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Last Stand at Southsun

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The culprit behind the recent wildlife attacks on Southsun Cove has been revealed: the sylvari renegade Canach.

In a fatally misguided attempt to free the new settlers from exploitation by The Consortium, Canach has turned the creatures of the island into tools of destruction. Can you and Inspector Kiel of the Lionguard stop Canach's plot before the shores of Southsun Cove run red with blood?

— Official website

Last Stand at Southsun was a release launched on May 28th, 2013. It concluded the narrative that began with The Secret of Southsun.


Temporary features
Permanent features

Special Event - Last Stand on Southsun[edit]

  • A manhunt is underway for the fugitive Canach on Southsun Cove, in connection with recent island violence.
  • Although Canach is in custody, the Lionguard needs help fighting the wildlife that he goaded into attacking Southsun settlements.

Last Stand at Southsun[edit]


Inspector Ellen Kiel

Hunt For Canach

Citizens of Tyria:

The Lionguard has identified the person behind the recent animal attacks on Southsun Cove, but we need help bringing in the culprit. Our target is Canach, a secondborn sylvari with a history of stirring up trouble on Southsun Cove. Canach is already a wanted fugitive, but this latest round of mayhem has pushed him to the top of our most wanted list. Report to Southsun Cove if you're interested in helping me bring him to justice.

—Inspector Ellen Kiel

[Show Me]
The sylvari fugitive Canach has gone into hiding. Adventurers are needed on Southsun to smoke him out.
Rumor has it that Canach is in hiding somewhere near Bakestone Cavern.

Canach's Lair[edit]

Primary article: Canach's Lair

Canach's Lair is a new story dungeon that has two versions. The first version is a solo mission with Inspector Kiel to bring Canach to justice. Completing this mission unlocks a challenging group version to defeat Subdirector NULL.

Log Book[edit]

A Log Book Fragment of the SS Prospect, the destroyed Consortium expedition ship, has appeared at the camp in Canach's Folly.

June 4


Inspector Ellen Kiel

Defense of Southsun Cove

It's time to rally to the defense of Southsun Cove. Canach is safely in Lionguard custody, but his dangerous scheme is still in motion. In a misguided effort to help people, Canach made the local wildlife a danger to every settler, tourist, and Consortium employee on the island. The Lionguard needs as many brave souls as it can muster to defend the lives of Southsun Cove's residents. If you've got the nerve and the skills, join us in showing Canach how real heroes help each other.

—Inspector Ellen Kiel

[Show Me]
The settlements of Southsun Cove are under attack! All hands are requested to assist in their defense.
Kiel's Outpost was one of the first Lionguard camps established on Southsun Cove.
Camp Karka was the forward camp for the Lionguard during its assault on the Ancient Karka.
Point Pride was a beachhead for the Lionguard during its assault on the Ancient Karka.
Steampipe Steading is the largest of the settlements established by refugees of Molten Alliance attacks on Tyria.

Contractual Obligation[edit]

Primary article: Contractually Obligated

Inspector Ellen Kiel has devised a way to deal with the settler contracts and requests help from players. Talk to Kiel at Pearl Islet to enter the instance.

Journal and Memo[edit]

Another Consortium Memo and a Settler Journal can be found in the various camps to show hints of the aftermath of Kiel's actions. The memo appeared in the small bar north of Pearl Islet, and the Journal appeared in Kiel's Outpost.


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