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Flame and Frost: Retribution

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In secret foundries deep beneath the Shiverpeaks, the Molten Alliance forges deadly new weaponry that combine the fiery power of the Flame Legion with the iron might of the dredge. There, Alliance weapon smiths test their creations on innocent captives, perfecting their cruel technology until it is ready to unleash on all of Tyria.

In the last chapter of the Flame and Frost series, you’ll strike at the heart of the Molten Alliance with your comrades Rox the charr and the norn Braham. Take the battle into the enemy’s weapons facilities and defeat a final hybrid menace unlike any Tyria has ever seen!

— Official website

Flame and Frost: Retribution is a release launched on April 30th, 2013 that concludes the Flame and Frost Living Story introduced in the previous three releases.


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The massive molten weapon in the heart of Molten Facility.
30 April 2013

The Molten Facility is discovered, Rox and Braham head out to take down the facility with the help of the heroes of Tyria. The new dungeon features the Molten Alliance and an epic boss battle. There are many facilities to discover and take down, heroes all across Tyria will need to band together and whittle away at the Molten Alliance strength. After the heroes succeed in taking down the facility, Rox heads back to interrogate prisoners (Rox: Avenger of the Dispossessed) while Braham confers with Knut Whitebear (Braham: Avenger of the Dispossessed). Additional refugees appear in the Lion's Arch camp.

12 May 2013

With the Molten Alliance defeated, the heroes celebrate during the epilogue. Bonfires are lit in the three major cities, allowing the heroes of the narrative to swim in their accomplishments. Players can receive the A Rallying Flame achievement during this period. Previous achievements cannot be obtained after this day. Several refugees leave the camps, some going to Cragstead or North Nolan Hatchery.

14 May 2013

The epilogue ends and the heroes turn back to face the dragons once again.

Flame and Frost[edit]

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Molten Facility[edit]

Primary article: Molten Facility

Molten Weapons Facility is a dungeon and the finale for the Flame and Frost narrative. Unlike the existing Living Story instances, this dungeon is designed for five players but is intended to be fun rather than challenging for groups to complete. There is only one path in the dungeon but it is designed to build towards the final encounter, introducing players to new mechanics in various combinations before reaching the final boss fight where all come into play. The enemy types, skills, dialogues, and even the entrance will change over time.

Like other special event dungeons, players are scaled up to level 80 while in the dungeon. The dungeon also provides unique rewards and will only be available until May 12th, 2013.

In the initial release, the dungeon cannot be accessed for many players.

Special event[edit]

  • Molten Alliance Strength
  • Event bar.jpg
  • The Vigil are on a mission to raid a Molten Alliance weapon-testing facility in Wayfarer Foothills.

Custom Arenas[edit]

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Custom Arenas are customizable PvP servers that players can rent. A Custom Arena Starter Kit is purchased via the Gem Shop which allows you to set up the arena and gives a month of time where it's available. Players may also purchase Time Tokens to extend the time their arena is available, or they can use that token for someone else's arena.

Any player can join any custom arena (excluding password, membership, and banned restrictions), although at first only those who placed in the Top 50 in qualifying points for NA and EU regions will be able to create them.[1]



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