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Roaring Flames

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Roaring Flames is the fourth story step of Champions, Chapter 2: Power, the fifth episode of The Icebrood Saga.


Travel to the Eye of the North and meet with Aurene.
  • Consult with Aurene.
Read the urgent letter.
Protect Fields of Ruin
  • Travel to Fields of Ruin through the Eye of the North asura gate. Defend it from destroyers.
Protect Thunderhead Peaks
  • Travel to Thunderhead Peaks through the Eye of the North asura gate. Defend it from destroyers.



Interact with the asuran portal within the Eye of the North to travel to the two locations. Complete the mission in each instance.

For further information, see the respective walkthrough guides:


Roaring Flames Champions 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter Roaring Flames.Journal: Roaring Flames Completed Completed Roaring Flames 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story step.
Emergency Dragon Responder: Fields of Ruin Champions 1Achievement points
Complete the Fields of Ruin Dragon Response Mission. Completed the Fields of Ruin Dragon Response Mission 1Achievement points
  • Complete the dragon response mission.
Emergency Dragon Responder: Thunderhead Keep Champions 1Achievement points
Complete the Thunderhead Keep Dragon Response Mission. Completed the Thunderhead Keep Dragon Response Mission 1Achievement points
  • Complete the dragon response mission.



In the open world in the Eye of the North[edit]

Elder Dragons

In the instance[edit]




In the Eye of the North
Rytlock Brimstone: Hey, Commander, you sure we're not punching Frost Legion?
<Character name>: Not unless they do something that crosses the line again. Not to mention the destroyers are getting worse.
Rytlock Brimstone: Guess fighting on two fronts isn't the best plan. Let me know if you change your mind. Or if Aurene has any news.
Upon entering the Scrying Pool
Aurene: Jormag's been... tapping at the window, so to speak. To get my attention.
<Character name>: What do they want?
Aurene: Jormag loves to talk, I'm sure you've noticed. And talking to them. Maybe too much. Best not to answer.
<Character name>: I don't think Jormag's the "ignore them and they'll go away" type.
Aurene: No. But. Easier to stay on guard with my champion beside me.
Aurene: All right. Let's see what they want.
Jormag through Bangar: Millennia with no one to talk to; I finally find a worthy interlocutor, and now you won't answer? You wound me, Aurene.
Jormag through Bangar: Surely you, too, crave more stimulating conversation than mortals can provide. Unless...
Jormag through Bangar: Oh, Dragon of Crystal and Light—do I intimidate you?
Aurene: I promise you, that's not it.
<Character name>: You want Aurene on your side. Why?
Jormag through Bangar: You've faced the least of what Primordus will bring. The death and destruction will make mortal wars seem as dreams.
Jormag through Bangar: So Primordus has to die. And when he is dead, I will be free.
Aurene: So is it his death you want...or your freedom?
Jormag through Bangar: Would you remain bound to a monster? Kralkatorrik's fate suggests not.
Aurene: He was in misery. It was a mercy.
Jormag through Bangar: Ah! He's why you fear yourself. Kralkatorrik was unworthy of you pity or remorse. And so is my brother.
<Character name>: You know Primordus so well, why do you need the asuras'[sic] research?
Jormag through Bangar: There are...impediments. We are two faces of a coin; we cannot truly see each other, not directly.
Aurene: This is between you and him; fire and ice in opposition—balance. A prism isn't relevant.
Jormag through Bangar: You really don't understand your potential—your power.
Aurene: I have the power to heal—
Jormag through Bangar: You break, you refract, you reshape. The beauty is the irrelevance. You are altogether new!
Aurene: I decide my purpose. And it isn't to destroy.
Jormag through Bangar: You'd let the beast inflict wounds just so you can heal them?
Aurene: Don't twist my words. I'm not a child; I will not be manipulated.
Jormag through Bangar: Well. Even when you are determined to be contrary, Aurene, it's lovely to speak with you.
<Character name>: That's it? You'll take "no" for an answer?
Jormag through Bangar: I won't force her—that is not my way. I accept your answer. For now.
<Character name>: What do you—
Bangar Ruinbringer: Save it; they're gone. But in case you're wondering, they're not wrong.
Aurene: I didn't ask your opinion.
<Character name>: Aurene... If there's no other option, will you act? Kill Primordus? Or Jormag, if it comes to it?
Aurene: I won't need to. There can be no balance if I get involved. Trust me, Champion. There will be another way.


Captain Thaddeus Soren

Ebonhawke Under Threat


I am Captain Thaddeus Soren of the Ebon Vanguard. I pray this message finds you with all due haste.

Our scouts are reporting increased destroyer activity all around Ebonhawke. I fear it's only a matter of time before the dragon of fire and destruction sets its sights on us.

I know you have been spearheading Tyria's efforts to counter the ongoing Elder Dragon attacks. We fear Ebonhawke is next.

—Captain Soren

<Character name>: Just got word there might be some destroyer activity near Ebonhawke. Who do we have there right now?
Kasmeer: There must be an allied faction somewhere nearby. I'll see what I can muster.
Crecia Stoneglow: And I'm in the Fields of Ruin dealing with what's left of the Renegades. I can lend support.
Kasmeer: Ah, if I may: a heavily armed charr contingent approaching Ebonhawke with tensions being so high...might be a bad idea.
Crecia Stoneglow: You think tensions are so high they'd turn down help from their charr allies?
Kasmeer: You're not just any charr, Crecia. You're an imperator. And you'd be the first imperator to set foot in that city.
Crecia Stoneglow: Yeah, symbolism—fine. Do they want help saving their city or not?
<Character name>: Okay, Kas, why don't you go to Ebonhawke first and soften the ground. Crecia, I'll meet you there.
Crecia Stoneglow: Oh, how far we've come.
During the Fields of Ruin mission
See: Dragon Response Mission: Fields of Ruin#Dialogue
In the Eye of the North
Caithe: Commander. Anyone on the rotation who could head to Thunderhead Keep?
Braham Eirsson: I'm not too far away. What's up?
Caithe: Sudden infestation of destroyers, apparently. I think a bit of help is in order.
<Character name>: I can meet you there, Braham.
Caithe: Great. Look for Myrun Skialkin—formerly Priory, now a member of the Bloom. They'll have a better idea of the situation.
During the Thunderhead Peaks mission
See: Dragon Response Mission: Thunderhead Peaks#Dialogue

My story[edit]

Eye of the North loading screen.jpg

I received information that Ebonhawke was in danger, so I put the word out to my guildmates to see if anyone was available. Kasmeer agreed to muster help. Crecia was already in the area dealing with Renegades, so she offered assistance. This made Kas uneasy due to the long-standing tension between humans and charr, treaty or not. That a newly minted imperator would be marching into the city gates would no doubt exacerbate feelings of distrust.

I feared that things would spiral out of control, but Crecia and her soldiers proved through their actions that they weren't here to capitalize on battlefield confusion. Kas softened her stance, and the two worked out their differences. By the time the conflict was over, hundreds of destroyer husks lay smoldering on the ground. We're still a ways away from winning this war, but every victory counts.

Caithe alerted us to a situation that was brewing at Thunderhead Peaks. Braham offered to pitch in against the destroyers, so we met at the designated location where the battle was already underway. We met up with Myrun Skialkin, a member of Caithe's Crystal Bloom, who was tending to the injured and trying to control the situation as best they could.

Throughout the fight, Braham and Myrun talked about Jormag and Primordus being twins. It seemed far-fetched at first, but the more they discussed, the more it made sense. It still doesn't explain how Braham is potentially involved in all this, how him being prophesized as the key to killing Jormag. What does that mean for Primordus, then?

The battle moved to the Forge, seemingly implying that the intense heat may have attracted Primordus' minions. We don't really know why they picked this spot to emerge. It's true that wherever there is a waypoint, a ley line runs through it. Perhaps the magic concentration was especially strong here? Hard to say.

Before we could overthink it, an especially nasty destroyer emerged on the scene. Its shell was especially tough and seemingly impervious to our attacks. A dwarf suggested using spears against it, similar to the way that Kralkitorrik[sic] was bested. Braham seemed unconvinced, but Myrun theorized that I could alter the weapons using Aurene's gift, thus exploiting their weakness.

In the ebb and flow of the fight, we could see Braham's awareness and connection to them growing stronger. It was as if his ability to sense them was also attracting them. He used this to his advantage to swing the fight in our favor, but ended up just as confused as when we started. Seems his path to fulfilling his destiny as the "Norn of Prophecy" is rife with unexpected turns.

My story