Free Rein

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Biography Transatmospheric Converter.png

Free Rein

1325 AE
Personal story
Interested Parties
Mrot Boru
(Venlin Vale)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
Transatmospheric Converter
Preceded by
Biography Transatmospheric Converter.png Salt in the Wound
Followed by
Biography Transatmospheric Converter.png Flash Flood

Free Rein is part of the personal story of asura characters whose first invention was a Transatmospheric Converter, have finished Salt in the Wound and decided to disrupt the testing of the device.


Snoop around Kudu's testing ground for a clue about his device.

  • Meet Zojja in Mrot Baru[sic].
  • Confront Kudu.
  • Defeat Kudu.
  • Destroy the weather generators.


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All professions


Approach Kudu to trigger a cinematic. After some conversation, he disables Mr. Sparkles and triggers a series of weather generators.

Each generator spawns two elementals, and will continue to spawn elementals at regular intervals. Make your way past them (fighting or avoiding, whichever you prefer) and attack Kudu directly. He will be supported by the air elementals near him, as well as any other elementals you aggro on your way to him.

After Kudu has been taken down to roughly 1/4 health, he will flee. At this point, the weather generators become attackable. They will continue spawning elementals until they are destroyed, so focus your attacks on the generators rather than the elementals.

After all four generators are destroyed, a conversation with Zojja plays and the mission ends.








Approaching Zojja:

Zojja: Ready for some action? We found Kudu. Let's go deliver an inspirational beating.

Talking to allies:

Zojja: Kudu's plans are going to backfire on him this time. I'll make sure of that.
Talk more option tango.png If the inquest is this terrible, why does the Arcane Council let them stay in Rata Sum?
Let them stay? Ha! The Council couldn't kick them out if it wanted to. The Inquest are jerks-but their inventions are genius.
Talk back option tango.png Can I ask another question?
Talk end option tango.png There's something to be said for efficiency. But I don't think I agree.
Talk more option tango.png This is the cost of being the best. Someone steals your stuff and makes a mint off it.
Tell me something I don't know!
Talk back option tango.png Can I ask another question?
Talk end option tango.png Let's keep going. Kudu's got to be in here somewhere.
Talk end option tango.png You and me both.
Peredur: Kudu certainly is a slippery little fellow.
Talk end option tango.png Next time I'm bringing glue bombs.

Cinematic when confronting Kudu:

Kudu: Zojja! Good, I was afraid you'd been killed. And if you're dead, who will witness the ascendance of Snaff's greatest apprentice?
Kudu: As you can see, there are still a few glitches in the system. These unexpected elemental portals, for example. Hmph. Too much unstable energy, I fear.
Zojja: It's just like everything else about you, Kudu: unstable. Now shut that thing down before your glitchy knock-off destroys everything!
Kudu: But that's what field tests are for, right? Now that I've ironed out the kinks, my Weather-matic 5000 is ready for its debut!
<Character Name>: That's my invention, Kudu. Shut it down, now, and we'll let you walk out of here. Well, limp out. There's still a beating headed your way.
Kudu: Sorry, can't stay. I've got an appointment with the Arcane Council. I guarantee they'll be swept away by my demonstration.
Kudu: I just hope they're all wearing hip boots. I have the sneaking suspicion it's going to rain in Rata Sum forever!

Cinematic when Kudu disables Mr. Sparkles:

Kudu: Aww, did Zojja's mechanical best friend fall down? Ha! Who sparkles now, tin can?

Kudu activating the Weather-matic 5000 portals:

Kudu: Feel the blinding sting of my blizzard!
Kudu: Wither! Shrivel! Curl and blacken in my blistering heat!
Kudu: My genius strikes... like lightning.

Kudu escaping:

Kudu: Time for me to make my trademark well-timed escape. Kill you later, Zojja!

Cinematic after Kudu is defeated and the portals are destroyed:

<Character Name>: Where did Kudu go? I was going to cram his feet down his throat and make him swallow himself.
Zojja: I like a plan with no drawbacks, but Kudu's long gone. He stole the designs for a personal teleporter ages ago.
Zojja: Whenever he's losing an argument, or a fight, or just losing face, zap! He's gone. Usually after getting in the last word.
<Character Name>: He mentioned the council and said he was going to make it rain forever. But what does he get out of flooding Rata Sum?
Zojja: He's Inquest, and he's petty. If he embarrasses the councillors, or even kills a few, it disrupts the system. And the Inquest will capitalize on that.
<Character Name>: Not if we stop him. And we will. The council is important, but did you hear what he named my invention? "Weather-matic 5000," indeed. Kudu must pay!

Talking to allies after final cinematic:

Zojja: Coward! Hear me, Kudu, wherever you are? YOU'RE A COWARD! Bah.
Talk more option tango.png Where did he go?
I don't know, but I do know where he'll be next: the Arcane Council chamber.
Talk end option tango.png And we'll be ready.
Talk end option tango.png I concur. The weaselly little rat!
Peredur: you think Kudu will recognize me? I'm sure he'll be angry.
Ferocity If he doesn't, a concussion might jog his memory.
Concussion? Gracious! Do you think we really could?
Talk end option tango.png I know we could.
Dignity He might be angry at you, but he's about to be more angry at us. Don't worry about him.
That's a very good point. And, um, you don't mind?
Talk end option tango.png Not at all. I'll be happy to keep his attention.
Charisma I can't imagine he'd forget a pretty face like yours.
Pretty? Why, you really...I... You're just teasing me, aren't you? I see how this works.
Talk end option tango.png Ha! I had no idea leaves could turn that shade of red!
Talk end option tango.png Just stay close to us. You'll be fine.

My story[edit]

Free Rein.jpg

We investigated Kudu's testing grounds, but he managed to escape. Still, we discovered that Kudu's device is incredibly dangerous—it could permanently alter the weather in Rata Sum. I have to warn the Arcane Council!

My story


Sometimes Kudu will get stuck after activating the lightning Weather Matic 5000. Using an AoE skill should fix this.