Ashes of the Past

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Biography Unknown Parents.png

Ashes of the Past

1325 AE
Personal story
Shadows of the Past
Darkwound Defile
(Kessex Hills)
Human tango icon 20px.png Human
Unknown Parents
Preceded by
Biography Unknown Parents.png The Sting
Biography Unknown Parents.png Drawing Out the Cult
Followed by
The Orders of Tyria

Ashes of the Past loading screen.jpg

Loading screen

Ashes of the Past is part of the personal story of human characters who chose the Unknown Parents background.


Meet with the Exemplars near Darkwound Defile.

  • Meet Salia and Mehid at the rendezvous site.
  • Explore the area.
  • Investigate the family graveyard.


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All professions


Explore the indicated areas and expect spawns of ettins and spiders. Use your two allies to your advantage; let them keep the enemies at bay while you concentrate on single targets. Once you arrive to the ruins of the house, clear the spiders to spawn a spider boss. Once it has fallen, you will be asked to examine the two tombstones in the far end of the ruins. Once both tombs have been examined, dialogue will ensue.





Ambient creatures




Initial cinematic:

<Character name>: Is this the place? I'm eager to get started.
Exemplar Mehid: It is. Watch your step, though. When we scouted around earlier, it looked like somone or something may have moved it.
Exemplar Salia: Countess Anise asked us not to say more than necessary, as this is technically a royal matter, but I think you deserve what truth we can give you.
Exemplar Salia: Your parents were spies for the last King of Kryta, Jennah's father. They helped track and destroy White Mantle cells, saving many lives in the process.
<Character name>: And this was their house?
Exemplar Mehid: Yes. The last message on file from your parents states that they feared White Mantle cultists had discovered their secret. They were planning to flee.
Exemplar Salia: The Shining Blade lost contact with them after that. Either they fled to safety, or...
<Character name>: Either way, I have to know. Let's go inside. If there are clues to be found, we'll find them here.

If talked to Exemplar Mehid:

Exemplar Mehid: We should keep looking for clues about your parents.
Talk end option tango.png You're right, let's keep looking.

If talked to Exemplar Salia:

Exemplar Salia: We should keep looking for clues about your parents.
Talk end option tango.png You're right, let's keep looking.

As you approach the house:

Exemplar Mehid: Stay alert. I see ettin signs everywhere, but no ettins.
Exemplar Salia: Something's definitely not right here. Where are the ettins?
Exemplar Mehid: We're under attack!
Exemplar Salia: There they are! I knew ettins couldn't stay hidden for long.

After defeating the ettins

Exemplar Mehid: Don't let the gate hit you on the way out!

After you've entered the house:

Exemplar Mehid: Looks like someone else has moved into your family's house.
Exemplar Salia: The faster we wipe out these vermin, the sooner we'll find what we came for.

Examining one of the gravestones:

Gravestone: The name on this headstone has been obscured by time and the elements, but the epitaph is still legible.
Talk quest option tango.png Examine the headstone.

On examining the smaller of the two Gravestones:

Gravestone: The inscription reads: "Three joys gave his life meaning: his wife, his country, and above all, his child. May the gods bless and protect our beloved <Character name>."
Ferocity Turn away from the grave. (Brute)
Ferocity Turn away from the grave. (Militant)
Talk end option tango.png Say a prayer.

On examining the larger of the two Gravestones:

Gravestone: The inscription reads: "Cherished Wife, Devoted Mother, Loyal Servant of Kryta. 'Our life's labor was to make a better world for the children to live in. May our beloved <Character name> find it so.'"
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

Cinematic after examining one of the Gravestones:

Exemplar Mehid: It seems the White Mantle found your parents after all. I'm so sorry.
<Character name>: I'd always hoped my parents were still out there, waiting to find me. That's... a hard dream to give up. But at least now I know.
Exemplar Salia: They gave their lives to defend Kryta against one of its oldest, greatest enemies. I'm sure they'd be proud of you.
<Character name>: These gravestones, though... Who placed them?
Exemplar Salia: Friends, perhaps? Fellow agents? We may never know. It was likely the same people who rescued you and took you to safety in Divinity's Reach.
<Character name>: I want to thank you both for finding this place, and for telling me as much as you could. All my life I've wondered... and now I finally have peace.
Exemplar Mehid: My friend, this was never just another mission. Helping you with this has been our pleasure, believe me.
Exemplar Salia: We'll meet again. I'm sure of it. Until then, stay safe.

Talking to Exemplar Mehid after the cinematic:

Exemplar Mehid: It's been our honor to travel with you on this journey, <Character name>.
Talk more option tango.png Without you, I never would have known about my parents. Thank you for everything.
If the rest of the Shining Blade files on your parents become declassified, or if any information surfaces about these gravestones, we'll contact you.
Talk end option tango.png I'd be very grateful. Take care of yourself out there.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you, Mehid. And thanks for all your help.

Talking to Exemplar Salia after the cinematic:

Exemplar Salia: Your story is a strange one, <Character name>, but a brave one. I think your parents would be very proud.
Talk more option tango.png That's a generous thing for you to say. If you're ever off-duty, feel free to stop by the Salma District and say hello.
You wouldn't mind? I mean—yes, I'd like that very much.
Talk end option tango.png Absolutely.
Charisma I feel as if I owe you and Mehid a drink. Any chance you'd take me up on that?
Mehid and I could use some time off. Maybe we'll see you in the city sometime and take you up on that offer.
Talk end option tango.png I look forward to it.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you, Salia. Take care.

My story[edit]

Ashes of the Past loading screen.jpg

I met with Salia and Mehid. The information they found in the archives led us to an old, ruined home. There, I found a family graveyard, and visited the last resting place of my parents.

My story