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Forearmed Is Forewarned (Living World Season 4)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Living World Season 4 mission. For the core personal story mission, see Forearmed Is Forewarned (Personal Story).

Forearmed Is Forewarned is the second part of Long Live the Lich.


Figure out your next step.
  • Regroup with Taimi, Gorrik, and Blish.
Request ghostly assistance.
  • Visit the Primeval Dynasty.
  • Ask the Primeval Queens for help.
Convene at the unstable portal.
  • Update Taimi.
  • Meet Taimi and Blish at the portal site.
Retrieve Blish's arm.
  • Enter the portal.
  • Pick up Blish's arm.
  • Try Blish's cloaking tech.
  • Use stun bolts on Awakened.
  • Use triboelectrocution on Awakened.
  • (Defeat the incoming squad of Awakened:)
  • Finish off the nearby Awakened.
Clear a path to the Moon Fortress.
  • Scout the outpost.
  • (Clear Awakened to secure the site:)
  • Kill all Awakened in the area.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Survey the battlefield around Gandara.
Weaken enemy defenses.
  • Listen to Taimi.
  • Meet Canach at the encampment.
  • (Seeds Planted on Southern Front:)
  • Southern front seed planted:
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • (Thin out guard post barricades.)
  • Destroy the guard post barricades: x/8
  • (Bomb siege engines.)
  • Blow up siege engines: x/8
Assemble your army.
  • Return to the portal.
  • (Receive your allies at the encampment.)
  • Army Readiness
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • (Secure the area for arrivals.)
  • Secure the area around the rift:
    Event bar empty green.jpgEvent flag green.png
  • Address the assembled allied forces.



Appearance under the effect of cloaking tech.

The Blish's Arm bundle is used throughout the mission. It's worth taking a look at the key skills in advance:

  • Reload Stun Bolts.png Reload Stun Bolts →  Stun Bolts.png Stun Bolts — To kill anything without losing the stealth effect, you will need to stun it first. Consider wasting any additional charges and reloading to the full 3x charges between fights. Enemies remain stunned for a minute. However you can't prolong this time by re-stunning them while they're still stunned — you have to wait for the effect to drop first.
  • Create Teleporter.png Triboelectrocution — This skill will kill practically any foe in one hit, its helpful if they are stunned. It does however reveal you afterwards, hence you want to stun nearby foes first to stop them killing you.

Additionally the Awakened have a few different states of alertness:

Initial area

Pick up the arm, and use the special action key to trigger the stealth. Once activated, use Stun Bolts to stun the marked Awakened Archer and then follow up with Triboelectrocution to instantly kill it. After killing it, immediately use the rest of your bolts, and then reload using Reload Stun Bolts to regain 3 charges. Then use one on each of the approaching awakened and dispose of them. If you overheat, you can use your healing skill Adiabatic Cooling to quickly cool down.

Clearing the outpost

You'll gain another few skills as you progress through the outpost:

  • Arboreal Camouflage.png Arboreal Camouflage — A handy tree disguise that can be used at any time. You won't be able to stun or kill things whilst disguised.

Slowly work your way through the outpost, stunning foes and then killing them. Avoid standing too close to Awakened Soldiers when killing them, since their death will cause a pool of tar to spawn under them slowing and crippling you. You can dodge to remove these effects.

Veteran Awakened Defilers will summon two Awakened Mummies if they aren't stunned quick enough. After killing the Defiler, any mummies that they summoned will instantly die. They do not count towards the total so feel free to leave the area, cloak, stun and kill the Defiler.

Surveying the area

After killing all the enemies, you will start surveying the area around the outpost. You will find multiple groups of patrolling Awakened. Use your teleport skill to skip past groups, fleeing when necessary.

If you come across Inquest Turrets, you will gain Micro Cloud to use against them. They will do 10% of the turret's health per tick and give one Spare Parts per tick. At 40% health they will turn into [FTT] Inactive Turrets. Interacting with them will convert the turret into [FTT] Direct Damage Level 1 turrets which attack nearby enemies.

Make your way to the marked area on the map to complete the survey. You will contact Taimi and she will send Canach over to help create walls to protect the outpost.

Bombing the Awakened
  • Bomb.png Proximity Bombs — Deals high damage to a small area after a short delay.

Make your way to Canach and he will share some Proximity Bombs and some bramble seeds with you. Plant seeds at the two marked locations, and destroy all enemy trebuchets and barricades. The easiest way to do this is to teleport into range, drop a bomb, and teleport out.

Alternatively you can stun the Awakened around the barricade / trebuchet, then run in and drop the bomb. It will destory both objects and awakened. Don't  Create Teleporter.png Triboelectrocution the guards, as it will immediately draw the fire of nearby trebuchets on you. Also, using  Arboreal Camouflage.png Arboreal Camouflage in a wide (1200+) radius around the trebuchets similarly results in them firing at you. If you don't destroy the barricade / trebuchet within a few seconds of killing the Awakened guarding it, they will respawn.

Avoid hiding under bridges when Awakened alarmed (Forearmed Is Forewarned).png alarmed units are passing overhead, as they might notice and aggro at you.

Welcoming your allies

Make your way back to where you entered the instance. You will have to defend the area around the portal until all five waves of your allies have arrived. One wave will arrive every time the area around the rift has been secured. You may continue to use Blish's Arm to kill enemies or you can decloak and use your normal weapon skills.

After all your allies have arrived head to the outpost where you will distribute orders to your troops and the instance ends.


Forearmed Is Forewarned Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Use Blish's stealth tech to secure the receiving portal site and prepare the battlefield.Journal: Forearmed Is Forewarned Completed Forearmed Is Forewarned 0Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.
Silent but Deadly Long Live the Lich 3Achievement points
Never raise suspicion to the point that champions are deployed against you.Story Instance: Forearmed Is Forewarned Never Drew the Attention of Champions 3Achievement points
  • Killing the Awakened but unintentionally revealing yourself to them first will cause the suspicion bar to increase. If this bar reaches the maximum then achievement eligibility is lost, and higher rank foes spawn.
  • Using the Dust Mite Canister (#8 skill) to spawn a Dust Mite will make the Awaken attack, causing the achievement to fail.
  • Enemies respawn in less than 30 seconds if barricades are not destroyed and can quickly raise suspicion and fail the achievement.
  • This achievement is rewarded upon returning to the portal rift to begin the transport of troops.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Silent but Deadly effect. This effect appears when Blish says "Trees don't move" but eligibility can be failed with the Awakened before the effect appears. Failure is indicated by the message "WARNING: Lack of caution has attracted reinforcements to the area."
Decimation Long Live the Lich 1Achievement points
Kill 6 Awakened with a single bomb blast.Story Instance: Forearmed Is Forewarned Killed 6 Awakened with a single bomb blast 1Achievement points
  • Look for a site with a Barricade, two Awakened and three trebuchets - one is at the southeast part of the zone, and another is at the southwest. Be ready to teleport away with your #4 after placing the bomb to prevent accidentally failing "Silent but Deadly".
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Decimation effect.
Glory Hog map
Glory Hog Long Live the Lich 1Achievement points
Plant seeds at all the locations before Canach has a chance to help.Story Instance: Forearmed Is Forewarned Planted seeds at all the location before Canach had a chance to help 1Achievement points
  • Plant seeds at the two locations Canach was supposed to, then plant your own two seeds. Start with Canach's two spots since he's got superspeed - his two spots are located to the east and look like mounds of dirt. Follow Canach to his locations and teleport ahead of him when you notice the mounds. The first is just south of the first eastern bridge, and the second is in the water beneath the second eastern bridge. Canach automatically returns to camp after his route is complete and will not race you to your locations, which can be planted at any time. Then follow up by planting your own seeds at the two southern locations too.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Glory Hog effect.
Trip the Quantum Fantastic Long Live the Lich 1Achievement points
Disorient 25 Awakened with the Quantum Mass Displacement Matrix.Story Instance: Forearmed Is Forewarned Disoriented 25 Awakened 1Achievement points
  • Use Quantum Mass Displacement (#4 skill) to teleport near Awakened enemies four times within a short period of time. Enemies will become stunned for a short while if done correctly. You can teleport to the same spot each time. They do not need to notice you (although this is mostly unavoidable). The 25 Awakened do not need to be different, nor do they have to all be in the same run.
  • This achievement can be done safely during the last phase ("Assemble your army"), so that you don't risk being detected anymore. As long as you do not address the assembled allied forces (i.e. avoid the center of the fort) you can find Awakened forces around to finish this achievement.
  • You can stun multiple Awakened at the same time if they are close enough.
  • Dying does not reset or forfeit qualifications for this achievement.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Trip the Quantum Fantastic effect.
This achievement rewards items. Return to Forearmed Is Forewarned Return to Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission Forearmed Is Forewarned in Living World Season 4 Episode 3.
Reward: Volatile Magic.pngVolatile Magic (5)
Completed Forearmed Is Forewarned 0Achievement points








At the Amnoon docks
Taimi: So what do we do?
<Character name>: Unfortunately, Faren's right—Joko's declared war, and we have to meet him head on.
Taimi: I'll get the word out. You might pay the Primeval Dynasty another visit. They've experienced the plague first hand.
<Character name>: Good thinking. They have an axe to grind with Joko, too. We need to marshal all the forces we can get.
Gorrik: Do it fast. Those scarabs were first generation, but Pestilentix termitroxus has a very quick reproductive cycle.
Gorrik: Once Joko cultivates a third generation, he'll be able to unleash a full-scale pandemic. We're talking a matter of days.
Taimi: Gandara's in the heart of Kourna. It'll take WEEKS to march an army all the way there.
Blish: I...might have a solution.
Blish: I have the prototype of the gate system Joko stole to send minions into Tyria.
Blish: It could open a portal deep in Kourna, somewhere in the vicinity of Joko's fortress.
Taimi: That would cut out travel time and circumvent a TON of enemy forces.
Blish: It'll be makeshift and unstable, so we need to do it in an open expanse that's away from civilization.
<Character name>: Set up in the desert near the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. I'll meet you there after I pay our ghostly friends a visit.
Entering the Tomb of the Primeval Kings
Queen Nahlah: Look who's back, Sister. If you're looking for help with your Joko problem, Commander, you came to the wrong Primevals.
<Character name>: How did y— Doesn't matter. I'm sorry to intrude, Majesties. But it is true: I do need your help—
Queen Dahlah: No you don't. Joko's been making threats to unleash the Scarab Plague for centuries. Demented, but hollow. Like his head.
<Character name>: Not this time. He has the real thing.
Queen Nahlah: You're certain?
<Character name>: I've seen the scarabs. And the corpses. And the AWAKENED corpses. We're going to war to try to stop him.
Queen Dahlah: That plague nearly wiped out humanity! And the scarabs devoured every living creature in their path.
Queen Nahlah: No...this can't happen again, Sister...and it WON'T. What you need, Commander, is an army of the dead.
Queen Dahlah: Which you yourself can lead! Oh yes, Commander, we can smell the stench of the Lost on you.
Queen Dahlah: Mmm, musky. The scarabs will smell it too. You're an unbefitting host. Lucky for you.
Queen Nahlah: So it's settled. (not echoed in the chat log)
Queen Nahlah: You shall have a legion of spirits for your siege on Gandara, and two Primeval Queens by your side.
<Character name>: Majesties...this world will be forever in your debt. I'll meet you and your army on the battlefield.
Updating Taimi
<Character name>: Taimi, the Primevals are crashing the party and they're bringing us a ghost army. Is that portal set up?
Taimi: Just finishing up. Tagging our location. Wait, wai—did you say "ghost army"?
<Character name>: On my way.
Joining Blish and Taimi near the entrance
<Character name>: THAT'S the portal? How are we going to get an entire army through that?
Blish: This is the base prototype. Still stabilizing it for mass transit.
Taimi: But we can send you now to prepare for the battle. Make sure we're not transporting into an ambush. Ha, ha.
Blish: All I have to do is turn it on and...
Blish: Drat! My arm! Think it got sent through.
<Character name>: Sit tight, Blish. I'll get it.
Blish: Sorry, Commander. Last hiccup, I promise.
After using the portal
<Character name>: Was that another hiccup?
Blish: Uh, more like a belch. Portal's down. Might be a while.
<Character name>: Okay. Well, I and your arm will start scouting the area.
Blish: You know, it's got all my cloaking tech. That'll help you deal with enemies without being spotted.
Taimi: Don't you love happy little accidents? Heh.
Taimi: I'll tell all our allies to meet here so they can go through as soon as the portal's up and running.
Taimi: Happy scouting, Commander.
Blish: If you want to use my cloaking tech, press the button on the arm. There's even a setting that makes you look like a tree!
Blish: Helpful for blocking someone's line of sight.
Taimi: Oh by the way, the Sunspears agree that releasing the plague is an act of war. They're rallying the Elonians.
Taimi: Guess we're really doing this. I'm equal parts exhilarated and terrified. Maybe a little peckish.
Blish: Be careful not to overheat the arm, Commander. If you do, you'll have to wait for the coolant to kick in.
Blish: And that'll be kind of loud. Might attract attention.
<Character name>: Hmm. Got an Awakened problem here.
Gorrik: Ooh, you can zap it with the triboelectrocuter!
Taimi: Shhh, Gorrik. The commander's TRYING to be stealthy.
Blish: I'd recommend stun bolting it, then zapping it.
Taimi: Guess we sent you to the right spot.
<Character name>: Lot of Awakened. Got a small squad coming my way.
Taimi: This should be a good test of the cloaking tech.
<Character name>: Hmm. They came from the buildings up there. Good cover, decent sight lines, close to the portal...
<Character name>: Taimi, I think this is a good place for our main camp. Let me take a look around.
Taimi: I'll take notes.
<Character name>: Got an outpost here. Checking it out.
Taimi: Don't forget to tiptoe.
Blish: Remember, you can camouflage yourself as a tree. Just make sure you stand still while you're doing it. Trees don't move.
Blish: You can jump around the area more quickly with that teleporter I built into my arm.
Taimi: Blish, candid feedback—if you have a teleporter in your arm, that information should come out earlier.
<Character name>: Area's clear. We can set up our base.
Taimi: Roger. Oh, and Blish says the portal's almost back online.
<Character name>: Good, keep me posted. Can't wage a war on my own.
Contacting Taimi for updates (happens throughout the instance)
Taimi: Commander, Faren's here with a bunch of, um...Amnoonians? Says he's trained them into a unit. Wants in on the fight. ... ...I know!
<Character name>: Uhh...tell him to sit tight.
Taimi: Got it.
Taimi: Commander, Captain Sly's corsairs are on their way. If Joko tries to launch any plague ships, Sayida's gonna sink 'em.
Taimi: Commander, Zaeim says the Sunspears are ready.
Taimi: Commander, Rytlock met up with Rox and the Olmakhan. Should be here soon.
Taimi: Hey, Braham's here!
Braham Eirsson: What are we whispering about?
Taimi: Shh! The commander's behind enemy lines.
Braham Eirsson: Hey, I always answer a call to arms.
Taimi: Okay, the gang's all here. Portal's up and running, Commander—just say the word.
Encountering a turret
<Character name>: Turrets.
Blish: Blast 'em with micro golems. Reduces their power until you can take them.
While using Arboreal Camouflage
<Awakened>: Where'd that tree come from?
<Awakened>: Was that tree there before?
Getting near Gandara
<Character name>: Joko's fortress. Won't be easy getting in there.
Taimi: He did invite you. Maybe just knock on the front door?
<Character name>: Or kick it in...
<Character name>: Whole area's crawling with Awakened.
<Character name>: We could use a way to stop enemy troops from moving into the main camp area.
Taimi: Oh! That reminds me! Canach thought of that; he's on his way with bramble seeds that'll grow into walls super quick.
Taimi: Portal's ready for single transport. Sending Canach through. Meet him at the main camp.
Back in the camp
Canach: Nice spot. Of course those siege engines will have to go.
Canach: Guard posts, too.
<Character name>: Of course.
Canach: I don't mind sharing my toys. Here, try these beauties.
Canach: Set one down, and it'll arm itself in no time flat.
Canach: These seeds will grow into bramble walls almost instantly. Where do you want them?
<Character name>: From my sweep of the area, our position will be most vulnerable from the south and the east.
Canach: I'll plant along the eastern front; you take the south.
Planting a seed
<Character name>: That was fast.
After weakening enemy defences
Taimi: Commander, Canach says the seeds have been planted along the eastern front. And Blish has an update.
Blish: The portal's not really a portal anymore. More of a permanent rift.
Blish: I thought I could make this portable portal possible—ha—but I'm starting to think I can't.
Blish: It's still not large or stable enough to send an entire army through at once. I'm going to have to send them in waves.
<Character name>: It's okay, Blish. I'll head to the, uh, rift. Taimi, start sending troops through.
Taimi: Aye, aye!
Groups arriving through the portal
Queen Dahlah: Let's wipe out this plague once and for all!
Queen Nahlah: Joko will rue the day he ever showed that desiccated skull of his in our lands!
Taimi: Commander, sending through another group! Hope this is a good time!
Rytlock Brimstone: Okay, charr! We'll take point! You with me?
Olmakhan Lifebinder: Sister? Who is this?
Rox: Olmakhan! Our place is on the front with Rytlock Brimstone. Today we fight to take down a tyrant!
Taimi: Sending the next wave, Commander!
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Sunspears! Follow me!
Taimi: More troops coming through!
Lord Faren: Recruits, with me!
Taimi: Me and the boys coming through!
Gorrik: I can smell the pestilence in the air.
Taimi: Me too. Gross.
Blish: I'm glad I don't have olfactory glands anymore.
Blish: Oh, note to self: make sure to get my arm back.
Braham: Forget doors—let's kick in some teeth!
In the camp
Spearmarshal Zaeim: First waves are present and accounted for, Commander. More on the way soon.
<Character name>: Okay, everyone, listen up. If you're human, stay behind the bramble walls. Your role is support only.
<Character name>: Rytlock, Rox, Braham—lead the Olmakhan and ghost legion to the front lines. The scarabs will be thickest there.
If human:
<Character name>: Turns out that because I've died before, I can't catch the plague. So I'll be on the front lines as well.
<Character name>: Taimi, where are the corsairs?
Taimi: Moving into position in the cove to the southwest. But they're human and that IS on the other side of the walls.
<Character name>: Risky, but we need them to keep Joko from launching plague ships. Rytlock, make sure they get some support.
<Character name>: Zaeim, command your Sunspears from the main camp. Send them scouting north to protect our flank.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Understood, Commander. My people won't become incubators for Joko's plague.
<Character name>: Faren, since you're here, the same goes for you and your recruits. Think you're up to protecting our supply lines?
Lord Faren: I've trained them myself—I think we're up to much more than that, Commander.
<Character name>: I promise you, this isn't busy work. The war is lost if our supplies break down. I need you to make Kryta proud.
Lord Faren: I assure you, we will.
<Character name>: This is it, people. We've managed to catch Joko off guard. We have one chance to stop him.
<Character name>: The fate of two continents hangs in the balance. Are you with me?
<Character name>: Let's show that sick lich he's bitten off more than he can chew!
Blish: Uh, can I have my arm back now?

My story[edit]

Forearmed Is Forewarned loading screen.jpg

Taimi, Gorrik, Blish, and I determined that an army could only reach Gandara in time by using Blish's stolen portal tech. I sent Blish and Taimi to set up the portal in the desert. Meanwhile, I went to ask the Primeval Dynasty for help.

I traveled to the Tomb of the Primeval Kings and convinced Queen Dahlah and Queen Nahlah that Joko's threats were real. They promised me command of a ghost army to fight Joko and the Scarab Plague.

I met Blish and Taimi at the site of Blish's unstable portal. As Blish set it up, a malfunction sent his arm to the other side.

I found Blish's arm and also several Awakened. With its built-in stealth, stun, and triboelectrocution capabilities, I finished off the Awakened and identified a likely site for our camp.

Blish's arm proved highly useful as I cleared the nearby outpost of Awakened. It'll make an excellent staging point for our army's assault on Joko's fortress.

Canach and I planted bramble walls, bombed siege engines, and destroyed barricades to weaken the Moon Fortress's defenses ahead of our army's arrival.

I defended the portal area as Blish sent battalions of allies through. Once the whole army had assembled at our new camp, I addressed them, assigning roles in the upcoming battle.

My story


  • Blish's dialogue received through the communicator used to have red text. It was changed to standard blue at an unknown point.