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Primordus Rising

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Primordus Rising

Primordus Rising loading screen.jpg

Loading screen

Primordus Rising is the first story step of Champions, Chapter 1: Truce, the fifth episode of The Icebrood Saga.


Read the urgent letter.
Meet with Aurene at the Eye of the North.
  • Consult with Aurene.
  • Listen to Bangar's message.
Join your allies in Rata Sum.
  • Speak to Gorrik.
  • Head further into Rata Sum.
Join Taimi at the Advanced Metamystics Lab and hear about her latest Elder Dragon research.
  • Meet Taimi at the Advanced Metamystics Lab in Rata Sum.
  • Speak to Taimi.
  • Check out what's going on outside.
  • Defend the Metamystics Lab from the destroyer threat!
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Take the asura gate and head to Rata Sum Docks.
  • Defend Dawnside Quay against the destroyer threat!
    Event bar green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Find Braham and Gorrik in the Dockhouse.
  • Clear Antidawn Anchorage of all destroyers!
    Event bar green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • (Defeat the Empowered Destroyer)
  • Elite Destroyer Emberknight
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Reconvene with your allies.



Read the letter from Rytlock. Travel to Rata Sum. Interact with the instance marker.

Speak to Taimi and wait out the dialogue. Kill the destroyers that appear in the lab, taking care not to burn to death. When they've been cleared, the Asuran Gate will bring you to the dock area.

Clear the destroyers in the dock area. When they're all cleared, and after a bit more dialogue, an elite destroyer will appear. Kill it to complete the instance.


Primordus Rising Champions Icebrood Saga mastery point 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter Primordus Rising.Journal: Primordus Rising Completed Completed Primordus Rising 1Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
Swift Cleanup Champions 3Achievement points
Clear the docks within the time limit during the Primordus Rising story chapter. Docks Cleared within the Time Limit 3Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Return to Primordus Rising Return to Champions 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission Primordus Rising in Living World Icebrood Saga Episode 5.
Reward: Tyrian Defense Seals.pngTyrian Defense Seal (10)
Completed Primordus Rising 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.



In the open world in the Eye of the North[edit]

Elder Dragons

In the open world in Rata Sum[edit]


In the instance[edit]








Rytlock Brimstone

Talking with Jormag

Hey, Commander,

I'm headed to the Eye of the North with Braham. For a while now, he's been working up the nerve to have a talk with Jormag. Not sure why he asked me to come along—hand-holding's more your thing. But I won't say no to a friend.

Just so you know. In case you wanted to join.


Open world[edit]

At Eye of the North[edit]

Upon entering the Scrying Pool
Braham Eirsson: Just another Elder Dragon, right? We've faced those before. I mean, this one oughta be scared of me...
Rytlock Brimstone: Uh-huh, sure—oh, good, the commander.
<Character name>: Rytlock. Braham—
Braham Eirsson: Fine. I'm fine.
Rytlock Brimstone: Yeah. He's been helping us clean up the last of the Dominion.
<Character name>: They've gone pretty quiet.
Rytlock Brimstone: Word got around about Bangar, they mostly fell apart. And the ones who didn't... well, Imperator Stoneglow's no pushover.
<Character name>: Still no Ryland sightings, I take it.
Rytlock Brimstone: No Frost Legion, no ice dragon, and yeah, no...whatever Ryland is.
Braham Eirsson: I'm not the only one with a bad feeling about that, right?
<Character name>: Jormag's spoken through Bangar a few times now. Hasn't said much.
Braham Eirsson: Well, I'm in the mood for answers. Let's get some.
Aurene: My friends—you've felt if too? The stirrings deep beneath us?
<Character name>: Earthquakes erupting, all over Tyria.
Aurene: So the Crystal Bloom have told me.
Braham Eirsson: Jormag.
Aurene: I don't believe it is. But something is moving. Something's coming.
Rytlock Brimstone: But not the Elder Dragon. The older you get, the more I think you enjoy sounding ominous.
Aurene: I am an Elder Dragon, after all.
Braham Eirsson: Cage is awful close. They can't hear us, can they?
Aurene: They can't hear anything in my presence unless I allow it.
<Character name>: Now might be the time. Braham has some issues to work through.
Bangar Ruinbringer: Oh—the norn. You honestly think Jormag's going to tell you anything you don't already know?
Rytlock Brimstone: Glorified megaphone, but you still love hearing yourself talk.
Aurene: You know it's easier when you don't fight it. Take a breath. Jormag—
Braham Eirsson: Jormag! I am Braham Eirsson. I've come to speak with you.
Jormag through Bangar: Aurene. Ah, you're amassing your warriors! They won't be any use.
<Character name>: You mean against the earthquakes.
Jormag through Bangar: My brother is incapable of subtlety. He stirs. And when he awakens, it will not be with the same grace as I.
Braham Eirsson: Grace? You've corrupted spirits with your evils and acted out crimes for thousands of years!
Jormag through Bangar: I have a will to live. And a right. If that is a crime, no one is innocent. Do not presume to know me.
Braham Eirsson: But I do. I know exactly what you are. I was raised on the stories. And the prophecies.
Jormag through Bangar: Mortals. Clinging to superstitions to give your brief lives meaning.
Braham Eirsson: You are not invincible—
Jormag through Bangar: And so emotional. Aurene, you will never reach your potential if you surround yourself with beings like these.
Jormag through Bangar: And reach it you must—for the sake of us all. The time has come to end Primordus.
Aurene: That's not my role. The balance can still be maintained.
Jormag through Bangar: The "balance" is a fantasy—another mortal superstition. Primordus will lay waste to this world. And you are not ready.
Taimi: Um, Commander, are you busy right now?
<Character name>: I mean... What is it, Taimi?
Taimi: Well, we've been monitoring Mist rifts and ley lines, keeping an eye out for Jormag like you asked.
Taimi: Haven't found Jormag, but we have found—easier to show you the data. Could you come to Rata Sum?
Rytlock Brimstone: I know I've had enough "pompous dragon speaking through a pompous has-been" for one day.
Taimi: Rytlock! You should definitely come too. Soon.
Aurene: Go, Champion. Maybe Taimi can offer some clarity.

In Rata Sum[edit]

Entering Rata Sum
Peacemaker Chief: Look, you're required to file your claims with the dockmaster in person.
Gorrik: This is ridiculous, you do realize.
Peacemaker Chief: Take it up with a councilmember—once you've collected your freight.
Gorrik: See if I won't. Finally—Commander.
<Character name>: Everything okay?
Gorrik: According to the Arcane Council, the sanctity of independent research is superseded by other priorities.
Gorrik: Taimi's out at the Advanced Metamystics Lab. I'll get you to the gate. Then I have to cut through some pernicious red tape.
Heading further into Rata Sum
Rytlock Brimstone: Tell me I'm not seeing Frost Legion.
Gorrik: Apparently the Arcane Council invited them. And Ryland.
Rytlock Brimstone: WHAT?
<Character name>: You could've led with that, Gorrik.
Councillor Zudo: Ah, the Pact commander. Welcome. I presume you've come to hear Taimi's findings as well?
<Character name>: You have any idea who you've let in here? What he's done?
Councillor Zudo: Ryland Steelcatcher, Champion of Jormag. He commands the ice dragon's forces.
Rytlock Brimstone: We've been looking everywhere for you.
Councilor Vark: Rata Sum is no charr battlefield. What's done is done, Commander.
Councillor Zudo: The Arcane Council deals in the present and the future. Jormag is awake—
Braham Eirsson: Yeah, because of him.
Councillor Zudo: —which means Primodus will not be far behind.
Councilor Vark: Facing a common enemy, alliance is logical. I'd think the Pact commander would recognize the value of this arrangement.
<Character name>: You would think.
Ryland Steelcatcher: The asura have studied Primordus for ages. Foolish not to seek their knowledge. And Jormag's no fool.
Rytlock Brimstone: Sure, as Elder Dragons go, Jormag's pretty reasonable.
Councillor Zudo: Exactly.
Ryland Steelcatcher: Jormag and I keep our word. When Primordus rises, we will erase him out of existence.
Braham Eirsson: Since we're all playing nice, how about you return my bow. You know, the one you stole.
Ryland Steelcatcher: Now, why would I hand you a weapon you think can hurt Jormag? "Act first, think later," right?
Gorrik: I mean...
Ryland Steelcatcher: Don't worry. I'll keep it safe for you.
Braham Eirsson: Oh, I'm getting it back.
<Character name>: Braham! Why don't you help Gorrik with his delivery on the docks. Rytlock and I can handle this.
Braham Eirsson: Sure. Why not.


Entering the lab
Rytlock Brimstone: "Alliance", huh? What happened to your "charr above all" crap?
Ryland Steelcatcher: Oh, now you want to talk to me? Instead of just shouting my name?
Rytlock Brimstone: (growls)
Ryland Steelcatcher: Spent some time with Jormag. I see the bigger picture now. Everyone has a role to play.
Taimi: Oh great, Commander, you made it. I won't have to go through this twice.
Taimi: I've been tracking the quakes—needle's all over the place. Way more than ordinary tectonic movement.
Councillor Zudo: Can you tell if it's Primordus?
Taimi: Some readings mimic Primordus's signature, some may be ley energy—and I still haven't figured out this spike...
Councilor Vark: That can't be right. We've never seen activity this far below the crust.
Taimi: So many blips—literally all over the map. Like bodies burrowing up.
Ryland Steelcatcher: And where—exactly—can we expect these bodies to surface?
Taimi: Where can't we? I mean, just look at this.
Screen zooms out to the World map, showing Gates of Flame.
Spikes of energy resembling Primordus's signature have been observed in this area.
<Character name>: How long have you been seeing movement under Rata Sum?
Taimi: What? Oh no. That is very, very not good.
Ryland Steelcatcher: Keep 'em out of the lab!
Rytlock Brimstone: Watch your back, Commander!
After defeating the destroyers
<Character name>: Is it me, or were these destroyers harder to kill than last time?
Taimi: They definitely seem bigger than I remember. Meaner, too.
Gorrik: Help!
<Character name>: Gorrik?
Braham: Up the ramp! Go, go!
Rytlock Brimstone: Talk to us, Braham.
Braham: Destroyer problem on the docks! Could use some hands here!
Taimi: One it! I programmed the gate for a one-way trip harborside.
<Character name>: Let's go!
Entering the docks
Braham Eirsson: Burn me!
Ryland Steelcatcher: There's too many!
(Ryland opens a portal to let Frost Legion through.)
Rytlock Brimstone: The hell are you doing?
Ryland Steelcatcher: Don't need your permission. Clean this up!
Rytlock Brimstone: No sign of Braham or Gorrik on this side.
Ryland Steelcatcher: There's an upper deck.
Rytlock Brimstone: In there! Destroyers have 'em outnumbered!
<Character name>: Braham can't hold them off for long!
After rescuing Braham and Gorrik
Ryland Steelcatcher: Councillors! Get back!
Gorrik: Don't let them destroy my cargo!
Braham Eirsson: Now to retake the docks.
Councillor Haia: We'll stay up here, out of your way.
Gorrik: Yes, what she said.
Braham Eirsson: I don't trust Jormag's gopher at my back.
Ryland Steelcatcher: Keep up, norn.
Rytlock Brimstone: Not a fan of crispy fur! Let's wrap this up!
Braham Eirsson: Watch out—they're fast!
After defeating the destroyers
Rytlock Brimstone: Thanks. You and yours were a real help out here.
<Character name>: Can't say I was expecting you to have my back.
Ryland Steelcatcher: You dying doesn't help us kill Primordus, Commander.
Braham Eirsson: You honestly expect us to believe this "alliance" stuff?
Ryland Steelcatcher: Doesn't really matter what you believe, does it.
<Character name>: Where did these destroyers even come from?
Braham Eirsson: One minute we're checking crates, and the next they're bubbling up from the water. Never seen...
Braham Eirsson: Taimi! Move!
Ryland Steelcatcher: Protect the council!
After defeating the emberknight
Gorrik: This specimen differs wildly from archival accounts of destroyers. Also, it's gigantic.
Councillor Zudo: Spearhead a study of these creatures. Catalogue the evolutionary discrepancies; identify any weaknesses.
Taimi: Let's pool resources. If I can isolate a clearer signature, we can pinpoint when and where they'll show up.
Ryland Steelcatcher: I'd like to leave a small force in your city to wait for any information. And to protect our allies.
Councillor Haia: The asura are more than capable of guarding our city. But we are grateful for the gesture and the alliance.
Ryland Steelcatcher: When Primordus is destroyed, Jormag will see your former home restored to you.
Braham Eirsson: You can't possibly promise that.
Ryland Steelcatcher: 'Course I can. I'm the Champion of Jormag.
<Character name>: We need to spread the word. Any place that's felt even the slightest tremor, they've got to prepare.
Rytlock Brimstone: I'm heading up to Crecia; I'll pass the word on my way. Might want to put the Crystal Bloom on it, too.
Braham Eirsson: I'm gonna stay here. Keep an eye on things for a bit.

My story[edit]

Primordus Rising loading screen.jpg

Rytlock and I visited Bangar's cell at the Eye of the North. But Ruinbringer wasn't just our prisoner, he was also the ice dragon's. The defeated charr is now the Voice of Jormag. In his prime, Bangar could talk his way out of anything. Now, he's lucky if he gets to speak. Aurene listened to Jormag boast about Ryland, their champion, and of the army he had prepared. And Jormag spoke of the looming threat of their brother, Primordus.

Our enemies are powerful and numerous. All I know is, we can't do this alone. If we're going to solve the Elder Dragon problem, we'll need to learn more about their weaknesses.

Taimi reported from Rata Sum with an update on her research. She'd been monitoring Mist rifts and ley lines in an attempt to track Jormag. While the ice dragon remained elusive, another discovery presented itself. At Taimi and Aurene's urging, I headed to the asura home city.

I met Gorrik at the gates. He was arguing over some logistical headache regarding his freight (likely more research equipment—where does he get his funding?). He directed me to the city center to meet with the Arcane Council. To my surprise, Ryland Steelcatcher—Jormag's new champion—had been invited by the council members. He was every bit as arrogant and sure of himself as his master, but we were running out of options, and Primordus was only gaining more power. He—and Jormag—needed asuran expertise to find a way to neutralize Primordus. So an uneasy truce was formed since we had similar goals of stopping the fire dragon.

None of us were happy about the turn of events, and all of us were suspicious of Ryland's motivations. I sent Braham down to the docks to help Gorrik with his shipping issue in hopes of letting him blow off some steam. There's a growing resentment between Braham and Ryland ever since the charr stole the norn's bow. And something tells me it won't be resolved amicably when all is said and done.

We met Taimi at the Advanced Metamystics Lab to discuss her findings. There was palpable tension between Rytlock and his estranged son, and neither were interested in hiding it.

Taimi shared a more detailed update on her findings. While trying to track Jormag, she picked up a series of quakes that were growing in number and intensity. The largest movement was detected under Rata Sum itself.

Before we could discuss the data in depth, powerful destroyers emerged just outside the lab. They were stronger than ever, and relentless in their quest to annihilate us. We dispatched them as fast as we could, only to hear Braham's distress call from down at the docks. Taimi reconfigured the gate to take us directly there.

The fighting at the port was fierce, and almost got worse when Ryland and his Frost Legion showed up. But they weren't looking to spar with us—instead they turned their sights on the destroyers. Together, we cleared every last wave that erupted around us. We then headed to assist the Council in their time of need.

After the carnage, Gorrik, Taimi, and the Council set out to study these newly evolved destroyers in the hopes that they could track their subterranean movements. Ryland offered to station some of his Frost Legion in the city for protection, though his offer was declined.

My story