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Sabotage Fort Evennia

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Sabotage Fort Evennia

1330 AE
Living World Season 3
The Head of the Snake
Lake Doric
Preceded by
Eyes on Lake Doric
Followed by
Breaking the Siege

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Sabotage Fort Evennia is the third part of The Head of the Snake.


Meet with the Shining Blade agent at Fort Evennia.
  • Locate and debrief the missing Shining Blade Exemplar.
  • (Steal White Mantle battle plans.)
  • Battle plans stolen: x/5
  • (Sabotage food and other objects inside Fort Evennia.)
  • Acts of sabotage committed: x/3
  • (Rescue Seraph prisoners.)
  • Seraph Soldiers rescued: x/5
  • Return to Exemplar Ylan to reapply your disguise. (if losing your disguise)
  • Return to the Shining Blade agent.



Talk to Exemplar Ylan and get a White Mantle Disguise and go inside Fort Evennia and when no one is watching:

Completing the associated Renown Heart for additional rewards is optional.


Sabotage Fort Evennia The Head of the Snake 0Achievement points
Infiltrate and sabotage operations in Fort Evennia.Journal: Sabotage Fort Evennia Completed Completed Sabotage Fort Evennia 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story.




  • Foes associated with the open world map and related events



Speaking to Exemplar Ylan
Exemplar Ylan: Damned jade constructs... (groan) They hit like a stampeding centaur.
<Character name>: Careful, now. What happened to you?
Exemplar Ylan: I was undercover inside Fort Evennia when those filthy cultists took it during the surprise attack.
Exemplar Ylan: They caught me inside trying to free Seraph prisoners. Took a hit from one of those jade bows while I was trying to escape.
Exemplar Ylan: Then this storm appeared. Might be from the bloodstone shards they're storing in there.
<Character name>: Logan sent me to help deal with the White Mantle in the fort. What can I do?
Exemplar Ylan: You can help me finish my mission. There's still a number of Seraph prisoners inside that need assistance.
Exemplar Ylan: There're also plenty of opportunities for intel gathering and good ol' fashioned sabotage—if you can avoid detection.
(if thief)
<Character name>: Stealth is a specialty of mine. I think I can handle it.
Exemplar Ylan: Not to doubt your ability, but I think we need something stronger.
(if mesmer)
<Character name>: I'm something of an illusionist, myself. Avoiding detection should be no problem.
Exemplar Ylan: Not to doubt your ability, but I think we need something stronger.
Exemplar Ylan: I can cloak you in a powerful veil that will give you the appearance of a White Mantle soldier—but there are some limits.
Exemplar Ylan: The guise won't hold up to close scrutiny, so don't take drastic action if any Mantle are watching.
Exemplar Ylan: Be careful inside... (groan) Especially around those jade constructs.
<Character name>: I will. Stay safe and out of sight. I'll return soon.
Speaking to Exemplar Ylan after sabotaging
<Character name>: The Seraph made it out, and the White Mantle are going to have a lot of cleanup.
Exemplar Ylan: Good work. Those soldiers' families will be relieved to see them alive.
Exemplar Ylan: Get back to Captain Thackeray and report the good news. I'll stay and coordinate future raids.

My story[edit]

Lake Doric loading screen.jpg

At Logan's request, I met with a Shining Blade agent stationed outside Fort Evennia, which had been taken over by White Mantle operatives. With the agent's help, I was able to infiltrate the fort and sabotage the Mantle's operations.

My story