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The Origins of Madness

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Living World episode. For the achievement category, see The Origins of Madness (achievements).

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The heroes of Tyria face a battle on two fronts; their beloved land is imperiled as never before. From under the sun-baked sands of Bloodtide Coast, a gigantic, three-headed jungle wurms has arisen to threaten all who come within its domain. In the mountains of Lornar's Pass, Scarlet's latest creation — a towering, mechanical monstrosity — is wreaking destruction.

— Official website

The Origins of Madness is the release launched on January 21, 2014, lasting until February 18, 2014. The release consists of the introduction of the Twisted Marionette Weapon Test meta event and three wurm world boss events. The meta event is the Living World portion of the content, pitting players against the Twisted Marionette and Scarlet's minions. The wurms are a set of three world bosses that are a similar challenge to Tequatl.


Living World Season 1[edit]

Episode 16 - The Origins of Madness[edit]

New Achievements[edit]

Updated Areas[edit]

New World Bosses[edit]

  • Triple Trouble in Bloodtide Coast
    • Amber Great Jungle Wurm: Whisperwill Bogs South of Waypoint (map icon).png Bogside Camp Waypoint
    • Cobalt Great Jungle Wurm: Mournful Depths On Beach North of Vista (map icon).png Jelako Cliffrise Vista
    • Crimson Great Jungle Wurm: Challdar Gorges Outside of Caves SE of Point of interest (map icon).png Glorious Drill Collective #4
  • Twisted Marionette in Lornar's Pass

New Materials[edit]

New Rewards[edit]

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Gem Store[edit]

Living World[edit]

Primary article: The Origins of Madness (living world)


Twisted Marionette Weapon Test[edit]

The marionette towers above the heroes.
Primary article: Twisted Marionette Weapon Test

The Origins of Madness release focuses on the Twisted Marionette world boss and the corresponding Twisted Marionette Weapon Test meta event. Players must guard 5 gates from Scarlet's minions and destroy the generators to prevent the railgun from firing and take down the gigantic watchwork marionette. The meta event starts every 2 hours and alternates with the wurm event to avoid overlapping. The Twisted Marionette event occurs on even hours (PST) with the wurms starting on odd hours (PST).


After the update, the following mail was sent to all players:


Marjory Delaqua, Delaqua Investigations

New Threats Are Upon Us

<Character name>,

I'm asking friends to meet me in Lornar's Pass, where Scarlet's dropped some new type of twisted monstrosity from one of her portals. Local Priory observers are convinces that she's planning to set off a doomsday weapon in their remote end of the Shiverpeaks. They say she's recalling her twisted watchwork troops from all over Tyria to power her weapon test, and I say that we need to shut it down before a lot of innocents get killed.

One more thing. You know those mysterious probe devices that have been found all over Tyria? I've heard that the Vigil are looking into three of those discovered only recently in Bloodtide Coast. These are dangerous times, and I'm sure those Vigil crusaders would appreciate your help reaching the investigation sites.

—Marjory Delaqua


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The Origins of Madness
Track Title Length Composer Download
1 Twisted Marionette Battle, Part 1 3:45 Maclaine Diemer SoundCloud
2 Twisted Marionette Battle, Part 2 1:36 Maclaine Diemer SoundCloud

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