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Under the Stars

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Under the Stars is the second part of Daybreak.


Travel to Istan.

  • Speak to Dockmaster Jonnick at the Amnoon Harbor to procure passage to Istan.
  • Take the boat to Istan.

Determine the location of the Astralarium.

  • Find the Astralarium.
  • Speak with the archivist.

Earn Archivist Salwa's trust.

  • Incomplete heart (map icon).png Help Archivist Salwa preserve the Astralarium's records.
  • Speak with Archivist Rhadha.

Discreetly enter the base in the archives.

  • Speak with Archivist Salwa to enter the restricted archives.
  • Find the book titled "Nightfall."
  • Examine the "Nightfall" book to find a way inside the base.
  • Speak to First Spear Hakima.



Talk to Dockmaster Jonnick at the Amnoon Harbor and interact with the boat to travel to the Domain of Istan.

Travel to the far northwest corner of the map to find the Astralarium and speak with Archivist Rhadha, standing at the mid level of the tower. Complete the heart and return to her. Then speak with Archivist Salwa, the heart vendor, to be granted access to the hidden Sunspear base.

Partway down the staircase to the right of the entrance is a book, initially with no object nameplate. Interact with it and flip through to the end to summon a portal to the Sunspear base. Speak to First Spear Hakima.


Under the Stars Daybreak 0Achievement points
Speak with potential allies hiding within the Astralarium.Journal: Under the Stars Completed Completed Under the Stars 0Achievement points
Ally Assessment Daybreak 3Achievement points
Check in with allies in the Sunspear base.Your attention is sure to raise their spirits.
Talked to 1 Ally 1Achievement points
Talked to 10 Allies 2Achievement points



Crystal Oasis
Domain of Istan



Crystal Oasis[edit]

Approaching the dock
Dockmaster Jonnick: On your way, outlander. Only ship's crew allowed on my docks.
<Character name>: I need passage to Istan.
Dockmaster Jonnick: Everybody needs something. Hold on...I know that face. Palawa Joko's put a price on your head, friend.
<Character name>: That so? Last I saw Joko, he wasn't in a position to make threats.
Dockmaster Jonnick: Either way, I don't take his coin. This rig's headed for Istan; I can stow you aboard if you'd like.
Dockmaster Jonnick: Ain't exactly the royal stateroom, but it'll get you there—if you can keep your high-priced head out of sight.

Domain of Istan[edit]

Passing the Mordant Crescent Great Hall
<Character name>: This can't be the Astralarium.
Arriving outside the Astralarium
<Character name>: This must be the Astralarium.
<Character name>: Now to find the head archivist.
Speaking with Archivist Rhadha
Archivist Rhadha: Welcome to the Astralarium, the supreme repository of knowledge in Istan! What is it you seek?
Archivist Rhadha: Wait a— You're the Tyrian hero. The god killer. The dragon slayer. Canach's crony!
<Character name>: You know Canach?
Archivist Rhadha: Shh! There's a bounty on your head! Are you *trying* to get turned in?
Scholar: Everything all right over there?
Archivist Rhadha: Praise be to beneficient Joko, who patronizes our intellectual pursuits!
<Character name>: I need to find the Sunspear base.
Archivist Rhadha: Lower your voice! I don't know what you're talking about.
<Character name>: I don't believe you. Why so nervous?
Archivist Rhadha: There are those here who, from fear or greed, rewrite our histories to glorify King Joko...
Archivist Rhadha: ...whereas others risk their lives to preserve the truth.
<Character name>: I admire your courage. I want to help, but I need to get in touch with the Sunspears.
Archivist Rhadha: To protect our most sacred tomes, Archivist Salwa has locked them in the restricted archive.
Archivist Rhadha: That's also where you'll find the secret entrance to the Sunspears' base. But you can't just waltz in.
Archivist Rhadha: Salwa is militant; she won't admit anyone until she's convinced that they oppose Joko.
<Character name>: So I'll convince her. I'm no fan of Joko, and I don't think he's too thrilled with me, either.
Archivist Rhadha: Words alone will never sway her. Hmm... Joko's minions have been here for weeks "revising" the histories to lionize that fiend.
Archivist Rhadha: If you can put a stop to it, I suspect Salwa will be more than happy to let you in.

Speaking with Archivist Rahadha a second time:

Is there anything else you need help with?
Talk more option tango.png I don't quite understand why I need to help Archivist Salwa.
She protects the restricted archives with her life, and she won't let anyone in unless they prove to her they aren't agents of Joko. Helping her displays an autonomy none of his servants possess.
Talk more option tango.png How has she not been discovered?
The restricted area is well hidden and looks abandoned from the outside. Salwa was forced to appease the Mordant Crescent in the past, but her efforts earned her enough trust to be left alone since.
Talk back option tango.png I have other questions.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for the information.
Talk back option tango.png I have other questions.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for your time.
Talk more option tango.png How can I help Archivist Salwa?
Archivist Salwa can tell you in greater detail. She's over by the restricted library.
Talk back option tango.png I have other questions.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, I'll find her.
Talk end option tango.png No, thank you.

Speaking with Archivist Rhadha again after completing the heart:

Archivist Rhadha: Impressive. I think you've done more than enough to prove you're truly anti-Joko.
Archivist Rhadha: You shouldn't have any problem getting Salwa to let you into the restricted archive.
Archivist Rhadha: Tell her I've sent you to retrieve a book called "Nightfall." The book will reveal the entrance to the Sunspear base.

Speaking with Archivist Salwa

<Character name>: Archivist Rhadha sent me to fetch a book for her. The title is "Nightfall." She said you'd know it.
Archivist Salwa: Every page, by heart. Rhadha has an eye for history...and apprentices too, it seems. Enter. And do not fail her.
<Character name>: "Nightfall," "Nightfall"...

Interacting with the Nightfall book

Nightfall: The book has been heavily edited and altered, with handwritten notes scribbled throughout.
Talk more option tango.png There's a page bookmarked. Turn to it.
The Apocrypha challenged the great Palawa Joko to single combat, transforming itself frantically from form to form in an attempt to best the unbeaten lich king.
Talk more option tango.png The word "Joko" is highlighted. Continue reading.
The king played with it for a time, deriving amusement from the melee. But soon his corpsefulness grew weary of the battle, and with a snap of his fingers, he felled the ancient guardian.
Talk more option tango.png Continue reading.
With the Apocrypha broken at his feet, the great Palawa Joko said, "It's just like you Monoliths to...crack under pressure." The undead king set off to Kourna to face the deceitful Ossa.
Talk more option tango.png Skip ahead to the next bookmarked page.
Then Palawa Joko dared the demon to eat Kormir's Eyes. "Do it! Dragging a blind woman through the Abyss and back might actually prove a challenge!" With a scream and a slurp, the demon obeyed.
Talk more option tango.png Continue reading.
Is this the best Kourna has to challenge me? Enough of this! To Vabbi!
Talk more option tango.png The word "is" is highlighted. Continue reading.
"Your false god will kneel before me, Ossa!" His majesty Palawa Joko gloated over the warmashal's corpse. "I Shall protect the people of Elona from the Nightfall you've attempted to bring upon them!"
Talk more option tango.png The word "false" is highlighted. Continue reading.
The great king then opened a rift to the Realm of Torment with his bare hand, and the God of Secrets whimpered. Palawa Joko was coming, and none who stand in his way live to tell the tale.
Talk more option tango.png Turn the page.
The page is blank, except for three glowing spaces.
Talk end option tango.png You recall the three glowing words in the book: "Joko is false." (a portal appears)
Talk end option tango.png Close the book.
Talk end option tango.png Close the book.
Talk end option tango.png Close the book.
Talk end option tango.png Close the book.
Talk end option tango.png Put the book down.
Talk end option tango.png Close the book.
Talk end option tango.png Close the book.
Talk more option tango.png Skip to the blank page. (upon return visits)
The page is blank, except for three glowing spaces.
Talk end option tango.png You recall the three glowing words in the book: "Joko is false." (a portal appears)

After travelling through the book portal

<Character name>: That's dramatic...

Speaking with First Spear Hakima

First Spear Hakima: Ahai, Hero of Amnoon. I am First Spear Hakima of the Istani Sunspears.
<Character name>: You know who I am?
First Spear Hakima: Every Sunspear knows who you are. And I believe we have some common interests.
First Spear Hakima: Joko's hold on Istan has weakened in his absence. Some of us here even dare to dream of a new era.
<Character name>: I left Joko rotting in a cage in the Domain of the Lost. Should definitely make for smoother sailing.
First Spear Hakima: You would think. But the number of Awakened grows. They're retaking towns we've freed—including Champion's Dawn.
First Spear Hakima: And someone claiming to be Joko is offering rewards for the heads of his enemies. Especially yours.
<Character name>: So I hear. I'll tread carefully. To that end, I'm here to ask if you can get me into Fahranur.
First Spear Hakima: Oh...I'm afraid not. Only our leader knows the way; Spearmarshal Zaeim guards that secret with his life.
First Spear Hakima: He rode south to retake Champion's Dawn from the Awakened. The priest there, Sazeer, usually knows where he is.
<Character name>: Then that's where I'm headed.

My story[edit]

Domain of Istan loading screen.jpg

Aurene sent us a vision of widespread chaos and destruction, and a ruined city that Agent Kito identified as Fahranur. Agent Kito and I are proceeding to Istan to contact the Sunspears, who may know of a way into Fahranur. Rytlock, Canach, and Taimi will remain in Amnoon to clean up after the attack by Kralkatorrik's minions.

At Agent Kito's direction, I was able to arrange for passage to Istan by stowing away aboard a small fishing vessel.

In Istan, I proceeded to the Astralarium, where Agent Kito suggested I might be able to contact the Sunspears. This remarkable conservatory was teeming with scholars dedicated to the study of astronomy and the history of Istan, but the academic fervor was somewhat dimmed by the presence of Mordant Crescent agents pushing the scholars to limit the history they teach and record to Joko's propaganda.

I made contact with the head archivist, Rhadha, who was fearful that my presence might draw undue attention and requested that I disguise myself as a visiting scholar. This was the only way I could gain access to the archives where the entrance to the Sunspear base was located without arousing the suspicion of the many pro-Joko researchers or the Mordant Crescent patrols who monitored the facility.

After posing as a scholar to deflect the suspicions of the Mordant Crescent guards and pro-Joko researchers at the Astralarium, I sought out Head Archivist Rhadha, who told me the key to locating the secret Sunspear base was contained in a book called "Nightfall," located in the main archives. Rhadha advised me to contact Archivist Salwa, who controlled access to these archives.

Archivist Salwa was understandably hesitant to allow me to enter the sanctum until I could prove to her that I supported those seeking to end the vicious rule of the lich king, Palawa Joko.

I made my way to the bottom floor of the Astralarium library. Using the key given to me by Archivist Rhadha, I deduced the incantation required in order to gain access to the archives. Saying "Joko is false" while standing in front of the door transported me into a secret Sunspear base, where I was greeted by Agent Kito and First Spear Hakima. Hakima informed me that only Spearmarshal Zaeim, the leader of the Istani Sunspears, knows the way in to Fahranur, and I should seek him out in Champion's Dawn.

My story