'll make Bangar regret his piss-poor aim.
Rytlock Brimstone: I need to talk to you, but Aurene said she's got something important to show you.
Talking to Rytlock again
Rytlock Brimstone: Go ahead and finish your business with Aurene. I think she wants you to bathe in that pool or something.
Rytlock Brimstone: Do what you gotta do. I won't make it weird.
Entering Aurene's chamber
Aurene: Your wounds have mended.
<Character name>: Still a bit sore. Can't wait to return the favor to Bangar.
Aurene: His army grows as more charr defect to his cause. In time he will march north and awaken Jormag.
Aurene: Tyrians who align themselves with Elder Dragons historically bring disaster. Present company excluded.
Aurene: Jormag's motives are unknowable, even to me. Will they end the cycle of rebirth, or will they bring...
<Character name>: Annihilation?
Aurene: Mm. I searched the Scrying Pool for answers, combing through visions of the past for some way to break the cycle.
Aurene: I haven't found any. But I witnessed something interesting, and I want you to see it.
Scrying Pool: The waters of the Scrying Pool shimmer.
Talk quest option tango.png Choose an entry into Aurene's vision of the past. (Forging Steel)
Living Story Recap.png View the Eye of the North before your friends arrived here. (If you have unlocked a recap by completing the appropriate Steel and Fire achievement)
Talk end option tango.png Look away.
If you walk away
Aurene: What are you waiting for? The scrying pool's ready.
Aurene: Don't tell me you're afraid of a little water.

In the vision[edit]

Primary article: Forging Steel#Dialogue

My story[edit]

Forging Steel loading screen.jpg

Rytlock and Crecia brought me to the Eye of the North to recover from my injuries following our standoff with Bangar and Ryland. After some fitful rest, I awoke ready to get back in the fight.

To aid in my understanding of the current conflict, Aurene asked me to share in a vision she had seen of the recent past. I focused on the Scrying Pool and found myself reliving a memory of Ryland's warband as they fought to establish a supply line for Bangar's forces.

My story