Dredging up the Past

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Dredging up the Past

1325 AE
Personal story
Order Neophyte
Lion's Arch
Molent Summit
(Lornar's Pass)
Durmand Priory
(Lornar's Pass)
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Durmand Priory
Preceded by
Setting the Stage
Followed by
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Bad Blood

Suspicious Activity.jpg

Loading screen for meeting your Priory mentor in Lion's Arch, titled "Meeting My Mentor"

Dredging up the Past loading screen.jpg

Loading screen in Lornar's Pass

The Durmand Priory loading screen.jpg

Loading screen at the Durmand Priory

Dredging up the Past is part of the personal story for characters of all races who decided to join the Durmand Priory.


Make contact with the Durmand Priory in Lion's Arch.

  • Travel to Lion's Arch.
  • Read your mail.

Meet with the Durmand Priory's scholars.

Search the cave for dwarven relics.

  • Meet Sieran at Molent Summit.
  • Find out if the tomb is dwarven in origin.
  • Search for more dwarven relics.
  • Find an artifact that identifies the dwarven prince.
  • Free the captives.
  • Make the dredge chief tell you what he knows.

Report to Gixx at the Durmand Priory.

  • Speak with Steward Gixx.


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All professions


First you go to Lion's Arch to get your official welcome to the Durmand Priory and meeting Magister Sieran.

Then travel to Lamentation Waypoint, in Lornar's Pass, south of Molent Summit. There is a dredge mine north of here. If you don't have that waypoint, head east from Refuge Peak waypoint. You will see there is a pass between the mountains that leads to the Lake of Lamentation.

Enter the mine looking for dwarf artifacts, which are conveniently marked with green stars on your map. You will be attacked by swarms of dredges.

The third artifact is near a prison cell with Priory prisoners in it. You have to bash down the door of the prison to let them out. When you get the third artifact, the Boss Dredge and his little friend will pop up and attack you. The boss is tougher than a normal dredge. There is also a dredge turret in the area behind the boss.

Once you beat the boss, he will tell you about the dwarf sword they found, and that they sent it down south. Then you should go to Durmand Priory and talk to Gixx. He will initially reprimand Sieran for endangering a novice, and then become fascinated with the data you've collected and insist you go retrieve the sword.









Magister Sieran

A New Friend

I'm so excited to meet you! You must have wonderful stories to tell. I can't wait to hear them. I've been assigned to escort you to the Durmand Priory, so meet me at the Black Lion Trading Company HQ in Lion's Arch, and we'll get started on a grand adventure!


Meeting my mentor (Lion's Arch)[edit]

Talking to Steward Gixx:

Gixx: Welcome to the Durmand Priory, Novice.
Talk more option tango.png Excuse me, who are you?
My name is Gixx, and I'm the Durmand Priory's Steward. You'll be seeing a lot more of me, I promise you. Have a good day, now.
Talk end option tango.png Ah, I see! Thank you for the information, Steward.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you, sir.

Durmand Priory presentation cutscene:

Gixx: The Durmand Priory is a bastion of history, containing the collected wisdom of the ages.
Gixx: For two hundred years, we've stood upon a foundation of lore, research and exploration.
Gixx: When Lion's Arch was flooded by the rise of the nation of Orr, our forebearers rescued the city's survivors.
Gixx: We salvaged knowledge that would otherwise have been lost.
Gixx: Now, as the dragons ravage ever-greater expanses of Tyria, we must do even more.
Gixx: We must discover the truths that Tyria needs to survive: where the dragons came from, why, and how to end their threat.
Gixx: The Priory is dedicated to learning. Sieran, one of our most cunning scholars, will provide tutelage to help you gain the wisdom you will need.
Gixx: Durmand, our founder, said it best: "Your power is only equal to the sum of your knowledge."
Gixx: If that's true, then we're Tyria's best hope to survive the darkness gathering on the horizon.
Gixx: Welcome to the Durmand Priory.

When approaching Sieran:

Kekt: No, Magister. Your orders are to take the novice straight to the Durmand Piory!
Magister Sieran: Stop worrying, Kekt! One little side-trip, and I'll have the sproutling home in no time. It'll be cherry!

Speaking with Magister Sieran (cinematic):

Magister Sieran: Oh, here you are! You must be the new novice I was sent to retrieve.
Magister Sieran: I'm a Magister of the Order, but we don't need to use titles. Just call me Sieran!
<Character name>: Happy to meet you. I'm looking forward to working with the Durmand Priory.
Magister Sieran: It's nice to see that you're enthusiastic! I know I'm supposed to take you straight back to the Priory, but I'd like to take a little side trip.
Magister Sieran: While I was waiting for you, Explorer Kekt was telling me this really interesting story about an old dwarven tomb—and guess what? It's right on our way!
Magister Sieran: I'll still take you to meet Steward Gixx at the main Priory building, but I want to have a bit of fun first.
Kekt: Magister Sieran, you're not listening to me! We don't even know if the story is true. What if this tomb doesn't exist? What if it's just a legend?
Magister Sieran: Oh, Kekt, stop being a spoilsport! If I ignore this, those skulky dredge might find the tomb first, and how would that turn out? They'd destroy it!
Magister Sieran: Come on. It won't hurt anything to go look around a bit. The novice doesn't mind, right?
<Character name>: Exploring an ancient tomb on my first day in the order? Sounds fun. I don't mind at all.
Magister Sieran: Then it's settled! I'll meet you at Molent Summit, Novice. Don't keep me waiting, okay?

Talking to Kekt after cutscene:

Kekt: Magister Sieran's a bit excitable. She was supposed to take you to the Priory, not off on an adventure!
Talk more option tango.png I'm not exactly untrained, and Sieran's enthusiasm is infectious.
Oh, by the Alchemy, you're two of a kind!
Talk end option tango.png Maybe we are, at that. Have fun compiling the report.
Talk end option tango.png I'd better keep up. Be seeing you!

At Molent Summit[edit]

At Magister Sieran (cinematic):

Magister Sieran: Look at these glorious, snow-dusted mountains. I love the Shiverpeaks! They're so magnificent.
Magister Sieran: Can you believe the ancient dwarves thought this was a good places for a tomb? It feels so alive. Such a strange choice.
<Character name>: It's beautiful, but I'll admit, I don't know much about dwarves. What's so interesting about this tomb?
Magister Sieran: The dwarves are almost extinct, but in their time, they knew a lot about dragons. The Priory studies dwarven tombs to learn as much as we can.
Magister Sieran: This tomb's completely unexplored. If there hadn't been a little earthquake, it would have stayed buried beneath rocks and ice.
Magister Sieran: Kekt's old scrolls said this was the tomb of a dwarven prince. It might have—uh-oh. Look at those dig marks.
Magister Sieran: Dredge. Shoots and thorns! I knew the dredge would find this place! That's why I wanted to come right away.
Magister Sieran: See, the dredge were once enslaved by dwarves. They'll destroy anything dwarven. Once this cave opened up, they probably flocked here like jackdaws to a bone.
<Character name>: Then we'd better hurry. Hey...do you hear that? Sieran, watch out!

If you talk to Sieran:

Sieran: This cave is so dreary. Can you imagine living here? Maybe it was different back when the dwarves lived in Tyria...
Talk more option tango.png What do you know about those dredge?
Once they were dwarven slaves. With their masters long gone, the dredge have come into their own, albeit with a bad attitude.
Talk more option tango.png Can you tell me more about the dwarves?
Talk end option tango.png I see.
Talk more option tango.pngCan you tell me more about the dwarves?
I've heard all sorts of stories about them. They were once two factions, they had a big, magic tome and...oh! They all turned themselves to stone.
Talk more option tango.png Two factions? What do you mean?
Yes, the Stone Summit dwarves were cruel xenophobes who often clashed with the more open Deldrimor dwarves.
Talk more option tango.png What else do you know about the dwarves?
Talk more option tango.png What about the dredge, what do you know about them?
Talk end option tango.png Interesting.
Talk more option tango.png Magic tome? What's that about?
The Tome of the Rubicon prophesied that the dwarves would meet the Great Destroyer in battle and be lost to the depths.
Talk more option tango.png Great Destroyer? Depths?
A champion of the dragon, Primordus. To fight him, the dwarves turned themselves to stone and went deep underground, where they battle still...
Talk more option tango.png What else do you know about the dwarves?
Talk more option tango.png What about the dredge, what do you know about them?
Talk end option tango.png Interesting.
Talk more option tango.png What about the dredge, what do you know about them?
Talk end option tango.png Interesting.
Talk more option tango.png Turned themselves to stone? You're teasing...right?
No, they had to become stone to defeat their foe. The only dwarf left above in Tyria is Ogden Stonehealer, who's part of the Durmand Priory.
Talk more option tango.png What else do you know about the dwarves?
Talk more option tango.png Can I ask another question?
Talk end option tango.png That's all very intersting.
Talk end option tango.png Those sound like amazing stories.
Talk end option tango.png Let's finish quickly down here and get back up into the sun.

While searching the tomb:

Dredge Resonator: You will not steal our artifacts!
Magister Sieran: Watch your step! These dredge are good at getting underfoot.
Magister Sieran: Ooh, good find! The writing on this is certainly dwarven. Keep searching, maybe we can find more.
Magister Sieran: Another artifact! Hm, this has a royal mark. This tomb was for nobility. Think we can find anything else?
Dredge Resonator: You idiots, we were too late! Attack!
Magister Sieran: Those are Priory explorers! We have to get them out!
Priory Explorer: By Raven's wings! No one was supposed to know about our expedition. Did Gixx send you?
Magister Sieran: Send us? Uh...sure! Gixx sent us. That's why we're here. Gixx. He sent us.
Priory Explorer: Much appreciated. When I see you back at the Priory, I'll buy you an ale!

After finding the last relic:

Directorate Chief Spalaxinov: Who are you? What are you doing here? Dwarf sympathizers, I'll bet!
Magister Sieran: We want to know the importance of this tomb. What can you tell us?
Directorate Chief Spalaxinov: Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Come, let's show them the meaning of "buried and forgotten"!
Magister Sieran: Not much of a conversationalist, is he?

Fighting Directorate Chief Spalaxinov:

Directorate Chief Spalaxinov: I need assistance!
Directorate Chief Spalaxinov: No more for me.

After defeating Directorate Chief Spalaxinov (cinematic):

Directorate Chief Spalaxinov: That talking tree's gone crazy! Get it off me! I'll tell you anything, just let me go.
Magister Sieran: This talking tree'll tear your limbs off, buddy! Is this all you found in the tomb, or did your people destroy some of the relics?
Directorate Chief Spalaxinov: Those relics are nothing, compared to... W-we tried to shatter it, but we couldn't. It was too powerful! Nothing could harm it!
<Character name>: Destroy what? Another relic? One like these?
Directorate Chief Spalaxinov: Junk! No, no, it was a sword. We sent it to the southern ruins, hoping to find some way to destroy it. Death to the dwarves!
Magister Sieran: A sword? Hm. Maybe the writing on these relics will tell us more. I bet Gixx can translate it. Let's head back to the Priory and ask him.

After the cutscene:

Magister Sieran: Talking tree? That's the best he had? I'm more insulted by his lack of imagination!

If you talk to Sieran after defeating Spalaxinov and before exiting the instance:

Magister Sieran: What is it, Novice? We really need to be getting back to the Priory to tell Gixx about that missing sword.
Talk more option tango.png I'm sorry, can you remind me who Gixx is?
Steward Gixx is the head of the Durmand Priory.
Talk more option tango.png What else can you tell me about Steward Gixx?
He may be cranky, but he's one particularly clever asura. I like to think of him as a father figure, though he probably likes to think of me as little as possible.
Talk back option tango.png Do you mind if I ask another question?
Talk end option tango.png Very funny.
Talk end option tango.png Oh, right! Thank you.
Talk more option tango.png These artifacts are strange. What can you tell me about them on a first look?
Well, they're definitely dwarven. I'd guess they were Stone Summit, but Gixx may know better.
Talk back option tango.png Do you mind if I ask another question?
Talk end option tango.png Good to know. Let's get them to the Priory.
Talk more option tango.png The dredge still have the sword. How much trouble is that going to cause, do you think?
Well...that sword represents an awful lot of trouble. We should hurry to the Priory and tell Gixx.
Talk back option tango.png Can I ask another question, before we go?
Talk end option tango.png Agreed. Let's get out of here.

At the Durmand Priory[edit]

Upon entering:

Magister Sieran: Don't worry about Steward Gixx. I'll handle him. He'll be mad for all of three-point-five seconds.
Magister Sieran: Come on! We need to show Gixx these artifacts.
Gixx: Ah, Magister Sieran. You've taken your time getting here. Come, introduce me to our new friend.

At Steward Gixx (cinematic):

Gixx: Magister Sieran! Yet again, you neglect your duty to go on an "adventure." You're completely out of control, you blasted weed!
Gixx: You're very lucky my expedition team needed your help to get out of there. I'm going to go easy on you... this time.
Gixx: But if I ever find out that you risk another novice's life on one of your little curiosities, I'll prune your ears. Mark my words!
Gixx: Ah, our newcomer. I'm sorry for all the trouble, Sieran is something of a...firecracker.
Magister Sieran: The novice did very well, Steward, don't fuss! Look, we even recovered these unusual artifacts. Won't you translate the writing for us, Gixx?
Gixx: Don't wheedle me, you leaf-addled reprobate. Why I tolerate... Oh. Oh. My goodness. This is fascinating. Tell me, was anything missing from the cave?
Magister Sieran: Yes! The dredge had taken a weapon from the cave. That's a wonderful guess! Guess something else, Gixx. This is fun!
Gixx: By the cogs of creation, they took the Sanguinary Blade! It's a legendary sword made of frozen blood. The weapon was lost when the Stone Summit dwarves vanished.
<Character name>: A sword made of blood? What kind of blood could possibly be made into a weapon?
Gixx: The worst kind: dragon blood. Magister, Novice—you must find that blade and bring it safely to the Priory.
Magister Sieran: We're on it, sir. You can count on us!

After the cutscene:

Kekt: These artifacts are amazing! The prince's name was Dagnar Stonepate, apparently, and he was tremendously famous.
Magister Sieran: Famous then, dead today. He's nothing but a bone orchard now.

Speaking to the NPCs present:

Gixx: What is it, Novice?
Talk more option tango.png Excuse me, sir, but who are you?
I'm Steward of the Priory. I'm in charge here, and that means you answer to me.
Talk back option tango.png Ah, of course. May I ask another question?
Talk end option tango.png Thank you for the information.
Talk more option tango.png What are the ranks of the Priory?
The first rank is Novice—that's you. Then come Scholars and Magisters, and more specialized tasks like Explorer or Arcanist.
Talk back option tango.png Very interesting. May I ask another question?
Talk end option tango.png Thank you very much for the information.
Talk more option tango.png Sieran seems a little... odd.(This line might have been removed, or it's not available to sylvari characters)[verification requested]
Well, I give her credit for courage and inquisitiveness... but her common sense leaves something to be desired.
Talk back option tango.png So I've noticed. May I ask another question?
Talk end option tango.png I'll keep that in mind. Thank you, Steward.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you for this opportunity, sir.
Kekt: I have a bad feeling about this plan... Seriously, I can barely wield this thing.
Talk end option tango.png Don't worry. Everything's going to be fine.
Magister Sieran: Fighting Dredge, discovering artifacts, and rumor of a lost dragon-sword? You're getting an excellent initiation, Novice!
Talk end option tango.png Might as well start off with a bang.

My story[edit]

The Durmand Priory loading screen.jpg

I received a letter from Sieran, a Magister of the Durmand Priory. She's been sent to escort me to the Durmand Priory, but first we'll make a little detour to check out rumors of a dwarven tomb.

I met Sieran, and we're going to check out an old tomb on the way to the Priory.

The tomb was definitely dwarven. The dredge hadn't taken everything, but they did tell us they moved an ancient weapon. They took it south to see if it could be destroyed.

We reported to Gixx, the Steward of the Durmand Priory and told him everything about the dwarven tomb and the dredge.

My story


  • At the end of this story segment, a Durmand Priory Key is placed in your personal story tab of the Hero panel.
  • Like all other Personal Story instances taking place in Lion's Arch, this story step utilizes the original 1325 AE appearance, not the modern look. There is also a sepia tone added with post-processing.
    • This sepia filter also affects cinematics like the presentation to the Durmand Priory, players might wish to disable post-processing to watch the original cinematic.
It is possible that you can't talk to Gixx and so the presentation cinematic for the Durmand Priory will not start. Even so you can speak to Magister Sieran, the objectives will not progress. You might be able to resolve this by going back to the beginning to the instance, or have to restart the instance in Lion's Arch.