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On Orrian Shores

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On Orrian Shores

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On Orrian Shores is the third part of One Path Ends.


Find the ship that Exemplar Kerida has waiting for you.

  • Request permission to board the Shining Blade's boat.

Explore the Orrian coast to see if the Eye of Janthir is here.

  • Board the boat to Orr.
  • Gather intel on what's happening here.
  • Find Firstborn Dagonet.
  • Talk to Firstborn Dagonet.
  • (Kill a ley-line scavenger and use its energy to reclaim the corpse of an undead.)
  • Kill ley-line scavengers and use their magical organs to reclaim undead corpses.: x/3
  • Talk to King Reza.



The ferry can be found east of Macha's Landing in Lion's Arch. Speak to Shining Blade Agent Bilman, then board the ship.

Once you arrive in Orr, speak to Camp Coordinator Philia, then head west into Melandru's Reliquary to find Dagonet standing next to King Reza, the heart vendor. After speaking to them, pick up a Ley Organ (found on Ley-Line Scavenger corpses) and channel Skill #3(skill 3) to cleanse three Risen corpses. The corpses are the graphical remains of the Unchained after you have killed them, and they will not be labeled or interactable. They will also despawn fairly quickly, so you will need to kill a Ley-Line Scavenger right before or after killing an Unchained. Do not pick up the Ley Organ until you have killed the Unchained. Skill 3 will create an Area of Effect centered on your character and one of the corpses must be in it. The ley organ will be consumed each time you cleanse a corpse, but more than one may be cleansed at a time if you are able to fit them within the skill's area of effect.

Speak to King Reza once you are done to complete the mission. This will also complete the heart, if you hadn't done so already.




At Lion's Arch[edit]

Speaking to Shining Blade Agent Bilman:

<Character name>: Hello. I'm the passenger you're waiting for. The Shining Blade is providing me with passage to Orr.
Shining Blade Agent Bilman: I'll need your boarding token.
<Character name>: I don't have a token. I wasn't given one. Hold on... I know how to straighten this out.
<Character name>: Exemplar Kerida, come in. There's a Shining Blade agent here forbidding me from boarding the ship to Orr.
Exemplar Kerida: Ooh, so formal. Is the agent there with you, Commander?
Shining Blade Agent Bilman: I must receive a proper boarding token. I have my orders.
Exemplar Kerida: Agent, this is Exemplar Kerida. The commander is on a Blade mission. You will transport him/her to Orr. Code SBEJ1998.
<Character name>: You don't have to shout.
Shining Blade Agent Bilman: Yes, Exemplar! I apologize. I didn't realize... You may board at will.

At Siren's Landing[edit]

Upon arrival at the docks:

<Character name>: Come in, Exemplar. We just docked, in Orr. Thanks for the ship. Have you found the Eye?
Exemplar Kerida: Oh, no. Was I supposed to be looking for the Eye?
<Character name>: Are you kidding me?
Exemplar Kerida: Did you know these islands are strange? I just left a raggedy carnival trying to capture a rampaging slothasor.
<Character name>: I'm familiar... Don't you want to know whether I found the Eye?
Exemplar Kerida: It's unnecessary, my dear. You asked me if I did, ergo, you did not. Out and over!

Speaking with Camp Coordinator Philia:

Camp Coordinator Philia: Greetings, wayfarer. Have you come to help us reclaim this accursed land?
<Character name>: I'm afraid not. I'm looking for someone. Have you seen or heard reports of Balthazar here?
Camp Coordinator Philia: Oh! I did hear a rumor that the being called Balthazar had been seen here. The royal ghosts were buzzing about it.
<Character name>: Do you know where he went? Or have you seen the Eye of Janthir, a floating...
Camp Coordinator Philia: The floating pyramid eye? It passed this way not long ago, but I dared not approach it. It was headed inland.
Camp Coordinator Philia: I suggest you start your search with Dagonet the Firstborn. You'll find him at the Reliquary of Melandru.

Talking to Firstborn Dagonet:

Firstborn Dagonet: I can hardly believe my eyes. The destroyer of Zhaitan, here to help us reclaim Orr?
If completed the Source of Orr:
King Reza: The destroyer of Zhaitan? I remember you. You were of great service to me once.
If did not complete the Source of Orr:
King Reza: The destroyer of Zhaitan? 'Tis because of you that we can reclaim Orr.
<Character name>: Sorry to be abrupt, but I'm looking for Balthazar or the Eye of Janthir, a floating...
Firstborn Dagonet: Oh, we know what it is. They've both been here, but you cannot follow where they went.
If asura:
<Character name>: Why for the Eternal Alchemy can't I?
If charr:
<Character name>: Why not?
If human:
<Character name>: What's the problem?
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Is there a problem?
If norn:
<Character name>: What's in the way?
King Reza: The main reliquary—Abaddon's—is locked down.
Firstborn Dagonet: Only the Reliquary of Melandru is illuminated. It was like that when we arrived, so we're studying it.
King Reza: God magic once powered this place, but that was ages ago.
<Character name>: That ley line might be the source.
Firstborn Dagonet: I'm trying to harness ley-line magic to return Risen bodies to the soil. To finally cleanse Orr.
<Character name>: Taimi? If I wanted to find a portable source of ley-line magic, where would I look?
Taimi: Ooh, a conundrum! Let's see. Remember Spencer, my chak organ buddy? It turns out there are others like him.
Taimi: You're already in a place with high magic concentration. Look for a creature that glows, and then cut out its ley organ.
<Character name>: Uh. That's disgusting. But if it works.
Firstborn Dagonet: If the organ contains enough magic, it should destroy the Risen. At least, in theory.
King Reza: Dagonet, when did it become acceptable to carry a child locked in one's pack?

Talking to King Reza after cleansing three Risen corpses:

King Reza: At last, there's hope for Orr's resurrection.
Firstborn Dagonet: Your assistance with the reclamation is much appreciated, Commander!
<Character name>: I'm not done yet. I need to know more about Abaddon's Reliquary.
King Reza: In Orr's prime, this place—the complex—held the reliquaries of the gods.
Firstborn Dagonet: Abaddon, being the keeper of secrets, secured each god's most cherished scrolls, mementos, and artifacts for them.
Firstborn Dagonet: The other reliquaries must all be lit and the corruption removed before Abaddon's will open.
King Reza: I need your help with the reliquaries.
King Reza: Start with the Reliquary of Grenth. Use your ley-line magic to banish this Zhaitan pox!
If asura:
<Character name>: Understood!
If charr:
<Character name>: I'm on it.
If norn:
<Character name>: Consider it done.
<Character name>: I'll make sure of it.

My story[edit]

Siren's Landing loading screen.jpg

It's wonderful to see so many working so hard to reclaim Orr. A large group of sylvari are making strides by returning the Risen to the soil. I encountered the ghost of King Reza and Firstborn Dagonet as well. They're both attempting to revitalize this land. I've learned that ley-line energy can be used to reclaim dead Risen.

My story