Into the Woods

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Biography Missed Opportunity.png

Into the Woods

1325 AE
Personal story
Shadows of the Past
Blackroot Cut
(Kessex Hills)
Human tango icon 20px.png Human
Missed Opportunity
Preceded by
Biography Missed Opportunity.png Clown College
Followed by
Biography Missed Opportunity.png The Ringmaster

Into the Woods is part of the personal story of human characters who chose the Missed Opportunity background and chose to infiltrate the meeting in Clown College.


The Ringmaster is gathering new recruits.

  • Attend the Ringmaster's secret gathering near Black Haven.
  • Defeat the monsters.


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All professions


Go to the mission location and enter the marker. You will see the Ringmaster talking to some recruits. As you approach, there will be a cutscene. When the cutscene stops, you will be surrounded by monsters. Once you attack them enough, they turn green and stop fighting. A "Monster" arrives, and once it's killed, you've finished this part of your personal story.





  • Monster (becomes allied when health reaches 20%)


Cinematic with the Ringmaster:

Ringmaster: Your attention, please! Welcome, my dear little clowns and fools, to the dress rehearsal for the big show in Divinity's Reach! We're going to bring the house down!
Ringmaster: Today, we're testing the circus's greatest attraction to date! Behold, Uzolan's Floating Grizwhirl! Gaze upon the grizwhirl. Clear your minds completely.
Ringmaster: Look around, ninny-bells. Where are your friends? Whatever will you do? For the survivors, it'll be a night to remember! And now, it's time for me to bow out.
<Character name>: Woah! My head is spinning. I... where did all the recruits go? What? We're under attack!

During the battle (said as they hit 50%):

Monster: You won't get me! I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!
Monster: I don't want to die! Please, somebody save me!
Monster: Oh, gods, what's happening! Stay away from me, you beasts!
Monster: Get away! Monsters! You're all monsters!
Monster: The Ringmaster's right! We have to fight back! Kill them all!

When additional spawns arrive:

Monster: The Hero of Shaemoor has lost it! I need help over here!

When the final Monster arrives:

Monster: Hey, take it easy! What do you think you're doing?
Monster: Wake up! I don't want to hurt you!
Monster: It's me! Logan! Logan Thackeray!

Cinematic with Logan:

<Character name>: Get away from me, you—
Logan Thackeray: Stop! It's me. It's Logan. Get ahold of yourself! The Ringmaster has affected your mind!
<Character name>: What? Logan? But—
Logan Thackeray: Blessed Lyssa, I thought I was gonna have to knock you out. You were attacking unarmed civilians and my Seraph. Luckily, even in your confusion, you held back.
<Character name>: On some level, I knew it wasn't real. My mind is stronger than his usual victim. Victims! By the gods, Logan, he was going to use the Floating Grizwhirl in Divinity's Reach!
Logan Thackeray: If the Ringmaster creates this kind of hysteria in the city, many will die. We have to shut down the carnival.
<Character name>: No, wait. If you do that, he'll just hide until we're least expecting him. It would be better to catch him in the act.
Logan Thackeray: It's risky, but I agree. He doesn't know you're a spy. You can keep an eye on him, and we'll strike when he makes his move.

Talking to NPCs after cinematic:

Logan Thackeray: That Ringmaster is trouble, but he loves having an audience. It won't be long before he strikes again—and more publicly.
Dignity If he's determined to do this, he'll want the biggest crowd possible. That could be tremendously dangerous.
He'll be able to command them to do anything. A personal army of slaves, just waiting for the Ringmaster to give them a target.
Talk end option tango.png We'll stop him before it comes to that.
Talk end option tango.png I will be. See you there.
Seraph Soldier: Glad you're on our side. When I saw the look in your eye, I thought I was dead.
Seraph Soldier: You were holding back, weren't you? Thank the gods! I'd hate to see you go all out.

My story[edit]

Convincing the Faithful.jpg

Along with the other recruits, I met with the Ringmaster in the forest. It turned out to be a trap. The Ringmaster wanted to test the effects of the Floating Grizwhirl. It hypnotized the recruits. I had to beat them back to their senses. The Ringmaster is going to use the Floating Grizwhirl to hypnotize the audience at the next big show in Divinity's Reach. I have to stop him.

My story