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Chaos Theory

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Chaos Theory

1331 AE
Living World Season 4
A Star to Guide Us
Jahai Bluffs
(Crystal Desert)
Preceded by
A Shattered Nation
Followed by

Chaos Theory is the second part of A Star to Guide Us.


Investigate the bizarre occurrences throughout Jahai.
  • Investigate the northern disturbance.
    • (Collect chak mucus for Gorrik.)
    • Mucus Samples: x/3
  • Investigate the center disturbance.
    • Take a sample of the strange fungus.
    • Find your way back to Vannis.
  • Investigate the southern disturbance.
    • Observe the battle.
    • Participate in the charr invasion of Orr.
    • Climb the northern tower and read the tablet.
  • Investigate the high energy readings.
    • Stop the Branded invasion.
  • Meet up with Braham and the survivors.
    • Speak with the survivors.



After entering Jahai, the order of completing the first four objects doesn't matter:

  • Head to the Displaced Towers. Watch and participate in the battle. Climb the structure north of the Vizier's Tower to the find the tablet.
  • Proceed to the Jungle Anomaly. After the dialogue, interact with three of the chak mucus samples from the area; there's a large number of them so your options are extensive, it doesn't matter which three you interact with.
  • Between the two areas above is ???. There, find Vannis then interact with the otherworldly fungus, enjoy the dialogue, and finally return to Vannis.
  • The fourth objective's position will vary depending on which Repel the Branded invasion and close the rifts event is active, which can spawn across Jahai Bluffs.

After completing all four objectives and listening to the brief dialogue, head to Crescent's Town Hall to meet Braham and talk to the village merchant.


Chaos Theory A Star to Guide Us 0Achievement points
Track down the anomalous readings around Jahai Bluffs.Journal: Chaos Theory Completed Completed Chaos Theory 0Achievement points





  • And any foes associated with the open world and related events.
See especially here: Repel the Branded invasion and close the riftsDisplaced Towers


Entering Jahai
Taimi: Okay, I marked the areas with sky-high energy readings. If you can, try and take a sample from each of them.
Taimi: Those tweaks I made to your comm device should let you transmit sample data to me. And, careful, okay?

Speaking with Braham in the village before fully investigating the disturbances:

Braham Eirsson: Still poking around. I'll let you know if I find anything for Taimi.
Southern disturbance

Entering the disturbance:

<Character name>: What...what is this?
Lines at the start and during the battle
Elite Imperator Ventus: Tear those mice apart! Stomp Orr into the dust!
Elite Lieutenant Nerise: Hold them off 'til the vizier can read from the scroll!
Veteran Orrian Captain: For Orr!
Veteran Orrian Captain: You'll never take us! Orr will stand strong!
Taimi: Did they say "Orr"? Commander, what are you seeing?
<Character name>: It's...a war. Between humans and charr.
Taimi: You mean like the charr invasion of Orr? The one that happened centuries ago? Wait—wait a second...
Taimi: Okay, this might sound weird, but I want you to try something: join the battle. See if you can affect the outcome.
If engaged in the battle
<Character name>: Way ahead of you.
If not engaged in the battle
<Character name>: Are you sure?
Taimi: Trust me. It'll...probably be fine.

After the battle:

depending on who wins (one of these lines)
Elite Imperator Ventus: Humans are so fragile. The vizier's tower as good as ours—now we burn Orr to the ground!
Elite Lieutenant Nerise: We did it...the Vizier's tower is safe. Gods willing, Orr will see another day.
<Character name>: Okay, fight's over. Now what?
Taimi: for a second and tell me what happens.
<Character name>: Taimi, the whole battle just...resets. Over and over. It's like I never did anything at all.
Taimi: That's what I thought. You're in some kind of echo of the past. Yeah— Like a recording that can't stop replaying itself.
Taimi: Let's see... Oh! If you're near the vizier's tower, there should be another tower north of it.
Taimi: Climb maybe halfway up, and you'll see a tablet. I want you to read it for me. Sounds silly, but go with me here...

After reading tablet:

<Character name>: Found the tablet. How'd you know it would be here?
Taimi: Something Trahearne told me once. Okay, what does the last line of the poem say?
<Character name>: "And I will chase it back to you."
Taimi: Wow. That changes the whole meaning...
Taimi: That's a legendary poem by an Orrian soldier. It was Trahearne's favorite. The final line was lost when the city sank.
<Character name>: I wish he could've seen this.
Taimi: too. So that confirms it, I guess. An echo of the charr invasion was ripped out of time.
Taimi: Wait till the Priory hears about this one, right?
Center disturbance

Entering the disturbance:

Priory Scholar Vannis: Do you see it too? Thought perhaps it was all in my head. It just...appeared. Out of nowhere.
Priory Scholar Vannis: The fungus... I've never seen anything like it. Wherever this came from, it's not part of Tyria.
Taimi: As's from another world? Oh, wow...we need a sample of that fungus.

After sampling fungus:

<Character name>: What the—
Priory Scholar Vannis: Careful! Inhaling the spores could have—
<Character name>: I...can't feel my fingers...
Priory Scholar Vannis: ...Adverse effects.
Fungus: In the space between two asura gates, do you cease to exist?
Fungus: Is the "you" who returned from the dead the same as the "you" who died?
Fungus: Can Palawa Joko Awaken himself?
<Character name>: Have you ever noticed how SOFT Rytlock's fur is?
Priory Scholar Vannis: That's it, Commander. Think of Rytlock.
<Character name>: Oh no... I don't like this...
Fungus: Are they truly your friends, or do they follow you out of obligation?
Priory Scholar Vannis: Just focus on reaching me! You'll be okay!

Returning to Vannis

Priory Scholar Vannis: There we go! Back safe and sound. And armed with new data!
<Character name>: Please don't mention this to anyone.
Priory Scholar Vannis: Mention what?
Taimi: I um...may have already sent a recording to literally everyone you know. Sorry.
Northern disturbance

Entering the disturbance:

Taimi: Looks like you've reached one of the anomalies. What do you see?
<Character name>:'s a jungle. In the middle of the desert.
Taimi: Wait, a—what? Okay, um... Describe it. Any flora you recognize? Fauna?
<Character name>: You're not going to believe it, but...I see chak. Lots of them.
Gorrik: WHAT?
(Sound of crashing and door being slammed open)
Gorrik: Did you say chak? But that should be impossible... They're native only to the Maguuma region.
Blish: Gorrik, you were in the other room. How did you—
Gorrik: This requires extensive study. I'll need a sample of the insects' mucus. Make that several samples.
Taimi: Well, you heard him.

After gathering mucus:

<Character name>: Well? What's the result, Gorrik?
Gorrik: They're chak! Maguuma chak! In the desert! What a time to be alive.
Taimi: Okay... a chunk of Maguuma is now in Elona. Writing...that...down.
After the three disturbances have been fully investigated
Taimi: So Blish and I have been analyzing the samples you found, and—you're not gonna believe this. I don't believe it.
Blish: That disturbance you saw at the summit? It was a rift... In the Mists. And it's happening all over the place.
Blish: Ruptures are occurring in the barrier between our world and the next. That's what's causing...well...ALL of this.
If done before investigating rift
Taimi: Problem is, we still don't know WHY. We gotta see another rift in action. I'm reading one nearby—maybe check it out?
If done after investigating rift
Taimi: know how we saw Branded climbing out of those rifts? That
High energy readings (rift)

Entering a Branded invasion area:

Taimi: Oh! Hold on...
Taimi: Okay, let's grab some data— I read...Branded?

When Branded Riftstalker appears:

Blish: I'm getting bizarre readings from that...creature. Its energy might be tied to the ruptures. Focus on that one.

After event completes:

Blish: Commander... We've gathered enough data from this...incident to confirm the Branded originated from those ruptures.
If done before disturbances
Taimi: Which means Kralk is involved. But...we still don't know what these things ARE. We gotta check out those other sites.
If done after disturbances
Taimi: Which we already know lead straight to the Mists. That would
After rift and all disturbances are investigated
<Character name>: Yes. Kralkatorrik is inside the Mists.
Taimi: Sparks... How is this possible? Elder Dragons have never been able to—
Braham: Guys? I need you over here. Now. We got survivors—a whole group of 'em.
Taimi: Wait, in that Branded village? How— Commander, you gotta check it out.
Braham: Big house on the north side. I'll be waiting.
Braham and survivors

Meet with Braham:

Braham Eirsson: There you are, Commander.
Braham Eirsson: Hey, you wanna repeat what you told me?

Speak to Merchant:

Merchant: We saw that dragon fly overhead—the one who's been helping people.
Merchant: Next thing we knew, the sky tore open, and then...our home was gone.
<Character name>: But how did you survive? The entire village is Branded.
Merchant: We were in here when it happened. It didn't reach us.
Braham Eirsson: You make heads or tails of this, Taimi? Blish?
Blish: No, not unless— Of course...the mountainside! The Brand can't penetrate that much bedrock.
Taimi: Okay. We need to take everyone somewhere...deep underground or something so we can form a plan. Somewhere like...uh...
Koss Dejarin: Hey. Gimme that thing.
Taimi: Koss—!
Koss Dejarin: How does this even work— Hello? Commander?
Koss Dejarin: I know a place. Old Sunspear sanctuary from long ago. Probably been abandoned for years. For years!
Taimi: Yes! Commander, can you meet him there? Braham, too. We'll keep looking for Aurene.
Taimi: And then...we figure out how to fix this mess.

My story[edit]

Jahai Bluffs loading screen.jpg

After encountering a displaced chunk of Maguuma, a strip of land from another world, an echo of ancient Orr ripped out of time, and an active rift in the Mists, we reached a chilling conclusion: Kralkatorrik is inside the Mists. Luckily, we also discovered Kralkatorrik can't Brand deep underground, and Koss remembered a safe location from his Sunspear days. We agreed to meet up at the old Sunspear Sanctuary to discuss our options and stay safe from the Brand.

My story