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Tidings and Misgivings

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Tidings and Misgivings

1333 AE
The Icebrood Saga
Eye of the North
(Shiverpeak Mountains)
Preceded by
Primordus Rising
Followed by
Defending Tyria

Tidings and Misgivings is the second story step of Champions, Chapter 1: Truce, the fifth episode of The Icebrood Saga.


Travel to the Eye of the North, and share your experience with Aurene.
  • Touch base with Aurene.



Go to the Scrying Pool at the Eye of the North, and listen to the dialogue between Aurene, Bangar and yourself.



Elder Dragons


Eye of the North[edit]

Jormag through Bangar: So sure of the world, aren't you. Is it your youth? The manner of your birth? Living among them...?
Aurene: All these vague warnings—but you're not actually telling me anything. Why not find a way to keep Primordus asleep?
Jormag through Bangar: Primordus must die—there is no alternative. Your champion survived this day. I doubt that luck will hold.
<Character name>: You knew about the destroyers at Rata Sum?
Jormag through Bangar: I know all that my champion knows. It's special, isn't it, Aurene—the bond with one's champion? I'll leave you to yours.
Aurene: For what it's worth, I do believe Jormag wants to be free of Primordus.
<Character name>: I'll buy that—but what happens once Jormag gets what Jormag wants? And who gets caught in the cross fire?
<Character name>: This isn't just a charr or norn issue anymore. Tyria is about to have a serious destroyer and dragon problem. It's going to take all of us.
Aurene: I...won't leave you without support. I can give you something of myself to help as you face Primordus's vanguard.
<Character name>: Aurene.... Tyria needs us. All of us. And we need you.
Aurene: Energy this volatile... I fear my presence would only exacerbate things...
Aurene: No. I'll do what I can from here. The rest is up to you.

My story[edit]

Eye of the North loading screen.jpg

Back at the Eye of the North, Aurene continued to verbally spar with Jormag, who insisted that there was no way out of this situation without killing Primordus. The ice dragon also conveyed that they can see and hear everything their champion witnesses. We need to be even more careful what we say around Ryland.

Aurene shared her concern with me. Problems around Tyria were about to get much worse with two raging Elder Dragons competing for magic. With Primordus on the rise, Jormag is doing everything they can to get the upper hand. I urged Aurene to join the fight, but she declined. In her view, having a third Elder Dragon meddling with volatile magic could destabilize everything further. Instead, she vowed to assist us from the Eye. I hope it's enough.

My story