Assault on Moledavia

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Biography Blacked Out.png

Assault on Moledavia

1325 AE
Personal story
Everyone Makes Mistakes
Burrows of Moledavia
(Diessa Plateau)
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn
Blacked Out
Preceded by
Biography Blacked Out.png Don't Leave Your Toys Out
Followed by
Biography Blacked Out.png The Machine in Action

Assault on Moledavia is part of the personal story for norn characters who have blacked out in a recent moot and have finished Don't Leave Your Toys Out and decided to attack the Dredge to get the vehicle back.


Recover the chugger from the dredge.

  • Rendezvouz with Ballista Geargrind outside Moledavia.
  • Fire mortars from the tower and destroy dredge fortifications.
  • Find the missing chugger.


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All professions


Follow the charr advice from the cinematic and when indicated to destroy the dredge defenses using the mortar at the top of the nearby tower. The mortar deals a large amount of damage - rotate it to point at a section of wall and then hold the second skill, Fire, for a few seconds to get the required range. Repeat until the wall is brought down.

After the cinematic head on into the fortifications with the charr (the mortar is no longer usable at this point). Progress through the battlefield - try not to stand near the storm generators which hit for an alarming amount of damage. Commissar Rykov, who has been using his trumpet to blast propaganda at you from the top of his tower, does not however have the tank in his pocket. The tank is located towards the northwest corner, out in the open. Reaching the tank triggers the final cinematic.








Talking to Mangonel before meeting with Ballista:

Mangonel Gearstrip: This is it. You proved you can drink and fight as well as a soldier, but now we're getting serious. Ready to go to war?
Ferocity I prefer to think of it as a hunt, with the dredge as my prey.
Dignity If war is the only way to redeem my good name, so be it.
Talk end option tango.png I'm ready. Let's see what the Gear warband can do.

When meeting with Ballista (cinematic):

Ballista Geargrind: Moledavia's a tough nut to crack, Slayer. Strong walls, turrets with a clear field of fire...we can hit them with mortars, but that's only the first step.
<Character name>: All right, I'll take mortar duty and deal with the turrets and the walls. Then we should be clear for a frontal assault.
Ballista Geargrind: You got guts. Too bad I can't keep you for long. Mangonel! Show the slayer to the mortar battery.
Mangonel Gearstrip: Right away, Legionnaire.

After the cinematic:

Mangonel Gearstrip: Follow me. I'll take you to the mortars. That's where the real action is.

Talking to Ballista Geargrind:

Ballista Geargrind: You heard the plan, right? Those walls and those turrets are in our way. Get up on that tower and start laying down some fire. Mangonel will show you around the mortars. Move out!
Talk end option tango.png On my way.

Talking to Mangonel:

Mangonel Gearstrip: Firing mortars is easy, but hitting your target takes practice. Luckily, you don't need pinpoint accuracy. Just get close and let the explosion do the rest.
Talk end option tango.png Got it. Let's see how I do.

After taking out some of the wall and turrets:

Mangonel Gearstrip: What are we waiting for? Let's go find that chugger and gut whoever took it.

Continuously repeated as you progress into the ruins:

Commissar Rykov: You'll never break us. All your efforts are in vain.
Commissar Rykov: You sons of dogs do not belong here. Now know the people's strength!
Commissar Rykov: The norn are too wild. Their threatening influence must be stopped, comrades.
Commissar Rykov: We must rule these lands, all of them. Only then will we be safe from radical elements.

When the commissar reaches 25% health:

Commissar Rykov: Kill me, and another will rise up to lead the people to glory.

After the second cinematic:

Ballista Geargrind: Gear Warband! Follow me!
Ballista Geargrind: Spread out and search! Kill as many as you have to, but find the chugger!

After finding the chugger (cinematic):

Ballista Geargrind: Not bad, for a huge norn lush. Now that you've helped us recover the chugger, it's only fitting you see it in action. What do you say soldier?
<Character name>: I'm in...boss. See? I'm finally getting the hang of all this soldier talk. What's the plan?
Ballista Geargrind: Ascalonian ghosts have been attacking our supply caravans near Grendich Ruins. We're ordered to secure the area and wipe them out.
<Character name>: Good. It's an honor and a joy serving with the Gear warband. Besides, I never got a chance to fire that big gun.
Ballista Geargrind: Outstanding. Meet us at the ruins and you can light up all the hostiles you want.

Talking to your allies before leaving:

Ballista Geargrind: You've earned the right to see this mission through. Report to Grendich Ruins, and be ready for battle.
Talk end option tango.png Count on it. I'll see you there.
Mangonel Gearstrip: With our vehicle back, we can show you how Iron Legion gets the job done. Those ghosts won't know what hit 'em. And when this is all over, I'm buying us a drink. But just one.
Talk end option tango.png Ha! And if Geargrind turns her back, I'll buy us eight or nine more. See you at the ruins.

My story[edit]

Assault on Moledavia.jpg

The Gear Warband and I fought our way into Moledavia and recovered the missing charr chugger. Now Legionnaire Geargrind has invited me to join the warband for a major attack on the ghosts.

My story