First Attack

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Biography Revenge.png

First Attack

1325 AE
Personal story
Everyone Makes Mistakes
Svanir's Dome
(Wayfarer Foothills)
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn
Sought Revenge
Preceded by
Biography Revenge.png A New Challenger
Followed by
Biography Revenge.png The Semifinals

First Attack is part of the personal story for norn characters who have chosen revenge in their biography by selecting they got in a fight at the moot and then choosing to humble Nollarr, a particularly vain and vicious Son of Svanir.


Humble Nollarr and take his Helm.


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All professions


Head to the north-eastern part of Wayfarer Foothills. The entrance to Svanir's Dome is just east of the Solitude Waypoint, between Dawnrise Pass and Solitude Vale. Initially the Son's of Svanir will be friendly and you cannot attack. Enter the camp and a cinematic will start with one of the Son's of Svanir who tell you to go away. After refusing to leave, you will fight five waves of two Svanir, including the two you passed on the way in, Tumi Ravenbane and Rani Ravenbane.

Once you have beaten all waves, another cinematic starts that shows Nollarr opening the door and running out to challenge you. Defeat Nollarr. The final cinematic shows Nollarr without his helm and you threatening the Son's of Svanir to behave.



Norn (Sons of Svanir)



Approaching Svanir's Dome:

(for male characters)
Tumi Ravenbane: Hey, Rani! Look! A new recruit. Maybe he wants Dragon's blessing.
(for female characters)
Tumi Ravenbane: Lookit this, Rani! A little, lost rabbit!
Rani Ravenbane: Better be a careful rabbit, eh, Tumi? Dragon doesn't like her kind.

Approaching the statue:

Son of Svanir: Careful, you idiot! If those ice barrels break, they'll explode!

Talking to the Son of Svanir (cinematic):

Son of Svanir: Are you lost or just stupid? This is Sons of Svanir territory. Run home before you get hurt.
<Character name>: I'm here to challenge Nollarr, and I'm not leaving until he comes out and fights me.
<Character name>: First I'll teach him manners, then I'll take his helm.
Son of Svanir: His helm? You'll never even see Nollarr. My brothers will crack your skull open long before he gets here.
<Character name>: Go on, call your friends. I could use a warm-up for the real fight.

After the cinematic:

Son of Svanir: All right, boys! Let's kill this punk!

During the fight:

Rani Ravenbane: We got company! Get out here and tear this idiot apart!
Son of Svanir: Who do you think you are, coming here? You must want to die!
Son of Svanir: Okay, that's it. Time to kill you!
Son of Svanir: Enough! Let's put this fool in the ground once and for all!

Cut-scene before fighting Nollarr (cinematic):

Nollarr: What in Dragon's name is going on? I told you idiots to lay low until sundown.
<Character name>: Wow. Nice hat. You must be Nollarr.
Nollarr: Yeah, I'm Nollarr—and you're dead. Jormag's tooth, what have you done to them?
<Character name>: Same as what I'll do to you—beat you bloody. Ah, but with you, I'll use that fancy hat as my chamber pot.
Nollarr: It's not a hat, you dolyak's arse! It's a sacred helm. A vision of Jormag led me to it. It means he has chosen me. In his name, I will break you!

While fighting Nollarr:

Nollarr: You're dead! Nobody gets to wear my helmet but me!
Nollarr: Where are you idiots? I need a hand out here!
Nollarr: I cannot be beaten! I was chosen by Jormag himself!

After defeating Nollarr (cinematic):

<Character name>: Don't worry, Nollarr. I'll take good care of your hat.
Nollarr: It's not a hat, dolyak's arse...
<Character name>: And tell your boys to behave, or they'll see me again. And I won't be so gentle next time.

Speaking with Nollarr after the final cinematic:

Nollarr: How could I lose to the likes of you? I am Dragon's chosen champion! (for male characters)
Nollarr: Beaten by a woman? How could this have happened? I'm...I'm Jormag's chosen champion! (for female characters)
Charisma Beaten, bloody, and whining. A fine example of the dragon's true majesty.
Shut up! Dragon is supreme, and I am its champion. I am!
Talk end option tango.png Sure you are. Thanks again for the hat, tough guy.
Dignity It's a sign: you can still renounce Dragon and return to the true Spirits of the Wild.
Never. Dragon, does my head hurt. What was I saying?
Talk end option tango.png When your head heals, use it for thinking. Not just holding up fancy hats.
Ferocity If you're the best Jormag has, the ice dragon must be getting desperate.
Don't you mock me. I am the terror of Svanir's Dome!
Talk end option tango.png And the punchline of Hoelbrak.
Talk end option tango.png We're done, Nollar. I've got a tournament to win.

My story[edit]

Darkness at Drakentelt.jpg

For Knut's special challenge, I chose Nollarr and his followers, Sons of Svanir who have been a problem near Svanir's Dome. The Sons fought will[sic] all their might, but I bested them and took Nollarr's prized helm for proof. I can only advance to the semifinals if I bring in the helm before my opponent arrives.

My story