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Disambig icon.png This article is about the story chapter. For the weapon set, see Dragonsblood weapons. For the weapon created by Glint, see Dragonsblood Spear. For the weapons created by the Pact, see Dragonsblood Spears.


Dragonsblood is the second part of All or Nothing.


Learn about the Dragonsblood Forge.
  • Talk to Ogden.
  • Speak to Forge Master Hilina.
  • Leave the keep.
Retrieve oil from the dredge.
  • Speak to the dredge about oil.
  • (Use Aurene's magic to clear the Brand crystals.)
  • Crystals destroyed: x/2
  • Channel Aurene's magic to destroy the large Brand crystal.
Secure an intact weapon mold.
  • Find Frodak Steelstar's tomb.
  • Listen to Frodak.
  • Pick up the plate.
  • Place the plate on the teleporter.
  • Get the mold from the graveling.
Forge a new Dragonsblood weapon.
  • Return to the forge.
  • Place the mold over the quenching pool.
  • Ask Aurene to break down the crystal.
  • Forge a new weapon.
  • Pick up your newly forged Dragonsblood weapon.
Test the power of the new Dragonsblood weapons against the Branded.
  • (Use the new Dragonsblood spear on the Branded.)
  • Test throws: x/5
  • Return to the forge with your findings.




Speak to Forge Master Hilina

She is in The Forge by Observation Deck Waypoint. She tells you why you need the oil.

Retrieve Oil from the Dredge

Head to Revolution's Heart Waypoint in the SW corner of the map to destroy the crystals

Crystals Destroyed

Walk up to the crystals on the pipeline northwest of Varya and use your special action key. The skill is directional so you'll need to point it at the crystals to destroy them. Walk back to Varya and use the special action on the large crystal just to the north of her. It will fail but then Aurene will come and destroy it.

Pick up the plate

Once you've taken the plate head just east of Frodak to the purple marked door. Place the plate and enter the room. Touch the tomb to spawn a Veteran Graveling Ghost Eater. At 50% it will dig underground and disappear summoning a small pile of Graveling Hatchlings. After dispaching those it will reappear and you can finish it off to obtain the Ancient Weapon Mold.

Test the weapon

Simply use the new special action key spear against branded enemies in the map. You can use the same enemy 5 times if you don't actually kill it. You can also use the spear while mounted. Return to The Forge again and you're done.


Dragonsblood All or Nothing 0Achievement points
Create and test a prototype Dragonsblood weapon.Journal: Dragonsblood Completed Created a Prototype Dragonsblood Weapon 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story.



  • Frodak Steelstar
  • Defector (whilst the final step is active)
  • Recruit (whilst the final step is active)
  • Villager (whilst the final step is active)


  • Various
  • Any foes associated with the open world and related events



Upon loading into Thunderhead Peaks
Zafirah: What... Balthazar? I can feel him...
<Character name>: Ah, right. You haven't met Aurene in person.
Zafirah: I...never expected to feel his presence again. And in a dragon...
Caithe: She's a very special dragon.
<Character name>: I'll let you all get acquainted while I track down Ogden.
Upon approaching Ogden Stonehealer
Ogden Stonehealer: Commander. I take it the trials went well.
Taimi: Look at this place! Glint's secret forge! Under an ancient dwarven keep!
Gorrik: I've seen better.
Taimi: Logan's here with the Pact. Same with Rox and the Olmakhan. Sayida too—she gave us a ride after I filled her in.
Taimi: The whole crew's gearing up for Kralkatorrik!
<Character name>: Do I hear singing coming from the forge?
Ogden Stonehealer: The Zephyrite choir. An integral part of the forging process.
Ogden Stonehealer: My people built this place, but the Zephyrites and Exalted have cared for it since the days of Glint.
<Character name>: Hope everything still works. We've got an army to equip with Dragonsblood weapons.
Ogden Stonehealer: Speak to the forge master, Hilina. She'll get you started.
Talking to Taimi
<Character name>: Taimi, how are you feeling? You look a little tired—
Gorrik: See? I told you, you need to rest! Tell her, Commander—she never listens to me.
Taimi: She's doing fine, thanks. Gorrik, why don't you update the commander on our progress, huh?
Gorrik: We've been using the data from...the tracker... We... It...
Taimi: It's giving us way more than we expected. Kralk's vitals, the magic he's channeling, plus all the tracking data.
Taimi: We're seeing him take real damage from Glint's army. AND every time we slam one of his rifts shut.
If asura:
<Character name>: Excellent. We want him maximally weak before we face off.
If charr:
<Character name>: Good. We want him as weak as possible before we face off.
If human:
<Character name>: Good. Gods know, we want him as weak as possible before we face off.
If norn:
<Character name>: Good. Spirits know, we want him as weak as possible before we face off.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Good. Pale Mother knows, we want him as weak as possible before we face off.
Gorrik: We were also able to evacuate several villages before his minions broke through.
<Character name>: Every time you get the word out, you two are saving lives.
Gorrik: We three.
Talking to Forge Master Hilina
Forge Master Hilina: Scion and champion. We've waited a long time for this.
<Character name>: Forge Master. Heard you can arm us to fight an Elder Dragon.
Forge Master Hilina: Indeed, the Dragonsblood Forge is ready. But we will need a special oil to quench the weapons, or they'll shatter.
Forge Master Hilina: The dredge extract it on the ice floe to the southwest. I sent your friends to retrieve some, but they haven't returned.
<Character name>: I'll see if I can hurry them along.
Upon approaching Varya
Olmakhan Windcaller: Commander—the oil vats are sealed with Brand crystals. And even if they weren't, Varya here seems disinclined to share.
Varya: We lost half our people to the Brand. Our rigs, too. And now you want what little oil we have left?
<Character name>: We want the same thing, Varya: one less Kralkatorrik in the world.
<Character name>: I could crack the Brand crystals off your vats and equipment. Would that make you feel a bit more generous?
Varya: It might.
After destroying two crystals
Vayra:The pump's blocked too...
When Aurene arrives
Varya: A dragon!
Olmakhan Windcaller: It's Aurene—she's on our side.
<Character name>: Thanks, Aurene, but we don't want Kralkatorrik's attention just yet. Maybe head back underground, check on Taimi for me?
Taimi: Oh yes, by all means, check on Taimi...
Aurene: (chirp)
<Character name>: Well, Varya? Where do we stand?
Varya: You kept your word. I'll give you what we can spare; if your friends can get our rigs running again, there'll be more.
Olmakhan Windcaller: We'll make sure the oil gets to the forge master.
Taimi: Commander, once you've got oil, we'll need a new weapon mold. Forge Master Hilina says the old one cracked.
Taimi: She suggests we talk to the dwarves. Rhoban's around, but he's just a head, so... Here's Ogden!
Ogden: What? What do I...? Hello?
<Character name>: Ogden—we need a new mold for casting the weapons. Any ideas?
Ogden: There's Frodak Steelstar. Never met him, but the Dragonsblood Spear was his pride and joy. He'd know.
<Character name>: Sounds like just the dwarf. Where can I find him?
Ogden: Well...he's dead. But that never stopped you before. Might be a clue in his tomb. Have a look. And take notes for me.
Talking to Frodak Steelstar
Frodak Steelstar: I can hear you crashing around in there! Leave my stuff alone!
<Character name>: Excuse me—do you know where I can find the tomb of Frodak Steelstar?
Frodak Steelstar: You found it. What do you want?
<Character name>: I'm looking for a mold. Need to cast some weapons to kill Kralkatorrik.
Frodak Steelstar: ARE you? What happened to the first spear we made? Oh, right—you BROKE it! Yeah, that's right: I know who you are.
Frodak Steelstar: Word gets around. Ghosts gossip. Not a lot else to do in the Mists. You know. YOU know.
<Character name>: I do. So can you help me?
Frodak Steelstar: I could if I could go in my own damn tomb. Gods-damned graveling's in there trashing the place. I CAN HEAR YOU!
<Character name>: So you're saying there's another mold in there I can take?
Frodak Steelstar: You bet your dragon-killing boots. Here, take this plate—you'll need it to get inside. YOU'RE IN FOR IT NOW, PAL!
Optional dialog
Frodak Steelstar: Plenty more handy stuff in these ruins, by the way. But plenty of locked gates too.
Frodak Steelstar: And some of the ghosts around here are real jerks—always moving the damn plates around.
<Character name>: Good to know.
When leaving after obtaining the mold
Frodak Steelstar: You're welcome! Try not to break that one.
Talking to Forge Master Hilina
<Character name>: All right: we have oil, and we have a mold.
Forge Master Hilina: Then you're ready to cast the first weapon.
Forge Master Hilina: Bring the mold to the quenching pools.
Forge Master Hilina: Good. The Zephyrite choir you hear will vibrate the crystal at the proper frequency.
Forge Master Hilina: When you and the scion release the crystal's resonance, the raw material will become malleable.
Forge Master Hilina: Last time we used a shard from Kralkatorrik's body. Now we shall use Brand crystals from the dragon's minions.
<Character name>: Aurene, you're up. Same as in the trials.
Aurene: (chirp)
Forge Master Hilina: Now for the fire.
Forge Master Hilina: Ah, you see a hint of what will emerge. Only a shape for now, and rough. But the promise of beauty is there.
Forge Master Hilina: Almost done. Get ready to quench the weapon...
Forge Master Hilina: Now. Quench it in the pool.
Forge Master Hilina: A fine weapon—worthy of Glint's forge.
<Character name>: Glad you approve. Now to try it out on the Branded.
Forge Master Hilina: I'll have more waiting for you when you return.
Before/during testing the weapons
Taimi: Anyone seen Zafirah?
<Character name>: Not since we got here.
Logan Thackeray: Said she had something important to do.
Taimi: Huh. Okay. Let me know when she gets back.
Before returning to the forge
<Character name>: Taimi, you there?
Gorrik: No, no—you rest... What is it?
<Character name>: Gorrik? Is everything okay?
Gorrik: Well, we ARE seeing ghosts appear for no obvious reason. But they're not hostile, so technically yes—strange, but fine.
<Character name>: Huh. Well, I tested the new spears. Not as powerful as the original, but they'll do if we make enough for everyone.
Gorrik: I'll check with the forge master and run the numbers.
Taimi: WE'RE ON IT.

My story[edit]

Thunderhead Peaks loading screen.jpg

We arrived at Thunderhead Keep to find the Pact and our other allies already gathered there. The Keep was an impressive place, built long ago by the dwarves and maintained by the Exalted and Zephyrites since the days of Glint. Ogden directed us to Forge Master Hilina, the Exalted blacksmith who instructed us on how to start the process of forging new Dragonsblood weapons. We would begin by retrieving quenching oil from a dredge extraction operation to the south.

I sought out the dredge community on the ice floe to the south. They had an extensive oil extraction operation, but conflict with the Branded had cost them many lives and damaged their equipment. Still grieving from their losses and left with barely enough oil to get through the winter, their leader, Varya, was in no mood to share what little they had left. By channeling Aurene's magic I was able to clear the Brand crystals from their equipment, freeing up their oil reserves and earning Varya's cooperation.

Taimi reached out over comms to report that the original mold used in the forging process had cracked and we would need to track down a replacement. Ogden suggested we try the tomb of Frodak Steelstar, a long-dead dwarven weaponsmith who had apparently worked with Glint in forging the original Dragonsblood Spear. While searching for his tomb, I came across the ghost of Frodak himself and learned that a vicious graveling had displaced him from his tomb. By ridding his tomb of the graveling, I was able to secure a replacement mold for our new Dragonsblood weapons.

With the forge master's guidance, Aurene and I put the Dragonsblood Forge to use. Though the original Dragonsblood Spear was forged using a shard from Kralkatorrik's body, the forge master explained that we would have to make do with Brand crystals from Kralkatorrik's minions. Nevertheless, the spears we turned out looked like fine weapons, worthy of Glint's forge. All we needed now was to test their effectiveness on the Branded.

While Forge Master Hilina pressed on with forging more of the new Dragonsblood weapons, I tracked down a number of Branded enemies to test our initial batch. Though the weapons were clearly not as powerful as the original Dragonsblood Spear, they were still quite effective and would surely give us an advantage if we could make enough for all of our allies. I reached out to Taimi and Gorrik to report my findings, and Gorrik began calculating how much time we would need.

My story


  • Upon entering Thunderhead Peaks for the first time in the beginning of the mission, a Zephyrite choir sings the "Aurene, Dragon Full of Light" song which is used as diegetic music in the background.
  • Prior to returning to the forge various allied ghosts will appear near the player whilst exploring in the open world Thunderhead Peaks.
If the player loses their Dragonsblood Spears, the story section may be restarted to recover them or reacquire them at The Forge
Often, during the tomb fight, the Veteran Graveling will return at FULL, (not half) strength, after burrowing and releasing the hatchlings. The only (apparent) recourse is to restart the episode