Gadd's Last Gizmo

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Gadd's Last Gizmo

1325 AE
Personal story
Experiments Gone Wrong
Michoan Marsh
(Metrica Province)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
College of Statics
Preceded by
Biography Statics.png Unwelcome Visitors
Biography Statics.png Unscheduled Delay
Followed by
Biography VAL-A Golem.png Serving Up Trouble
Biography Transatmospheric Converter.png Where Credit Is Due
Biography Infinity Ball.png Any Sufficiently Advanced Science


Enter Gadd's lab and see what's inside.

  • Use the key to access Gadd's lab.
  • Explore Gadd's lab.
  • Locate Gadd's invention.
  • Eliminate the destroyer queen and her hatchlings.


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All professions


Use the key to open the outer doors to the lab. As the doors open, some golems will appear. Kill them and continue through the now open doors. Run though the fire traps, grabbing the first Piece of Scrap Metal on the way. With it in hand, interact with either Circuit. Grab the second Piece of Scrap Metal and use it on the other Circuit to disable the lightning field. The lightning field can be skipped entirely with certain shadowstep or teleport abilities, but this will only work before the trap activates. Interacting with the console will power down the final defenses, and reveal a Destroyer Matriarch. The Matriarch will move around the room to the three sets of pods and release some Destroyer Hatchlings - kill the Hatchlings as they appear, followed by the Matriarch to finish the mission.








At the entrance:

Zojja: This is thrilling. I've been wondering what's behind this door since I was an apprentice.
Zojja: I just wish my, he probably already knew. Anyway, now it's our turn. Let's open 'er up!

Talking to allies:

Zojja: All my life I've heard blowhards blather about the "key to progress" and the "key to wisdom," but we're holding that key. Amazing.
Talk end option tango.png It is that! Come on, let's see what there is to see.
Mr. Sparkles: Standing—by—for—instructions. If—you—say—"shine," Mr.—Sparkles—will—say, 'How-bright?"
Talk end option tango.png Keep your sensors on max and stick close.

After opening the door:

Zojja: Surprise, surprise. Looks like the door is booby-trapped. Watch it!

Cinematic after defeating the golems:

Gadd's Hologram: Hello. If you are hearing this message, I'm either not in or dead. In either case, you're trespassing. Get out.
Gadd's Hologram: Failure to comply may result in one or more of the following: blindness, crippling injury, severe bleeding, immolation, electrocution, death, and/or loss of appetite.
Gadd's Hologram: Your agony may vary. Your death may be monitored for quality assurance. Thank you. Now please run for your life and never come back.
Zojja: Same old Gadd, and his creations are still functioning after two centuries without maintenance. He was a cranky old cuss, but he built things to last.
<Character name>: Color me impressed...and a tad concerned. If his defenses are as sharp as he was, we'd better watch our step.

After the cinematic:

Gadd's Hologram: Last warning, you idiot: get out while you still can, or face certain annihilation.

After passing the first trap:

Gadd's Hologram: Don't look so smug, that trap was merely a warm-up.
Gadd's Hologram: Maybe you should rethink this little invasion of yours. It's decidedly imprudent.

Interacting with the Circuit:

Circuit: This circuit supplies partial power to the energy field. Should be easy to short out.
Talk quest option tango.png Use the metal to short out the device. (Only while carrying a piece of scrap metal)
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

After passing the second trap:

Zojja: Oh boy, the sludge is about to hit the flywheel.

After opening second door (cinematic):

Gadd's Hologram: You think you're so clever, don't you? Getting this far is impressive, I'll give you that. But you're not out of danger yet.
Gadd's Hologram: In this laboratory, I have harnessed unimaginable forces beyond your comprehension, and I'm about to unleash them on your face.
Gadd's Hologram: Turn back now, or I'll enjoy desecrating your bones on my return. The pain you are about to experience will outlast your consciousness.
Zojja: The funny thing is, he's not even exaggerating yet. Still, if he's this determined to stop intruders, there must be something worth protecting here.
<Character name>: My thoughts exactly. I respect Gadd and all, but we've come too far to give up now. Sorry, old man; your secrets will be ours.

After the cinematic:

Zojja: Don't worry about repercussions! Focus on inflicting con-cussions!

While fighting the destroyers:

Zojja: It's breaking the contamination pods!
Zojja: It's weakening. Keep attacking!

Cinematic after battle:

<Character name>: We made it. Gadd, you magnificent malcontent, we've got your number! And we've got this fascinating device Shrieksy found.
Zojja: Everything in Gadd's lab is worth studying. Tuck whatever that is away and we'll give it a good going over back at your lab.
<Character name>: Done. And am I crazy, or was that containment field holding back destroyers? That alone could revolutionize quasi-physical restraint field theory.
Zojja: You're not crazy, Savant. If we'd had those fields back when...well, let's just say more than a few battles might have turned out differently.
Zojja: This was a full-on, one hundred percent win. Not everyone can keep up with me...and most don't care to try. Ordinarily, that would suit me just fine.
Zojja: But you're all right. I'll definitely be calling on you again soon. Now let's get that gadget back to your lab and examine the stuffing out of it.

Talking to Zojja after battle:

Zojja: Gadd truly was amazing. Just look at that destroyer containment field. Phenomenal! If we'd had this way back when, we'd still have our underground empire.
Talk end option tango.png Incredible. Now to figure out how it works.

My story[edit]

Salt in the Wound.jpg

Zojja and I used the key we found with the VOED to open the door to Gadd's lab. We saw some truly amazing things, including a whole passel of destroyers that Gadd had kept contained for who knows how long. We wiped them out and recovered Gadd's personal archive, with all his thoughts, notes, and ideas. In short, it's the find of the century, and thanks to the VOED, it's all mine.

My story


  • It is advisable to let the Destroyer Matriarch break all three sets of pods and release all the Destroyer Hatchlings. If you kill the Matriarch before all Hatchlings are destroyed, the story may not update, and you will have to repeat the instance.


  • The Character's line "Gadd, you magnificent malcontent, we've got your number!" is a nod to General George S. Patton's famous line "Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!" from the film Patton.