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Sparking the Flame (Prologue)

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Sparking the Flame (Prologue)

1330 AE
Path of Fire
Sparking the Flame (Prologue)
Captain Kiel's Office
(Commodore's Quarter)
Preceded by
The Last Chance
Followed by
Sparking the Flame

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Sparking the Flame (Prologue) is the prologue chapter of the Path of Fire story.


Read the mail from Captain Ellen Kiel.
  • Read the letter "Crisis in the Desert" from Captain Ellen Kiel.
Head to Lion's Arch to speak with Captain Ellen Kiel.
  • Head to Kiel's office.
  • Speak to Captain Ellen Kiel.
  • Walk with Captain Ellen Kiel.


Simply listen to Captain Ellen Kiel's introduction, all other dialogues are optional.





Upon activating the story:


Captain Ellen Kiel

Crisis in the Desert


The conflict in the Crystal Desert is bleeding over into central Tyria, with refugees pouring into Lion's Arch every day. Queen Jennah has already dispatched a diplomatic team from Divinity's Reach. You and I have some common interests in play. I'd like to discuss them in private—I think we can help each other.

Meet me at my office as soon as you can.

—Captain Ellen Kiel

Speaking with Captain Ellen Kiel
Captain Ellen Kiel: Oh, good. You made it.
<Character Name>: Happy to lend a hand to fight the blaze.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I think I speak for all of the Captain's Council when I say we're beyond grateful to have a group of folks like you on our side.
Captain Ellen Kiel: We can ship out once the rest of Dragon's Watch gets here.
<Character Name>: Uh... It's... It'll just be me.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Oh. One person. Against a god of war...
Captain Ellen Kiel: I'm sure it' fine.
<Character Name>: Taimi and I faced Balthazar before, but he slipped through our fingers. It won't happen again.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Taimi... She the short one? I hear she has quite the superiority complex.
If any race other than asura:
Captain Ellen Kiel: (laugh) Funny to have a teeny-tiny body with such a massive ego, huh?
Captain Ellen Kiel: What is it? Why do you have that look on your face?
Taimi: I'm sure the commander is silently trying to warn you that the little narcissist might be listening.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Uh...
<Character Name>: It's technology; a remote communicator.
Taimi: Yep! I'm always with the commander. Although...the Crystal Desert is farther away than we've ever tested this thing.
Taimi: I might not be able to stay in constant contact with you.
<Character Name>: What a disappointment!
Taimi: Look at that—you broke Scruffy's sarcasm meters. Anyway, I'll get to work on solving that problem so we'll never be apart again! 'Bye!
Captain Ellen Kiel: That's...
<Character Name>: Pretty typical.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Well...a battalion of my best is ready to go. Talk to First Mate Fidus, and he'll get you situated.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I'm lending you my personal airship to get to Amnoon. (sigh) Keep it in one piece. Heard you don't have the best track record with 'em.
<Character Name>: Hm. No promises.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Might be smarter to get it insured...
Captain Ellen Kiel: Best of luck, Commander. It's a powder keg over there, and that maniac has already lit the fuse.
Captain Ellen Kiel speaking with her assistant
Kiel's Assistant: Aye, cap'n!
Captain Ellen Kiel: Now, let's talk shipping details.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I need a status report on those supplies.
Kiel's Assistant: They're on the way. I had to reroute a few shipments, though. The original recipients are already complaining.
Captain Ellen Kiel: That's council business—leave it to me. The refugees need food and medicine now. Sorting out who gets paid can wait.
Kiel's Assistant: There's something else: most of the refugees don't have appropriate clothing for this colder climate.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Check the armory for surplus uniforms, and repurpose as much as you can.
Kiel's Assistant: Will do. I've also informed the merchants that donations are strongly encouraged.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Remind them the council will consider their generosity, or lack thereof, when negotiating future contracts.
Kiel's Assistant: Are the reports true?
Captain Ellen Kiel: We have to go by the accounts given by the refugees... So, yes.
Kiel's Assistant: But how could one of the Six—I mean, why...
Captain Ellen Kiel: Hard to say. It's something I'm hoping the commander can sort out along with our desert aid mission.
Captain Ellen Kiel: But until then, all we can do is help those who need it and trust in the gods.
Speaking with Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Commander! On behalf of the Captain's Council, thanks for pitching in to support our relief efforts.
<Character Name>: Though you and Kiel are the only councilors I see. This operation is a bit unusual for Lion's Arch, isn't it?
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Don't worry: Kiel and I will handle the full council. Now get out there and kick Balthazar's divine teeth in!
<Character Name>: Consider it done. The next time we speak, we'll have one less mad god to contend with.
Speaking with Ogden Stonehealer
<Character Name>: Magister Stonehealer? Thank you for the Priory's contribution. I feel I should warn you—
Ogden Stonehealer: That you can't guarantee the safety of my scholars and explorers. Don't worry: our people can handle themselves.
Ogden Stonehealer: Just remember to share any important discoveries you make. Elona's been isolated for a long time.
Ogden Stonehealer: There must be a treasure trove of data about the Forgotten, Ascension, and the dragons just waiting to be discovered.
Ogden Stonehealer: I'm also eager to see how their societies have diverged from ours. And if dwarven culture had any lasting impacts.
<Character Name>: I'll support your people as best I can, but I've got a mission of my own. Good luck, Ogden. Until we meet again.
Speaking with Lord Faren
Lord Faren: Heading for the desert, Commander? Swordmaster Faren, Lord of Beetletun, is ready! Let chaos-bringers and quaggan-kickers alike beware!
<Character Name>: Ah...thanks, but I need you here. Someone tough and shrewd has to guard the supplies until they're loaded.
Lord Faren: Good thinking! This is Lion's Arch—these donations could go "missing in transit" before they ever leave the docks.
<Character Name>: Not with you on the case. Thanks. I'll feel a lot better with someone I can count on to keep an eye on things.
Lord Faren: Happy to contribute. Bon voyage, old chum!
<Character Name>: Faren, my friend, never call someone who's about to cross the ocean "chum."
Lord Faren: Whoops! I should know better...especially after that fiasco with Merula at the apiary. I kept calling her "honey."
Lord Faren: She still blames me for all those bee stings. (sigh) Who knew the buzzy little beggars had such good hearing?
Speaking with Sheriff Turma
<Character Name>: Sheriff? Just wanted to say how glad I am Kiel brought you in. This job requires skill and know-how like yours.
Sheriff Turma: I know even more than Kiel thinks. She and Magnus aren't working with the full council. That's why they called me in.
Sheriff Turma: Either they're sick of debating...or it's a power grab...or they just plain don't trust the council to do the right thing.
Sheriff Turma: That's why I love this town: even our leaders live by the rule "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission."
<Character Name>: You may be right. But even if they are being tricky, the desert region needs help. And Balthazar has to be stopped.
Sheriff Turma: Oh, I support the cause. But I'm not taking the heat when the council finds out. Good hunting, Commander.

My story[edit]

Lion's Arch loading screen.jpg

Captain Kiel requested a meeting in Lion's Arch. She mentioned "common interests," which to me says the reports I've been hearing about refugees coming in from the Crystal Desert are true. It seems the Captain's Council and the Lionguard are working overtime to deal with the influx.

The incoming refugees describe an army marauding in the area, and that, coupled with the vision I received from the Eye of Janthir, tells me Balthazar is the cause. Not long ago, my guild and I stopped his plans to kill two Elder Dragons, but it's clear he's not done trying. He's after Kralkatorrik now, so I'm headed to Lion's Arch to discuss the situation with Kiel.

After speaking with Captain Kiel, Balthazar is definitely in the Elonian Desert, waging war against Kralkatorrik and the Branded. My choice is clear: I've got to ensure he doesn't succeed in his campaign, or all of Tyria will suffer the consequences.

My story