The Direct Approach

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Biography Right to Grow.png

The Direct Approach

1325 AE
Personal story
The Teachings of Ventari
Trader's Green
(Caledon Forest)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari
"All things have a right to grow"
Preceded by
Biography Right to Grow.png Seeking the Zalisco
Followed by
Biography Right to Grow.png Eye of the Sun

The Direct Approach is part of the personal story of sylvari characters who chose All Things Have A Right To Grow in the biography. It is selected by agreeing to Arlon's plan in the previous mission.


Help Arlon search the Dengatl grounds.

  • Meet Arlon at the Dengatl grounds.
  • Search the southern huts.
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  • Search the northern huts.
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  • Stop the fleeing hylek.


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All professions


Join Arlon overlooking the Dengatl Grounds in Wychmire Swamp. After the cinematic, clear the hylek out from the two designated areas - be cautious as the hylek inflict many conditions (poison, bleeding, and burning) and can knock you down.

After searching both areas a Dengatl Runner will appear and try to make a quick getaway - pick up one of the nearby Spikeroot Fruits and use skill 1 to knock down the fleeing hylek. Defeat him to trigger a further cinematic. The hylek reveals to you that the Ogotl tribe masterminded the whole zalisco affair - you decide to consult Trahearne before continuing.




Ambient creatures




Cinematic when approaching Arlon:

Arlon: According to Soar, those are the Dengatl grounds. Seems quiet, for now.
<Character name>: Do you see any guards? Any sign of the zalisco extract?
Arlon: Plenty of guards. I overheard one mention storing the extract here—but in the northern huts or the southern ones, he didn't say.
<Character name>: We've just got to hope the Dengatl haven't made that trade. We'll search both sets of huts, and hope for the best.
Arlon: We should be careful—there are patrols swimming up and down the river. To get to the huts, we'll need to clear the water first.
<Character name>: Sounds like a good place to start. Let's move out.

Talking to Arlon:

Arlon: We should clear the river before searching either side of the village. We don't know how many hylek are lurking in the waters. They could ambush us.
Talk end option tango.png Good idea, Arlon. Will do.

While attacking the north huts:

Hylek Amini: I'll squish you, you worthless bug!

While attacking the south huts:

Hylek Amini: To battle!

Interacting with the jars among the huts:

Large Jars: The jars are full of potions, but no zalisco extract.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Small Jars: The containters are full of regents, but no zalisco extract.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

After searching first huts:

Arlon: No sign of the zalisco extract. Let's try the other huts.

After searching seconds huts:

Hylek Runner: You'll never catch me, you root-bound twigs!
Arlon: Over there! Get that hylek before he gets away!

Cinematic after defeating runner:

<Character name>: Stop right there, Dengatl! Surrender the zalisco extract, or surrender your life.
Hylek Runner: You're too late! The extract is gone. Tochzotl, speaker of the Ogotl tribe, has taken it away. He's making a great magic: the Eye of the Sun. It will destroy you all.
<Character name>: Eye of the Sun? What's that? Tell me!
Arlon: Thorns! I've heard of the Ogotl. They're a tribe of mystics. Their speaker must have helped the Dengatl tribe steal the extract.
<Character name>: This situation just got a lot more dangerous. We should go back to Trahearne and let him know.
Arlon: Usually, I'd argue...but this time, I think I agree with you.
Arlon: This jar still has some extract in it. I'll take it with me and meet you back at the Grove.

Talking to Arlon:

Arlon: I'm right behind you. Let's get back to Trahearne.
Talk end option tango.png Off we go!

My story[edit]

The Direct Approach.jpg

Arlon and I successfully raided the Dengatl hylek. We discovered that they've been working with the Ogotl, a mystic tribe who have dire plans for the zalisco extract. I don't know what the Eye of the Sun is...but I'm betting it's not good.

My story