The Ghost Rite

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The Ghost Rite

1325 AE
Personal story
The Battle of Claw Island
Western Ward
(Lion's Arch)
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Durmand Priory
Preceded by
The Battle of Claw Island
Followed by
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Shards of Orr
Durmand Priory (order icon).png The Sound of Psi-Lance

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The Ghost Rite is part of the personal story for characters who have joined Durmand Priory and completed The Battle of Claw Island.


Receive information from Gixx via the mail.

  • Read the letter from Gixx.

Aid the Durmand Priory and defend Lion's Arch.

  • Meet Gixx and Trahearne at the Durmand Memorial.
  • Enter the ritual circle.
  • (Slaughter your enemies.)
  • Gain Power through the slaughter of your enemies.
  • (Defeat Thadeus Ghostrite.)
  • Thadeus Ghostrite
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Return to Gixx.
  • Decide how to best reinforce the Priory Contingent.


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All professions


Go into the circle as instructed and you will become an Avatar of Balthazar and receive new weapon skills for the rest of the mission. Take a look at your skills before proceeding as you will soon be fighting undead on the beach. As the skills are blasts and not area effect, try not to get surrounded since the skills only affect foes in front of you. Note that you retain your belt, utility, and elite skills (F1-F5 and slots 6-10), and the allied NPCs can be used as a buffer.

Avatar of Balthazar skills
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Greatsword Swing.png Balthazar's Blade 0.5½ Slash your foe.
1 Redirect Arrow.pngGreatsword Slice.png Balthazar's Fury 0.5½ Strike your foe again.
1 Redirect Arrow.pngBrutal Strike.png Balthazar's Triumph 0.5½ Strike your foe with a mighty blow that sends them flying backward.
2 Burning Speed.png Balthazar's Advance 0.75¾ 2 Dash forward, leaving a wall of flames behind and battering aside any that dare stand before the Avatar of Balthazar.
2 Redirect Arrow.pngBurning Retreat.png Balthazar's Feint Quickly roll backward, leaving a wall of fire behind and smashing aside any that dare obstruct you.
3 Backbreaker.png Balthazar's Judgment 1 5 Smash your foes into the ground, opening them up for Balthazar's Mercy.
3 Redirect Arrow.pngDragon's Tooth.png Balthazar's Mercy 1 Summon a fiery dragon's tooth down upon your hapless foes.
4 Drake's Breath.png Balthazar's Breath 20.25¼ 5 Spew forth a torrent of flames.
5 Fireball.png Balthazar's Fist 0.5½ 10 Launch a gigantic fireball that explodes on impact and incinerates multiple foes.

As you approach Thadeus Ghostrite (champion, temporarily invulnerable) numerous undead will swarm towards you. Dispatch them with your newly acquired skillset.

Undead Abominations will spawn after a while, and a few undead later the objectives will update and allow you to attack Thadeus Ghostrite, who is immune to damage from your allies but not from your Avatar.

A special note that if you are a Mesmer, put the utility Mirror Images on your skill bar. The two summoned clones will use your full 1-5 skillset from the avatar effect, and can rip apart the boss Wraith in seconds. Engineers may also choose to use their weapon or tool kits - given the sheer number of enemies that can spawn, the Flamethrower is particularly useful. Belt skills such as Bandage Self, Incendiary Ammo, and Grenade Barrage may also be used.

Due to losing access to the profession and weapon skills, revenants also lose access to their utility and healing skills. This makes this mission slightly more difficult for revenants.







The message you get form Steward Gixx via mail after the Battle of Claw Island:


Steward Gixx

Assemble in Lions Arch

Rumors from Lion's Arch are running rampant. The priory has heard of the fall of Claw Island, and of your bravery there. Already, a contingent of Explorers are speaking with the Commodore to ensure that citizens can evacuate; it seems we must plan for the worst. I need you to assemble with the others at the Durmand Memorial in Lion's Arch.
The knowledge to defeat the Elder Dragons is out there. It must exist...and we must find it.

—Steward Gixx

When approaching Gixx (cinematic):

Gixx: Magister, is it true? Sieran — she's really dead?
<Character name>: It's true, Gixx. I'm sorry. But at least she went out bravely. Because of her sacrifice, the survivors reached Lion's Arch.
Gixx: I'd always hoped Sieran would learn responsibility, but not like this. She was a turnip-brained, leaf-loving... hero. And she will be missed.
Trahearne: Sieran's courage provided opportunity, but your bravery led us to safety, my friend. I owe you a great debt, Magister.
Gixx: You may not be a member of the Priory, Trahearne, but you know more about the Orrians than anyone in Tyria. What do you recommend?
Trahearne: These undead are commanded by a powerful wraith. He'll remain hidden while his minion carry out the slaughter.
Gixx: So we must discover the unseen, hm? I believe the Priory has an artifact that will aid us: an idol of Balthazar, the human god of war, murder, etcetera etcetera.
Gixx: It can transform one individual. The more you kill, the more powerful you become — until your enemy can no longer hide from you. But, it is risky...
<Character name>: I'll do it. Sieran was never afraid to take risks. She gave us a chance to protect the city, and I plan to do exactly that.

Talking to your allies:

Trahearne: Ah, Sieran. I remember her awakening. She was such a brilliant spirit. She will be missed.
Talk end option tango.png She'd want us to carry on. That's exactly what we'll do.
Gixx: Pay attention, Lightbringer[sic], and I'll elucidate on this idol and its properties.
Talk more option tango.png What is this little idol, anyway?
It is an idol of Balthazar, the human god of blood and butt-kicking. Therefore, it is imbued with...well, all that sort of thing.
Talk more option tango.png You sound like you don't believe in the human gods.
To each their own. No matter what power imbues this little trinket, its sufficiency is enough for me!
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you for the information.
Talk more option tango.png How did the Durmand Priory recover this idol?
It was recovered by the Mane warband outside the Black Citadel. We have it, courtesy of Tribune Brimstone.
Talk more option tango.png Why would Rytlock Brimstone help us?
He owed me a favor. And this thing's entirely too dangerous to leave lying around.
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you for the information.
Talk more option tango.png What does this idol do?
It places a murderous power upon you. The more you kill, the more powerful you become.
Talk more option tango.png You said there was a risk in using it.
The power inflicts a cost on your soul. If you are not strong enough, it will consume you, as well.
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png I'll have to take that chance.
Talk more option tango.png What should I expect from the Risen on the beach?
They will come in waves, drawn by the battle taunts of the idol. Their leadership will hold out the longest, I suspect.
Talk more option tango.png The waves will get more powerful until a leader appears?
You kill him and the beach will be safe. Good luck, Lightbringer[sic].
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks. I'll need it.

When performing the ritual:

Gixx: Hmm. How on Tyria does this stump-sorcelled thing work, anyway?
Gixx: Stand still, everyone. One wrong move, and we're all shish kebabs!
Priory Ritualist: Steward Gixx? I don't—I don't feel so well...
Gixx: I told you not to move! Blast it. Well, we can manage with one less. Everyone, concentrate!
Gixx: There. It worked. Wasn't a doubt in my mind. Go. Unleash righteous extermination!
Trahearne: You can't do this alone. I'll stand with you.

While fighting the undead:

Thadeus Ghostrite: Oh, look. Another hero, come to die.
Trahearne: It's noticed you. Good. Keep cutting the minions down, he'll show soon enough!
Thadeus Ghostrite: The old gods have abandoned you. Your courage is failing. Surrender yourself, and die.
Trahearne: Good work! It's getting to him!
Thadeus Ghostrite: Once, I wrote the histories of Tyria. Now, I write its future in your blood.
Thadeus Ghostrite: Prepeare to join your friends in their suffering.
Thadeus Ghostrite: All who defy us will falter and be crushed by the dragon's power.
Trahearne: Ignore the wraith's taunts! His words are poison.
Thadeus Ghostrite: Zhaitan's rise cannot be stopped. You will fall—you, and all who stand with you.

When enough undead had been slain:

Trahearne: Now, Magister! Strike down the ghost! A little revenge for Sieran!
Thadeus Ghostrite: This city is ours, and we shall raise Zhaitan's banner.
Thadeus Ghostrite: I've heard your name before. The sylvari screamed it, just before she died.

After Thadeus Ghostrite is defeated (cinematic):

Gixx: Well done, Magister! You channeled the idol's power without turning into a ravaging, blood-crazed psychopath!
Gixx: Ah... I... may not have mentioned that particular side effect... Well, never mind, Good job!
<Character name>: The idol is incredibly strong. Can we use it against the vanguard at Claw Island?
Gixx: Sadly, no. The human god of mass murder is not a deity that likes to use the same tactic twice. The idol's no longer enchanted.
Trahearne: Not long ago, an associate of mine, Tegwen, was trapped in Orr. Since her return, she's been training sylvari to fight the Orrians. We could use their help.
Gixx: Hmm. It's also possible that my researchers have finished their most recent project. They were modifying a sonic weapon we captured from the dredge.
<Character name>: Those both sound like good ideas—manpower or firepower. Give me a moment to think before I decide.
Trahearne: Whatever you decide, I'm going with you. You need the help—and I owe it to Sieran.

Talking to your allies to choose your decision:

Trahearne: I know a pair of sylvari back in the Caledon Forest: Tegwen and Carys. They are skilled wardens, and knowledgeable about the Risen.
Talk more option tango.png Can they hold their own in a fight?
As well as either of us. We should speak with them; they may be able to recruit more to our cause.
Talk quest choice tango.png Good idea.
Talk end option tango.png Give me time to think about it.
Gixx: Two of our researchers are working on a weapon of mass destruction called the "Sonic Harmonizer." It could be extremely useful.
Talk more option tango.png Based on harmonics? interesting.
It uses dredge technology. The asura, Fero, is a marvel with crystalline sonics. Barron's a charr who specializes in massive electrostatics.
Talk quest choice tango.png I'll call them in and bring back that weapon.
Talk end option tango.png This is a difficult decision. Let me think about it.
Talk end option tango.png This is a difficult decision. Let me think about it.

Talking to your allies after making a decision:

Trahearne: My friends, Tegwen and Carys, will be of great help to the Priory.
Talk more option tango.png What are their skills?
They've served as Wardens for the Grove. Both have traveled to Orr and lived to speak of it.
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png They'll understand the danger we're facing.
Talk more option tango.png What are they like?
They are close companions. Tegwen is elder and wiser. Carys... is Carys. You'll see.
Talk back option tango.png I have another question.
Talk end option tango.png I look forward to meeting them.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you for the support.
Gixx: I must warn you, Lightbringer[sic], that the researchers I'm sending you to meet are somewhat... odd.
Talk more option tango.png What do you mean odd?
Barron and Fero have worked together for so long that they've developed a form of shorthand. It's difficult to parse.
Talk more option tango.png How did that happen?
Too long alone in the wilderness, mixed with a little arcane grammatics occlusion and a whole lot of electroshock.
Talk end option tango.png I'll do my best.

My story[edit]

Killing Fields.jpg

Steward Gixx told me to meet with the other Durmand Priory operatives near the Durmand Memorial in Lion's Arch.

Zhaitan's forces attacked from the beach, but we held them off. General Soulkeeper is returning to Vigil Keep to rally an army.[sic] In the meantime, Trahearne and I are going to call upon our allies across the continent. Tyria is in great danger.

My story


  • Using a skill that removes conditions it is possible to remove the immobile effect placed on the player and leave the ritual circle before the dialogues are done. The transformation will still take place, however.
  • While under the effect of Avatar of Balthazar, kills count towards the Greatsword Master achievement.
  • A relic similar to this one is used by human Separatists in the charr personal story Misplaced Faith to turn one of their own into the Avatar of Balthazar. Gixx says the one used here was recovered by a member of the Mane warband - possibly Vallus Smokemane, who had the other relic before the Separatists.
When talking to Gixx, he calls the character "Lightbringer" (which is a rank in the Order of Whispers) instead of "Magister".
  • Sometimes Gixx's letter will not be sent or you might delete it too quickly, stalling the quest. Relogging the affected character will resend the letter.
  • Thadeus Ghostrite's voice lines often get cut mid-sentence. His voice lines are unedited and unfiltered, so it sounds like a human instead of a wraith. This has happened since 2012 but has never been addressed.