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Bleed (story)

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1332 AE
Living World Season 4
War Eternal
(Crystal Desert)
Preceded by
Glory of Dragons
Followed by
Disambig icon.png This article is about the story step. For the condition, see Bleeding.

Bleed is the fourth story step of the Living World Season 4 Episode 6, War Eternal.


Reforge and use a true Dragonsblood Spear.
  • Find Zafirah.
  • Take the Dragonsblood Spear.
  • With the Zephyrites, reforge the Dragonsblood Spear.
  • Test the bloodied spear on Branded in Dragonfall.
  • (Test out the reforged spear on Branded.)
  • Branded speared: x/10
  • Answer Aurene.
Take your reforged Dragonsblood Spear to Kralkatorrik.
  • Find a weak point near Kralkatorrik's claw.
  • Spear Kralkatorrik.
  • Escape from the collapsing cave.
  • Receive Taimi's report.
Travel into the cave network under the island.
  • Go into the caves under Kralkatorrik.



Entrance to the Kralkatorrik's weak point.

Test the bloodied spear on Branded in Dragonfall is completed by using the bloodied spears generated when near the quest objective marked branked. You do not need to run to all six shown locations, as the Branded respawn after some time.

The location of Kralkatorrik's weak point is at Shackled Grasp. Starting from Waypoint (map icon).png The Underworld Waypoint, head northeast. Just before the Brandstorm (assuming the Event dragon (map icon).png [Group Event] Engage Kralkatorrik (80) event isn't ongoing, or finished) there will be a cave entrance to the left. Follow it underground, which will lead you to an exposed scab. Spear Kralkatorrik using the special action key.


Bleed War Eternal 0Achievement points
Reforge your spears with Kralkatorrik's blood.Journal: Bleed Complete Bleed Completed 0Achievement points
  • Simply complete the mission.



Charr (voice only)


  • As an Open World mission you can encounter any foe from the map, especially any type of Branded, which you are supposed to hunt.
Elder Dragons


Reaching Zafirah[edit]

Zafirah: Good hunting, Commander. I see you have the blood. Here's the spear.
Zephyrite: Coat it with Kralkatorrik's blood. A brief resonance should fuse the two together.
<Character name>: Should. Let's hope Gorrik's right.
Zephyrite: Ready to sing, sister?
After reforging the spear
<Character name>: A true Dragonsblood spear.
Zafirah: May it fare better than the last. Now, Commander—show us a god of war.
After testing the spear
Aurene: The spear. Is it...?
<Character name>: Working beautifully. Time for the real test.
Aurene: Kralkatorrik. Try near his claw, Champion—there's cover from the Brandstorm.

In Dragon's Snare[edit]

Approaching Kralkatorrik’s weak point
Taimi: The choppers brought in plenty of blood from the wing. Enough to arm our best fighters.
Gorrik: And the Zephyrites have been singing as fast as they can.
Taimi: It'll be a while before we have enough, but we're already distributing the ones we've finished.
Next to Kralkatorrik’s weak point
<Character name>: Elder Dragon. I believe this belongs to you.
Spearing Kralkatorrik
<Character name>: For Elona! For Tyria! For Blish.
Kralkatorrik: (roar)
Aurene: (answering roar of bloodthirsty delight)
Gorrik: I hope it hurts as much as—I hope it hurts.
<Character name>: Oh, it hurt.
After escaping the cave
Taimi: Commander, you're right—the spear really works. But somehow Kralkatorrik is still healing!
<Character name>: What?
Taimi: I know! We're redirecting ley lines, but it's not working! It's like there's an artery of ley energy right underneath him!
Gorrik: My seismic data supports Taimi's hypothesis. He's tangled in some kind of cave network.
<Character name>: We have to get in there and block that ley line.
Zafirah: I'll go.
<Character name>: Good. Caithe, you come too.
Logan Thackeray: Commander, do you need your Pact marshal?
Rytlock Brimstone: Glint's army needs you. Stick with them. Commander: I'm coming.
<Character name>: It's settled. Let's go.
Next to the cave leading under Kralkatorrik
<Character name>: Aurene! We're going under Kralkatorrik to block a ley line.
Aurene: I'll be there. Almorra's army is about to attack. They'll keep him occupied while we go below and finish this.
If you are disconnected from the map for any reason (e.g. meta ends) and lose the special action key while retaining the dragonsblood spear on your character's back, leave the map; quit the episode and start another one; restart the Bleed episode and then return to the map and to one of the highlighted areas where the Branded are present. You should get the special action key back..

My story[edit]

Dragonfall loading screen.jpg

I met Zafirah in the field. She had brought her Dragonsblood Spear and two Zephyrites. With their help, I reforged the spear, this time using Kralkatorrik's blood.

It was time to test the spear on Kralkatorrik. I found a vulnerable place and sank the spear deep. He roared with pain.

Despite our efforts, Kralkatorrik continued to heal. Taimi suggested he was feeding from underground ley lines. Gorrik confirmed the existence of a network of caves beneath Kralkatorrik. We headed in.

My story