The Things We Do For Love

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The Things We Do For Love

1325 AE
Personal story
Experiments Gone Wrong
Desider Atum
(Metrica Province)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
College of Dynamics
Preceded by
Biography Dynamics.png Monkey Wrench
Followed by
Biography VAL-A Golem.png Serving Up Trouble
Biography Transatmospheric Converter.png Where Credit Is Due
Biography Infinity Ball.png Any Sufficiently Advanced Science

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Loading screen.

The Things We Do For Love is part of the personal story for asura characters who are from the College of Dynamics and completed Monkey Wrench and have decided to fuse Kazz into a golem.


Fuse Kazz into a golem so he and Doxa can be together.

  • Meet Zojja and your krewe at the bridge to Desider Atum.
  • Create a distraction so Zojja and the MIG can get into the lab.
  • Fuse Kazz with the OMIG.
  • Escape from the Inquest's attack on the lab.
  • Defeat Teyo and her krewe.


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All professions


After the cinematic with Zojja and Kazz, head into the plaza. As you reach the area to be cleared, choose a strategy to create a distraction and clear bystanders. When that's done, examine the fusion device behind Kazz and the O.M.I.G. (click on the object text above the O.M.I.G. - the fusion device can be difficult to target) to fuse Kazz. Fight your way back toward the bridge, then defeat Teyo and her krewe.





Ambient creatures
Asura (Inquest)



Upon entry to the instance:

Kazz: We're a long way from the city, Zojja. The Inquest won't find us here.
Zojja: We're safe for the moment, but they'll find a way. Inquest always do.

Cinematic after the initial dialogue ends:

Zojja: We'd better get a move on. There's lots to do and it's only a matter of time before the Inquest comes looking for us.
Zojja: Plus, the Council is still stroppy about Doxa's rampage at the Snaff Prize competition. We can't afford to cause any more destruction.
Zojja: I can disable the Peacemaker golems so they'll leave us alone, but there are too many bystanders. We can't afford the complication of people getting hurt.
<Character name>: Leave that to me. I'll tell a few tall tales and get every extraneous person out of harm's way quickly, with a minimum of fuss.
Zojja: Good. Hronk is waiting inside with another golem for Kazz. You do your thing, clear the area, and then we'll get started.
Kazz: You hear that, my little alloyed flower? Soon we shall be together again, together forever.
Kazz: As long as you still love me, I can face anything. Do you still love me?
M.I.G.: Affirmative. Thank—you, loved—one—Kazz.

Speaking with Kazz:

Kazz: We need to clear out the two main areas of the complex to avoid unintentional casulties[sic]. Get to the center of each area and say something to hasten their departure!
Talk end option tango.png Will do.

As Zojja reaches the pair of Peacemaker Golems outside Desider Atum:

Peacemaker Golem: Halt! By—Peacemaker—order, you—will—submit[sic] to—golem—seach—and—seizure.
Zojja: You look like one of the old Mark Sevens. Command override 000: run full diagnostic scan.
Peacemaker Golem: Command—accepted. Estimated—time—to—completion: 23—days. Please—stand—by.
Zojja: We'll wait here, you clear the place out. Can't have all those innocents cluttering up the place.

Reaching the first area:

Kazz: Here's the first main area we have to clear. Think of something, quick. And remember to project!
Charisma Hey, gang! The Arcane Council is outside, distributing free helioneuronic actualizers!
Dignity Attention! By order of High Councillor Flax, this area is off limits. Clear the room!
Ferocity I've got a bomb! Anyone who doesn't want to get exploded better clear on out the back.
Charisma The bees! They're coming! Run while you can! By all that's holy, BEEEEEES! (Unpredictable)

Upon clearing the first area:

If chose the charisma option
Lazy Peacemaker Officer: Helioneuronic? Does that mean it makes your dreams come true?
Slacking Peacemaker Officer: Daydreams, he said. That's even better. Let's go, before they're all gone!
If chose the dignity option
Lazy Peacemaker Officer: Nobody told me about an evacuation order.
Slacking Peacemaker Officer: Yeah, but when do they tell us anything? Come on, let's join the rest of the evacuees.
If chose the ferocity option
Lazy Peacemaker Officer: A bomb? What do we do?
Slacking Peacemaker Officer: I say we run. Because...we need backup. Yeah, backup! Come on!
If chose the unpredictable option
Lazy Peacemaker Officer: What's going on? You can't yell "bees" in a crowded laboratory! It'll start a panic!
Slacking Peacemaker Officer: Ahh! Not the bees! I'm, uh, going to go and report this...somewhere else!

After clearing the first area:

Zojja: One more room to go. We need our privacy, after all. Now go do your thing!

Entering the second area (presented with the options suiting your current personality):

Kazz: Okay, you cleared the first room faster than a harpy's love song. Let's see what you can do with the second.
Charisma Who likes a carnival? Rides, games, balloons for the kiddies. Right outside!
Dignity Watch out! The Arcane Council is recruiting volunteers for ear-reduction surgery!
Ferocity I'm here for the hatchet fight. Got my hatchet right here. Ready? Let's begin!
Charisma Look out! There's a...a...I don't even know what it is, but it's got laser eyes! Run! (Unpredictable)

Upon clearing the second area:

If chose the charisma option
Gullible Krewe Leader: Balloons? I haven't seen those since—bnever mind, just go! We're sky-bound, people! Yeah!
If chose the dignity option
Gullible Krewe Leader: Whoa. This is it, everyone! Grab your inventions and go! We have to make a good impression!
If you selected the ferocity option
Gullible Krewe Leader: This sounds bad. Don't bother grabbing your things, just flee for your lives!
If you selected the unpredictable option
Gullible Krewe Leader: Plated behemoths? Not again!

Cinematic after arriving at the new golem shell:

<Character name>: You look like someone who's having second thoughts. It's not too late to turn back, you know. This will be incredibly dangerous.
Kazz: No. The closer we get, the more I realize how right this is. Doxa and I are meant to be together, and this way, we'll be together forever.
Hronk: Quit goldbricking, you two! We're running the final diagnostics now. While we're waiting, we need a name for Kazz's new body.
Kazz: I've got that covered, sir. Since Doxa occupies the Massively Impressive Golem, or MIG, mine will be the Other Massively Impressive Golem, or OMIG.
Zojja: Really? Well, it's your body. At least your wordplay is consistent. Let's get this over with before I laugh myself into a humour-based apoplexy.

Speaking with your allies before continuing:

Kazz: I can't deny, I'm nervous. What if it doesn't work? What if I disappear and Doxa's left alone? What if it succeeds, but our control sequencers are incompatible?
Talk end option tango.png We can do this, Kazz. We just have to stay focused.
Hronk: Well, now we're down two krewe members. I can't afford to lose you, too, so I hereby forbid you from merging your soul with any mechanical bodies.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed...for now. But if I get a better offer, all bets are off.
M.I.G.: MIG/Doxa—is—cautiously—optimistic. Loved—one—Kazz—is—truly—sweet—to—join—me—in—golemhood.
Talk end option tango.png He's definitely crazy about you, that's for sure. Or maybe just crazy.
Zojja: Your krewe is certainly full of odd ducks. I suppose you'll have to do some recruiting once these two sweethearts are gone.
Talk end option tango.png That's up to Hronk. But you're right, this krewe needs more staff.

Interaction with the Fusion Device:

Fusion Device: The machinery is warmed up and calibrated, the subjects ready and willing. All we need is your authorization.
Talk quest option tango.png Authorized. Let's get started.
Talk end option tango.png I'm not ready for this.

After beginning the fusion process:

Kazz: So that's going to be my new body, eh? Well, looking good, future me.

After Kazz becomes the O.M.I.G.:

O.M.I.G.: Visual—identification—complete. Doxa, my—dear. Is—that—you? It's—me, Kazz.
M.I.G.: Audio—input, acknowledged. Kazz? I—am—so—glad—to—see—you.
Zojja: I'd say that worked perfectly. Now to get you two, uh, lovebirds out of here.

Speaking to Zojja:

Zojja: We're glitched. I should've known the Peacemaker golems would respond to an evacuation.
Talk more option tango.png In other words, we need a new plan.
Let's take it slow. Stay out of sight as you move. Give the MIG and OMIG a clear sign when it's safe to proceed.
Talk more option tango.png Don't we have some sort of stealth device? (same as below)
Talk end option tango.png Sounds good. I'll get right to it.
Talk more option tango.png Don't we have some sort of stealth device?
Yes. But it only works on stationary and deactivated golems. It won't work if they're moving. Hey, don't look at me like that—it took years to get it to work at all.
Talk end option tango.png Making a note to fix that before we try this again. Let's get moving.
Talk end option tango.png I can handle this. Follow me.

Exiting the laboratory as the Inquest convert the slumbering 7 series into hostiles:

Peacemaker Golem: New—application—installing.
Peacemaker Golem: Installation—complete.

Cinematic upon escape:

Teyo: All right, you mental midgets! We're here to take back what you stole from us! Oh, and snuff you out for taking it.
Zojja: Oh, is that why you've come? Because all we have for you here are contusions and lacerations.
O.M.I.G.: Affirmative. MIG—and—OMIG—are—fully—functional. Our—golemic—love—is—stronger—than—the—Inquest. We—will—now—demonstrate—by—beating—said—Inquest—into—paste.
<Character name>: Hear that, Teyo? These golems mean business. And so do we. Let's go, people! The only way to safety is over the Inquest's broken bodies!

Cinematic after Teyo is defeated:

M.I.G.: Together—again, loved—one—Kazz. But we've—antagonized—the—Inquest—and—the—Arcane—Council. Tell—me, are—we—truly—free?
O.M.I.G.: We—are, my—lumbering—metal—cherub. Ours—will—be—a—hard—road, with—many—obstacles, but—we—will—flatten—them—all—with—appropriate—force.
O.M.I.G.: Thank—you, former—krewemates. We—will—never—forget—what—you—did—for—us, as—I—am—now—writing—it—to—long—term—memory. Until—we—meet—again.
<Character name>: Not what I'd call a traditional romantic partnership, but I suppose it takes all kinds. In a way, I envy their happiness.
Zojja: Really?
<Character name>: Nah. But I wish them the best, all the same.
Zojja: Heh. I like how you keep a cool head in the face of remarkable weirdness and still get results. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on you.
Hronk: I guess the only thing left to do is name the Snaff Prizedd Savant. Since it's down to just you and me, and I'm feeling magnanimous, congratulations! The title is yours.
Zojja: Keep up the good work, Savant. As the big metal lovers just said: until we meet again.

Speaking with your allies after the golem couple lumber off into the distance:

Hronk: I'm glad they're happy, but this makes me look bad. Losing one krewe member to golem fusion is bad, but two? My reputation may never recover.
Talk end option tango.png Don't worry, chief. Your genius reputation gained more than it lost during this episode.
Zojja: That was...interesting. I may want in on your next project...and I definitely want to take cover when it starts.
Talk end option tango.png It'll probably be something terribly dull and relaxing, as usual.

My story[edit]

Metrica Province loading screen.jpg

Despite the Inquest's continued interference, we successfully fused Kazz with a golem so that he and Doxa could be together forever. Once they were safe, Hronk offered me the title of Snaff Savant. I took it, of course: who else is more deserving? I think I also impressed Zojja, as she promised to keep an eye on me and my progress from here on.

My story