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Prisoners of the Dragon

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Prisoners of the Dragon

1328 AE
Heart of Thorns
Prisoners of the Dragon
Treacherous Paths
(Verdant Brink)
Broken Bluffs
(Verdant Brink)
Preceded by
In Their Footsteps
Followed by
Prized Possessions

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Prisoners of the Dragon is the sixth story step of the Heart of Thorns story.


Storm the Mordrem prison camp, and release all prisoners.

  • Speak with Braham, Rytlock, and the others.
  • Follow Rytlock.
  • Find a way into the Mordrem prison camp.
  • Clear the cave of Mordrem.
  • Proceed up the stairs to the plateau.
  • Defeat the Mordrem Guard on the plateau.
  • Look for a path off of the plateau.
  • Find something that can defeat the tendrils.
  • Tendrils Burned by Fire Grenades
    Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Approach the clearing.
  • (Defeat the Mordrem Overseer.)
  • Mordrem Overseer
    Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Glide into the Mordrem prison camp.
  • Free all prisoners from the Mordrem Guard.
  • Prisoners Freed
    Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Continue the search for your allies.
  • Speak to Eir.
  • Free Eir from her prison.
  • Get to Eir.
  • (Defeat the Mordrem Vinetooth that attacked Eir.)
  • Mordrem Vinetooth
    Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Leave Braham and head deeper into the jungle.

Return to Verdant Brink and meet with the Pact.

  • Return to Verdant Brink.
  • Speak to Warmaster Leisha.


  • Event star (tango icon).png Gather Beigarth's Ordonance Team. (80) (for the achievement "My Friends, the Smiths")
    • Beigarth's Team Members Found: x/4
  • Event star (tango icon).png Discover evidence of hawkeye griffon as mentioned in the ornithologist's journal. (80) (for the achievement "Peer Review")
    • Torn journal pages found: x/9
    • Hawkeye Griffon
      Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png



It is important to note you should start training in Nuhoch Masteries in preparation for later chapters. You will need the Nuhoch Hunting (tier 1 of the Nuhoch Lore mastery track) for an upcoming chapter The Way In or you will not be able to progress in the story. You should start to train this Mastery in prior if you have not already started. It is also very helpful to have Mastery in Nuhoch Wallows (tier 2 of the Nuhoch Lore mastery track) to allow better navigation of the confusing Tangled Depths zone.

Reach the starting point from Waypoint (map icon).png Faren's Flyer Waypoint, moving north and dropping down into the large hollow tree. The mission is a straightforward hike through the Mordrem prison camp.

Follow Rytlock, fighting two groups of enemies. When you have to look for a way off the plateau, move in the indicated direction until you see a bunch of Resilient Tendrils. Then move back and up an incline to discover Pact Ordnance. These are fire grenades that you can now also refill in scattered Pact Supply Crates. These grenades are one-shot kills for most foes here, but they are not instantaneous. Use them to clear out the tendrils, as they are impervious to other damage.

After clearing the vines, you enter into battle with a Mordrem Overseer. You need to lob fire grenades at him. The grenades also cause knockback, even you, if they land too close. This phase repeats three times. Between each phase, a healing Mordrem Bloom (a large circular blackish flower emitting a black beam into the Overseer) needs to be defeated with fire-based attacks (the fire grenades can be used for this) before the Overseer is again vulnerable. The Bloom is the only one of its kind in the encounter, multiple Tendrils will spawn but they should be ignored as they do not heal the Overseer, and the fight phase will go into an infinite loop until the Bloom is targeted and destroyed.

Once he's dead, jump down the cliff Rytlock cleared and glide south down to land in the circle of lights. After a cutscene, your job is to free the captives in the seven vine cages marked with green stars. The encounter will present no challenge if you move carefully from cage to cage, picking off one group of guards after the other. Any leftover fire grenades can still be used here.

Again, follow Rytlock to a cage holding Eir and Faolain, the leader of the Nightmare Court. Bust it open to trigger a dramatic cutscene and then a boss fight. The Legendary Mordrem Vinetooth bounces around the area summoning AoE fields, plus a large AoE attack that follows the target and expands in size, causing a lot of damage, but luckily the Vinetooth will mainly target your friends, so you should have plenty of time to take it down with ranged attacks.

After the fight, exit the instance through the portal in the southwest. Speak to Warmaster Leisha to end the mission.


Prisoners of the Dragon Heart of Thorns: Act 1 Heart of Thorns mastery point 0Achievement points
Storm the Mordrem's prison camp.Journal: Prisoners of the Dragon Completed Completed Prisoners of the Dragon 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission
This achievement rewards items. Artful Dodger Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
When ascending the narrow path off the plateau, destroy all the Mordrem tendrils without being hit by their poison area attacks.Story Instance: Prisoners of the Dragon
Reward: Superior Sigil of Absorption.pngSuperior Sigil of Absorption
Avoided Taking Poison Damage from the Mordrem Tendrils 5Achievement points
  • Completed by defeating all of the tendrils on the path without being "caught" in a tendril AoE circle. Using fire grenades is the most efficient approach, but the short range requires extreme care to avoid the red circles. Once killed the tendril does not reappear, and the fire grenade crates replenish themselves.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Artful Dodger effect.
This achievement rewards items. My Friends, the Smiths Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
While traveling to the Mordrem prison camp, find and rescue the five ordnance masters from the Pact: Baroosh, Shashoo, Beigarth, Izu, and Occam.Story Instance: Prisoners of the Dragon
Prerequisite: Prisoners of the Dragon
Reward: Revive Orb.pngRevive Orb
Revived the Five Ordnance Masters on the Way to the Prison Camp 5Achievement points
  • In order to start the achievement event, called Gather Beigarth's Ordnance Team, you must first revive Beigarth and speak to him, choosing to find and save his comrades. Approaching every smith will also spawn a number of additional foes.
    • Beigarth lies unconscious in the first cave you kill Mordrem in, behind a vine wall inside the cave. Revive him and talk to him to start the event. He will walk up to the clearing after you clear the area of Mordrem.
    • Shashoo is at the top of the exit stairs to the cave, next to the vine wall. Pocket raptors appear upon getting closer to his body.
    • Izu Steelshrike lies on a plateau in the eastern corner of the bivouac. Mordrem husks appear upon getting closer to his body.
    • Baroosh can be found in the small stream near the vines. Mordrem wolves appear upon getting closer to his body.
    • Occam is in the south-west corner of the Mordrem Overseer's clearing, and can be revived after the Overseer is dead. It is possible to run around the Overseer and revive Occam without having to kill it.
  • This achievement and Artful Dodger can be completed in the same run, but as you are in the vines' range when reviving Baroosh, it is recommended that some of the vines are cleared first.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for My Friends, the Smiths effect.
    • Note that this Achievement is not available on the first playthrough for a given account.
This achievement rewards items. Peer Review Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Explore the mesas and follow the ornithologist's trail of clues to verify or disprove his hypothesis.Story Instance: Prisoners of the Dragon
Prerequisite: Prisoners of the Dragon
Reward: Fallen Adventurer's Backpack.pngFallen Adventurer's Backpack
Found the Hidden Hawkeye Griffon Nest and Defeated It 5Achievement points
  • Only be available on the second run-through of the story line, since the notes required to be read by the character for the griffon to spawn will not appear on the initial play through.
  • The first Torn Journal Page is found after Rytlock mentions the "back way in". Face east and you should find a sparkling item on the ground. Follow the ledge north and around the cliff. When you reach the bend in the cliff, continue northwest into a cave. Inside are the last pages and the Veteran Hawkeye Griffon, which you need to kill. While your character is pursuing this achievement, Rytlock and the rest of the group will wait at the staircase until you return.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Peer Review effect.
    • Note that this Achievement is not available on the first playthrough for a given account.
This achievement rewards items. Stick the Landing Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
When gliding down into the Mordrem prison camp, land within the marked target zone.Story Instance: Prisoners of the Dragon
Reward: Large Bag of Airship Parts.pngLarge Bag of Airship Parts
Landed in the Target Zone in the Mordrem Prison Camp 5Achievement points
  • Landing outside of the marked target area (the lighted circle) disqualifies completion, but there is no limit for reopening the glider during the flight.
  • If you miss this the first time, you can catch the updraft back to the top and try again.









Tracking Destiny's Edge[edit]

Approaching Braham and Rytlock:

Braham Eirsson salutes <Character name>.
<Character name>: What happened? I told you two to stay close, not take unnecessary risks.
Braham Eirsson: But we spotted a Mordrem prison caravan. We followed it, and it led us to this camp.
Rytlock Brimstone: No risk, no reward. I made the call, Eirsson backed me up. We thought it was worth the risk. We were right.
<Character name>: Fair enough. Now: how heavily defended is this camp of yours?
Rytlock Brimstone: Very. The Mordrem Guard are not mindless. They set up a strong defensive perimeter, and they know how to patrol it.
Canach: Brimstone is right. The Mordrem Guard are sharp. Precise. They must know we're coming.
<Character name>: That doesn't matter now. There are prisoners here, and our friends might be among them. We're going in.

While following Rytlock:

<Character name>: Thanks for backing up Braham, Tribune. What's your assessment of the situation here?
Rytlock Brimstone: This seems to be a large-scale prisoner containment camp.
Rytlock Brimstone: The Mordrem Guard goes out, collects living and dead bodies, and brings them here.
Kasmeer Meade: Then this is where they grow all the Mordrem we've been fighting? Part prison camp, part minion factory.
Rytlock Brimstone: Right. There's no easy access, but at least one member of Destiny's Edge is here. I can...feel it.
If charr:
<Character name>: Feelings, Tribune? From a soldier like you?
If not charr:
<Character name>: Feelings? From a soldier like you?
Rytlock Brimstone: (growl) Cut me some slack. I'm still getting used to this new magic to describe it.
Rytlock Brimstone: Come on. We think there's a back way in. Follow me.

Entering the cave:

Mordrem Guard Punisher: Faster! The Overseer's orders come straight from the dragon.
Mordrem Guard Punisher: Pick up the pace! The Overseer wants us ready to move out.
Mordrem Guard Punisher: We need to be ready for the next load of corpses.
Rytlock Brimstone: If we can do enough damage to this facility, it'll disrupt Mordremoth's progress in the whole region.
Rytlock Brimstone: If things get ugly, stand near me. I can boost your strength.

After clearing the cave:

Rytlock Brimstone: This is where they pile up the dead prisoners.
<Character name>: We're done here. Let's move on to the main encampment.

When approaching the main encampment:

Mordrem Overseer: Get this area ready for the next load of corpses. Mordremoth has uses for the dead as well as the living.

Cinematic when approaching the main encampment:

Rytlock Brimstone: Hold up. There's too many Mordrem Guard ahead. If we engage, the noise will alert the entire camp.
Rytlock Brimstone: This looks like a Mordrem Guard bivouac. Close enough to guard the cages and to rally at the mustering ground.
Rytlock Brimstone: I figure the Mordrem Guard muster here before rolling out in force to collect prisoners and corpses.
Braham Eirsson: We overcame worse odds while you were off in the Mists. We can handle this.
If asura:
<Character name>: I'm with Braham. You haven't really seen this krewe in action yet, Tribune. Trust me, and follow my lead.
If charr:
<Character name>: I'm with Braham. You haven't really seen this warband in action yet, Tribune. Trust me, and follow my lead.
If not asura or charr:
<Character name>: I'm with Braham. You haven't really seen this team in action yet, Tribune. Trust me, and follow my lead.

After the cutscene:

Mordrem Overseer: Sound the muster. I want a harvesting party ready to move out when I return.
Mordrem Guard Sniper: Clear this area! The next harvesting party is heading out soon.

After defeating the encampment:

Rytlock Brimstone: (growl) That felt good. I haven't had a proper workout since I got back from the Mists.
Rox: Hey, about that: when are you going to 'fess up about how you got these new skills...sir?
Rytlock Brimstone: Maybe when Mordremoth or one of its leafy puppets isn't trying to kill us. Until then, stop asking.
<Character name>: He's right. Focus on the mission, Rox. Right now we need to find a way off this plateau.

Approching the path to leave the plateau:

If asura:
<Character name>: By the Eternal Alchemy, that's a lot of tendrils!
If charr:
<Character name>: Ears up! Lots of tendrils here!
If human:
<Character name>: By the Six, Look at all those tendrils!
If norn:
<Character name>: Spirits! Look at all those tendrils.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Pale Mother, that's a lot of tendrils!
Rytlock Brimstone: Too many. We can't afford to get bogged down here. We need something to clear the path.
<Character name>: Agreed. There's airship wreckage scattered across the plateau. Let's see if we can scavenge some incendiaries.

Searching for incendiaries:

<Character name>: Nothing useful here.
<Character name>: This is a dead end.
<Character name>: I don't see anything that'll help against the tendrils.
<Character name>: This Pact weapons crate is still intact. And there's ordnance here we can use.
Rytlock Brimstone: grenades. Outstanding. They burn hot enough to reduce just about anything to ash.

After defeating tendrils & climbing the path:

Marjory Delaqua: I've never encountered tendrils that powerful before. We must be on the right track.
Canach: Mordremoth knows we're here, but it doesn't seem concerned. It's interested, but not...urgent.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: I know what you mean. It's hiding something…or it wants us to think that it is. Stay alert and move up to that clearing.
If not sylvari:
<Character name>: Or that's what it wants us to think. Everyone, keep your eyes open and move up to that clearing.
Rytlock Brimstone: The overseer stations himself nearby, between the corpse-staging ground and the live prisoner cages.

Approaching the Overseer:

Rytlock Brimstone: There's the overseer. I'm itching for a shot at him: I collected a lot more than my sword when I was in the Mists.
Rytlock Brimstone: I'd take point, but I'm still sorting out the voices in my head. This new spell arsenal of mine comes with...baggage.
<Character name>: All right. Proceed with caution, and be ready for anything.
Mordrem Overseer: You made it this far? Impressive. But you'll go no further, and you'll never leave.

Battling the Overseer:

Mordrem Overseer: Mordremoth protects me. I cannot be harmed.
<Character name>: The blooms are healing any damage we do. Take then out so we can finish this!
Rytlock Brimstone: Plenty of fire grenades left in those crates. Let's see if these blooms burn as hot as the tendrils did.
Mordrem Overseer: You'll never defeat us. Mordremoth's growth cannot be contained!

After defeating the Overseer:

Rytlock Brimstone: Enemy down...not that it did us much good. Sorry, commander, but this looks like a dead end.
<Character name>: Mordremoth's reacting to us, growing stronger defenses. We need to hit them harder to clear a path.
Rytlock Brimstone: (growl) Can do. Stand back.
Marjory Delaqua: Nice work, Tribune. I can see the camp below...way below. How are we going to get down there?
Kasmeer Meade: You glide, Commander. I'll create portals along the cliff face for the rest of us.
<Character name>: Good thinking. I'll lead the way, and the rest of you can catch up as quick as you can.

Cinematic after landing by the prison camp:

<Character name>: Nice work, Kas!
Kasmeer Meade: Thanks, boss! Though I'm not sure everyone would agree. Canach's looking greener than usual.
Canach: I'm fine. You try falling from portal to portal while an Elder Dragon buzzes in your skull. See how green you get.
Rytlock Brimstone: This is where they keep the live prisoners. Whoever we're looking for is somewhere nearby.
Braham Eirsson: We'll get you out of here, Mom. I swear it.

After the cutscene:

If sylvari:
<Character name>: I'm not hearing the dragon's voice as strongly or as often, but I know it's here. It's up to something.
Canach: Mordremoth loves surprises...especially when it's surprising sylvari with the fact that its thoughts seem like our own.
<Character name>: That's what makes it so dangerous to us. And why we have keep [sic] tabs on each other.

Aggroaching the Mordrem Guard:

Mordrem Guard Sniper: There are enemies in the camp. Sound a general alert.
Mordrem Guard Sniper: Enemy spotted. Protect the prisoner cages!

Freeing the prisoners from their cells:

Canach: Commander, wait. This one is Nightmare Court. Shall I kill it?
Nightmare Courtier: Wait! I don't want trouble, I just want to get out of here!
<Character name>: Prove it. Start running and don't stop until you hit Dry Top. Move!
Vigil Tactician: Commander? Thank the Six. Those plants... Mordrem put people in, but something else comes out. We were next.
<Character name>: We'll handle it. You should get clear. Now.
Vigil Tactician: Will do!
Vigil Marksman: Commander? I'm (groan) ready for action. Where do you want me?
<Character name>: We've got things covered here. If you want to get back in the action, find Laranthir and follow his lead. Move out!
Priory Magister: It all happended so fast. They hit us with some sort of poison gas, and I woke up here.
<Character name>: You're free now. Get clear of this place as fast as you can.
Whispers Agent: Thanks for the save, but there are more prisoners higher up. I'm sure I saw Eir Stegalkin and a female sylvari.
<Character name>: Good eye, soldier. Now get yourself to safety, on the double.
Whispers Creator: Thanks, Commander. Be advised: the Mordrem commandeered a lot of our weaponry and supplies when they took us.
<Character name>: On it. Get yourself to safety, soldier.
<Character name>: You're Nightmare Court. Why were you in a Mordrem cell? Talk fast. I won't ask again.
Nightmare Courtier: I refused to be the Pale Tree's servant. Why would I be Mordremoth's slave? The Jungle Dragon is my enemy, too.
<Character name>: Then go. We've got work to do, and you're in the way.

After destroying all the prison cells:

<Character name>: That was the last one, and still no sign of our people. Rytlock? Are you still feeling that feeling?
Rytlock Brimstone: Affirmative. And it's even stronger here. They're close...just beyond those vine walls.
Braham Eirsson: What are we waiting for? Tribune, put you new magic to work and clear us a path. Please!
If sylvari:
Canach: I can feel the dragon's presence here, It's palpable, but diffuse. I find it...distracting. Disconcerting.
<Character name>: I feel it, too. Mordremoth seems focused on this area… indirectly, like it's staring at us from the corner of its eye.
Canach: The deeper we go into this camp, the more it feels like a spider's web…and we're the flies.

Approaching Eir's Sky Cell:

Eir: A rescue party...then Wolf did hear me, in here...they're starving food or water for days.
Faolain: That's because Mordremoth doesn't care if we're alive or dead when it plugs us into a Blighting Tree. Release us. Now!
<Character name>: Faolain? Why is Mordremoth locking up so many Nightmare Courtiers?
Faolain: You know nothing of the court. We seek freedom, and Mordremoth's yoke is even more onerous than the Pale Tree's.
Eir: Forget her. Just get me out! The Mordrem took Logan and Zojja and Trahearne deeper in the jungle and I don't know why.
Braham Eirsson: Hang on, Mother. We're about to bust you out of there.
If sylvari:
Faolain: Oh, It's the second-class secondborn. I thought you were in jail, little brother.
Canach: I negotiated my way out, Unlike you, I realized how pointless and destructive my chosen course was, so I changed it.
Faolain: Ah, but you're still a prisoner. And you will be until you stop trying to prove you're nobler than you actually are.

Cinematic after releasing Eir:

Rytlock Brimstone: Eir, head to the overpass. We can cut it off there.
Eir Stegalkin: We have to keep moving!
Faolain: I like my chances better...this way.
Eir Stegalkin: (scream)
Eir Stegalkin: (grunt)
Faolain: (grunt)
Faolain: (surprised gasp)
Faolain: (scream)
Braham Eirsson: Mother, look out!
Eir Stegalkin: (groan)
Braham Eirsson: No!

After the cinematic:

Rytlock Brimstone: This way. Hurry!

After defeating the Mordrem Vinetooth:

Rytlock Brimstone: Eir!
Braham Eirsson: Mother! Mom... Spirits...
<Character name>: Braham, I...I'm sorry.
Rytlock Brimstone: Me too, kid. At least she took Faolain with her. And Faolain died screaming like the coward she was.
Braham Eirsson: I need...time. There are rituals to perform, And Garm... Spirits, I don't even know if he was with her during the crash.
Braham Eirsson: And her bow—if it's in that camp, I want it. My mom and I never...we didn't have... Just let me say good-bye to her. Alone.
Braham Eirsson: Just go. I'll catch up. I swear to you, I'm not going to die out here. Not until I see Mordremoth fall.
<Character name>: Take whatever time you need. Catch up as soon as you can.

Cinematic at end:

<Character name>: Listen up. I need a volunteer to stay behind. Braham will get his time, but he needs someone to watch his back.
Rox: I was already planning to, Commander. Braham and I have been through too much for me to just leave him like this.
Rox: Go on ahead. I'll make sure we find you...after Braham makes his peace with Eir.
<Character name>: Thanks, Rox. Everyone else, move out. The rest of our friends are still out there, and the egg..and Mordremoth.

Saving the Smiths[edit]

After reviving Beigarth:

Beigarth: I may be a smith, but I still know how to fight.

Talking to Beigarth to start the event:

Beigarth: Thanks for the rescue, Commander. These plant beasties are relentless. We held them off as long as we could, but they overran this position and started converting it into a prison camp.
Talk quest option tango.png How can I help?
There are four other master smiths out there—Izu, Occam, Shashoo, and Baroosh. They got scattered when we were overrun. Find them, and we can retake this camp and rebuild our perimeter towers.
Talk quest option tango.png Will do. Can you fight? Are you coming with us?
I'll be along soon. I lost my hammer in the confusion, and to me that's like losing a limb. I'm not much good without it.
Talk ready option.png I'll get the rest of your team back on its feet, and then we'll regroup.

Reviving the smiths:

Shashoo: Quaggan's ready.
Izu Steelshrike: We have a plan, then?
Baroosh: Quaggan's happy to see you, hm?
Occam: I will fight if I must!

Talking to the smiths:

Beigarth: How goes the mission, Commander?
Talk more option tango.png It's in progress. Can you really forge weapons and armor out here?
Absolutely! Mind you, I prefer to work with Deldrimor steel, but beggars can't be choosers. The resources here are incredibly limited. Good thing I like a challenge.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye for now.
Shashoo: Hello, Commander. I've been keeping an eye on the Mordrem, and I'll be ready to go once you find the missing smiths.
Talk more option tango.png I need more time. How are you quaggans adjusting to the jungle?
We're not built for this terrain, but we're ready for action. My team and I put aside our pacifism in order to fight dragons; that's why we're here, that's what we're going to do.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear it. Good-bye for now.
Izu Steelshrike: Hello, Commander. How is the search and rescue going?
Talk more option tango.png So far, so good. Were there many tengu aboard the fleet when it crashed?
I'm afraid not. After the persecution we suffered in our homeland, most of my people prefer to sequester themselves behind the great walls surrounding the Dominion of the Winds.
Talk end option tango.png We're lucky you don't feel that way. Good-bye for now.
Baroosh: Any progress, Commander?
Talk more option tango.png Still more to do. Tell me, why don't you talk like other quaggans?
Years with the Pact taught me good communication keeps soldiers alive on the battlefield. For the sake of ourselves and our comrades, my squad and I learned to adjust.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye for now.
Occam: Commander? What's going on out there? Some of my former comrades in the Pact don't seem to distinguish between Mordrem and sylvari.
Talk more option tango.png It's Mordremoth. The dragon's influence turns some sylvari bad.
That explains the terrible voice I hear and the strange thoughts I've been having. But I know who I am, and I swear to you—I am not some Mordrem thrall.
Talk end option tango.png I believe you. Stay safe. I'll be back soon.

After reviving all smiths:

Shashoo: Take inventory and see what survived. The Pact will need every weapon we can salvage.

Open world[edit]

Talking to Leisha:

Warmaster Leisha: Commander? Not sure if this is important, but I just saw your comrades—the norn and the charr—carrying a body.
<Character name>: I'm sorry to report that was Eir Stegalkin. She fell in combat with one of the new Mordrem.
Warmaster Leisha: Oh, gods. My condolences. She was an inspiration to a lot of us, and she'll be missed.
<Character name>: Not just missed—she'll be avenged. Mordremoth will pay for all the lives it's destroyed.
Warmaster Leisha: I'll spread the word. Eir will be remembered, I promise you.
<Character name>: Thank you, I'm pressing on to find Trahearne and the rest of Destiny's Edge before Mordremoth claims them, too.

My story[edit]

Prisoners of the Dragon.jpg

We located the Mordrem Guard prison camp holding Eir. We fought our way in and destroyed the camp's ability to take and process new prisoners, but at a terrible cost: Eir Stegalkin. Betrayed and wounded by Faolain during the escape, Eir fell in combat with a Vinetooth, Mordremoth's elite hunter-killer. Braham stayed behind to perform funeral rites while I and the rest of my team pressed deeper into the jungle. In Eir's name, and to honor her memory, we are going to complete our mission and destroy Mordremoth.

I returned to Verdant Brink and reported Eir's death to the Pact survivors. The officer I spoke to expressed her sorrow, and we both returned to our duties more determined than ever to bring Mordremoth down.

My story


  • Entering the cave where the Veteran Hawkeye Griffon spawns after reaching the first area behind vines where Beigarth was defeated may result in the follower NPCs being stuck in the cave. Using the /stuck command or jumping off a cliff to get defeated will not teleport them to the last checkpoint with you. However, gliding to the point where the first Torn Journal page is found, then and going up the stairs and through the room where Beigarth was may make them follow the player again.
  • If the NPCs were not following at the time Rytlock would have burnt a vine, approaching the vine again will not cause him to try to burn the vines, thus preventing completion of the mission if it's not possible to reach the next location by breaking out of the intended boundaries of the path.
  • When doing in a party, it is possible for the NPCs to follow the other player instead of the instance owner, as well as for the other player or players to advance the story instead of the instance owner doing so.
  • Skipping the cinematic too fast after gliding down might cause the NPCs to stay behind and not follow you anymore. However, you can still finish the instance by gliding over the vine wall and defeating the Vinetooth without them.
  • It can happen that the story proceeds to the Defeat the Mordrem Overseer step (disabling the fire grenade crate) while there are still Resilient Tendrils alive and the vine wall still blocking the path. You can walk through the vine wall, down the slope, and approach the Overseer regardless. Your allies will keep trying to fight the Resilient Tendrils (causing no damage to it), but if you walk far away enough, they will teleport to your location and engage the Overseer with you.
Defeating the Mordrem Overseer for the first time will award a Heart of Maguuma mastery point Mastery Point, even though there is no related achievement.
  • For the first encounter, Rytlock uses Facet of Strength, giving Might to nearby allies.
  • The Mordrem Blooms state that they may only be damaged by burning. However, they are also susceptible to Fire damage skills.
  • When trying to perform the "My Friends, the Smiths" achievement, Beigarth will be available to resurrect after the first fight in the instance. You will be able to see the other four smiths, but you must first talk to Beigarth so that he can tell you to save them; they will not be interactable until you do so. Shashoo, Baroosh, and Izu are found near the second fight, but widely scattered; the final smith is near the Overseer fight.
    • If you are also trying to complete the "Artful Dodger" achievement at the same time as "My Friends, the Smiths", do not resurrect Baroosh until you have eliminated the first rank of tendrils on the path. The tendrils have a range that can hit you and prevent you from getting both achievements if you do not clear them first.
  • While using the Pact Ordnance grenades, your character will have a unique back item replacing your current one (if one is equipped) until you have no more grenades. This skin is unique and is not used by any of the current in game backpacks.
  • An updraft spawns near the mordrem cells after completing the story to allow the player to glide back to the area where the Mordrem Overseer was fought.


  • Prior to the game update of September 12, 2023, three of the mordrem cells were empty. One of them has a Nightmare Courtier inside that provides more dialogue explaining the Court's involvement in the story. This update also added a new line of dialogue to the Mordrem Overseer about how Mordremoth is capturing both the living and the dead inside its Blighting Trees to make more soldiers.