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Sky Pirates of Tyria

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the release from 2013. For the 2022 re-release, see Sky Pirates.

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Chaos has come to Lion’s Arch and the culprits responsible for the mayhem have holed up in their hideout! Inspector Ellen Kiel spearheaded the investigation into the murder, and she’s now gathering teams of deputies to capture the perpetrator. Better sharpen your weapons and skills—this criminal promises to be a slippery eel!

— Official website

Sky Pirates of Tyria was released on June 25, 2013. The culprit behind the attack on the Ship's Council has been identified as Mai Trin, but after being revealed she escaped capture with help from the Aetherblades. Now Inspector Ellen Kiel has found the Aetherblades' secret headquarters in Lion's Arch and is deputizing adventurers to help her bring the killer to justice.


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Special Event[edit]

Sky Pirates: Aetherblade Attack[edit]

  • The Aetherblades are raising havoc from their Lion's Arch base. The Lionguard vow these pirates will not ruin Dragon Bash.

Sky Pirates: Aetherblade Hideouts[edit]

  • As Dragon Bash concludes, Aetherblade bases have been found in Lion's Arch and Gendarran Fields.

Sky Pirates[edit]

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The Aetherblade want to steal the hologram technology.
Hologram Heists

The Aetherblades have become interested in the hologram technology used in the Hologram Projectors, and will sometimes appear when players approach them to steal it, forcing players to instead fight the Aetherblades.

Aetherblade Caches
See also: Caching Out

The Aetherblades have hidden several caches of goods across Tyria, including some hidden within mini-dungeons and jumping puzzles, and placed guards at each location. Players can defeat the guards to reach the cache for extra chances at treasure.

Aetherblade Retreat dungeon
Primary article: Aetherblade Retreat

The main base of the Aetherblade has been found. Accompany Inspector Ellen Kiel into the Aetherblade's hideout and defeat their leader and First Mate Horrik. This dungeon is available until July 9, 2013.

Not So Secret
Primary article: Not So Secret

A second Aetherblade site has been discovered. Travel through this jumping puzzle and plunder the Aetherblades' treasure.

A Future in Politics
Primary article: A Future in Politics

With the Aetherblade threat deflected, Magnus has plans for Inspector Kiel regarding the empty spot on the Captain's Council.

Sea of Sorrows Scavenger Hunt[edit]

Primary article: Marriner Plaque

Discover all the plaques commemorating Cobiah Marriner. Speak to Cassin Hoppal to begin searching. This scavenger hunt is inspired by the plot of the book: Sea of Sorrows, and will grant you the History Buff achievement upon completion.

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Aetherblade Retreat
Track Title Length Composer Download
1 Norn Hologram Dance Beat 1:23 Maclaine Diemer: SoundCloud
2 Sylvari Hologram Dance Beat 2:16 Maclaine Diemer SoundCloud



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