Arson at the Orphanage

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Arson at the Orphanage

1325 AE
Personal story
Krytan Politics
Salma District
(Divinity's Reach)
Human tango icon 20px.png Human
Preceded by
Biography Commoner.png Infiltration
Followed by
Biography Commoner.png The Commander

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Stop the bandits from burning down the Queen's Heart Orphanage.

— In-game description

Arson at the Orphanage is part of the personal story of human characters who chose the Commoner background and chose to protect the orphanage instead of the hospital in Infiltration.


Stop the bandits from burning down the Queen's Heart Orphanage.

  • Meet Logan at the Queen's Heart orphanage.
  • Break down the orphanage door.
  • Defeat the bandits.
  • Join the orphans outside.
  • Find Lieutenant Francis at the Hospital.


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All professions


Logan Thackeray joins you on this mission. The orphanage is already on fire when you arrive; break down the door and defeat all of the bandits inside. Uptown Johnny is near the entrance, and Blaize and Deadeye Della are around the corner to the left. Take advantage of your guard allies and fight them one at a time, focusing on one of the named NPCs before moving on to the next. Once all three named downstairs are down, go upstairs to find Big Nose Ted confronting a Priestess of Kormir. Defeat him and then leave the orphanage for a cinematic after a quick conversation with the priestess.

After the cinematic, head over to the hospital and talk to Lieutenant Francis. You will be knocked back by a blast and then there will be another cinematic. Afterwards, the mission ends.





Humans (Bandits)



Approaching the orphanage:

Logan Thackeray: The orphanage is this way. Keep moving!
Logan Thackeray: By the blessed Six! Stop them before the fire spreads!
Seraph Soldier salutes <Character name>.

Talking to Logan Thackeray:

Logan Thackeray: Those animals set fire to the whole damned building, and there are still people inside! We've got to get in there!
Talk end option tango.png Let's go!

Villager chatter during the fire:

Villager: If they don't get this under control, the whole neighborhood could go up.
Villager: Someone, please, save the children.
Villager: Help! Somebody grab a bucket.
Villager: Arson? Who would burn down an orphanage on purpose?
Villager: Anyone know how it started?
Villager: Where's the fire brigade?

Talking to Lieutenant Francis at the hospital before helping at the orphanage:

Lieutenant Francis: So far we haven't found anything unusual, but we're still looking. I think we got here before the arsonists.
Talk end option tango.png I hope so. Keep searching. In the meantime, I'll check on the orphanage.

While breaking down the door:

Seraph Soldier: The door is barred shut!
Logan Thackeray: Then we'll bash it down!

After the door is broken down:

Bandit Arsonist: Look at 'em run, like vermin. Scurry, scurry, little rat.
Logan Thackeray: We're in! I want a full building sweep. Move, move, move!
Uptown Johnny: You better run, you squealing little snot-face!
Bandit Firestarter: It's the Seraph! Finish the job. Torch the place!

Fighting Uptown Johnny:

Uptown Johnny: I'm going to knock you out and look good doing it.

Fighting Blaize:

Blaize: Math time, kids! How many bombs does it take to set a Seraph on fire? One!

After defeating Deadeye Della:

Logan Thackeray: Another one down. Keep it up! They're tough, but they're no match for us.

Reaching the top of the stairs:

Priestess of Kormir: Get back, you animal! These children have suffered enough.
Big Nose Ted: Fine, you want a piece of me? Come and get it!
Priestess of Kormir: Stay behind me, children. With Kormir's help, I will protect you.

After Big Nose Ted is defeated:

Logan Thackeray: Good riddance, you murdering scum.

Exiting the orphanage:

Priestess of Kormir: Thank you! Thank you so much!
Orphan cheers for <Character name>.
Priestess of Kormir: Every child is safe, thanks to you.
Priestess of Kormir: Kormir bless you!

Cinematic outside the orphanage:

Commander Serentine: The Ministry Guard will take it from here.
Captain Thackeray: I don't see any nobles. This is Seraph business. My people will make the arrests.
Commander Serentine: If you insist. Tell me: how did you respond so quickly?
Captain Thackeray: We were in the right place at the right time. Don't underestimate the Seraph, Commander.
Commander Serentine: Very well. Congratulations on doing your job correctly, Thackeray–for once. Ministry Guard! Clear out!
Captain Thackeray: All right, we're done here. Let's head over to the hospital and check on Lt. Francis. If it's anything like this, he'll need our help.

After the cinematic:

Commander Serentine: Come on. We're leaving.
Commander Serentine: Out of my way, you peasant.
Petra: This is terrible, but it could have been much worse. Thank the gods you were here.

Talking to your allies after the cinematic:

Logan Thackeray: It's under control here, but now we should get to the hospital and check on Francis.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds good. I'll lead the way.
Priestess of Kormir: Who directed these men to do such a hateful thing?
Talk end option tango.png Don't worry. I'll make sure they pay.

As you approach the hospital:

Logan Thackeray: Lt. Francis? What's the situation here?
Lieutenant Francis: We got all the people out, sir, but so far we haven't found any–

After the hospital collapses:

Captain Thackeray: Francis! Tell me you got everyone out of there in time.
Lieutenant Francis: No, sir. Sorry, sir. We got some of the people clear, but there were still people inside when it went up.
Logan Thackeray: I want injury and casualty counts right away. Did you at least catch the arsonists?
Lieutenant Francis: No, sir. Never even saw them. Sorry, sir.
<Character name>: We had better luck at the orphanage. Big Nose Ted won't cause anyone any trouble, ever again.
Logan Thackeray: That's not enough. We have to do better. Look, we've all been through a lot, and this isn't the time or place for a debriefing.
Logan Thackeray: Especially not with Serentine sniffing around. She keeps turning up at these crime scenes, but always too late. I'm starting to wonder if there's a connection.
Logan Thackeray: Meet me in my office after you've had a chance to rest up. We'll discuss our next move then.

Talking to Lieutenant Francis after the cinematic:

Lieutenant Francis: By the gods, who could do such a thing? These soldiers were wounded in the line of duty. Who would burn them in their beds?
Talk more option tango.png Someone with a larger plan. These fires are part of a well-orchestrated campaign.
You're right. Someone ordered this fire.
Ferocity I'll kill whoever was behind this. I swear it.
I would sleep better, knowing they won't hurt anyone again.
Talk end option tango.png I'll make it happen, Lieutenant.
Talk end option tango.png Yes, and I'll find out who it was.

Talking to Captain Thackeray after the cinematic:

Captain Thackeray: A lot of brave soldiers died here tonight. It's the Seraph''s my responsibility to contact their families. Let me do my duty, and then we're going to find whoever did this and make them pay.
Talk quest option tango.png I'll be ready, Captain. I'll meet you in your office later.

My story[edit]

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Captain Thackeray and I arrived at the orphanage just as arsonists were setting it on fire. We fought the bandits and saved the orphans, but were too late to rescue the hospital as well. By the time the Ministry Guard arrived, everything was over. Commander Serentine always seems to show up just a little too late to catch these bandits. It's suspiciously convenient.

My story

Previous text
Captain Thackeray and I arrived at the orphanage just as arsonists were setting it on fire. We fought the bandits and saved the orphans, but were too late to rescue the hospital as well. By the time the Ministry guard arrived, everything was over. Commander Serentine always seems to show up just a little too late to catch these bandits. That seems a little too convenient for me.