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Old Foes, Old Ghosts

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Old Foes, Old Ghosts

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Old Foes, Old Ghosts is the sixth part of Rising Flames.


Find the final machine.

  • Find the mursaat fortress.
  • Talk to the ghost of Captain Grumby.
  • Find the mursaat helm.
  • Find the mursaat armor chest.
  • Find the mursaat glove.
  • Find the mursaat boot.
  • Return to Grumby.
  • Ascend the fortress and activate the machine.
  • Report back to Rhoban.



Use the Castaway Circus Waypoint and head towards the area indicated on your map. You can reach it by swimming along the coast or using the Thermal Tube near the circus.

Head towards up the hill past Explorer Rakk to find the Ghost of Captain Grumby and speak to him. You'll now have to find four pieces of Mursaat armor:

  1. Glove: Head east from Grumby towards the Mastery Insight to use the two updrafts, and upon reaching the top of the second one, carefully descend to land on the ledge below with the Ancient Armored Glove. This cannot be done if the Defeat the Pyroclastic Jade Construct event is active as the updrafts will vanish.
  2. Boot: From the Ancient Armored Glove, glide west past Grumby to reach the Ancient Armored Boot.
  3. Breastplate: From there drop down and use the nearby Thermal Tube to hit a the ledge above the Ancient Armored Breastplate, and from there carefully glide down to reach it.
  4. Helm: Return back to the Thermal Tube, but this time glide east towards the Caliph's Steps Vista, and upon getting close to it, head to the ledge on your right. Carefully scale the ledge heading slightly south west the ledge towards the final green star indicator to reach a set of stairs. Drop down to it, and run down them, then drop down to the ledge below to get the Ancient Armored Helm, as well as a Mursaat Tokens (if you have not collected all of the yet), on the other side of the the thin rock from where the helm was lying.

Follow the river of lava back to Grumby, speak to him, and then use the two updrafts again, and land on the ledge near the top of the second updraft. Head to your right to a set of stairs, then at the top, take the stairs on your left, then upon reaching the top of those stairs, head to your right to find more stairs to ascend. At the top of this final set of stairs, at the Sealed Entrance point of interest, you will find the entrance to the Mursaat fortress.

Activate the machine, and after the cinematic, leave the way you came in, or simply use the Scratch Gate Waypoint to get back to Skritt Anchorage to talk to Rhoban. Speak to him to complete the episode.


Old Foes, Old Ghosts Rising Flames 0Achievement points
Sneak past mursaat defenses.Journal: Old Foes, Old Ghosts Completed Completed Old Foes, Old Ghosts 0Achievement points
  • Simply complete the episode.





Jade Construct
  • Veteran Jade Armor (only hostile without the Mursaat armor equipped)
  • Veteran Jade Bow (only hostile without the Mursaat armor equipped)
  • And foes associated with the open world and related events



Upon approaching Ghost of Captain Grumby
Ghost of Captain Grumby: Ahoy there, friend! Watch your step up ahead—that fortress is fit with defenses that'll tear you to shreds.
<Character name>: Is...that what happened to you?
Ghost of Captain Grumby: Me? No, not exactly. The name's Grumby. I used to work for the White Mantle as a ferry captain here.
Ghost of Captain Grumby: Then they started sacrificing people for that Bloodstone...and it wasn't long before I found myself on the altar.
Ghost of Captain Grumby: I've stuck around to warn any wayward travelers about the dangers ahead. So consider yourself warned.
<Character name>: The warning's appreciated, but I have to get inside that fortress. There's a machine inside I need to activate.
<Character name>: If I fail, these islands are doomed. How can I get past the defenses?
Ghost of Captain Grumby: The defenses only allow mursaat to enter. Anybody who doesn't look the part is cut down where they stand.
<Character name>: Could I disguise myself as a mursaat to fool the defenses?
Ghost of Captain Grumby: What? That'll never work! ...Wait, could that work? ...That might actually work.
Ghost of Captain Grumby: There's some mursaat armor nearby... It's very well defended, but if you can get it, it'd make a serviceable disguise.
<Character name>: Only one way to find out.
Ghost of Captain Grumby: Worst-case scenario, the scourge of the mursaat claims another innocent. But at least I'll have some company.
Upon returning to Ghost of Captain Grumby while wearing the mursaat armor
Ghost of Captain Grumby: Well, I'll be—you sure look the part! Those defenses shouldn't trouble you now.
Ghost of Captain Grumby: Good luck in your search. But if you fail and the volcano erupts, at least it'll take this terrible place with it.
After activating the last machine
<Character name>: That's the last of the dwarven machines. I should return to Rhoban.
Upon talking to Rhoban
Rhoban: The isles are downright peaceful. Guess you found all of the contraptions, eh?
Rhoban: Of course, it won't be long until the torrent builds up again. Perhaps by then I'll have these skritt whipped into shape...
Rhoban: Hey, you still with me, friend? You've got this faraway look in your eyes—
After the vision
Rhoban: Hey! Where'd you float off to just now? You all right?
<Character name>: I just had a vision. A pretty ominous one.
Rhoban: A vision? You sure it's not just the heat playing tricks on you?
<Character name>: This was no hallucination. I have to get back to Tarir as soon as possible.
Rhoban: Guess I'll have to take your word for it. Well, thank you for the help, friend! The Fire Islands owe you a great debt.

My story[edit]

Ember Bay loading screen.jpg

During my search for the final dwarven machine, I discovered the ruins of a mursaat fortress. It was fascinating to see this piece of history, but even better was when I activated the final machine. For the moment, the volcano is calming, and I bought us all some time.

My story


  • After collecting all the armor parts, you will obtain the Mursaat Armor effect.
  • If a player with the Mursaat Armor effect is standing in the lava pool when the Defeat the Pyroclastic Jade Construct event begins, they can be stuck inside a rock platform. The player will be unable to waypoint as they will be marked in combat by the lava, but not killed by it.
  • Sometimes upon entering the Mursaat chamber you will not be able to activate the device. You will either have to waypoint out and re enter the chamber or log out and log back in for you to activate the device.
During Igneous Breach Rhoban states that the dwarves have been recently maintaining the machines, however the fourth machine encountered during Old Foes, Old Ghosts is sealed behind a door that only mursaat and those disguised as them are allowed to pass through.