Saving the Stag

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Biography White Stag.png

Saving the Stag

1325 AE
Personal story
Following the Dream
Hemlock Coil
(Trader's Green)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari
Dreams of the White Stag
Preceded by
Biography White Stag.png Discovering Darkness
Followed by
Biography White Stag.png Black Night, White Stag

Saving the Stag is a part of the Sylvari personal story for characters who have finished Discovering Darkness and decided to use a distraction to free the White Stag.


Create a distraction at the Nightmare Court camp, so Caithe can sneak out with the white stag.

  • Meet Caithe outside Hemlock Coil.
  • Challenge the Nightmare Court leader, Sariel.
  • Caithe's Progress: 100%
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  • Escape with the white stag.


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All professions


You start in the middle of the mission area with Caithe. After speaking to Caithe, you will see a green circle appear on the map where Sariel is located. Another cutscene occurs when approaching the circle. Afterwards, follow Sariel into the circle, where she will turn hostile.

Duel her; her health will fully regenerate when she gets to about 33% so long as Caithe's progress bar isn't full. When Caithe is finished freeing the stag, Sariel will regenerate all of her health, turn non-hostile, and command the dozen or so Nightmare Courtiers watching the duel to attack you before she runs away.

After you've beaten up all the Nightmare Courtiers, start making your way towards the green circle at the other end of the mission area. Nightmare Courtiers and beasts will spawn at three points along the way and attack you; kill them to proceed to the circle and end the mission.





Ambient creatures
Nightmare Court




At the beginning:

Caithe: Hail, Valiant. Make haste, we have much to do.

Cinematic on approaching Caithe:

Caithe: You've arrived just in time. I scouted the Nightmare Court camp, and fortune favors us. The white stag is not yet corrupted. However, that is where our luck ends.
Caithe: Freeing the beast, with so many courtiers on guard, will be difficult.
<Character name>: My plan is to create a distraction. Have you seen anything in the camp that could draw their attention?
Caithe: Yes. The camp's leader, Sariel. She will be our bait. She's always been cruel and prideful, even before joining the court.
Caithe: Her followers hate her and would love to see her humiliated. If you duel her, everyone will watch.
<Character name>: I can do that. Will a duel buy you enough time to free the stag?
Caithe: It will, if you toy with her. Encourage Sariel to brag about herself. Fight cleverly. Make the fight interesting, and they won't look away.
<Character name>: Good ideas. I'll do the best I can, Caithe. I hope it will be enough.

After the cinematic:

Caithe: The stag is a creature of pure magic; a conduit between this world and the Dream. We must keep it safe.

Talking with Caithe:

Caithe: Whenever you're ready, Valiant. Once you get Sariel's attention, I'll sneak in and set the stag free.
Talk more option tango.png How do you know Sariel?
I will tell you that tale—after we rescue the stag. Go, and quickly.
Talk end option tango.png I look forward to hearing it. Farewell.
Talk end option tango.png Sariel'll never know what hit her.

Cinematic on approaching the Nightmare Courtiers:

<Character name>: Courtiers! You ignorant lot! You bore me. You're all louts and fools. Do you deny it? Then prove me wrong!
Sariel: Oh, you're rather loud and obnoxious. Very well, you have my attention. Speak before I kill you.
<Character name>: Sariel, I heard that you couldn't fight yourself out of a dry marsh. I'm here to see if that's true. Duel me—here, before all your followers.
Sariel: You little sniveling... I mean, of course. Let us dance. I shall delight in delivering your downfall.

After the cinematic:

Sariel: Let us duel!

When you enter the dueling area and during the duel:

Sariel: I will relish ending your worthless life.
Nightmare Courtier: Kill the fool, Sariel!
Sariel: Pathetic! Everyone, watch a real knight deal with this twig!
Nightmare Courtier: Do you think Sariel will win, or lose? I can't decide which would be more delicious!
Nightmare Courtier: Sariel's taking her sweet time about it, don't you think?
Sariel: You're very lucky I'm the one to kill you. It'll make you famous! Glory, gained on the point of my blade.

After Caithe finishes freeing the white stag:

Sariel: Honor is for fools. I want victory! Courtiers—murder this presumptuous wretch!
Nightmare Courtier: Now you will suffer our wrath.
Nightmare Courtier: May your agony prosper the nightmare!
Nightmare Courtier: Tear them limb from limb!
Caithe: The stag is free! Come, Valiant, we must make our escape.

After killing the Nightmare Courtiers in the camp:

Caithe: We are out of the camp, but we are not safe. Keep your wits about you.

Talking to Caithe:

Caithe: Hurry, Valiant! Our priority is the white stag's safety. We must take him to the Grove!
Talk more option tango.png Would the Nightmare Court dare attack the Grove just to claim the stag?
Yes. They know hope sustains us when all else fails. If they can twist it to may doom us all.
Talk end option tango.png I understand. I'll meet you in the Grove and we'll protect the stag.
Talk end option tango.png You got it!

Before the first wave of Nightmare Courtiers:

Sariel: The stag! No! It's escaping! Stop them, stop them at once!

Before the second wave of Nightmare Courtiers:

Caithe: Ah, more courtiers. Come to play?

Before the last wave of Nightmare Courtiers:

Sariel: This isn't over, fools. I will have my revenge, no matter the price!

Cinematic on reaching the end:

<Character name>: Your idea to taunt Sariel into a duel worked beautifully. How did you know?
Caithe: I knew Sariel before she fell to Nightmare. She was the student of someone I loved very dearly...but that is a story for another day.
Caithe: The white stag seems uninjured, though clearly frightened. I'll take him back to the Grove.
Caithe: Be warned, Valiant. Remember that Sariel is prideful above all else. She will not forget this insult.
<Character name>: Yes, but you're taking the stag back to the Grove. Sariel wouldn't actually attack the Pale Tree's city just out of wounded pride...would she?
Caithe: You underestimate the Nightmare Court. They will do whatever they must to get their way.
<Character name>: How horrible! At least Gavin had a sense of honor. How can he and Sariel both be in the Nightmare Court?
Caithe: Evil has many forms. Some desire tyranny. Others, chaos.
Caithe: Regardless, they will come for the white stag. When they do, we must be ready. I will meet you at the Grove.

My story[edit]

Hidden in Darkness.jpg

I created a distraction and challenged Sariel of the Nightmare Court, while Caithe snuck through their campsite at Hemlock Coil. With a little defiance and a lot of good fortune, the white stag is free again. Now we will take it to the Grove, where the stag will be safe.

My story