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1325 AE
Personal story
Krytan Politics
Beggar's Burrow
Seraph Headquarters
(Royal Palace)
Human tango icon 20px.png Human
Preceded by
Biography Commoner.png Desperate Medicine
Followed by
Biography Commoner.png Arson at the Orphanage
Biography Commoner.png The Hospital in Jeopardy

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Loading screen for Beggar's Burrow


Loading screen for Seraph Headquarters

Infiltration is part of the personal story for commoner human characters who have completed Desperate Medicine.


Infiltrate the bandit camp in the cave southeast of the city.

  • Obtain a bandit disguise.
  • Enter the bandit hideout.
  • Get information from Deadeye Della, Uptown Johnny, and Blaize.

Tell Captain Thackeray that bandits plan to attack the city.

  • Talk to Captain Thackeray


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All professions


The cave entrance is in the northwest part of the cemetery that is southeast of the city.

A lone bandit conveniently waits just inside the bandit cave. And his bandit clothes are just your size! Defeat him to disguise yourself then approach the door. You'll be let in by Switch who will introduce himself. Proceed into the bandit camp and take note of the named bandits who you've seen before. Talk to each one in any order.

Deadeye Della will challenge you to test your strength. She will submit when low on life and shouldn't be much of a problem.

Uptown Johnny immediately suspects that you're with the Seraph, but is very easily convinced otherwise. Furthermore, he reveals the entire plan to attack the orphanage and hospital back in town.

Blaize can't find fuses to make his bombs. As you may suspect, you'll have to retrieve them for him. Across the bridge, you'll see a chest with a few drake hatchlings around it. You'll probably want to kill them. Pull them back to the natural chokepoint of the bridge if you have to. Grab the fuses from the chest and return to Blaize.

There is also a captured Seraph named Corporal Berra whom you may free. Talk to her to inform her of your status as an undercover agent, then retrieve the key for the cage from one of the nearby bandits and return it to her so that she can escape when the bandits leave for their mission.

After all the bandits have entrusted you with vital information, return to Logan and inform him of the arson plot. You'll have to chose which of the two locations to save: the orphanage or the hospital.







Beggar's Burrow[edit]

Fighting the Bandit Thug for a disguise:

Bandit Thug: You're trespassing, jerk. Now I have to hurt you.

At the door to the bandit hideout:

Wearing bandit clothes
Door: Well, come on in, fresh meat. You look soft, but we'll de-tenderize you until even Captain Thackeray won't be able to chew you up.
Talk quest option tango.png Heh. Good one. Thanks.
Not wearing bandit clothes
Door: Who are you? This ain't no public house. Get lost.
Talk more option tango.png Sorry. I was looking for my mother-in-law's tomb.
Why, so you can spit on it? Go on, get out of here before I bury you with her.
Talk end option tango.png Okay, I'm leaving.

Cinematic after entering hideout:

Switch: Welcome to the barbeque, new meat. My name's Switch.
<Character name>: I'm called Shadow. I, uh, got out just today.
Switch: Free pardon, huh? Me too! Cheers for the Ministry, eh? Who'd have known they were such an "understanding" bunch?
Switch: We're gearing up for a big job this time. Make yourself useful and ask around for something to do.

Talking to Switch:

Switch: We've got a sweet deal here. I love how the Ministry bails us out if we get caught. As long as we keep working for them, I can't see a downside!
Talk end option tango.png That is sweet, as long as the Seraph don't pinch us. Later.

Approaching Uptown Johnny:

Uptown Johnny: I'm Uptown Johnny, baby. Man plus.

When speaking to Uptown Johnny:

Uptown Johnny: I've never seen you before. Who are you?
Talk quest option tango.png I'm Shadow, from, um, Portage Haven. I just moved to the city.
I think you're a lying Seraph spy. Better change my mind, or you're dead.
Ferocity Call me a liar again, and I'll nail your tongue to a tree.
Okay, okay. I was just testing you. You're a feisty one, aren't you? I hope you're on my team.
Talk quest option tango.png Team? There are teams?
(Same as below)
CharismaCome on. I'm too good-looking to be Seraph.
Ha! Yeah, no way Captain Fancy-Pants Thackeray would let anyone prettier than him in the ranks. I'm gonna like working with you. I hope you're on my team.
Talk quest option tango.png Team? There are teams?
(Same as below)
Talk quest option tango.png Big Nose Ted sent me. If you don't like it, take it up with him.
Okay, okay. I was just testing you. You're a feisty one, aren't you? I hope you're on my team.
Talk quest option tango.png Team? There are teams?
Right. You're new. We've got a big arson job coming up with two targets. Big Nose Ted wants both fires started at the same time, so we're splitting into teams.
Talk quest option tango.png What are the targets?
An orphanage and a military hospital. This is Ted's best plan yet. I hope I get the orphanage. It'll be more fun.
Talk quest option tango.png Fun's fun, but I prefer cash. What's the angle?
Ted's got a deal with the ministry. We make the Seraph look worthless–like they can't protect anybody–and when the council takes over, they let us do as we please.
Talk quest option tango.png Devious. Thanks. See you at the job.
Talk end option tango.png I agree. Talk to you later.
Talk end option tango.png I see. Thanks for the information.
Talk end option tango.png If you're going to be like that, I'd rather not talk to you.
Talk end option tango.png Nobody. I won't bother you.

When speaking to Uptown Johnny again:

Uptown Johnny: It'll be interesting to see which team we end up on. Either way, I expect there'll be a lot of pretty ladies needing comforting after the fire. Know what I mean?
Talk more option tango.png That's disgusting. How can you take advantage of someone's grief?
Hey, these are sad, vulnerable women. I'm not taking advantage of them, I'm just offering then a shoulder to cry on…while I case their house for burglary.
Talk end option tango.png You're a real keeper, Johnny.

When speaking to Deadeye Della:

Deadeye Della: So you think you're tough enough to join up with us, huh? Prove it.
Talk combat option tango.png Okay, you asked for it.

After besting Deadeye Della in combat:

Deadeye Della: Nobody's challenged me like that in a long time. You got something there, kid. Something we can use. Get ready–you're coming on the burn raid, and it's going down soon.
Talk quest option tango.png The burn raid? What's that?
All you need to know is that it'll be a blast. Welcome to the party.
Talk quest option tango.png Thanks. See ya later.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks. See ya later.

When speaking to Deadeye Della again:

Deadeye Della: You're better than me, that's for sure. Do me a favor and fight facing opposite me when you go up against the Seraph.
Talk more option tango.png Facing you? Why would I do that?
Because if you're facing me, then the Seraph you're fighting will have their backs pointed my way. That gives me a nice, easy bullseye to put them down. Get it?
Talk end option tango.png Okay...whatever you want.

When speaking to Blaize:

Blaize: Hey! Don't just stand there, lend me a hand. I can't find my fuses! I've got powder, but I can't blow stuff up without fuses. Start at the back of the cave, and make it quick!
Talk quest option tango.png Fuses? I'll get 'em.
Blaize: Where did I put those fuses?

Approaching the bandits on the bridge to the fuses:

Bandit Scout: Hurry up. Blaize wants those fuses.
Bandit Thug: Looks like the drakes are getting a little cozy with them. You sure about this?
Bandit Scout: I was...but maybe now I'm changing my mind.

At the fuse chest:

Chest: Inside is a bundle of fuses tied together with twine.
Talk quest option tango.png Take the fuses.

Returning to Blaize with fuses:

Blaize: Hey! Don't just stand there, lend me a hand. I can't find my fuses! I've got powder, but I can't blow stuff up without fuses. Start at the back of the cave, and make it quick!
Talk quest option tango.png You mean these fuses?
Yeah. Just what I was looking for. Now I can really start cookin'.
Talk quest option tango.png Heh! What's on the menu?
My favorite: fire and flames. A double job in the city. We torch a couple buildings and the Seraph get burned in the process. Know what I mean?
Talk quest option tango.png Nothing like a nice, crackling fire.
Oh, yeah! Bright lights, big noise, smoking remains–I can't wait. This kind of job gives life meaning, you know? Meaning and purpose.
Talk quest option tango.png Certainly gives me a purpose. See you there.
Talk end option tango.png Exactly. Talk to you later.
Talk end option tango.png Enjoy.

When speaking to Blaize again:

Blaize: This next job is finally up my alley. Burning, mayhem, money, burning. I love it.
Talk more option tango.png You said "burning" twice.
Something wrong with that? I like burning things!
Talk end option tango.png Well, I guess everybody needs a hobby.

Talking to imprisoned Corporal Berra:

Corporal Berra: Did you come here to gloat, thug?
Talk more option tango.png Keep your voice down. I'm an agent of the Seraph. Logan sent me here to find out what the bandits are up to. Do you know anything?
They don't tell us anything. They don't feed us, either. Can you get me out of here?
Talk more option tango.png I'll do what I can, but no promises. Shhh–they're watching. Yell at me or something, quick!
Oh! Right,'re some kinda really tough bandit, aren't you? Stop! Leave me alone!
Talk end option tango.png I'll try to find the key to this cage. Be strong.

After talking to the imprisoned Corporal Berra - talking to a Bandit Rifleman nearby:

Bandit Rifleman: Hey, it's the new kid, What do you want, probie?
Talk more option tango.png Switch sent me. He needs your key to the prisoner cages. Time to feed 'em their gruel.
You sure you want to feed 'em? Last time I did, I ended up wearing that gruel.
Talk end option tango.png Yeah, I heard. That's why I get the job. Sucks to be the new kid, huh?

Talking to imprisoned Corporal Berra again:

Corporal Berra: Are you back to pick on me again? Psst! Did you find the key?
Talk more option tango.png I did. Here. After the bandits leave to do their job, use it and get out of here.
I owe you one friend. Stop saying that about my mother!
Talk end option tango.png Keep your head down, stay quiet, and you'll be home soon.

Seraph Headquarters[edit]

When Approaching Logan Thackeray in the Seraph Headquarters:

Logan Thackeray: Ahh, here's our favorite new undercover operative now. Let's see if the Hero of Shaemoor can shed some light on things.

Talking to Countess Anise:

Countess Anise: You interest me, and not just because Logan thinks highly of you. You've got a certain panache of your own. Did you know that?
Talk more option tango.png Thank you. I hope to prove myself in your estimation.
Actions speak louder than words, pet, and yours positively roar.
Talk end option tango.png That's very kind. Good day, Countess.
Charisma Not nearly as striking as you, my lady. If I have any social skill, I achieved it from watching the Shining Blade from afar.
Now you're just flattering me. Clever, my dear. You'll go far.
Talk end option tango.png I hope so, Countess. Good day.

Talking to Logan Thackeray:

Logan Thackeray: I knew you'd make it out safely. What did you learn?
Talk quest option tango.png It's bad. Ted plans to burn down Vanguard Hospital AND Queen's Heart Orphanage.
That filthy scum! We'll have to split up to cover both sites, so we'll be stretched thing. I'll lead the defense on one, Lieutenant Francis will take the other. You go with one of us.
Talk quest choice tango.png I'll help cover the orphanage.
You're with me, then. Good work, by the way. If you were Seraph, I'd promote you.
Talk quest option tango.png Thanks. I'm ready when you are.
Talk quest choice tango.png I'll help cover the hospital. (Currently bugged, see notes)
You're with me, then. Good work, by the way. If you were Seraph, I'd promote you.
Talk quest option tango.png Thanks. I'm ready when you are.
Talk end option tango.png Let me think it over.

After making your decision:

Logan Thackeray: Ted thinks we can't be in two places at once, but that's why the gods invented teamwork.

My story[edit]


I discovered important information from the thieves. First, the Ministry Guard has been releasing prisoners and sending them out to join a growing band of criminals. Second, the ringleader is planning an arson attack on Divinity's Reach. He's targeting either the military hospital or the orphanage.

I warned Captain Thackeray about the impending attack on the orphanage and the hospital. We had to act quickly. Logan sent Lieutenant Francis with some soldiers in one direction, while he and I went in the other.

My story


There has been a bug in The Hospital in Jeopardy which has occurred twice so far, in Sept-Oct 2017 and then in Feb. 2018. Both times it was eventually fixed. The merged discussion about this bug (and where future comments on its recurrence should be posted) is at (HiJ bug (merged))